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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


Paski sir is the winner of the prestigious awards at the cheese fair ‘Global Cheese Awards’ and was declared the best sheep milk cheese for this year. The producers are very proud of the fact that their cheese has been declared the best in the whole world.

Cheese from the island of Pag has got a gold medal for the best cheese produced from sheep's milk and the best specialty made of sheep's milk, and both of these awards brought Paski sir a title of the best sheep milk cheese for this year.

Global cheese show is celebrating the cheese industry from 1861. For over 155 years, the Frome Cheese Show has provided producers, retailers and their associates with a platform from which to showcase their latest and best offerings. The longest running cheese show in Britain is celebrating all aspects of the Cheese Industry from artisan micro-dairies to large scale producers.

After opening the first ''50'' burger&champagne bar on the island of Hvar, the same bar was opened in the heart of the Croatian capital earlier this year in April.

The ''50'' burger&champagne bar opened by a New Yorker Adena Lavin is a concept that approaches the gastronomic scene of the Big Apple to the Croatian citizens.

At first sight, a mixture of hamburgers and champagne is not common, however, Adena learned that this combination proved a real hit. The number 50 in the name of the bar is actually Adena's nickname because she spent half of her life between New York and Hong Kong.

''I fell in love with Zagreb at first sight. It is a city with a unique atmosphere and I am happy to give Zagreb the opportunity to get closer to the gastro scene of New York'', commented Adena.

The bar offers a whole array of quality champagne such as Collard Picard Brut, Delamotte, Fleury and Serge Mathieu as well as Croatian brands Tomac, Kolaric, and Sember.

The most popular hamburger on the offer is La Tartuffe with foie gras, cheese with truffles, aioli with truffles and fresh grated truffles. In addition to La Tartuffe, there are also Classic, Mediterranean, Lambs and Hvar burgers as well as French fries, salads and desserts.

It is interesting to note that the bar offers burgers for vegetarians made of quinoa, seven sorts of mushrooms, cheese, eggs and peppers.

The ''50'' burger&champagne bar has also given its touch to classic American dishes such as Philly Cheese steak and Shrimp Po'Boy. Even though they prepare these dishes in American way, all ingredients originate from small local farms in Croatia. Due to insisting on the use of fresh foodstuffs, the menu is a subject to change.

Latest ATP rankings published today brought great news for Marin Cilic, best Croatian tennis player. He has made a progress and went two places up on the list and is now fifth, which is his career-high singles ranking.  

This is one more great success for Cilic, who has won 17 ATP singles titles, including the 2014 US Open. Among other achievements, Cilic was runner-up at the 2017 Wimbledon Championship and was a semifinalist at the 2015 US Open as defending champion.

Cilic also has a special bond with Dubrovnik. His fiancée, Kristina Milkovic, is from Dubrovnik-Neretva County, or more precisely – Konavle, so Cilic is a frequent guest in our city. Recently there was a rumour that Kristina and Marin are expecting a baby, but it seems that that rumour isn’t true.

Gale force winds and torrential rain are currently hammering the Dubrovnik region with winds of up to 130 KPH reported in the city. Hundreds of cruise ship passengers were left stranded in front of the Old City as coaches were caught in the massive traffic jams. Winds blew over trees, flipped a lorry's trailer on the Dubrovnik Bridge and brought branches crashing down.

Police were called to control the major junctions of the city but to little or no effect as the traffic jams built up. There were reports of drivers needing upwards of an hour to travel a mile as Dubrovnik's traffic infrastructure shut down.  

The forecast for tonight is for more storms and Cavtat is under a heavy shower and lightning storm at the moment. 

Check out this gallery from Zeljko Tutnjevic 

aftermarth storm dubrovnik

winds blow dubrovnik

storm hits dubrovnik queses

traffic choas dubrovnik

bike falls over in strom

road choas in dubrovnik

Extreme weather conditions in Dubrovnik caught everyone by surprise this afternoon as strong gale force southerly winds blasted the city. Trees were uprooted, trailers blown over on the Dubrovnik Bridge and traffic across the whole city came to a virtual standstill.

tornado dubrovnik 2017

Tables and chairs thrown by mini tornado in Dubrovnik - Photo Zeljko Tutnjevic 

And one of the biggest weather surprises was a “small” tornado crashing through the historic Old City of Dubrovnik. This mini tornado threw chairs and tables in a popular cafe bar on the Stradun to the ground and even brought down massive sun umbrellas.

Thankfully there are no reports on any injuries in the extreme weather. Locals and tourists ran out of the way of windswept chairs as the storm continued. The traffic throughout the city is still extremely slow with jams at all the major junctions.

Heavy rain and storms are forecast for tonight with the weather forecasters issuing an alert of “extreme weather conditions expected.”

winds blow dubrovnik over

tornado havoc dubrovnik

The Eclipse yacht owned by Roman Abramovich came to the Port of Gruz to fill up on fuel. It seems that around 750 tons were ordered, which is more than a half of the capacity of the fuel tank. The cost – around million euros – reports Meaning that by the time the Russian's yacht was half full Croatia had earned 250,000 Euros in VAT. 

The super-long yacht of 163 meters worth 340 million euros was purchased by the Russian billionaire owner of Chelsea FC in 2010. It weights around 13 thousand tons, width is 21 meters and the annual maintenance costs are around 30 million euros. Yes, you need deep pockets for this kind of nautical pleasure. 

The yacht can host 62 guests and 70 crew members and it has swimming pools, saunas, movie theaters, jewelleries, hairdressing centers, kindergartens, restaurants, clubs and even a hospital.

Additional equipment includes two helicopters, submarines, rocket radars, rescue boats and many other insurance systems. It would seem that Abramovich didn't cut any corners when fitting out his favourite super yacht. 

Gale force winds are currently ripping through Dubrovnik causing massive traffic jams, uprooting trees and even flipping over vehicles. A strong southerly wind has been blowing since this morning but at around 2.00pm it picked up speed and brought torrential rain and storms in its path.

Traffic in the city came to a virtual standstill and it was taking drivers up to 1 hour just to pass the city, a drive that would normally take a few minutes. The Dubrovnik Bridge was the scene of a road traffic accident as the winds tumbled over a lorry’s trailer. Winds on the bridge have been measured at 125 KPH. More rain and storms are predicted for tonight. 

tree collpase dubrovnik winds

september stroms dubrovnik

For the eighth year in a row the Women’s Bank Walk was organised across Europe with the goal of raising funds and awareness for women in developing countries. And this year Dubrovnik joined in the good cause with a walk from the Pile Gate to the Old City harbour and back last night.

This action is held in around 60 countries and, according to the organisers, supports education and livelihoods of women in developing countries. Congratulations to all involved in this worthy event.

woamns bank walk stradun

womans bank walk croatia

womans walk 2017

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