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5 Reasons to visit Dubrovnik in the winter

Written by  Oct 28, 2018

Dubrovnik is a magnet for tourists during the warmer summer months when the beaches are packed and the historic Old City shines in the Adriatic sunshine. But what to do in Dubrovnik in the winter? The pearl of the Adriatic has a different face through the shorter winter days and yet it isn’t a side of the city that should be ignored, far from it, those who discover Dubrovnik in the winter will enjoy a city resting from the summer crowds.

5 Reasons to visit Dubrovnik in the winter

christmas decorations in dubrovnik stradun 2018

You’ll have the city to yourself

As the swallows fly to warmer climes so the tourists disperse almost en mass. Almost 2 million tourists visit Dubrovnik on an annual basis however 95 percent come from the beginning of April to the end of November. The crowds have all gone home and the city sleeps. The Stradun, the main street that runs like an arrow through the heart of the ancient city, is awash with flip-flops in the summer but during the winter you can stand at one end and look to the other without seeing a soul. Walk the City Walls on your own, take time to enjoy a museum or climb to the top of the Srđ Mountain to blow the cobwebs away. You won’t have to wait for a table in a restaurant, in fact the best table will be waiting for you.

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It is considerably cheaper

Summer prices have gone and the city is considerably cheaper. Parking prices drop, coffee is even cheaper and the price of accommodation is pretty much half the price of the height of the season. Find a five-star hotel at a reasonable price, and as the crowds have gone you won’t have a problem locating a spare room, in fact you’ll have your choice. Yes, the number of restaurants, bars and hotels that are actually open is much less but the ones that are have offers at more than affordable prices.

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Get a guided tour of the city in English for free

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board organises free, yes free, tours of the ancient UNESCO city for free during the offseason. ˝Winter Saturday Mornings in the City˝ is an action aimed at attracting tourists throughout the winter and every Saturday you can get a free tour of the Old City with an English speaking guide as well as a performance by the renowned folklore ensemble Linđo in front of the St Blaise Church. Learn about the rich history of the former Republic of Dubrovnik without having to avoid the thousands of tourists. See more info and how to enter the tours here.

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Get a Christmas feel with the Dubrovnik Winter Festival

For the past few years the Dubrovnik Winter Festival has brought a festive feel to the city in the winter. From festive stands offering traditional dishes on the Stradun to a program of concerts and shows the Winter Festival has proved an overnight hit. Whereas the majority of images of the stone facades have a summer glow you’ll be able to see Christmas trees, lights and decorations. Christmas in Dubrovnik has a magical, and non-commercialised feel. Learn how to make old-fashioned Xmas treats in a workshop or buy a Christmas present from Dubrovnik for your loved ones. There is something magical about drinking a cup of steaming mulled wine on the Stradun.

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Christmas carols as you’ve never heard them before

From door to door, from family to family, the tradition of singing and in fact playing Christmas carols in Dubrovnik is one that brings joy and laughter to the city. From groups of children to professional vocal choirs, you’ll see and hear it all as the festive season approaches. With the icy north wind and the aroma of mulled wine in the air the Christmas carols echo off the stone facades and bring song and cheer.

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