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Croatia’s mainland finally got a permanent connection to its islands. Fans of the coastline and the many tourists can use the connection whenever they want, without the fuss of cruise timetables.

The new UberBOAT service is at a non-stop disposal in Split, Dubrovnik and the island of Hvar, and you can request it through just a few clicks in the Uber app. The service offers transfer to a destination and back, and a half-day or full-day trip that passengers can plan for themselves.

uber boat app

If they sail out of Split,tourists can get a trip around the beautiful islands of Hvar, Biševo (with its Blue Cave), Šolta, Drvenik, Vis, Brač and its unique Zlatni Rat beach... The boat captain will stay with the passengers for as long as they want, allowing them enough time to visit the islands, sample the local cuisine and buy souvenirs.

In the area surrounding Dubrovnik, Uber captains will take tourists to the Elafiti islands and their ancient forests, Mljet, the magical Korčula, and Lastovo, whose unique beauty is sure to make them want to return.

Every trip ends at the point of departure, while fares will depend on boat size, mileage and duration of the adventure. An eight-passenger speedboat starts at HRK330, each additional kilometer will cost HRK29, and each minute will cost HRK2.60. A bigger boat will cost HRK 660 to start and another HRK 36 per kilometer and HRK 3.30 per minute.

UberBOAT’s other service allows for a simple and fast transfer to a destination and back. A Split-to-Hvar trip will cost HRK 2,600 for an eight-person speedboat, or HRK 3,300 for a 12-person speedboat. All Uber captains have valid licenses and are familiar with the Croatian coastline. 

uber boat hrvatska

As Dubrovnik becomes a more and more popular tourist destination it can be tricky to find a spare room on AirBnb, and the other popular websites. Often hotels are completely overbooked and the private accommodation scene is a similar story. There are quite simply not enough beds in Dubrovnik for the amount of heads that want to rest on a fluffy pillow.

But why book a room when you can camp on a cliff face overlooking the Adriatic Sea! Quite clearly the nearby Rixos Libertas Hotel was fully booked so these tourists decided to pitch their tent in a cave by the sea. These photos were taken at around 5.00am and show the tent nestled in the rock face with presumably the happy campers inside snoring.

camp cave dubrovnik 2

The German low cost airline Eurowings has announced that it will operate flights to Croatia all year around. For this winter Eurowings will operate flights between Koln and Rijeka three times a week, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

This is the first time that the route has been chosen and with the additional of three flights to Croatia in the winter months the country can expect an increase in tourists through a period of the year that is traditionally challenging.

Eurowings already flies to Croatia, to Zagreb, Pula, Split, Osijek, Zadar and Dubrovnik and with these new flights, which will be operated by an Airbus A319, the city of Rijeka will receive a healthy flow of German tourists.

The Mountain Rescue Service of Dubrovnik has proved that they are more capable than goats when it comes to covering rough terrain. On the 18th of July the service received an emergency call to rescue a baby goat that had fallen between rocks near the village of Osojnik around 15 kilometres from Dubrovnik.

According to the official report three members of the mountain rescue arrived on the scene at 9.15am. They attempted to expand the hole in which the unfortunate goat had fallen to pull it out. The goat was stuck at a depth of 3 metres and the after a three-hour mission they finally released it from its confine at 12.30. The lucky goat was in great shape and as soon as it saw the light of day run away.

goat dubrovnik 2

The long awaited opening of the beach in the Bay of Lapad is hopefully around the corner. The final preparation works are underway and the beach area, which is three times larger than the previous area, should be completed within the next few days.

This whole project has run terribly over schedule, the planned opening was at the end of June, and is obviously causing problems with tourists would have been expecting to be able to roll out their towels and dive in the Adriatic.

lapad swimmers 2

Plenty of room to roll out a towel 

Even though it is officially closed some swimmers have decided to take matters into their own hands and started to use the beach. After climbing over or through the fences around the beach area the swimmers jumped into the sea. “They were told to leave after a while,” a source told The Dubrovnik Times.

swimmers in lapad

The Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, visited yesterday a potential location where the City of Dubrovnik intends to build its own shelter for abandoned animals.

The property, whose total area is nearly 32,000 square meters, is located in an area with no residential properties in the near vicinity. As this area not only has no housing nearby nor are there any plans in the future to build houses it was concluded that it meets all the requirements of a possible animal shelter. Nevertheless the realization of this project at this location will also depend on the opinion of the local committee in whose area the property is located.

