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Great Onofrio Fountain Great Onofrio Fountain

Discover Dubrovnik - Great Onofrio Fountain

Written by  Mark Thomas Aug 25, 2017

As you enter the historic city of Dubrovnik from the Pile entrance the Great Onofrio Fountain will greet you. This impressive fountain is one of the iconic landmarks of the city and served an important role in the times of the Republic.

onofrio fountain dubrovnik croatia

Onofrio Fountain - a Dubrovnik landmark  

The fountain was built in 1438 and brought water to the city from a series of springs 12 kilometres away. It was constructed between 1438 and 1440 and was designed by the Italian Onofrio della Cava.

Today the Great Onofrio Fountain is still a meeting point and a source of refreshment for tourists and locals with the sixteen stone gargoyles constantly supplying a source of fresh, clean water.

And yes the water it delivers is perfectly clean and drinkable. At the opposite end of the Stradun there is another public fountain, the Small Onofrio Fountain.

onofrio fountain dubrovnik croatia europe

The city's source of fresh drinking water



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