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Ten Dubrovnik facts to impress your friends Ten Dubrovnik facts to impress your friends

Ten amazing Dubrovnik facts from the history books

Written by  Sep 01, 2018

Dubrovnik brought in a law banning slavery in 1416 – the first decree on its type in the world

The oldest active salt factory in the world is in Ston around 60 kilometres west of Dubrovnik

One of the oldest working pharmacies in the world today is in the Franciscan Monastery in the Old City – it was founded in 1317

In the 16th century there were around 250 sea captains in Dubrovnik


There was a Dubrovnik colony in India - located near Goa it was controlled for almost 200 years by Dubrovnik citizens and was named after the city’s patron saint St. Blaise – in fact there is still a church with the same name there today

The first Dubrovnik migrants to relocate in the USA did so in 1526

The Republic of Ragusa received its own Statutes as early as 1272, which, among other things, codified Roman practice and local customs. The Statutes included prescriptions for town planning and the regulation of quarantine (for sanitary reasons)

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The official language until 1472 was Latin. Later, the Senate of the Republic decided that the official language of the Republic would be the Dubrovnik dialect of the Romance Dalmatian language, and forbade the use of the Croatian language in senatorial debate

The official change of name from Ragusa to Dubrovnik came into effect after World War I

The French general, General Marmont, abolished the Republic of Dubrovnik on the 31st of January 1808

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