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Velebit Mountains Velebit Mountains

Nine must see mountains in Croatia

Written by  Jun 19, 2017

''Despite physical effort, being in nature and enjoying clear mountain air, fulfils a man with pure pleasure. Isn't it pleasure what we are all looking for?'', wrote a passionate mountaineer and author of 26 books about mountaineering Alan Caplar from Croatia.

It is interesting to note that Croatia has 6,000 kilometres of mountain hiking trails, 160 mountain huts and shelters, as well as an excellent infrastructure, thus hiking is an ideal way of recreation for people of all ages.

Therefore, if you would like to avoid scorching temperatures and crowded beaches this summer, and if you are fan of heights and beautiful landscapes, here is the list of nine ''must see'' mountains in Croatia as recommended by young Caplar.

Samoborsko gorje ( the Zagreb area)

Kalnik (northern Croatia)

Papuk (Slavonia)

Ucka (Istria)

Risnjak (Gorski kotar)

Velebit (the Lika-Senj County)

Mosor (Dalmatia)

Biokovo (Dalmatia)

Mountains on Croatian islands (such as Vidova gora, the highest island peak in Croatia, on the island of Brac)


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