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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


Apart from the world renowned destinations such as Mauritius, the Canary Islands and the Republic of South Africa, this summer German tourists have also opted for Croatia as their favourite destination.

According to data from TUI, the world biggest tour operator from Germany, this year holiday reservations for Croatia in June have increased by 26.4 percent over the same period from last year.

Concerning the structure of the total tourist arrivals achieved last year, foreign tourists accounted for 88.4 percent and domestic tourists accounted for 11.6 percent i.e. there were 9.1 per cent more arrivals of foreign guests and 10,3 per cent more arrivals of domestic guests.

Furthermore, the DZS data shows that in the structure of the total overnight stays achieved last year, foreign tourists accounted for 92 per cent and domestic tourists accounted for 8 per cent. Overnight stays of foreign guests recorded an increase of 7.4 percent whilst overnight stays of domestic guests edged up by 11.3 per cent.

The most numerous foreign guests in terms of overnight stays last year were Germans (23.9 %) followed by Slovenians (10.1 %), Austrians (9 %), Italians and Czechs (both 7.3%), Polish (6.6%), Slovakians (3.9%), British (3.7%) and Hungarians (3.4%), a total of 79 per cent. Foreign tourists from other countries accounted for 21 percent in overnight stays.

For many years Ibiza has had a monopoly in the tourism industry targeting party people, but recently Croatia has managed to find its place in the festival tourism scene offering 20 such events a year.

''In recent years Croatia has improved its infrastructure; Airbnb is growing very fast and is a real hit in Croatia. On the other hand, the Croatian 1,700 kilometres long coastline is a perfect guarantee for a great summer vacation. Thanks to all this and to numerous summer festivals, the Adriatic coastline in Croatia has become a real magnet for tourists who used to go to the Balearic Islands'', reported the London Evening Standard.

One example of the booming summer festival in Croatia is on the small island of Obonjan in the Sibenik-Knin County with a program that offers a combination of live music and a variety of wellness – from yoga to visits to natural and cultural beauties.
''Music is only a small part of the experience. Our intention is to offer our visitors a unique experience that is completely different from other festivals or summer vacations. As most people work full time and do not have time for rest and relaxation, this island offers its guests every possible way to reduce their stress and forget about their problems– from entertainment to wellness'', says Nikola Busljeta, one of the festival founders.

Many festivals in Croatia are taking advantage of the cultural heritage as a part of the scenery which impresses visitors. Some festivals like Sonus on the island of Pag, which is a relatively short festival is held in the open on boats. There is no doubt that Croatia is becoming one of the favourite destinations of European summer tourism.

This year the Ultra Europe Croatia will be a seven-day event organized along the Adriatic coastline. It starts in Split and then moves to Brac, Hvar and finishes on the island of Vis.

''Croatia is one of the European destinations which we have considered suitable for creating something unique and original'', said Russell Faibisch the co-founder and the president of the Ultra Enterprise.

Favourable trends in the tourism industry have become even better since Croatia entered the European Union which can be best seen in Zagreb and on the island of Pag. The Croatian summer clubs stay open longer than the clubs on Ibiza.

Temperatures are really really high these days in Dubrovnik and there is no better way to spend your time than going to the beach. Not everybody have the luxury to do it, but with the weekend right ahead of us beaches are getting fuller and fuller. Today, on the Uvala Lapad beach there were many people that really enjoyed the benefits of sun an sea. Oh yes, we're loving the summer! Check out our photo gallery.

Dubrovnik was the hottest city in Croatia today with temperatures reaching 33 degrees Celsius. A mini-heat wave is rolling over the Dubrovnik region with weather forecasters warning that over the next few days temperatures could rise even higher.

At exactly midday today the thermometers of Dubrovnik rose to 33 degrees, and the sea temperature was measured at a bath-like 25 degrees.

Experts have warned people about keeping out of the sun between 11am and 5pm and to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

The forecast shows that the warmer weather will continue for at least another week with no sign of rain or even clouds to spoil the endless blue skies. With the longer-term forecast predicting sunshine and temperatures in the mid-thirties until the end of August.

June was a mammoth month for the Dubrovnik Airport, 288.809 passengers travelled through the airport a huge increase of almost 18 percent on the same month from last year.

“June was well above our expectations. We anticipated our annual growth rate to amount to 3 and 4 percent. The double digit growth we have seen during the first half of the year has truly surprised us so it is difficult to predict how the rest of the season will play out,” commented Frano Luetić, the Deputy General Manager.

