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Codfish in Dubrovnik Codfish in Dubrovnik

Eat like a local over the Dubrovnik holiday period

Written by  Dec 18, 2016

Whilst in Dubrovnik over the Christmas holiday period it is important to taste the local festive specialities, from the sweetest of desserts to a glass of brandy. One such delicacy is cod, yes cod at Christmas, well not on Christmas Day but on the run-up to the big day.

And this winter season in Dubrovnik the Dubrovnik Tourist Board has teamed up with ten restaurants, meaning you don’t have to make the cod dish yourself...you can taste theirs.
As a prelude to the celebration of Christmas and New Year’s, the traditional Codfish Days will be held in Dubrovnik restaurants from 19 to 24 December. Along with the unavoidable prikle doughnuts, dried figs and glass of homemade herb brandy, try Dubrovnik’s codfish delicacies! As part of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival and in collaboration with Dubrovnik restaurants, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board is organizing the Codfish Days.

Cod is an inseparable part of the Dubrovnik holiday table and in addition to the traditional recipes our creative chefs will offer some quite exceptional dishes that are worth giving a try. Codfish is a must on Dubrovnik holiday tables. Every household has its little secrets and ways of preparing this traditional dish. It is especially festive on Christmas Eve when the streets are decorated with bay leaf laurels, bitter oranges, and lights, and when the intense aromas of cod dishes, prikle doughnuts, and the songs of traditional kolenda carollers fill the streets.

This year the Codfish Days will take place as a prelude to the celebration of Christmas and New Years, from 19 – 24 December. Along with the obligatory prikle doughnuts, dried figs, and glass of homemade brandy, try Dubrovnik’s codfish delicacies in following restaurants Amfora, Dalmatino, Klarisa, Marianno, Mezzanave, Orka, Orsan, Pantarul, Rozario and Takenoko.

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