"A shelter owned and managed by the City of Dubrovnik which provides quality care for abandoned animals is not only a legal but also a civilization obligation," said Mayor Frankovic after visiting the site. He reiterated that the goal of the City of Dubrovnik was to build the shelter within a year.

animal shelter dubrovnik plan site

Thanks to the filming of the HBO series "Game Throne" the Dubrovnik-Neretva County was visited by an additional 244,415 tourists who spent 126 million Euros from 2012 to 2015, according to the research work by the Zagreb Institute of Economics.

In a research paper entitled "The Effects of the Film Industry on Tourism: The Game of the Throne and Dubrovnik" the researchers Marina Tkalec, Ivan Žilić and Vedran Recher evaluated the effects of filming the "Game Throne" series on the tourist results in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The paper concludes that the recording of this series in Dubrovnik had very positive effects on the tourist results.

An average of 60,000 extra tourists a year visited the city through the period of 2012 to 2015 and in total an extra 1.5 million overnight stays were achieved by Game of Thrones fans.

One of the most popular series in the world, "Game of Thrones” started filming in Dubrovnik in 2011. Dubrovnik was chosen as the location for King's Landing, the fictional capital of the seven kingdoms that frequently appears in the series. The rich and exceptionally preserved Dubrovnik cultural and architectural heritage is ideally suited to the medieval context of the series, which is why snapshots of Dubrovnik city walls, the Lovrijenac Fortress and Lokrum often appear in the series.

And according to this latest research these images of Dubrovnik have not only raised the global recognition of Dubrovnik but have also brought an extra 126 million Euro of revenue to Dubrovnik.



On this day, July 19th, back in 1969, Dubrovnik Cable Car was opened.

That was the first and only cable car built on the Adriatic at that time and for years was one of the most significant attractions and symbols of Dubrovnik. Sadly, during the Homeland War it was completely destroyed.

The renovated cable car was launched on July 10th in 2010, on the day of the opening of Dubrovnik Summer Festival. It is one of the most visited attractions in Dubrovnik since it offers a beautiful view at the Old City.

National Geographic recently published an article with top 5 places in Croatia. It’s interesting that they highlighted Dubrovnik, but not one as top 5 places. Dubrovnik is excluded from this list – it’s clear already from the title: Top 5 Places in Croatia (Beyond Dubrovnik).

- Not to knock Dubrovnik, with its marble streets, 16th-century city walls, sparkling red roof tiles, and primo location—it more than earns its moniker of “Pearl of the Adriatic,” not to mention its UNESCO World Heritage status. But if you cross Croatia off your list after you’ve seen Dubrovnik, you’re missing out on a lot. Here are five other gems to discover – author explains.  

According to National Geographic top 5 places in Croatia are – Hvar, Plitvice, Split, Zagreb and Zadar.

Hvar during the off-season for secluded beaches and charming squares, Plitvice in order to find beautiful lakes, caves, and waterfalls in this stunning UNESCO World Heritage site, Split for the buzz, Zagreb to see world-class museums, Austro-Hungarian architecture, and plenty of cafés in the capital and Zadar to discover Roman and Venetian ruins.
For more details visit the original article.

In the last 48-hours approximately 20 wildfires have broken out along much of coastal Croatia, including the cities of Split, Šibenik, and their immediate surroundings. Split, Dalmatia’s second largest city has suffered the biggest hit of all and taken the largest toll, with over 100 members of the Croatian Army called in to assist with evacuation in the nearby suburbs of Žrnovnica and Mravince.

Already, over 450 Dalmatian fire fighters have cordoned off a 20km zone area along the eastern suburbs of Split where the wildfire is at it’s worst. A local sports hall has been converted into a makeshift camp for citizens whose homes were evacuated and volunteer organizations are checking on senior homes, hospitals, and the most vulnerable. While the next 48-hours will be critical, Canadair planes and fire fighter associations across Dalmatia are on full alert and working around the clock to try and put the blazes out.

A combination of strong Bura winds, high temperatures, and drought like conditions have led to wildfires in many Dalmatian counties and municipalities where they have continued to spread quite quickly, encroaching on villages, towns, cities and infrastructure, leading to one of the worst wildfire outbreaks in living memory. As the local and domestic population struggles to put the fires out, our guests and visitors are naturally just as anxious and concerned. While the flames continue to fan out and are visible along much of coastal Dalmatia, many are naturally left wondering what to do in the event the wildfires spread even closer to tourist zones and resorts.

