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Foreign media have been full of news that Jamie Dornan, currently really popular because of his role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, will probably join the new Robin Hood: Origins crew. For a few months is been know that Jamie Foxx will play The Little John, but it seems that cast will be richer for a new superstar now, writes Movieweb.

Apparently, Jamie Dornan is in negotiations to play Will Scarlett, a prominent member of Robin Hood's Merry Men in the new Robin Hood movie. It is supposed to start filming in January in Budapest and should continue in Dubrovnik, at least that was said by the Mayor of Dubrovnik Andro Vlahusic few months ago.

- One thing that we can definitely confirm is that Robin Hood will come to Dubrovnik, in January and February next year we will see Robin Hood on the Stradun – said Vlahusic on one press conference, adding that it will be the biggest film production in Dubrovnik, and the “significantly more expensive than the Star Wars filming.” He also confirmed that more than a hundred people will be involved in the production.
It is rumored that Dubrovnik will be the location for Nottingham Castle; however exact dates of filming and locations have yet to be confirmed. The lead role of Robin Hood will be played by Welsh actor Taron Egerton, famous for his role in Kingsman: The Secret Service. His partner, Maid Marion, will be played by Irish actress Eve Hewson, who is the daughter of Bono from U2. Robin Hood: Origins will be directed by Otto Bathurst and produced by Leonardo di Caprio.

For Fifthy Shades of Grey fans these are the great news, because they might see ''Mister Grey'' in Dubrovnik right before they see him on the big screens in Fifthy Shades Darker, which hits the theatres February 10, 2017.

Guests that had a chance to enjoy the cruise ship journey can leave their opinions about the cruising destinations on the website Cruise critic and when it comes to Top-Rated Eastern Mediterranean destinations Dubrovnik has been on the second place. According to the cruisers' choice, Venice is on the first, and the rest are: Kotor, Mykonos and Istanbul. All rankings are based on member review ratings for ports from sailings taken August 1, 2015 to July 31, 2016.
Dubrovnik has more than 700 reviews which are mostly positive and that's why it's so high on the list. Since there are many cruisers coming during the year – we would be disappointed if there was any different result.

The Croatian government has recently approved the National Park on the island of Mljet to sign contracts worth almost 10 million Kunas for the construction of three tourist electric boats as environmentally friendly means of transport.

The boats will be built by the Zagreb company iCat in cooperation with the Riva company from Sibenik in order to help transport passengers on the Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero (Big Lake and Small Lake) on the island of Mljet. Also these electric boats will not emit any gases harmful to the environment.

Tomislav Uroda, the director and co-owner of the Zagreb company iCat, said that the first boat would be delivered within one year after signing the contract, whilst the other two would be delivered the following year. He also explained that the boats were intended primarily for navigation in protected waters and that a 7,5 kW solar power plant integrated in the boat roof would provide eight hours of sailing at operating speed of five knots during the summer months. ''These electric boats will also have a built-in battery that will provide additional range of more than seven hours of sailing per day. They will be able to accommodate 54 passengers’’, concluded Tomislav Uroda.

Marta Srsen Strazicic, the director of the Mljet National Park commented that the electric boats for the National Park Mljet were just one more proof of their goal to make the national park as well as the entire island an area with minimal CO2 emissions. They already use electric and hybrid cars, and two electric tourist trains on the island.

Four seasons in one day was predicted for Dubrovnik today and the weather forecasters were spot on. The day began with heavy clouds and even the beginnings of tornadoes as it seemed the heavens would open. However the rain held off until later in the afternoon when in just over an hour torrential rain almost flooded the city. This was followed by sunshine, in a day of completely mixed weather.

The forecast for the rest of the week is for more stable weather with plenty of sunshine and rising temperatures. Highs should reach around 28 degrees with next weekend expected to be warm and sunny.

Check out our gallery of the twister above Dubrovnik from our friend at Adriatic Images.

twister 12

twister 13

twister 14

twister 15

twister 16

Last week the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb announced the International Tourfilm Festival which is to take place from the 21st to 24th of September in Zagreb.

For the fifth consecutive year the Croatian capital will host the International Tourfilm Festival which will feature 126 films from 44 countries from all over the world which will compete for 36 awards in several different categories and for the Grand Prix for the Best Festival Film.

The films which are to be presented to the audience will range from promotional films for tourist destinations, adventures, extreme sports, films on rural, nautical and religious tourism to those on holiday resorts, hotels, different cultures and traditions.

On Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd the films will be shown at the Tuskanac Cinema from 11 am to 6 pm, and admission is free of charge. Sponsors of the festival are the Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Tourist Board.

