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Dubrovnik Bell Tower Dubrovnik Bell Tower

Discover Dubrovnik – the city bell tower

Written by  Sep 10, 2017

Situated at the end of the Stradun the Bell Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks in the whole city. At an impressive 31 metres high the tower rise above the Stradun and with its distinctive bell marks the hour and the half hour. Constructed in 1444 the bell tower contains two very characteristic figures, the “Green Men” who strike the bell with their hammers. The original figures, affectionately known as “Maro and Baro,” are now housed in a museum, but their younger brothers responsibly ring the bell every day.

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The figures are called the Green Men as over the years the sea salt from the Adriatic has turned the bronze a green colour. The bell tower also contains a bronze sphere that shows the phases of the moon and a clock. In fact the bell is the original bell from 1506 and it was designed and cast by the famous maker of canons in Dubrovnik, Ivo Rabljanin.

In the great earthquake in 1667 the bell tower was seriously damaged and started to lean to one side. So in 1929 the bell tower was completely rebuilt with the plans of the original tower in mind. However the bell, which weighs almost two tonnes, is still the original from 1506.

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