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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


The Croatian company Include has announced its entry to the markets of Great Britain and Ireland with their Steora smart bench.

One of the leading European manufacturers of innovative solutions for ‘’smart cities’’ headed by a young innovator and an ‘’IT genius’’ Ivan Mrvos from Solin near Split, presented the Steora smart bench to the public at the Croatian Embassy in London on the 11th of October 2017. Many respected guests who are relevant to the field of renewable energy resources, technology and environment, as diplomatic representatives from other countries attended the presentation.

This is the first presentation of many that will be held within the pilot project ‘’Smart bench on a tour’’. The Steora smart bench will be touring Croatian embassies throughout Europe where it will be exhibited for a week.

couple sitting on smart bench


The main aim of the Include company is to increase its presence in 30 countries by the end of this year. The company currently employs 40 people and is the largest Croatian manufacturer of smart benches.

The Steora smart bench is a green invention ideal for cities, parks, airports, marinas, business and shopping centres. It includes batteries, which are powered by solar panels; they provide internet access and the possibility to charge mobile phones and laptops by USB charger. Steora also gathers data about air quality, humidity, city noise, displays advertising, and provides light at night.

Keeley Shaye Smith, a director, producer, filmmaker, journalist, and a wife of the former British agent 007 Pierce Brosnan, thanked Croatia for a wonderful time spent on the island of Vis.

On her Instagram profile, Smith posted a beautiful bird’s eye photo and wrote; ‘Bye bye Croatia. Thank you for your immeasurable hospitality!’’

The British actor and his wife spent some wonderful time on the island of Vis where Brosnan joined his colleagues Colin Firth, Andy Garcia and Amanda Seyfried in filming of a new sequel ‘’Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’’ and played a role of Sam Carmichael.

While not on the set, Brosnan spent every spare moment with his wife Keeley walking around the island and enjoying in wonderful sights. According to her posted photos, Smith was obviously stunned with the gorgeous Croatian coast and hospitality of locals on Vis.

Apart from her farewell photo, Smith also posted a few photos of bays, beaches and tasty food in restaurants on the island of Vis.

More and more Croatian citizens keep cash surplus on their bank accounts instead of saving it.

The latest analysis show that by the end of August 2017 the deposit money in Croatia amounted to almost 70 billion Kunas or more precisely 69,8 billion Kunas, which represents a growth of 4,1 percent at a monthly level and 23,1 percent at an annual level.

The main reason for this growth lies in extremely low interest rates. An increase in cash outside banks was also recorded and amounted to almost 26,7 billion Kunas.

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day and some of the locals and visitors might actually feel unlucky to be in Dubrovnik tomorrow, since it’s expected to be quite crowded.

On the cruise ship arrivals schedule this Friday, accidentally the 13th, is marked with red colour, which means that over 7500 passengers are expected.  Five cruise ships are arriving. Four of them (Mein Schiff 2, Costa Luminosa, Aurora, Msc Poesia) will arrive before 8:30 am and only Berlin is arriving in the afternoon or more precisely, at 6 pm.

First cruise ship will leave at 1 pm, so the morning is supposed to be quite hectic. You can expect traffic jams and big crowds in the Old City.

However, it’s good to know that this is the last red cruiser day this year. So stay patient and enjoy your stay as much as you can.

An exhibition entitled “Blue Coloured Blue” opens tonight in Dubrovnik. The exhibition, organized by the Dubrovnik Association of Fine arts, opens at 7.00 pm tonight in the atrium of the Sponza Palace in the heart of the Old City.

As in previous years the association will present the Dubrovnik public with a thematic exhibition and this year the choice is works that are related to the colour blue.

The exhibition will remain open until the 31st of October. 

Croatia is a country of opposites. It is a well known fact that it is a wonderful country rich in nature, culture, history and tradition, however, according to Eurostat, its citizens are the most uncultured nation in the European Union with very bad oral hygiene.

Some studies show that on the average Croats brush their teeth every five days and that they replace their tooth brushes once a year. Furthermore, devastating data also show that on the average 12-year olds in Croatia have four decayed teeth. All and all, in terms of oral hygiene, Croatia hit the European bottom, again.

The latest data from Eurostat provide some interesting findings. To the question ‘’How many of your natural teeth do you have?’’, only a minority of Europeans (41%) stated that they still have all their natural teeth. A third of respondents still have 20 or more natural teeth, but not all. On the other hand, 13 percent of respondents declared that they have only nine natural teeth at the most, or even none.

The respondents stating that they still have all their natural teeth live mainly in the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark and Finland, as well as in Ireland, Cyprus, Malta and Greece. On the other hand, only 19-29 percent of inhabitants of eastern EU countries of Hungary, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia and Latvia said that they have all their natural teeth. When it comes to Croatia, only 26 percent of its citizens declared to have all their natural teeth.

Furthermore, Eurostat’s survey question ‘’When did you last visit a dentist about your teeth, dentures or gums?’’ also provided some interesting results. Respondents who visited a dentist during the past twelve months were inhabitants from northern EU countries such as the Netherlands (83%), Denmark (78%), Germany and Luxembourg (77%), followed by Slovakia (73%) and Sweden (71%). It is important to note that in some of these countries it is compulsory for inhabitants to visit the dentist once a year or even every six months in order to continue to benefit from medical insurance cover for their teeth.

On the other hand, inhabitants of several countries in the eastern part of the EU are the least likely to have visited the dentist during the past year such as Romania (34%), Hungary (35%), Latvia (41%), Poland (44%), Estonia and Bulgaria (45%), Lithuania (46%) and Greece (49%). This time Croatia scored better than all those countries with 50 percent of people who visited the dentist in the past year.

Ana Rucner, the famous Croatian cellist, always does her best to promote her country. Her latest video presents Gospic, with the motto ‘’Full of Energy’’ and is the newest video of the Gospic Tourist Board.

The video was filmed on many attractive locations, such as the Nature Park Velebit, the Memorial center Nikola Tesla and many others. It is focused on amazing, breathtaking nature. Along with the beautiful landscapes of Gospic and its surroundings, Velebit takes a very important place in the video, because part of it was also filmed at Visocica, at 1,619 metres above sea level.

The video was created by Boris Seper from Film 54 Croatia and it has already received many compliments. Well deserved, we say -  but take a look and judge it for yourself.

Eurowings has introduced a novel way of making a new flight schedule for 2018 - you vote we fly.

The German airline, a low cost subsidiary of Lufthansa, let its potential clients decide on new flight routes they would include in the new summer schedule by choosing among ten travel destinations in Europe and voting for their favourite.

‘’We are letting you decide on our next flight route. Take part in the vote and choose your favourite travel destination,” Eurowings said in their “You vote. We fly.” campaign, adding that the most-voted travel destination will be part of Eurowings 2018 summer schedule.

The ten European destinations were presented in the videos, one video for each destination. Croatia was also included in this prestigious group with the island of Brac.

The voting was closed on the 10th of October 2017 and here are the results:

Trapani (Italy) – 31,6%

Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – 31,2%

Shannon (Ireland) – 9,6%

Castellon (Spain) – 8,1%

Belfast (Ireland) – 5,4%

Bergen (Norway) – 3,8%

Brac (Croatia) – 3,4%

Biarritz (France) – 2,6%

Podgorica (Montenegro) – 2,3%

Trieste (Italy) – 2%

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