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Stradun running through the heart of Dubrovnik Stradun running through the heart of Dubrovnik

Discover Dubrovnik – Stradun

Written by  Sep 08, 2017

Running as straight as an arrow through the very heart of Dubrovnik the Stradun is the main street that connects the city in so many ways. The limestone street stretches for around 300 metres and was constructed in the 13th century after a channel that used to separate two points of land was reclaimed.

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The east-west Stradun, or Placa, is today a main meeting place in the city. It is lined with shops, cafes and bars and is often the venue for major events in the city. Locals will promenade up and down the Stradun, so called Gir, and along the way greet friends.

Both ends of the Stradun are marked with fountains, the Great and Small Onofrio Fountains, and the city’s main thoroughfare is always the centre of attention. The limestone street is often confused for marble, but its limestone that has been polished over the years by the people walking along the street.

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