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Planning to travel? Check out this list of European countries and their Covid-19 restrictions

By  Aug 19, 2020

If you are going on a family holiday, a business trip or just a weekend away read what restrictions apply to Croatian citizens in certain European Union countries.

As the border and travel situation in the Covid-19 pandemic is extremely fluid please note that this list was updated with yesterday’s date (August 18)


A negative test for COVID-19 not older than 72 hours or testing within 48 hours is required, in which case the person must self-isolate until the test is published.


Croatia as a whole is on the green list of countries, but there are restrictions for certain parts: on the orange list that recommends 14-day isolation are Vukovar-Srijem County, Brod-Posavina, Osijek-Baranja, Split-Dalmatia County and the City of Zagreb.


There are no restrictions.


A negative PCR test for Covid-19, not older than 72 hours, is required.

Czech Republic

There are no restrictions.


There are no restrictions.


14-day isolation is required.


It is necessary to have justified reasons for entering Finland, and after entering 14 days of self-isolation is recommended.


There are no restrictions.


There are no restrictions.



All passengers entering Greece by land must present a negative PCR test for Covid-19 upon arrival, not older than 72 hours. Passengers arriving by air do not have to present a negative test unless they come from airports located in Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Malta or Israel.


There are no restrictions.


From 19 August 2020, all travellers coming to Iceland can choose between a 14-day self-isolation or a double test procedure together with a 5-6-day self-isolation (The first test upon entering Iceland is paid by the traveller, who then must stay in self-isolation for 5-6 days and before repeating the test. For the second test the passenger does not pay the costs). Before planning a trip to Iceland, registration is required via the link:


Restriction of movement for 14 days after entering the territory of Ireland and the obligation to fill in the public health passenger locator form.


Entry into the territory of Italy with the confirmation of the Covid-19 test not older than 72 hours or the obligation to test within 48 hours, where the person must be in self-isolation until the test is published.


14-day self-isolation is required.


14-day self-isolation is required.


There are no restrictions.


There are no restrictions.




Croatia is on the orange list and travel is recommended only in emergencies, and upon return 14-day self-isolation is recommended.


Croatia is located on the so-called "Red list" meaning mandatory quarantine for 10 days.


There are no restrictions.


There are no restrictions, except for the areas of the Azores and Madeira, for which you must have a negative test for Covid-19 not older than 72h. In case passengers did not take the test before the trip, they are obliged to do it at the airport immediately after landing and be in self-isolation while waiting for the results.


There are no restrictions.


There are no restrictions.


From June 4 Croatia has been on the so-called yellow list, meaning Croatian citizens upon entry into Slovenia must be subject to mandatory quarantine for 14 days if they are not under one of the exemptions (cross-border working migrants, weekly migrants working in the EU, transport persons, etc.)


There are no restrictions, you just need to fill out a form with personal information. In the country, it is mandatory to wear a protective mask in public places for all people over 6 years of age.


There are no restrictions.


There are no restrictions.

Great Britain

Croatia is on the list of countries that are exempt from the obligation of 14-day quarantine upon entering the UK. Citizens of the Republic of Croatia are required to fill in an online form with personal data before entering the UK. There are no additional conditions.


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