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Tasted by the Editor - Gradska Kavana Arsenal Restaurant and Bar

Written by  Jul 31, 2023

"Where can I get a good healthy breakfast in Dubrovnik that won't break the bank?" is a question that we often get from guests to the city. We have a solution, a very tasty solution. Yes, it is true, finding a breakfast of any kind in Dubrovnik can be a challenge. Whereas locals are used to a strong coffee and maybe a croissant, guests to the city are looking for something more filling to last the day. And the solution is in the very heart of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik - Gradska Kavana Arsenal Restaurant and Bar.

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The first point to mention is the view, just glorious especially in the morning with the summer sun glinting off the Adriatic. Yes, the view is over the Old City harbour, and instead of people watching you can boat watch. Secondly, and just as impressive is the service. There seems to be an army of waiters and chefs here. So if it is fast and effective service that you are looking for, well look no further. Third on the list is the breakfast offer. They seem to have all the bases covered.

Great value for money

I went for (of course I did) the closest item that reassembled a traditional English breakfast. It is called Orlando. An English breakfast named after a Dubrovnik icon. When I said reassembled an English breakfast I should have said hit the nail on the head. Bacon, fried eggs, baked beans, sausages, tomatoes, toast…yes perfect and very filling. I must add that you also get a selection of rolls and croissants with butter, honey and jams.

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This breakfast will set you up for a busy day of sightseeing in the city. Combine it with a cup of tea or coffee and a fruit juice (they have a great selection) and you are good to go. Here is just one of the many reviews "Wow. Just wow. Our server was extremely friendly and charismatic. Loved the food and the atmosphere. I can only whole-heart recommend this restaurant to everyone who visits Dubrovnik."

Why not try a local flavour?

If you like eggs at breakfast then you have a world of choices, from omelette to eggs benedict to eggs benedict Royal which comes with salmon is a real winner. In general, the breakfast prices are great value for money. And the view is absolutely priceless. And if you are looking for a local twist on the first meal of the day why not try the Mediterranean Croissant! It isn't small. And stuffed inside the tasty croissant comes ham, burrata, tomatoes and basil. Not only does it taste great it also looks colourful and summery.

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