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Immediately after the end of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the jubilee tenth International Music Festival "Dubrovnik in Late Summer" will start with its program, organized by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra (DSO), which will be held from August 26 to September 23, 2022.

At yesterday’s press conference, the Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik, Jelka Tepšić, thanked and congratulated the DSO for their persistent efforts to make this Festival an important factor in the cultural offer of the city.

"It is important that after the end of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, we have quality content intended for our audience and our tourists who visit the city in September, and precisely those who come at that time are guests who want to consume more cultural content," said Tepšić.

The special feature of this year's Festival, with the title "The Winner's Circle", are the performances of artists who have won awards at international music competitions. They were introduced by the chief conductor Marc Tardue, emphasizing that in the coming days in Dubrovnik we will "hear the future of classical music", while the director of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, Damir Milat, also introduced the sections of the Orchestra itself, which will also perform in its chamber ensembles.

Miroslav Drašković, director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, also spoke at the press conference, emphasizing culture as an important way of promoting the city's tourism.

The international music festival "Dubrovnik in Late Summer" will see 14 concerts of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra with four conductors and over 20 soloists, in cooperation with Laus Academy Dubrovnik.


At this year's Seatrade Cruise Med conference, which will be held on September 14 and 15 in Málaga, Spain, the winners in nine categories of the Seatrade Cruise Awards will be announced, and Dubrovnik is among the three finalists in the most important category "Destination of the Year".

This award is given for significant strides in the management of cruise tourism and the City of Dubrovnik's project "Respect the City" has been highlighted in achieving success in terms of the future of cruise tourism and its sustainability.

By implementing strategies, measures and solutions and with the cooperation and support of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), Dubrovnik was able to develop and create a systematic, joint approach in a short time aimed at solving some of the most important issues, such as the problem of excessive tourism and a large influx of guests from cruisers.

Adjustments were made through various measures and careful planning of cruiser arrivals/departures daily, weekly and annually. Considering the large daily concentration of passengers in a relatively limited city area, better and more specific communication with cruise companies whose ships sail into the port has been achieved, organization on the ground is more efficient and results in a more appropriate schedule of cruisers and control of the flow of tourists.


The Croatian Football Federation (HNS) has reached an agreement with the company Electronic Arts, a global leader in digital interactive entertainment content, and in the game EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 players of the game will be able to play with the Croatian national team, it was announced on Tuesday on the official website of HNS.

EA SPORTS announced this July the details of the new edition of the most popular football simulation in the world, EA SPORTS FIFA 23, which will be available from September 30 this year. The Croatian Football Association has announced that all players will be able to select the world runners-up, the Croatian national football team.

"We are extremely happy that we have reached an agreement with EA SPORTS regarding the inclusion of the Croatian national team in the FIFA 23 game. We know that players around the world, and especially Croatian fans, have been wishing for this kind of news for years, and I am glad that they will now be able to play FIFA with their favorite team in the most beautiful jersey in the world. This is an important step forward towards the younger population and game fans, and we will continue to work in this direction in the future," said the president of HNS, Marijan Kustić.

HNS thus became one of 300 individual licensed partners in the game, through which more than 19,000 athletes in 700 teams, 100 stadiums and 30 leagues from all over the world are available. In addition to the best clubs and national teams, players can also choose from some of the most famous competitions in the world, such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Conference League, Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga Santander, CONMEBOL Libertadores and CONMEBOL.

"We are delighted that the Croatian national team has joined the EA SPORTS family and will be available in FIFA 23," said James Salmon, Marketing Director at EA SPORTS FIFA. "The inclusion of this nation will allow us to continue to provide fans with an authentic and rich interactive football experience in FIFA 23 and beyond."


Lonely Planet China, the Chinese version of the most famous travel guide publisher, is celebrating its 10th anniversary on the Chinese market this year, and on this occasion they have created a special edition for August in printed and digital form, in which Croatia, together with France, Italy, Velika Britain, Thailand, Mauritius and Scandinavian countries, included in the list of the world's most attractive tourist destinations.

The special edition also contains a small urban guide about Dubrovnik, the author of which is the multi-award-winning journalist Si Ma Yan, who specializes in creative travel and lifestyle topics and who is also known as a great lover of our country.

