Wednesday, 20 October 2021
New rules for entry into the Republic of Croatia! New rules for entry into the Republic of Croatia! Pixabay

Covid-19 travel regulation for entry into Croatia from April 1

Written by  Apr 05, 2021

So, we’ve had numerous questions from potential tourist from all over the world about entry into Croatia for the upcoming tourist season. Until now it has been rather a complicated affair, but from April 1 (and no, it wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke) the government have announced the new Covid-19 travel regulations for the Republic of Croatia. Now, we have an official answer to the thousands of questions we’ve received, and here they are in full directly from the Croatian National Tourist Board.

New rules for entry into the Republic of Croatia!

All passengers who, regardless of their citizenship, come to the Republic of Croatia from EU / EEA member states / regions, and which are currently not on the so-called green list of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, entry into the Republic of Croatia will be allowed with -

1. Presentation of a certificate of negative PCR or rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 listed on the Joint List of Rapid Antigen Tests Mutually Recognized by the Member States of the European Union, published by the European Commission, if the test result is not older than 48 hours testing until arrival at the border crossing. In the case of a rapid antigen test and a stay of more than 10 days in the Republic of Croatia, the test must be performed again by the tenth day from the date of issuance of that test.

2. Presentation of the vaccination certificate for persons 14 days after vaccination with the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine or since vaccination with a single dose, in the case of a single dose vaccine.




3. Presentation of a positive PCR or rapid antigen test, referred to in subparagraph 1 of this paragraph, confirming that the person has recovered from SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, where test was performed at the latest 180 days ago and is older than 11 days from on the day of arrival at the border crossing or upon presentation of a certificate of illness COVID-19, issued by a doctor

4. Certificate of self-isolation upon arrival in the Republic of Croatia with the possibility of PCR or rapid antigen testing for SARS-CoV-2, and in case of impossibility of testing self-isolation lasts 10 days.

All third country nationals will be allowed to entry in the Republic of Croatia if they adhere to one of the four above mentioned preconditions and if they have confirmation of paid accommodation in a hotel, camp, private renter or rented vessel and other form of tourist accommodation or are owners of houses or vessels in the Republic of Croatia.

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