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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


American model and actress Eva LaRue loves Croatia – she has been in our country for a week now and is surely promoting it on her official Instagram account. She got numerous likes on her beautiful photos with captions that show how much she is enjoying her time here.

LaRue is in Dubrovnik for the last couple of days and has especially loved her Game of Thrones tour. Yesterday she published a video of her performing ‘’Walk of shame’’ scene, well known to all the lovers of the series and also added a photo on the throne.

Eva LaRue is known for her roles as Dr. Maria Santos on All My Children and Det. Natalia Boa Vista on CSI: Miami – and now for being a true fan of Croatia.

After a recent survey that showed Croatia is below the European average in terms of alcohol consumption, the latest statistics on the number of smokers in the country is not very positive.

The data show that Croatia has ranked among the top EU countries by the number of smokers aged 15 and older.

Almost 25 percent of the population in Croatia are active smokers, following Bulgarians, Greeks and Hungarians. The lowest number of smokers are in Scandinavian countries, primarily in Sweden where only 8.7 percent of people smoke.

The European Union has tried to reduce the number of smokers in its member countries by implementing the Directive from May 2016 in order to raise public awareness of smoking hazards and focus citizens on a healthier life.

Due to the EU Directive, graphic health warnings with photos, text and cessation information cover 65 percent of the front and the back of cigarette boxes as to discourage people from smoking or encourage them to quit. In addition, flavoured cigarettes and tobacco, such as menthol, fruit or candy flavours that mask the taste and smell of tobacco are also forbidden by the Directive.

Since 2012, the number of smokers has been decreasing; however, the results are not satisfactory.

At exactly five minutes past two this afternoon Dubrovnik shook as an earthquake rumbled through the region.

According to information from the Seismological Service of Croatia the epicentre of the earthquake was 15 kilometres southwest of Dubrovnik. The magnitude of the earthquake was 3.5 on the Richter scale. No material damage has been reported in the region.

What better background for a bikini photo shoot than Dubrovnik. The well-known swimwear brand “Scampi” is currently in Dubrovnik shooting an advertising campaign. Scampi Scampi is a Swedish brand with over 30 years of experience in making high quality swimwear.

The fashion model Eva Perfido has the “difficult” task of posing on the shores of the Adriatic. The Venice based photographer Jean Pierrot has been scooting around on a jet-ski getting the perfect image, apparently for this photo shoot he is insisting on no make-up and a natural look. We can expect to see Dubrovnik and the Adriatic once again featured in the international media soon.

swimwear scampi

scampi model

scampi photo bikini

James Bond, Titanic and The Beatles were all on the repertoire of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra in a spectacular concert in the Lovrijenac Fortress. An evening of Baroque and Film tunes as part of the Midsummer Scene in Dubrovnik delighted visitors.

The evening was part of the Midsummer Scene festival which this year is performing a Midsummer Night’s Dream in Lovrijenac every evening at 9.30. Last night the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra performed a selection of well-known movie theme tunes, such as Titanic, The Godfather and James Bond as well as a mixture of Baroque music. The evening was hosted by Filip Krenus and Mark Thomas.

dso movie music

mark thomas and filip krenus

dso film music

The latest report from the Croatian Motorways (HAC) shows that the tourist season in Croatia is busier than last year, at least according to the number of vehicles using Croatia’s motorways.

The number of 547,197 vehicles was recorded on motorways under the jurisdiction of the HAC over the past weekend, whilst the income from tolls was 27.7 million Kunas excluding VAT, reported HAC on the 26th of June.

In addition, vehicle traffic increased by 4.5 percent, whilst the revenue from tolls was 10.9 percent higher than the same weekend in June 2016.

In comparison to the same period from last year there has been a significant increase in traffic on Croatia’s motorways. Last year HAC recorded 523,467 vehicles, and generated 24.9 million Kunas from tolls.

The last of Manhattan's Gilded Age mansions owned by the former states of the ex-Yugoslavia, is on sale.

This news hit the real estate market almost a month ago with a striking price of $50 million. In the meantime, six potential buyers “all extremely high-net-worth individuals of different backgrounds’’ expressed their interest making an utmost effort to purchase the Fifth Avenue limestone town house.

However, $50 million is only a preliminary price, and five countries that are successor states to the former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, and Macedonia) have to reach an agreement on the price in order to initiate further serious negotiations.

tito villa new york

Due to its enormous historical significance, the famous mansion is under the protection of the state and the city of New York, whilst it currently houses the offices of Serbia's Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

The city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission, which landmarked the property in 1966, called it a “superb example of the French classic style of Louis XV.”

The mansion built in 1904 was first owned by Robert Livingston Beeckman, the governor of Long Island. Later in 1912, the home was sold to George Grant Manson, whilst Vanderbilt’s granddaughter Emily Thorn Vanderbilt Sloane White and her husband, Henry White, bought it in 1925. When the rich heirless died in 1946, her estate was bought by the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1947.

When Yugoslavia took possession of the property, the New York Times reported, “It is considered one of the finest private homes remaining on Fifth Avenue”.

After an assassination attempt against the Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in 1963, the mansion, with its bulletproof windows overlooking the Central Park, was also used as a temporary hiding place for Tito.

The villa is still luxuriously equipped, and furniture, wall paintings, murals, gold chandeliers and a number of other gilded details, are still virtually intact and included in the purchase price.

However, any potential buyers will have to overcome unusual diplomatic obstacles, as representatives from all five states have to reach an agreement on the purchase. Nevertheless, “Whoever buys it will own a piece of New York history, whilst the proceeds will be divided among the states’’, reported a real estate agent engaged in this sale.

The heat didn’t stop numerous participants to be the part of the project ‘Active Croatia’ yesterday and to fill all the spots on the Fort Lovrijenac.
One of the most famous pilates coaches, Asja Petersen, held a focus point training for the first time. It educated all the generations who followed all the instructions carefully and had a great training.

Numerous elements of the training were adopted with joy, and for the fifth time in Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik sent a message about the importance of regular and everyday physical activity promoted by this project, which was held in cooperation with the City of Dubrovnik, the City Tourist Board and the Brilliant Events.

Active Croatia will continue on Sunday, July 2nd in Zadar and the big final season will be held in Zagreb on Saturday, September 9th .

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