"Dubrovnik has been an attractive destination for many tourists for many years, and the publication of a guide about Dubrovnik in the Chinese Lonely Planet is an excellent promotion of Croatia and the pearl of the Adriatic on the Chinese market. Also, Dubrovnik has always been a must-visit destination for Chinese tourists, and it's really a big deal that this magazine, which has an audience of several million people, included us in celebrating its important anniversary. Namely, in less than a month, two key Chinese travel magazines, Lonely Planet and National Geographic China, published wonderful reports about Croatia, which gives our country additional visibility on the large Chinese market," said Franka Gulin, director of the HTZ Representative Office in China.


Beyonce is back in Dubrovnik! The famous American singer, who after a six-year hiatus has just released her new album 'Renaissance', has again chosen Dubrovnik as the place for her annual vacation. This is the third time that Queen B has spent her summer in the far south of Croatia. She stayed in the Dubrovnik area for the first time in 2009.

The second stay of the pop diva in the Dubrovnik area followed in September 2020, when she spent her vacation on the super-luxury rented yacht Lana, 107 meters long, where she also hosted a party for her 39th birthday.


Photo - Tonci Plazibat

And yesterday, Beyonce was photographed with her family, husband and children on a luxury vessel in Župa, just south of Dubrovnik. She arrived on a yacht from Cavtat, after landing in Dubrovnik Airport yesterday morning by private jet.

Beyonce and Jay Z, will enjoy themselves on the luxury yacht Faith, worth 600 million US dollars and 97 meters long. It was built in 2017 in the Dutch shipyard Feadship. It has seven luxurious cabins for 12 passengers, which are looked after by 26 crew members. The owner of the yacht is Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, otherwise the owner of the football club Manchester City. After Beyonce and Jay Z boarded the yacht in the Župa bay; Faith headed for Dubrovnik where she stayed briefly in front of Lokrum to continue sailing towards Korčula. It is not yet known whether they will stop for a short time in Lopud, which is a hit destination this summer.


Two massive American Air Force B-52 “Flying Fortresses” flew over Dubrovnik yesterday. The two strategic bombers, stationed at the Fairford base in the United Kingdom, didn’t only fly over Croatia but the whole of Southeast Europe.

The goal of the flyover, stated the US Air force, was to show the US's continued commitment to the security of NATO allies and partners in Southeast Europe.

The huge military planes also flew over the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia building in Skopje, Skanderbeg Square in Tirana, the Montenegrin coast and over Dubrovnik's Old City.

The Pelješac Bridge was opened on the 26th of July in a gala ceremony that featured fireworks, acrobatic airplane displays and music and dance. The largest ever construction project in Croatian history is now open, a 2,404 metre bridge that was started back in the summer of 2018. "Dear Croatians, guests, guests, friends, this is a historic day for Croatia. I am overcome by feelings of joy, pride and gratitude. This is a project of a generation and pride because we are part of the generation that accomplished such a great act of uniting the Croatian territory, uniting the southern part with the rest of the country," said Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković. The far south of Croatia is now connected to the rest of the country for the first time in over 300 years.


Photo - Bozidar Vukicevic/Cropix

The opening of the Pelješac Bridge has finally united the Croatian territory into one whole, and will further strengthen the economic potential of Croatia and increase the competitiveness of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County economy. It will also have a profound effect on the tourism sector of the whole county. The far south of Croatia is now connected to the rest of the country.

Much more than a physical building

Stretching imposingly over the glinting Adriatic Sea the new Pelješac Bridge is the most important and indeed largest construction project in the Republic of Croatia for decades. However, it is much more than a physical building, it is a bridge that connects the far south of Croatia to the rest of the country. In mid-July 2018 work began on this massive project, a bridge that is 2,404 metres long and spans the sea channel from the mainland at Komarna to the Pelješac peninsula. And on the 26th of July this year it was officially opened.

This vital link between Dubrovnik and the rest of Croatia will now mean that the flow of traffic will be unhindered by borders. The knock-on effect of this ease of passage will mean that both tourists and locals can now visit the south of the country without border controls and therefore save precious time.

