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“The largest European low-cost airline, Ryanair, has decided to operate flights to Dubrovnik this coming summer season,” commented the director of Dubrovnik Airport, Frano Luetic. The Irish airline had previously announced these new flights from Dublin to Dubrovnik, four times a week, throughout the summer months but it later turned out that no contract existed between Ryanair and Dubrovnik Airport.

When the news leaked that Ryanair had started selling tickets on their website without having a signed contract with Dubrovnik Airport a spokesperson for the airport commented that ““We are surprised with Ryanair’s announcement that next summer they will launch flights to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik Airport has received no official information about their arrival, nor has any agreement regarding slots or services with them been signed.”

However, at a press conference Luetic confirmed the arrival of Ryanair for next summer. “The airline has announced four flights a week from Dublin and we hope that ticket sales is going well,” concluded Luetic.

The New Year’s celebrations passed without any major incidents according to information from the city’s emergency services. In spite of the fact that thousands of people celebrated the passing of 2018 and the New Year in Dubrovnik, including around 5,000 foreign tourists, the night passed relatively peacefully.

The fire-brigade reported that there were two smaller fires, one in a restaurant kitchen and one fire in grassland, during the night. And from the Dubrovnik Police and the Dubrovnik General Hospital they reported that there was one case of a patient needing stiches and one person who was treated due to excessive alcohol consumption.

If you are planning on visiting Dubrovnik in 2019 and what to avoid the crowds, then a new application will help you make the most of your trip. Dubrovnik, especially during the peak summer months, is magnet for tourists from all over the world seeking to discover the unique historic Old City. In 2018 around 1.3 million international guests enjoyed the sights and sounds of the pearl of the Adriatic. So if you want the Old City to yourself you’ll need to plan ahead. A new application and website link will help you plan the best day and month to visit Dubrovnik.

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board have a rather interesting new link on their website which will help you find out when the crowds are less and the city is freer. “The application for predicting the number of visitors uses machine learning (the branch of artificial intelligence) to predict the number of people in the Old Town on a given day. This data can be useful to both citizens and tourists to help better plan their visits to the Old Town,” comments the website.

Adding that “To predict the number, the machine learning algorithm uses various parameters such as the number of people coming from cruise ships, number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays as well as weather data such as temperature and precipitation. The machine learning algorithm improves with new data and is expected to give more accurate information as time passes and the data is re-evaluated.”

guest prediction dubrovnik

The predictions go from - Not crowded - There shouldn’t be any problems with the number of people in the Old Town on the selected date. To the busiest expected days, such as in July and August with – Overcrowded - Because of the number of people visiting Dubrovnik from all over the world, it is expected that the city might be overcrowded on the selected date. It is strongly advised to visit the city in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the biggest crowds and have the best experience possible.

You can find the information to plan your trip by visiting the website -


Croatians have spent record 14,85 billion kuna in December, which is an increase of 7,1 percent compared to the last year when 13,79 billion kuna was spent, shows the data of the Tax Administration of the fiscal system – reports.

-This increase of over one billion kuna is in line with the estimates of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The wage erosion and their growth through tax reform acted on the optimism of citizens and also on consumption. We also had a good tourist season, which also helped this year's record-breaking December - said Director of Trade Sector HGK Tomislava Ravlic as writes.

If the current dynamics of the real growth of retail trade continues, next year the level before crisis could be reached, and in 2020 we could overcome that level. The estimate is based on the growth in retail trade traffic, which is steadily increasing since 2014, and it was 4.2 percent higher in the first ten months of this year than in the same period of 2017.

According to the results of last year's Chamber of Commerce research, the largest number of respondents spent between 100 and 500 kuna on holiday gifts (39%), followed this year by those who spent between 500 and 1000 kuna (31%). The upper limit of 1000 kuna exceeded 9% of the respondents, while 21 percent of respondents have spent less than 100 kuna or nothing. Almost 40% put toys beneath the Christmas tree, followed by cosmetics (37%), footwear and clothing (36%) and food products (25%).

Throughout 2018 almost 20 million tourists visited Croatia. According to latest figures released by the Croatian National Tourist Board there were 19.7 million tourists visiting Croatia in 2018 which is 6.5 percent more than in 2017. The number of overnight stays also increased in 2018 and reached 106 million bed nights, an increase of 4 percent in comparison to 2017.

The director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Stanicic, commented that “the national tourist board would continue promoting Croatia's tourism in markets from which large numbers of tourists usually come to Croatia.”

The largest share of Croatia's visitors traditionally come from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, and Italy, and the tourist industry accounts for nearly 20 percent of the country's GDP.

Dubrovnik has once again broken all tourism records in 2018 with 1.27 million tourists arriving in the city throughout last year. According to details released by the Croatian Tourist Board from the 1st of January to the 31st of December 2018 there were 1,271,657 tourist arrivals in Dubrovnik, which is an increase of 8 percent over 2017. And there were 4.14 million overnight stays which is 4 percent more than 2017.