Unlike many natural disasters, wildfires are mostly caused by people and can be prevented by people as well. Weather specialists cannot predict or forecast when a wildfire outbreak will occur, so humans in fire-prone areas should plan ahead and prepare to evacuate with little notice. We have taken this opportunity to provide you with some tips on how to prevent a wildfire and what to do if you’re caught in the middle of one while visiting Dalmatia.

fire hillside

How to Prevent a Wildfire

- Contact the Croatian Emergency Services at: (+385 112) and the fire department: (+385 193), or Park Services authorities (Croatian Emergency Services can connect you to Park Services) if you notice an unattended or out-of-control wildfire spreading. If you are caught in a wildfire while on roads or highways, please contact: (+385 1987) for Road Assistance or the Croatian Auto Club (Hrvatski Automobilski Klub or HAK) at: (+385 1 4640 800). Another important number to keep close by is Ambulance Services at: (+385 194), as well as Search and Rescue at Sea at: (+385 195).

 - Never, under any circumstances leave a fire unattended. Completely extinguish the fire (in as much as you can), by dousing it with water and stirring the ashes until they are cold. Ensure you do this before sleeping or leaving any campsites or national parks.

- When camping, take care when operating and using fueling lanterns, stoves and heaters. Make sure lighting and heating devices are cool before refueling. Avoid spilling flammable liquids and store all fuel away from any electric or petrol based appliances.

- Do not discard cigarettes, matches, and smoking materials from moving vehicles, or anywhere on park grounds, public grounds or roads. Ensure you have completely extinguished cigarettes before disposing of them.

- Please follow all local regulations and laws when burning waste. Do not burn anything in windy conditions. Dalmatia is known for the strong, gusty Bura winds which can fan fires remarkably quickly, ensuring they spread at lightening speed. This makes the job of local firefighters and volunteers even more hazardous. Please keep a shovel, water and fire repellent nearby and handy to keep even small fires in check. Remove all flammables when burning any waste, no mater how small or seemingly insignificant. It is much rather to be extra safe than sorry.

fire fire

Evacuation Tips

1. If you are advised to evacuate, please do so immediately and in an orderly fashion. If staying in a resort, check in with your Concierge and Front Desk Service for all information and remain calm. Do not panic and keep on top of information.

2. Know and study your evacuation route ahead of time and prepare for a quick and thorough evacuation. Keep an evacuation checklist and emergency supplies such as water bottles, a first aid kit, and medication close by.

3. If travelling with senior citizens, small children and pets, ensure they are taken care of and well hydrated. If you are travelling in a large group, please make sure someone checks in on senior citizens as they are often the most vulnerable in a wildfire situation.

4. Please ensure you wear protective clothing and footwear to protect yourself from flying sparks and ashes.

5. Share information and check in with neighbours and the elderly. As we live in a digital age, one of the benefits of responsible citizenship is raising awareness and amplifying credible information to those most vulnerable and at risk. Stay connected and ensure smartphone and mobile devices are well charged.

6. ***Avoid gas and petrol stations during evacuation and any known areas where explosives and flammables are stored.

Prepare your Home Before You Leave

1. If you are renting a property along the Dalmatian coast, please ensure you remove all combustibles, including firewood, yard waste, barbecue and propane grills, and fuel tins from the home and surroundings.

2. Close all windows, vents, and doors to prevent a draft.

3. Shut off all natural gas, propane, and fuel oil supplies. If in doubt, ask your neighbours and double check to ensure everything has been properly shut off and unplugged.

4. Fill any large basins such as pools, hot tubs, garbage bins, outdoor tubs and storage wells with water to slow or discourage fires from spreading.

fire plane

If Caught in a Wildfire

 - Do not try to outrun the wildfire or blaze under any circumstances. Rather, look for a body of water such as a stream, brook, pond, river, or lake to crouch in or nearby.

- If there is no water source close by, find a depression or cleared area with little vegetation and shrub, lay low to the ground and cover your body with wet clothing, a blanket, or damp soil (e.g.: even mud will help!). Stay low, head down and covered, until the fire passes.

- Protect your eyes and lungs by breathing the air closest to the ground. Use either a moist cloth or wet your clothing against the damp soil in order to avoid inhaling smoke and fumes.

- Move far away from gas and petrol stations and avoid any known areas where explosives or flammables are stored. If in doubt, please ask locals and follow known evacuation routes.

By Mirella-Marie Katarina Radman


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