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The Spanish low-cost airline Volotea introduced another line from Croatia on its summer flight schedule for 2018 that will connect Dubrovnik and Bari – reports Avioradar.

This is already the third announced Volotea line from Croatia, after Split-Palermo and Dubrovnik, Split – Bergamo.

The new line Dubrovnik - Bari will operate once a week, every Wednesday, and starts operating on June 27th, 2018. This is historically the first regular line connecting this short line across the Adriatic Sea between these two cities. The flight time is one hour and tickets are already for sale on the Volotea website with prices for a return ticket around 140 Euros. 

A cute couple from Belgium love to travel around the globe; however, they also enjoy nudity thus they promote naturism wherever they go…literally!

Nick and Lins, in their early thirties, have been travelling around the world naked and posting photos on their Instagram account @nakedwanderings. As a result, the couple has attracted thousands of fans and become an online sensation.
The Belgian couple discovered nudity several years ago when they visited a naked sauna. Since then, they are naked. They say that is ‘’liberating’’ to wear no clothes and that it creates a ‘’relaxed atmosphere’’.

‘’Our main objective is to take naturism out of the shadows and to make nudity less sexualised and more accepted – and to show people that it’s actually a fun thing to do and that a human body is nothing to be ashamed of’’, explained the couple.
Nick and Lins enjoy many warm weather activities such as swimming without clothes in the sea, sunbathing, cartwheeling on the beach as well as hanging out among other non-clothed people.

naked wanderings croatia


So far, the couple have visited a whole array of world destinations including Malta, Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia in Europe.

While in Croatia this summer, they wrote nothing but praise about the country on their Instagram profile. The couple emphasized Istria as a region with plenty of content for nudists. ‘’It is practically a nudist province with textile here and there’’, wrote Nick and Lins, adding that Croats are very open towards nudity and that excellent holiday spots are always close.

‘’When it comes to topless, Croatia is very open to breasts. One of the most open countries in the world’’, concluded the Belgians.

Members of the Dubrovnik Diving Club cleaned the seabed off the island of Lopud today in a special eco action. Divers from the Diving Club Dubrovnik, employees of Cistoca d.o.o. and volunteers all participated.

Every year, as part of its regular ecological activities, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, together with the City of Dubrovnik and the Department of Communal Services and Local Self-Government, encourages and supports Diving Club Dubrovnik in their sea-cleaning operations.

Underwater cleaning operations are necessary and useful not only in the tourist season, but also after the summer, to make the Dubrovnik seabed and sea water as clean as it can be.

cleanign se lopud harbour

The German airline, Condor, has announced an increase in flights to Croatia for the summer season 2018. Condor will operate from Frankfurt to Rijeka and Zadar and from Dusseldorf and Hannover to Split.

Condor is Germany's third largest commercial airline based on fleet size and passengers flown. It is headquartered at Gateway Gardens near Frankfurt Airport with an important branch office at Berlin Schönefeld Airport. It is a subsidiary of the British Thomas Cook Group, but still partners with its former parent Lufthansa through the use of the Lufthansa Group's Miles & More program, its business lounges at Frankfurt Airport and as interline partners.

On the Rijeka and Zadar routes Condor will find itself in direct competition with the largest budget airline in the world,Ryanair.

The popular Croatian cellist Ana Rucner has been filming for a Chinese show “Day Up Day” for Hunan Television in Dubrovnik.

The Chinese TV talk show is a hit with over 300 million viewers. Rucner performed with the Lindo dance ensemble on the Dubrovnik City Walls and shared her experience on social media. After filming in Dubrovnik the crew moved onto Zagreb to continue the show.

ana rucner in town

Another warm and sunny Sunday is expected in Dubrovnik today with highs to hit an impressive 25 degrees. Blue skies will be the order of the day as the region enjoys another mild weekend of weather as the summer extends into the autumn.

With only 71 days left to Christmas the city has for the last week been revelling in balmy mid-twenty temperatures and swimmer and sunbathers are still rolling out their towels on the county’s beaches.

The Adriatic Sea is Dubrovnik is currently 22 degrees, or warmer than the air temperature in Paris, London and Berlin. The forecast for the coming week is for more sunshine and warm weather with temperatures expected to be between 21 and 25 degrees all week. There is a chance of rain on Friday although next weekend should also be warm and mild.

Among all European Union member countries, the highest equality between men and women is observed in Sweden and the lowest in Greece. As far as Croatia is concerned, the country is in the 24th place, reported the European Institute for Gender Equality, pointing out that the EU is progressing but very slow.

According to the 2017 Report on equality between women and men in the EU carried out by the European Institute, Sweden is the most gender-equal country with 82,6 points out of 100, whilst Greece is among the worst with 50 points. A reward for the biggest progress goes to Italy, which made a big step forward, won additional 12, 9 points, and placed as the 14th on the gender equality list for 2017.

When it comes to Croatia, the country is among the worst countries in the European Union with 53,1 points. Croatia is followed by Greece, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

The best EU member countries for gender equality are Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands. The European average is 66,2 points.

