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Homeland War Museum Dubrovnik Homeland War Museum Dubrovnik

Discover Dubrovnik - Homeland War Museum

Written by  Sep 29, 2017

Situated in the Imperial Fortress on top of the Srđ hill the Dubrovnik in the Homeland War 1991 – 1995 Museum is well worth a visit. This large Napoleonic fortress was the first line of defence for Dubrovnik in the Homeland War and is now a fitting home for this extensive museum.

artifacts from homeland war dubrovnik

In the permanent exhibition you will see original arms and military equipment used in the Homeland War, such as mines, explosives and flags of the brigades involved. There is also an interesting video display that highlights Dubrovnik in the war and the role that the Imperial Fortress actually played.

homeland war museum

The exhibition was officially opened on the Day of Victory and Homeland Gratitude Day, and the Day of Croatian Veterans, in 2008. The Serbian-Montenegrin aggression on Dubrovnik is examined with documents, original papers and a map of the area in war time. A moving and humbling experience that highlights one of the darkest pages in Dubrovnik’s history books.

homeland war museum dubrovnik