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The Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik for Fish Lovers

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jun 05, 2020

Eager to travel to Dubrovnik soon? Here are some of our favorite restaurants that serve some outstanding fish dishes.


You’ve probably heard of this restaurant even if you’re not from Croatia, or even if you’re not at all from Europe. Its world-famous shrimp has delighted travelers worldwide who come to this place any chance they get to visit Dubrovnik.

It has two types of tasting menus so you can get a bite out of more items in case you can’t decide. And we don’t condemn you if you can’t make up your mind. All the popular kinds of seafood are present here, and even meat lovers can rejoice by engaging in fantastic veal dishes.

Proto Fish Restaurant

As the name implies, this restaurant is specialized in all kinds of fish dishes, and we especially love their super sea bass recipes. The restaurant dates all the way back to 1886, and Wallis Simpson was entertained by none other than Edward VIII during the 1930s right here. You can already tell that this is a place with a long tradition.

Apart from the expansive two-person fish platter, you can also savor a huge list of Croatia’s finest wines. And, of course, you won’t have to figure out what combination of fish and wine to get, as an astute sommelier will be there to make the best suggestion possible.

360 Restaurant

An expensive yet refined option, this restaurant overlooks the harbor. And you’ll get a chance to taste some of the best dishes prepared by one of Croatia’s renowned chefs, Marijo Curić. From Mediterranean dishes to contemporary twists on Croatian classic meals, this restaurant has it all. Expect top quality service and a refined atmosphere in this luxurious setting.

360 dubrovnik croatia food

360 restaurant in Dubrovnik 

Restaurant Dubrovnik

Bearing the city’s name, Restaurant Dubrovnik spoils you right from the start. A qualified sommelier and a professional waiter will be serving you with the best possible combinations for your taste and preferences.

The menu offers a plethora of Adriatic meals, including sea bass and much more. Whatever fish dish you might want, we guarantee a jaw-dropping presentation and absolutely delightful taste.

Bowa Restaurant

Why bother with a classic restaurant when you can dine on a boat? The Bowa Restaurant offers an amazing tour of the coastline and city landmarks while also serving some outstanding food.

Fig and ginger salad, cuttlefish orzotto, and many other delightful dishes await you in the peaceful and quiet environment of this restaurant, which is always surrounded by crystalline water. Do yourself a favor and visit this exquisite palace of flavors if you ever find yourself in Dubrovnik.

Bistro Tavulin

If you want to stay and eat in the old town, Bistro Tavulin is one of the most exquisite options. Their philosophy is one that has struck a chord both with the locals and with tourists alike. An outstanding octopus ragout and fine mussels in white sauce are just two of the examples. They keep it local but add a dash of ingenuity to every dish.


The historic center - a lovely place with a plethora of things to visit - hosts one of the beloved local restaurants that offer Mediterranean-Asian fusion cuisines. Bathe in the afternoon sun and enjoy the waves as you delight yourself with some of the best fish dishes in the historic area of this superb city.


Adriatic fish and locally sourced vegetables are the highlights of this fancy restaurant. It’s in the old town, not far away from our previous listing, and it’s got succulent and substantial main dishes, as well as a courtyard terrace and an adjacent snack bar in case you only want a small taste of their offerings.




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