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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


The world-famous Baroque Chamber Orchestra 'The London Handel Players' enchanted Dubrovnik audience in summer villa Bunic Kaboga with concert ‘ A Celebration of Baroque Dance’.

Great musicians, liked by critics and audiences, because of their "immaculate skills and musicality": Rachel Brown (flute), Adrian Butterfield (violin), Katherine Sharman (cello), Laurence Cummings (harpsichord) were joined by dancers Mary Collins and Steven Player, who combined beautiful baroque music and dance steps.


The audience enjoyed music and dance choreographies from the French courtyard, which were lso loved by French King Louis XIV, as well as in the works of famous composers: J.-B. Lully, J.-F. Rebel, G.F. Händel, A. Corelli, F. Couperin, J.-Ph. Rameau, A. Campra.


This concert is the beginning of the cooperation between the Korcula Baroque Festival and the Caboga Stiftung Foundation, which continues with a rich program in the summer villa Bunic Kaboga during the winter months.

The Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board attends this year's 'Il salone del camper' fair in Parma, Italy.

Fair is held from September 9th to 17th and our tourist board is sharing a stand with other Croatian counties – Zadar, Sibenik Knin, Split-Dalmatia and Lika-Senj County.
‘Il salone del camper’ is the second biggest European event dedicated to the Plein Air.

The exhibition offers the opportunity to meet the most prestigious motorhomes and caravans manufacturers, equipment suppliers, Plein Air operators and a significant selection of trailer tents, tents, awnings and other camping equipment.

The fair also offers an area dedicated to tourism  proposing  new itineraries and to editorial products able to lead, advise and guide experts and admirers through this new lifestyle.

Dubrovnik-Neretva stand will surely be attractiv to many Italians, since around 47,500 tourists from Italy visited our county in the first eight months this year and made 180 thousand overnight stays.

The famous Michelin Food&Travel Guide (Michelin Travel Partner from Boulogne Billancourt in France) has issued the first special edition of its Red Guide entirely dedicated to the Croatian region of Istria.

This type of publication Michelin usually publishes for important gourmet destinations such as Paris, Barcelona, Trentino Alto Adige etc. which are also included in national editions; however, due to their particularity and importance of the area as well as their gourmet offer, they deserve special attention is such editions.

The Croatian region of Istria has been present in almost all major European gastronomic guides for years; however, the Red Michelin Guide was not one of them, until now.
At the end of January this year, a Michelin Star was awarded to the restaurant Monte in Rovinj. In addition to Monte, the so-called Michelin plates were awarded to twelve restaurants in the Istria County.

According to the Michelin criteria, Istria is defined as a small area with a limited number of recommended addresses, (the entire Croatia has 34 addresses, whilst Istria has 13). The Michelin edition for Istria also includes the tourist part, i.e. the so-called Green Michelin that encompasses the entire tourist offer of Istria.

The new edition for 2018 has already been prepared and it offers the possibility of including a larger number of recommended addresses or those with Michelin stars; however, that depends on caterers, their offer and evaluation of inspectors. The next edition would also include the best Istrian hotels, winemakers and olive oil makers.
The special edition of the Red Michelin Guide for Istria under the title ‘’Unforgettable Tastes, Scents and Memories’’, describes Istria as a unique Mediterranean spot and highlights Istrian truffles, extra virgin olive oil and wine, listing in alphabetical order the best restaurants.
The Istrian restaurants that were selected for the Red Michelin Guide 2017 are:
Alla Beccaccia, Valbandon
Batelina, Banjole
Damir&Ornella, Novigrad-Cittanova
Konoba Cok, Novigrad-Cittanova
Konoba Morgan, Bracanija, Buje-Buie
Marina, Novigrad-Cittanova
Meneghetti, Bale-Valle
Monte*, Rovinj-Rovigno
Pergola, Zambratija-Zambrattia
San Rocco, Brtonigla-Verteneglio
Sv. Nikola, Porec-Parenzo
Wine Vault, Rovinj-Rovigno
Zigante, Livade-Levade.

