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Best nudist beaches in Croatia Best nudist beaches in Croatia

Top 10 best nudist beaches in Croatia

By  Jun 13, 2017

The term ''nude swimming'' has a very long tradition in Croatia. However, only a smaller part of the population is willing to swim naked or to do ''things'' in front of other nudists.

It is interesting to note that one of the nudists who swam naked in the Adriatic was the British King Edward VIII. During his cruise along the Croatian coast in 1936 together with his wife-to-be Wallis Simpson, they used to take a dip in the Kandarola Bay on the island of Rab. This way they popularized this kind of swimming on the island and in the country as well.

Therefore, if you find yourself in Croatia wondering where to place your beach towel and your naked body, here is the list of the top ten most beautiful nudist beaches in Croatia. However, before you select one of them, do not ignore the rules of decent behaviour on nudist beaches or the so-called Freikorperkultur (FKK).

The top 10 nudist beaches in Croatia are:

1. Bunculuka beach on the island of Krk

2. Jelena beach on the island of Brac

3. Mekicevica beach on the island of Hvar

4. Crvena luka beach at Biograd na Moru

5. Kazela beach at Medulin, Istria

6. Podvrske beach on the island of Murter

7. Sovinje beach on the island of Pasman

8. Sabunike beach at Nin near Zadar

9. Sahara beach on the island of Rab

10. Strasko beach on the island of Pag



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