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Cook Croatian this Christmas – Bakalar

Written by  Dec 21, 2018

This is a real Croatian favourite over the Christmas period, well it’s traditionally prepared on Christmas Eve, Bakalar or white dried cod. In fact, the cod used isn’t even from the Adriatic Sea it normally comes from the cold seas off Norway and is dried. It isn’t a difficult dish to prepare, as long as you follow the steps, but it does take time.

So why not have a real Croatian Christmas Eve, follow this simple recipe and you’ll be tucking into Bakalar this festive season.

Preparation and recipe for Bakalar – White Dried Cod

Firstly, soak the dried white cod for 48 hours and change the water every eight hours. (we told you it took a lot of preparation)

Flake the soaked fish in your fingers whilst removing the skin and bones and any brown meat

Place the flaked cod into a large saucepan, add water, and allow to simmer on a medium heat for around 2.5 hours

In a separate saucepan cook the potatoes

Once both potatoes and cod and cooked place them both into a large mixing bowl and add salt, pepper, olive oil, parsley and garlic and mix together carefully until you have a paste like mixture


1 dried cod (Bakalar)

1/2 kilo potatoes

Four cloves of garlic

1 cup of olive oil



1 tablespoon of chopped parsley 


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