The special edition of the Michelin Green Guide for Istria selected the most important locations in Istria:
Beram ***
Sv. Lovrec*

Dubrovnik Museums - Archaeological Museum in cooperation with the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb will open an exhibition ‘Roman golden earrings’ on Friday in Revelin Fortress. The opening will start at 8 pm.

The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb brings around 50 Roman gold earrings from the 1st to the 4th centuries, including luxurious specimens decorated with pearls, precious stones and glass pastes. These are mostly random finds from various known ancient sites such as Siscia (Sisak), Salona (Solin), Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica), Viminacium and others.

Typologically they are very different, from simple shapes to top-of-the-line craftsmanship works by a variety of techniques such as casting, pulling and wrapping wire, punching, splitting techniques, filigree and granulation.

The authors of the exhibition are Dora Kusan Spalj and Nikoleta Perok. The exhibition includes bilingual Croatian-English catalog and souvenirs - copies of the earrings. The exhibition will remain open until November 15th this year.

rimske zlatne naušnice

Croatia is again on the top of the list of European countries, but this time we can’t brag about it.

According to Eurostat, Croatia has the largest drop in the number of persons employed among all EU countries. The drop is evident in the second quarter of 2017, but also on annual level.

It’s interesting that at the same time the employment in the EU has risen to a record level. According to Eurostat, the number of persons employed in the European Union rose by 235,400,000 in the second quarter.

In Croatia, the number of employed in the second quarter fell by 0.8 percent, in Latvia by 0.7, in Romania by 0.6, and in Estonia by 0.5 percent. Employment grew the most in Malta (plus 1 percent), in Spain (0.9 percent) and in Greece and Poland by 0.8 percent, according to Eurostat's report.

Registration for the 4th edition of Du Motion – Runners’ Days has officially opened!

The City of Dubrovnik is inviting runners to register for the Du Motion races: Dubrovnik Half Marathon – the race with a five-star endorsement by European Athletics, Run The Wall – challenging race along the ancient Dubrovnik City Walls, 5K – a fun charity citizens’ race and children’s Kids’ Day race, which will be held on 28th and 29th April next year.

- Enjoy the scenic courses that explore the old city and the waterfront with their start and finish along the historic main street Stradun in the heart of Dubrovnik old town. Join the runners from more than 40 countries and be a part of unique Du Motion experience! – organizers wrote on their official website.

And if you are impatient and can’t wait to race in Dubrovnik, Du Motion offers two new races during the autumn months -Dubrovnik Aquathlon on October 1st and 10K Run on November 19th.

The President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker addressed to the European Parliament about the state of the Union 2017 and presented the Commission's guidelines by the end of his mandate as well as his vision of Europe.

During his speech, Juncker outlined several most important proposals such as strengthening the European trade agenda, the EU's commitment to dealing with climate change, introduction of a new industrial strategy, and better protection of Europeans in the digital age, or fighting against cyber attacks.

The EU Commission President also emphasized his wish to establish a system of legitimate migration as well as to preserve and strengthen European values of freedom and equality. He also added that in a Union of equality there could be no second-class citizens, no second-class workers and no second-class consumers.

In addition, Juncker pointed out that in order to build a more united, stronger and more democratic Union, there is a need to strengthen the EU external borders,  ‘’A more united Union also needs to become more inclusive. If we want to strengthen the protection of our external borders, then we need to open the Schengen area of free movement to Bulgaria and Romania immediately. We should also allow Croatia to become a full Schengen member once it meets all the criteria’’, commented Juncker.

After the recent news that Dubrovnik and Split airports had both rejected Ryanair in order to avoid complications on the market during the summer season due to their traffic growth, the Irish low-cost airline announced new flights to three Croatian destinations for 2018.

From March 2018, Ryanair will launch new flights from Frankfurt to Pula, Rijeka and Zadar. Therefore, the Croatian coast will be connected twice a week with the most important German airport via this budget airline.

According to the words of Dimitra Apatsidou, the Deputy Sales and Marketing Manager for the Eastern Mediterranean at Ryanair, ticket prices for these flights will be particularly favourable in the period from March to May 2018.

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