Breaking down these results by category there were 687,555 guests stayed in one of the 51 registered hotels in Dubrovnik, an increase of 6 percent compared to 2017. And of the 4.14 million overnight stays last year hotel accommodation accounted for 2.19 million, or over half the total amount.

In 2017, there were 436,349 guests in private accommodation, an increase of 12 percent compared to 2017, and 1,478,742 overnight stays, which is 9 percent more than in the previous year. These figures just how important private renters are to Dubrovnik’s tourism industry.

The most numerous tourists in Dubrovnik in 2018 came from the United Kingdom, the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Croatia, Australia, Italy, Finland and Canada. Tourists from the UK have been the most numerous in Dubrovnik for a number of years, however with the uncertainty of Brexit hanging over the UK the travel plans for Brits this year might change meaning that less tourists visit Dubrovnik. It is also interesting to see the rise of tourists from more far flung destinations in 2018. Three of the most numerous nationalities in Dubrovnik last year had to change flights at least once to reach the city. For example, American tourists were the second most numerous in spite of the fact that there were no direct flights from the States to Croatia in 2018. This will change this year when American Airlines introducing flights from Philadelphia.


According to the system of registration of tourists, eVisitor, there were 5,088 tourists in Dubrovnik for the New Year period. The majority of these guests came from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Italy, USA, Germany, Portugal and Canada.

During the whole of December 2018, tourist arrivals were approximately at the level of the previous year, ie 20,961 tourist arrivals and 48,176 overnight stays. In December, most guests were from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, USA, Korea, Austria, Albania, China, the United Kingdom and Japan.

Janica Kostelic, former professional skier and one of the most succesful skiers of all time, started 2019 in the most beautiful way. She became a mother for the first time at the age of 37. Baby boy Oskar came as the perfect new year's gift to all the Kostelic family.

Janica, who is now the State Secretary for Science, Education and Sports shared the news about her pregnancy with press back in October, saying that it doesn't matter if he'll be into sports or politics. Croatian ''Snow Queen'' didn't want to say who's the father and it's still unknown who is her ''king''.

For those who don't know (and we doubt that there's anybody who doesn't), Janica Kostelic a former World Cup alpine ski racer and four-time Olympic gold medalist from Croatia. In addition to the Olympics, she has won five gold medals at the World Championships. In World Cup competition, she has won thirty individual races, three overall titles, three slalom titles, and four (unofficial) combined titles. Kostelic's accomplishments in professional skiing have led some commentators, writers, and fellow ski racers to regard her as the greatest female ski racer of all time.

And now she's up for another challenge – being a mother. Congratulations to the happy mother!

New year has brought some changes, but not on the website ''The Top Tens'' that creates the top ten lists based on the votes of its readers. For a couple of years now Croatia is on the first place of the ''Top Ten Stupidest Countries''. With 21 percent of the votes, our country beats USA (12 percent), North Korea (six percent), Serbia (four percent) and Central African Republic (four percent).

Voters are more than welcome to leave comments and explain why did they vote for that particular country and when it comes to Croatia, there are over thousand comments! Here are just some of them.

-Full "Nazi" nation. They believe in fascism and thinking that Germans will support them. Germany is changer after two world wars, but croats not. Very stupid nation.

- As Germans once said in the History: God, keep me from plague and Croats...

- Very nice country but... people will try to rob you as soon as you step in... from groceries to restaurants... also if you have enough money you can drive over people without penalties but be careful as if some of locals with enough money hits you it will be your fault as justice system is also corrupted

- If you are "different" you are not welcome here. They hate everything and everyone.

And what do you think? Give your opinion in our poll.

Get those thick jumpers and thermal socks ready it is about to get cold in Dubrovnik. The weather forecast over the next few days sees plummeting temperatures and icy northerly winds. The cold snap will hit the Dubrovnik region later today with night time temperatures tonight expected to be around 3 degrees. However, when the wind chill factor is taken into account the real feel temperature will be around – 6 degrees.

The Croatian Meteorological Office has announced that on Thursday “Strong bura (NE wind) with stormy gusts locally. maximum gust speed 65-110 km/h STAY ALERT for debris carried by strong winds. Debris and tree branches carried by the wind may cause localised interruptions in outdoor activities.”

The cold front will continue into Thursday and Friday, with temperatures expected to reach 5 to 6 degrees over those two days but the wind chill factor will bring real feel temperatures down below zero.

2019 has started with some good news for drivers as the price of petrol has dropped under 9 Kuna a litre.

According to the website the price of a litre of 95 Eurosuper petrol has dropped by 5 Lipa a litre bringing it below 9 Kunas to a new price of 8.96 Kuna per litre.

And for diesel drivers the price of a litre of diesel has also dropped, this time by 16 Lipa, and a litre of gas has dropped by 3 Lipa. The new price for a litre of diesel is 8.95 Kuna. 

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