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Women Entrepreneurs Check In Women Entrepreneurs Check In Lifestyle Check-in

Women Entrepreneurship is moving forward, Croatians successful brands have joined forces with the international women's business leaders

Written by  May 12, 2022

On 20th of May, starting at 2:00pm in the luxurious 5 Star Hotel Park in Split, "Women Entrepreneurs Check In", a series of business events, will celebrate it's Highlight Edition. The focus is on connecting domestic companies with international women in business networks from other European countries whose products and services nurture a philosophy of comfortable living such as fashion and fashion accessories, cosmetics, home decoration, car and nautical industry and technology.

The Highlight Edition is set to be the ultimate networking event for anyone interested in lifestyle and new business connections, all while indulging in a tasty specialities up in stylish attire.

The Women's Entrepreneurs Check-in is organized under the Lifestyle Check-in brand, which organizes a series of B2B & B2C events focused on international fashion, beauty, and lifestyle companies, held in mesmerizing venues such as galleries, yachts, and hotels.

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The Women Entrepreneurs Check In aims to raise awareness about women entrepreneurs and affirm women’s role in the Croatian and Dalmatian region while connecting them with female entrepreneurs around the world.

Highlight presentation will be held by Izabela Vrtar, Adria Luxury Society about the luxury trends, Francois-Xavier Pellay PhD from France, with a innovative rejuvenation therapy using own body cells instead of Botox, and Mrs. Brigitte Truppe, Founder of the one of most successful Events Agency in Austria about the future of event industry.

Zeljana and Marko Bilic, one of the most charismatic & successful couple in Split will have a special topic at our Highlight Edition - "What it means to have a successful love relationship in the world of high-end cigar business!"

Highlight speakers will be also Snjezana Lohninger, CFO, Porsche Inter Auto. She will give us a inside perspective about building a successful career in a world wide company, while Amalia Georgescu, Vice President of the Romanian Association of Women in Business will reveal the secrets of professional networking and Mr. Esko Trofast, CEO, Trofast Group will speak about "The Future of Entrepreneurship". And the event in Split will also feature Mrs. Inga Kovačić Sindik, CEO, "iTherapy" as innovation speaker.

Via Live Stream Expert Alois Stotter, from ACNet.Biz will offer you a overview of what it needs to find your hidden potential, how to develop your skills and find your true passion. Businesse coaching at its best!


Modern dance and ballet moments by Studio Dimache will delight the public.

The event will be moderated by the beloved presenter Mr. Nenad Hervatin.

In between the interesting panels the guest are invited to discover and to enjoy quality products like: tasty and healthy bowls by Oakberry Croatia, modern garden style by Gusta Garden, and amazing cigars by the legendary Mareva Cigar Club.

New Beauty Trend are coming from Austria - 

Meet & Test Laura by Nize, your personal skin assistance! Nize up your skincare with a 100% natural product who will bring your skincare to the next level!

Sustainable fashion and accessories based on faire trade will be presented by the Designer Store KRUG in Split. Enjoy fashion & jewelry in a unique atmosphere and style up your garderobe for the summer season 2022!

Sponsors of the event are Vinarija Milan for the white wine & OPG Goran Franić for the red wine.

Charity calling. The whole event will raise money for "Udruga Femina". Femina targets socially disadvantaged women by offering them support for a new start in life.

"Women Entrepreneurs Check in takes place in Split because this amazing city embodies the philosophy of comfortable and beautiful living, combined with international spirit and great business possibilities. The elegant Park Hotels, will allow our guests a pleasant stay and undisturbed and conversation with exhibitors. The event is open to all; we invite the domestic business and the general public, with the proviso that the number of available tickets are limited," explained in Monica Ioanitescu, the event organiser.

Tickets can be purchased on Entrio or you can DM directly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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