And the bridge will undoubtedly become an attraction in its own right. Observation points are already in place and the view over the glorious Mediterranean nature and the turquoise Adriatic with the elegant bridge spanning the channel looks impressive.

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Photo - Ante Cizmic/Cropix

Why was it needed?

So why is the bridge needed? It’s a historic question. This small strip of land was given by the Republic of Dubrovnik to the Ottoman Empire to act as a buffer zone between the Republic and Venice. Centuries later this strip of the coast became part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Meaning that the south of Croatia was physically cut off from the rest of the country and people traveling south through Croatia had to cross a few miles of Bosnian-Herzegovinian territory and two EU external borders. With the completion of the new Pelješac Bridge the country is once again connected.

Benefits already visible

And the benefits for tourism have been seen already. A big jump in the number of tourists has been seen in parts of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, since the opening of the new Pelješac Bridge. The number of tourists on the island of Korčula has also increased drastically as it is now considerably easier to reach the island by car. “The number of guests has increased significantly on the entire island. The fact that the journey has been shortened and made easier has resulted in more tourists coming, there is a lot of pressure on the ferries from Orebić to Korcula, new lines have been introduced and larger ferries have been brought in,” said Miljana Borojević, the director of the Korčula Tourist Board.


ACI marina "Veljko Barbieri" in Slano follows the high standards of the entire ACI chain with its offer, so boaters can find here a restaurant, a nautical equipment store, two charter companies and a laundry. Transfer services, car rental, boat technical service and boat washing services are also available to all guests. For guests who, just like ACI, care about the environment and prefer more sustainable forms of transportation, ACI marina Slano also has Tesla charging stations for electric vehicles, and guests can use a swimming pool, a wellness centre and even a hair salon, as well as two small well-stocked grocery stores.

ACI 1274x250

ACI marina "Veljko Barbieri" Slano celebrated 6 years since its foundation at the beginning of August this year. It was named after a man who marked recent Croatian history in many ways, and among other things, he was the originator of the idea of ​​founding the ACI marina chain. This unique marina was built in the beautiful bay of the same name, which has always been a good shelter for all ships throughout the centuries. Located in the north-eastern part of the spacious Port of Slano, which is inland on the northern shore of the Koločep channel, ACI marina Slano is characterized by an ideal position in a much broader sense, primarily due to its proximity to the fairy-tale Elaphite Islands, Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik's waters, and all the other charms of southern Dalmatia, which year after year attracts numerous sailors from all over the world.

aci slano boats

Photo - Davor Zunic

Paradise for sailors

The ACI marina "Veljko Barbieri" in Slano is one of the most popular choices among sailors for mooring, rest and refreshment, while sailing in these magical regions. ACI marina Slano follows the high standards of the entire chain with its offer, so sailors can also find a nice restaurant, a nautical equipment shop, two charter companies and a laundry here. In addition, transfer services, car rental, boat technical service and boat washing services are available to guests. For guests who, just like ACI, care about the environment and prefer more sustainable forms of transportation, ACI marina Slano also has Tesla charging stations for electric vehicles. Guests can also use the swimming pool, which is located right next to the restaurant, and near the marina, in the Admiral hotel, there is also a wellness centre and a hair salon, as well as two smaller grocery stores.

swimming pool aci marina slano

Photo - Davor Zunic

From equipment to enjoyment

In the marina itself, there is a nautical equipment shop, where guests can purchase almost all necessary nautical equipment and safely set out to explore the unique south of Dalmatia, with its numerous islands and hidden bays and coves. Two charter companies operate in ACI marina Slano. Nautical centre Nava and Sailor's Moon, which also offers a sailing school.

yacht welcome mat

Photo - Davor Zunic

Another aspect that makes ACI Marina "Veljko Barbieri" in Slano stand out is the excellent gastronomic offer. There is a true paradise for all gourmets - the restaurant Perast, a gastronomic pearl that supports local family run farms, prepares food with exclusively fresh and home-grown ingredients and offers boaters an unrepeatable gastronomic experience, all with a few drops of domestic olive oil from its own production, obtained from the family's three thousand olive trees.