My name is Dietmar Gamerith and I have been coming to Dubrovnik since 1969. In total I have visited the city 75 times and over this time many things have happened to the modern soul and spirit of Dubrovnik. One of the only things that has stayed the same is the positive aura that the friendly citizens and the city have.

There are many more tourists than before and the traffic is much heavier. The airport, the port and the amount of cruise ships are all considerably more than over past years. I realise that the city lives from tourism and that many citizens rely on this income. During the rush hour from Spring to Autumn the Old City is overloaded with tourists and almost every café bar and restaurant is packed. But I see all of this as a positive thing for the city.

Without this tourism and this income, the city would not be the same. Dubrovnik now has a modern soul. There are many more possibilities than before, more excursions, more attractions and generally more options. The hotels are clean and the food is very, very good. Dubrovnik is one of the best destination of the world and I believe it now has a modern soul and a place and space for everyone.

It is a city made from stone and the structure is strong. I feel this positive aura every time I come to Dubrovnik, that’s one of the reasons that I keep coming back. It is a city that you will never forget.

Dietmar Gamerith, Graz-Austria

dietmar letter

The International White Cane Safety Day, which traditionally falls on the 15th of October ever year, was marked today in the heart of Dubrovnik.

In front of the St. Blaise Church members of the Association of Blind People from Dubrovnik arranged a special presentation in which children were blindfolded to highlight the problems that blind people have in everyday life.

The guide dogs were certainly the most important attraction for the children and the whole event was well organised and brought this important issue more publicity and education.

white cane day dubrovnik

I remember once interviewing Nigel Farage. For those of you who have been locked in a dark room for the past few years he is largely responsible for Britain of the verge of leaving the European Union. He was the driving force behind the Brexit campaign.

I actually met his deputy in a hotel in Babin Kuk. Croatia was on the verge of becoming a full member of the EU and Farage and his political party were lobbying for the people of Croatia to vote “no” in the referendum. He might have lost that vote but a few years later he won much bigger in the Brexit vote. To say the least Farage is a “colourful” character who appeals to a certain voter due to his outspoken views, yes Farage is a mini Trump, just a lot poorer. In fact the two are great friends.
He has this way of producing descriptive sound bites at the drop of a hat, again appealing to voters. When I asked him what he thought of Croatia entering the EU he said “It is like boarding the Titanic after it had hit the iceberg.” Yes, in one line he had made his point.

And now I wonder how he would comment, what the one liner would be, when he reads the news that Croatia is planning to take the Euro as its official currency by 2022.

I am still a little on the fence when it comes to the Euro being introduced.
It is absolutely different from the UK rejecting the Euro, this was done because if the importance of the stock trading, business and most importantly for the British government to keep control over its own finances. Having your own currency of course means ruling your financial situation, from inflation rates, interest rates, values of pensions…I could go on and on. But again this only works if the government are a) capable and b) responsible. If you don’t meet either of these two criteria it might be a good idea to think again.

The Kuna is basically tied to the value of the Euro anyway. We have a currency that is linked and therefore have lost a certain amount of financial independence anyway.

This is a big decision and I would predict that it will go to a referendum. Mainly because I am doubtful that any government would be willing to take that amount of responsibility. So do we hand over the reins of our financial future to the Bundesbank (whoops I mean the EU) or do we go it alone? Who would you trust to control the purse strings, Zagreb or Berlin (whoops I mean Brussels). And that is exactly the dilemma I am in.

There are so many outside factors (and inside ones) that a black and white decision is hard to make. And then there is the Italy and Spain example to take into account. When the death bells of the Lira and the Peso was sounded the citizens were rightly frustrated when prices of products were flipped overnight but of course salaries were kept the same. Yes, overnight prices doubled and salaries kept the same. There is an argument that this was the beginning of the current crisis that Spain is currently suffering from, massive youth unemployment and a crash of Spanish products and real estate. Would that happen in Croatia? The last thing we need is more young, talented people leaving the country! But with the Kuna being tied to the Euro already presumably it wouldn’t. Who knows?

And then on the plus side it would probably mean much larger spends by tourists to the country, especially those cruise ship passengers. Many of them are getting information (as I did on a cruise) that Euros are accepted in Croatia already. And then when they find out that they can’t they simply don’t spend. Unofficially most tourist businesses in Dubrovnik take Euros anyway (although illegal) and then give change in Kuna.

As I said I am still undecided. However, when I asked for comments it would seem that I am in the minority. 90 percent answered that the Euro was a bad move. “Why would Croatia want the Euro, look at Greece” – “Bad news. Prices will increase” and “Bad mistake!! All countries were Euro were introduced, simply destroyers the life of people and caused terrible consequences for the local economy.”

If the Euro is rejected at a referendum would that mean a Crexit vote would be the next step? Or would the Bundestag (whoops sorry I mean the EU commission) even give the Croatian government the opportunity of taking a referendum? Some clever person once said that “the worst battle you will ever have to fight is between what you feel and what you know.”

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