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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


A Croatian city has found itself on a CNN list of Europe's most beautiful towns. “When an island sitting peacefully in the Adriatic Sea just isn't enough, there's Korčula, striking out from the island of the same name on a tiny peninsula,” writes CNN about Korčula.

Korčula is reporting excellent tourist results from this year and this latest publicity on CNN is sure to help boost the tourism industry.

"Local residents claim that the explorer and travel writer Marco Polo was born there, but Venice would not agree with that. Either way, this is a world-class city of gleaming white streets and houses carved from local stone. The city is surrounded by the sea, and the Venetians, who ruled here for centuries, left behind beautiful buildings," writes CNN.

In addition to Korčula from our region, the list of 15 smaller European cities also includes Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Piran in Slovenia.

At petrol stations in Croatia, a litre of Eurosuper 95 fuel will cost 11.30 Kuna as of today, which is 70 Lipa less than last week, while the price of basic Eurodiesel fell by 66 Lipa, to 12.14 Kuna.

According to data from the fuel price search engine of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the price of basic Eurosuper 95 at INA, Petrol, Crodux, Tifon and other distributors as of today is HRK 11.30.

On Monday the Government adopted a new decree on determining the highest retail prices of petroleum products.

According to the information from the press release, "if there were no government measures, gasoline would be HRK 13.19 per litre, diesel HRK 14.49 per litre, and blue diesel HRK 9.40 per litre."

During the past seven months of this year, 213,193 tourist overnight stays were realized in the area of the city administration of Korčula, which is 51 percent more than last year and at the level of tourist traffic from the record year 2019.

In July, 25,097 tourist arrivals were seen and this is at the level of 2019. Whilst the number of overnight stays reached 134,932 in the area of the Korčula city administration, which is 3 percent more compared to the record year of 2019.

The most numerous guests were from Slovenia, Croatia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Poland.


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Insights to Play Like a Professional Gambler

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Make the Right Decisions

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Manage Your Finances

To be a successful gambler, you need to develop the habit of managing your finances. Also, it is important to have a separate bank account for all your gambling activities. This is to manage your flow of income and account for every game you win or lose. Besides, detailed accounting of your gambling history is a crucial way to strategise and improve your performance.

Like many things in life, becoming a professional gambler takes a lot of practice, mindset, and discipline. So if you’re planning to try your hands at gambling, the thrill of gambling insights listed above is one thing you should never forget but master and emulate.



We all know what it’s like. We’ve all been there. You want to catch as many of the numerous sights and attractions in Dubrovnik and yet your time is limited. Time indeed is of an essence. So how can you combine the sightseeing and grabbing a filling and healthy meal. There is an answer in the heart of the ancient Old City of Dubrovnik, TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food.

Food on the go, giving you more time to explore. And great food at very reasonable prices. With portions nigger than you can handle and all packed in an eco-friendly and easy to carry way. We’ve already covered the best spots to take the weight of your feet and enjoy a great takeaway from TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food, and you can find that guide here.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the top five reasons why TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food in the Old City of Dubrovnik is the “in” eatery.

Because it’s funky!


You might think that’s a strange reason, but it’s true. How often in your life have you ordered fast food inside a UNESCO World Heritage Site? It’s is funky. From the jazzy interior, to the excellent packaging and the menus. Even the staff seem funky, and will always greet you with a smile.

Fancy a slice?

pizza dubrovnik 2022

You have that craving for pizza! But you a) don’t have time to sit down and order one, and b) couldn’t manage a whole one. Why not grab a slice? The TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food has an open area that you can select your pizza slice from, yes, you don’t even have to go inside. Now that’s what we call “pizza-to-go”

Bumper burgers


A slice of pizza just isn’t enough. You have a hole in your stomach that needs something much more sustainable. It’s burger time! Now, when we say burgers we really mean huge, juicy ones. And you get to choose your fillings, either fresh salad, cheese or some spicy sauce, your choice. And again all packed ion a super cool way that won’t leave you having to rub ketchup off your T-shirt.

Value with a capital V!


Yes, we know eating out inside the Old City of Dubrovnik isn’t cheap. But at TuttoBene – pizzeria & fast food you’re going to get value for money all the way. If you just fancy a portion of French Fries or maybe a healthy salad, or wrap, they are all reasonably priced and won’t leave you with holes in your pockets. Value with a capital!

You need a break from the summer heat!


The height of summer in Dubrovnik can be warm, to say the least. As the stone façades are warmed by the Adriatic sunshine you’re going to need a break from the summer heat. And inside the funky (did we say it was funky already) you’ll find solace in the air-conditioning, a real oasis from the sun.

Tuttobene Pizzeria & Fast Food

Od puča 7, Old City Dubrovnik
(street that runs parallel to Stradun)
T: +385 20 323 353

In Croatia, in the first seven months of this year, 28,925 new passenger vehicles were registered, which is almost nine percent less than in the same period last year, while in July alone, 5,390 were registered, or five percent less than in the same month last year.

From January to the end of July, the most newly registered vehicle was Volkswagen, 3,291 of them, so that VW has an 11.4 percent share in the total sales of new passenger vehicles.

In second place is Škoda, a member of the same group, with 2,684 vehicles sold and a market share of 9.3 percent, while the third-ranked Kia has a share of 9.1 percent, with 2,635 vehicles sold.

Dacia is in fourth place with 2,319 new vehicles sold and a share of eight percent, while Opel is fifth with 2,181 new cars sold and a share of 7.5 percent in total sales.

The best-selling model in July this year is once again the Škoda Octavia, of which 381 were sold. The Octavia, by the way, has been one of the most sought-after models on the Croatian market for years and is mostly at the top of sales.

In July, Croatian citizens also bought one Lamborghini, two Bentleys, three Teslas and 21 Porsches.

Interestingly, just over 20 percent of all new vehicles sold were hybrid, and 2.2 percent were fully electric.


In the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, 111 new cases of Covid-19 infection were recorded in the last 96 hours.

These are 42 people from Dubrovnik, 26 from Metković, nine from Konavle, eight from Župa Dubrovnik, four from Ploče, three from Kula Norinska, Orebić and Ston, two from Korčula, Opuzen, Slivno and Zazablje, and one from Blato, Janjina, from Mljet, Pojezerje and Vela Luka.

Two people from Dubrovnik passed away; one female person (born in 1951) and one male person (born in 1960).

265 people recovered: 137 from Dubrovnik, 55 from Metković, 21 from Župa Dubrovnik, 19 from Konavle, 15 from Ploče, seven from Orebić, two from the Dubrovačko Primorje, Kula Norinska and Opuzen, and one from Blato, Pojezerje, Ston, Slivno and Vela Luka.

In the last 96 hours, 440 samples were processed, and since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 257,772 samples have been analysed.

12 people positive for the Covid-19 are currently hospitalized in the Dubrovnik General Hospital.


After Saturday, which saw the highest record daily temperatures in Rab and Zadar, Sunday saw record breaking temperatures in Dubrovnik.

It has certainly been a long, hot and very dry summer this year in the wider Dubrovnik region, and on Sunday came the peak as temperatures reached 38.6 °C. This represents the hottest day on record in Dubrovnik. 38.6 °C is the absolute highest air temperature measured in Dubrovnik at the station of the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service since 1961, when daily official measurements began according to the standards of the World Meteorological Organization.

The previous record was 38.4 °C in 2012, which rather oddly was also measured on August 7.


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