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Dubrovnik Composers – musical heritage on a grand scale

Written by  Nov 07, 2018

With its unparalleled beauty and proud history, the Old City of Dubrovnik has been a constant source of inspiration for artists over the centuries. Authors have created timeless poetry, sculptors formed granite-hard stone into delicate figures and painters brought life to the city’s landscapes. The melody of the stone facades has also enthused composers down the centuries to sparkle in the Mediterranean sunshine.

And as you walk around the ancient city today you can still hear classical tunes echoing in the stone architecture. Dubrovnik is a living city, a city with a heart and soul, and music brings that soul to life. Children practising the cello, world famous artists tuning up before a major concert or friends gathered around with a guitar and piano, these are the sounds of Dubrovnik’s soul. The citizens are rightly appreciative of their history, especially their musical heritage.

Over the centuries these noble stone walls have been the inspiration to many a composer. Without doubt one of the kings of Dubrovnik composers is Luka Sorkočević. Born into a noble family in 1734 Luka began his musical education in Dubrovnik before moving to Rome to continue his learning. His style, often described as being between Baroque and classical, of composing encapsulates the elegance of the city. Whilst working in Vienna he met and rubbed shoulders some of the great composers of the day including Gluck and Haydn.

luka sorkocevic dubrovnik

Luka Sorkočević

His works are treasured to this day in the city. The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra certainly hasn’t forgotten their most favourite son. Frequently the orchestra performs Sorkočević classics in one of the ambient surroundings of the Old City of Dubrovnik. And his brilliant pieces are brought back to life in the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

For a real Dubrovnik experience find yourself a place in the Rector’s Palace on a balmy summer’s evening with the melodies of Sorkočević drifting through the sky. It is an unforgettable experience and one that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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