June was a special month for Dubrovnik Airport, on the 30th of June the airport saw its busiest 24 hours ever when 16.542 passengers passed through the airport. And last weekend, according to information from the airport, Dubrovnik Airport handled 30,200 passengers.

Jenna Ezarik one of the most famous YouTube bloggers in the world, with more than 40,000 followers on YouTube in addition to 283,000 followers on Instagram, so her audience is a pretty big crowd, reported

Ezarik, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, travels, records, comments and finally recommends the most interesting places worth visiting in the world.

Four days ago she arrived in Croatia from Italy and today she has announced a 6 and a half minute video about the beauty of the karst waterfalls in the National Park Krka and the city of Split.

''This is the most divine place I have ever been to'', she didn't hide her delight shooting the waterfalls with her GoPro camera.

Compliments for Croatia are coming thick and fast from all over the world, see what this famous blogger has to say about the natural beauties of Croatia in her latest video.

Want to be a hero for the day? The Dubrovnik Escape Room gives you and your team 60 minutes to “escape” from the Game of Thrones themed room.

Escape room is a new concept of entertainment where you and your teammates are challenged to solve a series of riddles, hints and mysteries within a set time frame! You are “locked” inside a room, based on the Game of Thrones, which has used Dubrovnik as the location of King’s Landing and have 60 minutes to work with your team to finish the mission and get out. It is a fun, unique and exciting experience to enjoy with your friends, colleagues or family! The game can get challenging but will give you a great sense of achievement and encourage you to work together with your team to finish the mission!

escape room 24

Here is the storyboard - Baratheon’s mighty fleet is near King’s Landing, and siege on the capital is imminent. Luckily, the rulers of King’s Landing have foreseen the attack and started making preparations way ahead of time: they gave orders to the local master to work on a powerful weapon of destruction. So Meister Hallyne has been working diligently in his alchemy lab on a secret potion – a potion so strong that once explodes, it causes tremendous damage and no water used could extinguish it. This potion is called Wildfire, and is crucial to destroying the enemy fleet! However, the Meister working on the Wildfire mysteriously disappeared, and you are the only ones who can find the hidden wildfire jar in his alchemy lab! Can you make it in time to help save King’s Landing from the rage of Stannis Baratheon? His fleet is numerous, and King’s Landing will not be able to defend itself long, despite all its skilful fleet. You have 60 minutes to find the Wildfire so it can be used to fight the invaders! Sounds intriguing – will you beat the room of will the room beat you.

How Dubrovnik Escape Room works

The Dubrovnik Escape Room is an ingenious new idea and well worth a visit. Grab a group of friends and head off to “escape” from the room.

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The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Zagreb held a ceremony celebrating the second anniversary of the Croatian-Korean business club. About 100 dignitaries and representatives of the Croatian and Korean companies and institutions, including diplomatic representatives of Japan, the United States and the Holy See in the Republic of Croatia attended the celebration.

Apart from the main hosts Nj.E.Park Won-Sup, the new ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Croatia and Zoran Horvat, the president of the Croatian-Korean business club, many Croatian politicians also attended the celebration such as Zeljko Reiner, the president of the Croatian parliament, Marko Jurcic, the adviser of the Croatian president for economic issues and Ivan Sertic, the assistant of the Croatian Minister of Economy.

In his introductory speech the Korean ambassador Nj.E.Park-Won said that the Croatian-Korean business club was the most important private institution in the relations between these two friendly countries giving his thanks to the founders and their efforts in the development of the economic cooperation between Croatia and Korea in last two years. He concluded his speech by saying that the full potential of the economic cooperation between these two countries had yet to be achieved.

Mr Zoran Horvat, the president of the Croatian-Korean business club, emphasized the long-time friendly relations between Croatia and Korea which were further strengthened this year by signing the agreement on air transport between the government of the Republic of Korea and the Croatian government. He thanked all the members and friends of the Club for their confidence and promised that the Club would continue to look for and create opportunities and possibilities for business cooperation with the main aim of creating business opportunities for its members, and consequently affect the economic picture of the Republic of Croatia.
Ivan Sertic, the assistant of the Minister of Economy, expressed his wish that in the near future more Korean companies would choose Croatia as a country for investment and development of their business projects.

At this occasion Zeljko Reiner, the president of the Croatian parliament, said he hoped the long-time friendship between Croatia and Korea would intensify in all areas, especially in the field of science, culture and economy.

Marko Jurcic, the adviser of the Croatian president for economy issues, added that present activities of the Croatian-Korean club were of particular importance for the development of cooperation between the two countries and expressed his wish to hear more successful stories of the economic cooperation between Croatia and Korea on the next Club anniversary.

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