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During the summer months, Croatia often hits the headlines of the most popular websites and magazines. Just recently, Vogue wrote an article, titled: A Place Less Travelled: Losinj, Croatia.

-Croatia may be crowded in the summer months, as tourists flock to its beautiful beaches and sunny climes, but there are a few hidden gems if you know where to look for them - including the picture-perfect island of Losinj – writes the Vogue.

The article really take you to this beautiful Croatian island!

-A relatively undiscovered jewel of an island to the north of Croatia, with air quality so pure it’s been proven to improve lung health - thanks to the salt-spray from the sea - hundreds of thousands of Aleppo pines planted over 100 years ago, and a unique geographical micro-climate. Beyond all this, there’s the world-class spa, stunning natural beauty of the azure-coloured sea, several top-notch hotels to choose from. So why isn't it a crowded tourist hot spot? Despite the island's fairly central location, in the northern Adriatic at the mouth of the gulf of Kvaerner, it remains quite hard to reach (although an airport has recently opened up thats allows a small number of private planes daily) – explains Vogue, continuing with tips – what to do, where to go and what to eat.

To see the original article, click here.


Ride the bus in Dubrovnik and surf the internet for free. The public bus company in Dubrovnik, Libertas, has teamed up with Media King from Osijek to implement free Wi-Fi internet in 100 buses in Dubrovnik. From now all locals and tourists will be able to log on to the free internet and check emails, Google or update their Instagram profile whilst riding the bus.

Media King has already supplied 60 trams and buses in Osijek, all 150 public buses in Split with free internet access and now Dubrovnik will have the same service. Internet hotspots will be installed in 100 Libertas buses and this figure could well rise to include all public tr4ansport in the city.

This technologically advanced Wi-Fi system allows large amounts of simultaneous connections to access points without congestion and interruption and provides high-quality internet access at maximum speeds. The system also allows commercial use, enabling advertising on all access points, thus achieving self-sustainability.

All that users need to do to use the service is to select the Wi-Fi network "LIBERTAS MEDIAKING" and follow the simple instructions.

Pilots of the largest European low-cost airline, Ryanair, will go on strike in Germany tomorrow and it will have a knock-on effect for Croatia. Over 250 Ryanair flights from Germany will be cancelled tomorrow, including some flights into Croatia, and almost 400 European wide.

The German union announced on Wednesday that German Ryanair pilots would join their colleagues from Ireland, Sweden and Belgium and hold a one-day strike. The strike will begin on Friday at 3.00am and will apply to all German cities.

Apart from the cancelled flights from Germany there will also be cancellations in Croatia. Ryanair flights into Pula and Zadar from Frankfurt have been cancelled, six flights in total.

The Croatian government has decided to introduce, as of 2019, a higher tourist tax in the peek season, raising tourist taxes, paid per person per night, in all accommodation facilities except camping sites by approximately 25%. "Even with the proposed increase, Croatia still has the lowest tourist tax of all its peers," Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli said. Under the government's decision, the tourist tax should go up 25% in all accommodation units except camping sites, from HRK 8 to HRK 10 per person per night.

Tourist taxes range, for example, between EUR 0.45 and EUR 2.50 per day in Spain, between EUR 0.20 and EUR 7 in Italy, between EUR 1 and EUR 2 in Portugal, between EUR 0.15 and EUR 3 in Austria, between EUR 0.50 and EUR 4 in Greece, and EUR 2.5 in Slovenia.

In Croatia in 2019, tourist tax at campsites should remain HRK 8 per person per night, while in other accommodation units it will go up.

Last year the Croatian National Tourism Board collected HRK 464 million in tourist taxes.

The Croatian Weather Office has issued a new “heat wave” warning for the Dubrovnik region as temperatures in Dubrovnik have been over 33 degrees for the past week. The extremely warm weather is expected to continue for at least another seven days and are unlikely to fall under 30 degrees for the whole of August.


The public fountains of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik were doing a roaring trade today as tourists and locals looked for some refreshment. And the popular website AccuWeather has also issued a severe weather warning for Dubrovnik “Yellow Warning for Extreme High Temperature in effect until Thursday.”

And there isn’t much refuge from the heat in the Adriatic, the sea temperature in Dubrovnik at 5:00pm was a bath-like 26.5 degrees. Historically July and August are the warmest months of the year with average temperatures around 30 degrees.