For more information visit:

In the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, 232 new cases of infection with the coronavirus were recorded in the past week.

These are 94 people from Dubrovnik, 66 from Metković, 24 from Župa Dubrovnik, 21 from Ploče, eight from Konavle, five from Orebić, three from Kula Norinska, two from Opuzen, Pojezerje and Ston, and one from Blat, Dubrovačko Primorje, Lumbarda, Smokvice and Vela Luka.

A woman from Korčula (born in 1936) passed away.

274 people recovered: 119 from Dubrovnik, 55 from Metković, 27 from Župa Dubrovnik, 19 from Ploče, 15 from Konavle, ten from Orebić, four from Kula Norinska and Zažablja, three from Korcula, Opuzen and Ston, two from Blato, Janjina, Pojezerja, Vela Luka and from Mljet and one from Slivno and Trpanj.

In the past week, 701 samples were processed, and since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 259,616 samples have been analyzed.

Seven people positive for coronavirus are currently hospitalized in the Dubrovnik General Hospital.


As of 1/1/2021, a law in Croatia has opened the country to digital nomads who wish to carry out their working activities in the country. Although this permit is often referred to as a “digital Nomad Visa,” it is, in fact, not a Visa but rather a one-year residence permit.

In this post, we will try to collect helpful information regarding the requirements and application process for NON-EU citizens.

Documents required for digital nomad residence permit application

1. The first thing we should mention is that all documents that are not in English must be translated and notarized.

2. You will be required to fill in an application form to request residency. This form can be obtained from the Croatian embassy outside of Croatia or in any Croatian police station. The official website also offers a downloadable version.

3. You will need a copy of your passport or other travel documents. The ID must be valid for 3 months more than your intended stay in Croatia. If your passport is not in English, a translated and notarized copy will be required.

4. You will be asked to produce a background check from your home country or the last country you spent a year in before moving to Croatia. This document will prove that you have not been convicted of any criminal offenses. It is recommendable to get this before moving to Croatia to save time and hassle. If you are from the United States, a federal background check released by the FBI will be perfect.

5. You will need to demonstrate that you intend to work while in Croatia. To this end, ensure you have a contract or some other documents confirming that you currently work remotely for a communication technology company registered outside of Croatia.

6. You will be asked to present a valid health insurance policy covering you for the entirety of your permanence in Croatia (max one year).

7. You will be asked to present documents or bank statements that demonstrate that you have a sufficient income (2,250 EUROS/MONTH) to support yourself while in Croatia.

8. You will need to provide an address in Croatia where you will be staying. A confirmed reservation from your hotel or hostel is acceptable.

9. If you are married, you must submit a translated and notarized copy of your marriage certificate. Include birth certificates of your children.

The application process

If you need a visa to enter Croatia, you can apply for one at the Croatian embassy before you travel to Croatia. If you are an EU citizen and do not require a visa to enter Croatia, you can apply at the nearest police station close to your local address. There are dedicated service desks for foreigners in all police stations.

Please note that EU and non-EU citizens can initiate the application process online.

When your documents are ready, all you need to do is drop them off at the embassy or police station. If you present all the necessary documents, your application should be accepted; otherwise, you will be asked to present more documents.

Make sure to keep a close eye on your email if you applied online and to leave a valid phone number, as this is how you will be contacted by the authorities with additional requests or updates regarding your application. The time it takes to complete this process may vary from one office to another, depending on the workload and the number of requests that need to be processed.

While waiting for your residence permit, it is advisable not to leave the country for at least one month. Once you have submitted the necessary documents, you may legally stay in the country while waiting for your residence permit to be processed and confirmed.

Once everything is ready, you will receive a blue envelope, an email, or a phone call. Now you just need to pick up your residence card. Once again, you will need a visa to enter Croatia if you are not an EU citizen, but if you are from the EU, you can travel straight to Croatia and pick it up.

Do not forget to register your address within three days of arriving in Croatia and confirm your temporary stay within thirty days of your arrival. This is important because the residence permit may be revoked if you do not comply.

To sum up

The process is not complicated; as long as you present all the necessary paperwork, you should have no problems. Enjoy your stay in Croatia!



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