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Netflix available in Croatia Netflix available in Croatia

Can I watch Netflix in Croatia?

Written by  May 27, 2018

You are travelling to Croatia and want to keep up with your favourite Netflix serial or catch the latest blockbuster. Can you watch Netflix in Croatia? The answer is yes. Whether you are sunning yourself on the beaches in Dubrovnik or trekking in the wilds of Slavonia you be able to watch your favourite Netflix show.

As of the 6th of January 2016 Netflix has been available in Croatia.

However, you’ll have to check which serials and films will be available in Croatia, because due to licensing agreements the playlist of Netflix varies from country to country. As of the end of last year there were 205 TV shows and 568 films available on the Croatia version of Netflix. Which when you compare it to other countries, USA 1,081 TV shows and 4,579 movies, is quite often less than you are used to.

netflix in croatia 2018

However, thanks to a European Union regulation in 2017 all the 28 members are able to watch the same choice of programs. The agreement, which was part of the European Commission's Digital Single Market strategy, enables users to enjoy the content while traveling across Europe in the same way they would access it at home.

In fact, 190 countries throughout the world now have Netflix.

So if you are travelling from within the European Union Netflix will be able to recognise you home country through payment details and provide you with exactly the same service. Will UK citizens be affected by Brexit, and possibly lose this service, is yet to be announced. So if you are travelling to Croatia for a fortnight on the beach this summer you’ll be able to entertain the children or catch up on Breaking Bad with a cocktail in your hand.

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