The organisers the Zagreb Tourist Board and Balduci Film especially announced interesting films from Vietnam, Turkey, the Bahamas, Spain, Portugal and Azerbaijan.

In addition, the film program will be accompanied by round tables and workshops on filmmaking, the promotion of the Croatian tourism over the last 50 years, the importance of tourism promotion and several other topics.

film festival zagreb 1

Game of Thrones, which was partly filmed in Dubrovnik aka King's Landing has made Emmy history by winning  12 of the 24 categories it was nominated on the ceremony that was held last night, including outstading drama series!

The show has broken the record for the highest number of Primetime Emmy Awards won by any show by surpassing Frasier's all time record – 37 Emmy wins. The episode that really stood out by winning awards for best drama writing and directing was The Battle of Bastards.

Just a small reminder, Dubrovnik has been playing a part of King's Landing from the season two and many GOT fans have been coming during the years only to see filming locations. Season seven brings winter and will most likely pass without Dubrovnik scenes, but our hopes are that the film crew be back during the eight season. For everybody that's watching the series that would be a logical conclusion since King's Landing is the capital of seven kingdoms in the series that everybody chases, but we all know that George R. R. Martin likes surprises, so we'll see what happens...

Had enough of lounging on the beach, sipping cocktails by the pool, it is time to get your pulse racing and the adrenalin pumping, it is time to get active in Dubrovnik. With the crystal, clear Adriatic and stunning countryside nature was kind to the region, it will also help you get physical.

Here are our recommendations for getting energetic in Dubrovnik. Let’s start in and around the Old City walls. As you come to the main gate, on Pile, to the historic core you will probably see the various stands selling kayak tours. We would advise a half day tour around the island of Lokrum or a trip from the Bay of Zaton, half day tour will cost around 280 Kuna.

It is a great way to see the Old City walls from a completely different angle. Now get your hiking boots on, it is time for a walk, and the Srd Mountain is our destination. It will take around 40 minutes at a reasonable pace to get to the top of the 412 metres Srd, and the views from the top are stunning. Now you are on the peak there is another great active choice, a buggy ride in the countryside. Strap yourself into a buggy and head out for a safari, a one-hour tour will cost you 240 Kuna. Now for some more water sports. Have you had a swim yet? If not then the Banje Beach is the next point of call. This iconic Dubrovnik beach, with views over the Old City and the island of Lokrum, also has a great deal of water sports, such as parasail, inner tubes and banana boats...great fun.

Moving away from the city and into the countryside, here are some more options in the fields of Konavle. Presuming you don’t have a bike with you there is the possibility to rent a bike for a day for around 170 Kuna and the best option to use it is in Konavle. Lots of sign-posted routes and good cycle paths, pick up a map at the Konavle Tourist Board in Cavtat. And whilst you are in Konavle check out the beach “Pasjaca” there are millions of steps down to it but it is unique, fantastic swimming spot.

active dubrovnik 4


Get in the saddle
In the picturesque Konavle you will find the Kojan Koral, horse riding in the countryside. Take a half day tour on your steed for the day, the price is 650 Kuna, and you will be able to get to places impassable by car. The tour takes you along the rugged coastline of Konavle and offers great views, yes take your camera with you. These guys know what they are doing; they have been at it for years, so the day starts with a few lessons in the riding school. Then you are off on an 11 kilometre journey through the pine trees, olive groves and plunging mountains.

active dubrovnik 3

Scooby DU!
See the Adriatic from a new perspective, deep down under the sea, it is time to go sub. At the Blue Planet Diving centre, based at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace you will get to experience scuba diving in the crystal, clear Adriatic Sea. The team are professional and if you don’t have any previous experience they will run you through the ropes in the swimming pool. Right in front of the hotel there is a shipwreck to explore, countless caves and a myriad of sea life. Blue Planet organises various tours with prices starting at around 500 Kunas for a half day trip.

acive dubrovnik 2

Load up on sun cream, you are going to outside all day!

Info Guide
The average sea temperature in Dubrovnik in the summer is 24 degrees, what are you waiting for – jump in!

The population levels of Croatia are continuing to fall. The Croatian Bureau of Statistics has just released figures which don’t make pleasant reading, the trend of the decrease in population which started in the early nineties shows no signs of slowly up. According to estimates for 2015 the Republic of Croatia has 4,203,604 inhabitants, 2,028,640 men and 2,174,964 women. These figures are a decrease of 34,785 inhabitants compared with 2014, or a drop of 0.8 percent.

This is a country wide problem and not unique to the counties with low unemployment, the only region that saw an increase in population was the City of Zagreb, where an increase of 0.14 percent was recorded.

