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Plan ahead to avoid the crowds in Dubrovnik

Written by  Jan 02, 2019

If you are planning on visiting Dubrovnik in 2019 and what to avoid the crowds, then a new application will help you make the most of your trip. Dubrovnik, especially during the peak summer months, is magnet for tourists from all over the world seeking to discover the unique historic Old City. In 2018 around 1.3 million international guests enjoyed the sights and sounds of the pearl of the Adriatic. So if you want the Old City to yourself you’ll need to plan ahead. A new application and website link will help you plan the best day and month to visit Dubrovnik.

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board have a rather interesting new link on their website which will help you find out when the crowds are less and the city is freer. “The application for predicting the number of visitors uses machine learning (the branch of artificial intelligence) to predict the number of people in the Old Town on a given day. This data can be useful to both citizens and tourists to help better plan their visits to the Old Town,” comments the website.

Adding that “To predict the number, the machine learning algorithm uses various parameters such as the number of people coming from cruise ships, number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays as well as weather data such as temperature and precipitation. The machine learning algorithm improves with new data and is expected to give more accurate information as time passes and the data is re-evaluated.”

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The predictions go from - Not crowded - There shouldn’t be any problems with the number of people in the Old Town on the selected date. To the busiest expected days, such as in July and August with – Overcrowded - Because of the number of people visiting Dubrovnik from all over the world, it is expected that the city might be overcrowded on the selected date. It is strongly advised to visit the city in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the biggest crowds and have the best experience possible.

You can find the information to plan your trip by visiting the website -


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