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Top 5 reasons to spend Valentine's Day in Dubrovnik

Written by  Ivana Smilovic Feb 07, 2017

Whether you are married, engaged, in a long or short relationship, you are probably thinking how to surprise your significant other for Valentine's Day. Trip is always a great idea, but some destinations are just better choice than the others. Ok, we might be a little bias, but Dubrovnik is perfect for romance. Let us prove it to you with top 5 reasons to spend Valentine's Day.

1. It's absolutely romantic

As simple as that – almost every corner of the Old City is full of romance. You can walk around the City Walls holding hands, kiss on the Porporela with the sound of the waves in the background, drink coffee at Stradun while staring at each others eyes... Ok, we are starting to get a little cheesy, but you get the point!

2. Sunsets are enchanting


Sunsets are always a perfect choice for some romance. The splash of colors and the right person besides you – what more can you ask for? Dubrovnik sunsets can get really surreal. You just need to find a perfect position to watch it – such as mountain Srd or park Gradac.

3. You can lock your love

If you really want to show dedication to your love, maybe love lock is a perfect way to do it. You surely have heard for it – buy a lock, write something on it (mostly names and dates), lock it on the fence or bridge and throw the key (to show that your love will last forever). In Dubrovnik, you can do it on Boninovo fence. That's a good place to enjoy sunset too.

4. Numerous photo opportunities

Let's be honest, even though love is at the first place, all the couples want to make photo memories. Some for private albums, some for social media – but they all have the same goal: to make a good one. The only problem that you'll have in Dubrovnik is which location to choose – from the City Walls with Stradun in the background, from mountain Srd with Dubrovnik right in front of you, on beach Banje with your toes dipped in the sea... There are plenty of choices!

5. Food to die for

They say that love goes through stomach and we agree! The best way to spend your Valentine's Day evening is at good dinner, of course. With variety restaurants to choose from, that shouldn't be a problem. You can also have some tricks up in your sleeve, like eating oysters fresh from the sea. You know that they are aphrodisiac, right?

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