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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


The only major supermarket that will be closed on Easter Monday throughout Croatia is the German chain Lidl.

The biggest Croatian supermarket chain Konzum will be closed on Easter Sunday but the vast majority will be open on Easter Monday.

Depending on the store Konzum stores will be open from 7am to 1pm on Monday, however The Dubrovnik Times has learned that the Konzum in the SUB City shopping centre in Zupa will be open all day on Monday from 8am to 9pm.

Spar has announced that their stores will all be closed on Sunday but will be open on Monday from 8am to 2pm.

Tommy supermarket will, as the rest, be closed on Sunday but is believed to be operating a normal working service on Monday.

The Easter Holidays are upon us and the Old City of Dubrovnik is shining with decorations. An Easter bunny, a basket of Easter eggs and of course chicks have been installed at the end of the main street, the Stradun, and are proving a magnet for children, young and old.

Easter is traditionally the beginning of the tourist season in Dubrovnik and many more airplanes have been seen in the skies today. The city expects around 6,000 tourists to arrive over the Easter holiday period and the number of tourists sightseeing today show that this number might even be more.

Check out our gallery of photos of Dubrovnik’s Easter decorations by Niksa Duper.

dubrovnik easter rabbit

easter children dubrovnik

dubrovnik easter tourist

easter decorations dubrovnik

easter dubrovnik lights

easter feel dubrovnik

easter lights croatia

Fancy a cheap weekend break to a European destination, well according to the popular UK newspaper; The Independent the place to go is Dubrovnik! The UK Post Office “City Costs Barometer,” which measures the most affordable cities in Europe for a city break has been recently released and Dubrovnik is on the list.

For the eighth year in a row the UK Post Office has studied 35 European cities and ranked them, their value for money, by using twelve key factors. Accommodation, sightseeing, travel, meals and drinks were all included in the survey. According to the survey the most affordable European city for a break is Warsaw in Poland.

Dubrovnik was ranked as the seventh most affordable holiday break in Europe with a two-night stay coming in at £137.

The full cost index from the UK Post Office for Dubrovnik based on a two-night stay was as follows.

Two-night stay for two adults in a three-star hotel: £41
Return bus/train transfer (from airport to city centre): £7.61
48-hour travel card: £6.52
Top tourist heritage attraction: Dubrovnik City Walls — £10.87
Three-course meal for two with a bottle of wine: £35.01
Coffee: £0.87
Beer: £1.63
Cola: £1.63
Wine: £3.26

Making a grand total of £137 for a two-night city break in Dubrovnik. Lisbon came in at sixth, Krakow in fifth, Riga in fourth, with the top three being Budapest, Vilnius and Warsaw.

We will all have an hour less in bed as from this Sunday the 27th of March the clocks go forward an hour. Spring – Forward, Fall – Back...for all those who can’t remember which way the clocks go in the seasons.

On Sunday the 27th of March, Easter Sunday, the clocks move forward one hour from 2 o’clock in the morning, move them forward to 3 o’clock. Don’t be surprised when you wake up in the morning and see your mobiles and smart phones showing an extra hour, you didn’t oversleep, they automatically updated their clocks.

Dubrovnik in 4K is the name of the latest video about Dubrovnik to appear on YouTube. The video was produced by the website Cities in 4K, which presents many of the world’s cities in the highest video standard 4K resolution.

The crew from Cities 4K recently visited Dubrovnik after the filming of the eighth episode of Star Wars was completed and their video provides a unique insight into the city before the summer season. “Dubrovnik is always worth a trip. That´s what the crew of Cities in 4K thought, too,” commented the website. We agree with them.

The new video features, along with 4K resolution, many time-lapse photography which when all combined produces amazing effects. “The idea behind this is to represent as many cities as possible in the newest 4K resolution. That’s not all. The footages will also be filmed in the popular time-lapse photography technique combined with standard 4K scenes,” writes the website Cities 4K.

Apart from Dubrovnik the crew has also filmed Istanbul, Salzburg, Hvar and Budapest, and they already have almost 10,000 subscribers to the Youtube channel.

Check out this stunning new video.

The power of Facebook is really unbelievable sometimes! Anne Mikaela Levine from Finland posted an old memory from Dubrovnik, trying to find a little girl that was with her on a photo. Thirty-years ago Anne had obviously spent a family holiday in Dubrovnik and sat for a minute on the stone base on a statute in a square. Just as the camera clicked to record the family holiday a young, local girl joined in, for a moment they were friends.

''Testing the power of Facebook. Dubrovnik, old town, 1984. Who is the girl (to the right), who became my best friend for a moment in time? Can you help me find her? Please share!'', Levine wrote on her Facebook profile and soon this post had gone viral and was all over the Facebook.

After more than hundred shares the girl, now a lady, appeared in comments.

''Lovely photo, it’s taken near my home, so nice memory from Dubrovnik market (Placa) in a front of Ivan Gundulic monument, I’m so happy!!!'', wrote Zore Vukanović, who recognised herself on the photo after the local website shared this post. Adding that “Next time when you come to Dubrovnik hope we will take photo at the same place.”

Strangely it also appears that Levine had visited Dubrovnik in 2012, and had sat in the same place, and had had her photo taken again. “We where there in June 2012, sitting at the monument, taking photos and remembering you. This is quite unbelievable,” commented Levine.

Both of the ladies seemed delighted by this happy ending and also showed interest to recreate the photo when they meet again. We sure hope they will!

two girls dubrovnik

The original photo taken in 1984 in Dubrovnik

A reader of The Dubrovnik Times has sent us this rather interesting new addition to the garbage scene in Dubrovnik. As far as we know this is the first dog waste bin of its kind in the Dubrovnik region.

The metal bin has been recently installed in front of the Post Office in the Lapad suburb of Dubrovnik. It appears from the photo that not only can you dispose of your pets waste but also there is a nylon bag dispenser to make sure that pet owners can avoid any unpleasant smells.

Let’s only hope the citizens and tourists use the new bin in Lapad and clean up after their pets.

pet bin lapad

New dog waste bin in Dubrovnik 

Starting on the 1st of April, and no it isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke, the Croatian city of Osijek will have twice weekly connections to London with the largest budget airline in the world. The popular Irish airline Ryanair will start flights to Osijek on Friday the 1st of April and operate a twice weekly service, on Mondays and Fridays, through the whole year.

Tickets for the low-cost flights are available online on Ryanair’s website and prices start at around 25 Euros for a one-way ticket. Osijek was connected to London last year by Ryanair but this is the first time that flights will continue all year round. In fact this is the first time that a Croatian destination has had all year round flights from Ryanair.

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