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Game of Thrones adapted for the theatre – first performance in 2023 Image by Rodger Shija from Pixabay

Game of Thrones adapted for the theatre – first performance in 2023

Written by  Apr 01, 2021

"Game of Thrones" is moving to the stage and the authors of the adaptation expect it to become a theatre hit in London's West End and on New York's Broadway.

The task of the theatrical adaptation was taken over by the British, playwright Duncan MacMillan and director Dominic Cooke, and the first plays are expected in 2023.

In the adaptation, they collaborate with the father of the literary saga, the American writer George R. R. Martin, after whose literary series "Songs of Ice and Fire" the cult television series was filmed.

The plot of the play will be a tournament in Harrenhal, some 17 years before the first season of the HBO television series.

“There are few who knew that bloodshed followed when noble families and the regiment gathered at Harrenhal to accompany the kingdom’s best knights in a grand tournament,” explains George R. R. Martin.

In the theatrical play "many of the most famous characters will appear" from the literary saga and the successful TV series that was filmed for eight seasons, including locations in Croatia, and broadcast from 2011 to 2019. Dubrovnik played the key role in the series as it was the location for King’s Landing.

Playwright Duncan Macmillan has already tried his hand at adapting George Orwell's 1984 novel and Paul Auster's Glass City for the theatre.

"Our dream is to set up Westeros (an imaginary venue for the Game of Thrones) on Broadway (New York) and the West End (London's theatre district), but also in Australia," said George RR Martin, who began work on that project before the coronavirus pandemic.


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