The tourism industry in Croatia has many numerous knock-on effects to other businesses. And proof of this can be seen in the number of new cars sold in Croatia so far this year. From January to the end of July an incredible 44,000 new cars were sold in Croatia which is 21 percent more than the same period from last year.

A large majority of these cars were probably bought by rent a car companies in order to cover the massive demand for cars during the summer months. In July alone a massive 5,700 new cars were sold.

The best-selling brand over the first seven months of the year was Volkswagen, with 6,540 cars sold and a 14.8 percent market share. Renault came in second with 4,369 cars sold, and a 9.9 percent market share, while Opel was third with 4,321 cars sold and a 9.8 percent market share.

Famous American plus-size model Lilli Luxe, followed by more than 750 thousand people on Instagram, arrived to Dubrovnik! During her journey, her luggage was lost, so she was quite disappointed. However, people in Dubrovnik cheered her up.

-Nothing to glamorous to post today, but Im VERY happy I have at least 1/2 of my bags back now!
Im staying at a hostel right now and I was so touched by the kindness of the other guests when they found out about my lost luggage situation, they were like "I have a t shirt you can wear" "Ive got a skirt you can borrow" "Do you need shampoo? You can have some of mine" – Lilli wrote beneath the photo of her in Dubrovnik.


Lilli Luxe in Dubrovnik

This plus size model comes from Texas, but is currently living in Spain. Lilli Luxe began modeling by doing trade shoots with local photographers and creating social media profiles to display her work. Her following grew, and she was soon picked up by Dorothy Combs Models and re-marketed under the name Natalie Renee.[5 Lilli has since modeled for TJ Maxx, Rue21, and Secrets in Lace, straddling the line between conservative plus size modeling and sexy pin up modeling. Her celebrity lookalikes include Nicole Kidman, Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe. Her style icons include Jayne Mansfield, Anita Ekberg, Joan Holloway from Mad Men She was featured in an office themed spread for Issue 31 of Bachelor Pad Magazine.

Since she got some of her luggage back, we expect some glamorous photos from Dubrovnik soon! They will surely delight her numerous fans and make a great promotion for Dubrovnik.

One of the world’s most outstanding countertenors Andreas Scholl will perform in the atrium of the Rector's Palace tonight at 9.30 pm with Ensemble 1700 as part of the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival Music Program. In the concert program, named Little Gifts of Heaven, the audience will have the opportunity to hear the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi and George Frideric Händel.

On the occasion of the debut play at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Andreas Scholl explained how did the co-operation with Dorothee Oberlinger, leader of Ensemble 1700, start: "I was very happy that I met Dorothee a few years ago, and in her and the members of the ensemble 1700 found soul mates. Apart from being the world's leading block-flutist, she is also a great model to her orchestra. The musical art that she, her ensemble and I share reaches the level of 'telepathic' communication between us. Expecting the musical idea and its spontaneous and synchronized realization, guarantees that every concert is up to its own new quality. I've heard a lot about Dubrovnik and the festival, but I've never got an opportunity to sing there. I am very happy to be playing this debut this summer in this beautiful city. "

The tickets for this amazing concert are avaliable online or at the location (in front of the Rector's Palace) two hours before the start of the concert.

Recent reports have shown that Dubrovnik is getting more and more popular and the number of overnight stays is constantly increasing when it comes to hotels, but also the private accomodation. However, reports don't include those that, as we assume, didn't book their stay.

These sleepy heads that you see on the photos sent by Dubrovački vjesnik reader have been spotted at the Gradac Park, just a few steps away from the Old City of Dubrovnik. Sleeping in nature is fun, but there are spots suitable for that. This is not the first time that tourists use public space as their sleeping area, however, there are persons that should take care of that. If they don't – who can blame those who use a perfect opportunity to take a nap.

šator1 1

Under the banner of “Horrors of the Homeland” an exhibition turned heads in the centre of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik yesterday. Marijana Pende created a “pop-up” exhibition on the Orlando Statue when she wrapped a flag with the Libertas Summer Festival slogan which was covered in signs of various world currencies.

This intervention in a public space was part of the “Horrors of the Homeland” exhibition in the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival which will include over 30 artists in various locations around the city.

It would appear that Pende’s display was a message that Libertas, or freedom, has a price.



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