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Can I pay in Euros in Croatia? Can I pay in Euros in Croatia? Pixabay

Can I pay in Euros in Croatia?

By  Aug 09, 2019

Can I pay in Euros in Croatia? Well, the short and official answer is – no. But the slightly longer and slightly less unofficial answer is probably yes, but with a few difficulties.

The official currency of the Republic of Croatia is the Kuna, even though Croatia joined the European Union back in July 2013 it has yet to adopt the Euro as the official currency. This looks like changing in the future, but as of this present time the Kuna is still the official currency.

This can be a little confusing for cruise ship passengers who arrive in Dubrovnik and expect to continue using their Euros, as they have done in Italy, Greece and Spain, and of course can lead to embarrassing situations when they try to buy an ice-cream only to be told “Sorry No Euros.” In fact, to combat this you’ll see quite a number of shops, restaurants and cafes, and indeed the petrol stations with a sign reading “No Euros!”

Really, I can't pay in Euros! 

Now here comes the unofficial part. In the main tourist destinations up and down the Adriatic coast you’ll probably find that your Euros will actually be accepted. But there is a catch. Even though you might be able to pay in Euros it is unlikely that you’ll get your change in Euros. So you might sit down for a nice seafood lunch, reach for the bill, and end up with a handful of Kunas in your pocket as change. That’s the first but!

The second one is that the rate of exchange you’re going to get at a restaurant, café and shop is probably going to be considerably less than if you change your Euros in a bank or exchange office. In the same way you wouldn’t go to a bank to sip a cocktail, you wouldn’t go to a nightclub to exchange cash.

And the third but! There is a good chance that the restaurant won’t accept Euros at all. By law they aren’t obliged to so don’t go starting an argument. So it’s probably best if you change whatever currency you have into Kunas first, before waiting to be seated. If you aren’t sure that you’ll be able to spend all the Kunas then simply change as much as you have budgeted for on a daily basis.


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