In 2015 the average age of the total population of the Republic of Croatia was 42.6 years (men 40.7, women 44.3), which places it among the oldest nations in Europe. And an aging population will certainly not help with the problem of the shrinking population.

population croatia decrease

Photo - Croatian Bureau of Statistics 

It was the great Mark twain who once famously write – there are lies, damned lies and statistics. How true. You can pretty much make your own statistics prove absolutely anything you want. Statistics can be manipulated, massaged and misstated. Just take this headline from the other day “Dubrovnik tops the list of the cheapest destinations in Europe.” Now anyone with half a brain knows this isn’t true. But the statistics had been bent to almost breaking point to prove this point. Anyone who has been to Rome, Venice, Paris or London will know that our prices are lagging behind these major cities, but are we the cheapest destination in Europe...no, far from it.

We aren’t even the cheapest city in Croatia; in fact we are probably one of the most expensive, let alone in Europe. Cheap and Dubrovnik are certainly not bedfellows.

However I am not particularly worried if we are cheap or expensive, no it isn’t a question of price, it is a question of values for money. Is a Ferrari cheap, no! Does it offer value for money; well it certainly has a brand awareness that makes you feel like you have got something special. Is a coffee on the Stradun cheap, no! But then neither is a coffee is St. Mark’s Square, Trafalgar Square or the Champs De Elysees. And the stupid argument that the Stradun isn’t up to the same level of any of these world known places is just that stupid.

Of course it is well known and of course you would expect to pay a premium to drink coffee there, that’s just common sense. If you are looking to save a few pennies then head up a side street and you’ll find a caffeine fix for half the price.

If you offer value for money, or a premium location then price is almost irrelevant. And price is always relative. Economics drives changes. It can be used as a barrier, to dissuade people to do something, which are probably arguments the cruise ship industry need to pay closer attention to, or it can be used as a motivator. And that leads onto the question – how much is too much? This is a dilemma that most struggle with.

Whilst there can be no doubt that Dubrovnik is currently riding on a wave of great interest and impressive tourist numbers, the question must be asked how sustainable is this current trend. Short term gains will and must destroy long term opportunities.

History has shown, from the financial crash in the USA in 2008 that sent the whole world into recession, that living for today and today alone means that tomorrow can only be uncertain. If you build a house on sand only one thing is certain, it is only a matter of time before that same house collapses. Statements that predict a huge increase in tourism figures in the coming years are basically worthless.

Tourism industry – the second word is the most important. Increasing numbers of tourists does not guarantee in any way an increase in the most important factor, income. It is the old Ferrari vs Fiat approach to business. Is it better to sell one Ferrari and earn X or one hundred Fiats to earn the same. Due to its geographical constrictions, historical importance, cultural worth and infrastructure deficiencies Dubrovnik is, and always has been, a Ferrari destination.

Balance is clearly what is required. Rather than having 3 million tourists a year spending X find a way to have 1 million tourists spending 2X. This is not done simply by hiking up prices every year, quite obviously this experiment isn’t working. It is more about offering a high quality product at correct market prices. Branding the destination from the very start as a high-end destination that isn’t an ice-cream and cheap souvenir destination, the raw materials are already there, they have been there since the 16th century. Embracing a modern approach that is respectful of traditional values is the key.

This constant comparison with other destinations is quite frankly a waste of time, to succeed you need to get to a position where other destinations are comparing themselves to you, not the other way around. Innovation not imitation is what is required. There are many young, bright minds with talents that are quite often left unheard or even worse allowed to blossom in other countries. The evolution need to start, and maybe even revolution. The time to be passive and wait has gone. The time to watch has gone it is now a time to act. Passivity is fatal.

Top 5 Dubrovnik Beaches

Sep 17, 2016

With the temperatures soaring and a dip in the refreshing Adriatic Sea always a good idea here is our list of the top five Dubrovnik beaches to hit in the summer.

Banje Beach
Frana Supila, Dubrovnik
Iconic Dubrovnik beach with cracking views over the Old City Walls. Grab a bite to eat in the beach bar.

banje beach dubrovnik

Cava Beach
Babin Kuk
Located on the Babin Kuk peninsular the Cava beach has recently been equipped with the Coral Beach Club offering a bar, sun beds, umbrellas and VIP lounges.

cava beach dubrovnik

Sunj Beach
Lopud Island
Golden sandy beach that is perfect for children as there is plenty of shallow water. A 40-minute walk across the island from the ferry stop.

sunj beach dubrovnik

St. Jakov Beach
Directly opposite the Old City of Dubrovnik the beach is best in the late afternoon as the sun dipping down over the city is a photo to keep forever.

st jacob beach dubrovnik

Located in a sheltered bay on the Peljesac peninsular this sandy beach has plenty of facilities and a large parking lot.

prapratno beach dubrovnik


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