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Website Amazing cakes ideas that works as online cake catalog has published an interesting competition – that for the Super Astonishing Cake in the World.

One of them is amazing 'Konavocica' by Dubravka Falkoni Matic, showing tradition of Konavle in the sweetest way – on the cake, of course. She invited everybody to vote for her little work of art.

- Dear friends, I need you! My Konavocica cake is included in the international competition for the most beautiful cake. Please go to the page no.24 and find Konavocica under number 46. Please be patient because you have to wait a bit when you press ‘like’ to load. Let’s make the world meet our Konavocica and the most beautiful traditional costume in the world! Thank you, kisses to all! – Dubravka wrote at her facebook profile.

You can vote for this beautiful cake here.

The Government gave approval to the Ministry of State Property for the conclusion of the Annex I. contract for the realization of the Kupari project. Avenue Group expects to sign the annex with the Ministry in a few days. They have already submitted the letter of intent for their new project partner – world-famous hotel chain Four Seasons – reports.

Avenue Group, who successfully bid for a 99-year concession for the former military resort of Kupari, had initially made a deal with Marriot Ritz-Carlton, however they pulled out of the deal and left the project hanging in the balance.

Consequently, Marriot is omitted from the term "Kupari Project" and the project is described as a complex of accommodation and other catering tourist facilities, which will be built in accordance with the applicable Municipal Plan of the Zupa Dubrovacka and the applicable regulations on categorization of five star category catering facilities.Quality will be guaranteed by a hotel operator who meets the requirements of a public call.

From the State Property Ministry, as well from the investor Avenue group, was announced today to HINA that the new hotel chain that will do project Kupari is one of the most luxurious in the world - the Four Seasons.

-We have already sent to the Ministry a Letter of Intent from the Four Seasons for the Kupari Project, and after we sign an annex, within 60 days, we will also provide the municipality with input data for making the plan – said Ivan Paladin from Avenue Group to HINA. He believes the annex will be signed very quickly, as he says, in couple of days.

It's still a new era for Kupari – read a bit more about the place here: Kupari – a resort still in ruins.

After the Four Seasons Concert by Dmitry Sinkovsky and the String Composition of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, the cycle of Baroque music "Orlando Furioso" continues on Friday, June 8th and the performance of the vocal ensemble Antiphonus. The concert will take place in the atrium of the Rector's Palace beginning at 9 pm.

Excellent Antiphonus with its maestro Tomislav Facini and accompanied by the lute player Elise La Marca, for this occasion is preparing a concert that the Dubrovnik audience did not have the opportunity to hear earlier: Songs of the British Isles. These are the folk songs of Ireland, Scotland, then of the works that were made in the palaces, but also those created for Shakespeare's pieces, but also those works of John Downland, Henry Purcell and Robert Johnsons written for lute and voices.

Since its start in 2008, Antiphonus is doing its best to win and thrill its audience, at all Croatian festivals, numerous cities and abroad, with concerts, ranging from the Middle Ages to contemporary authors. The ensemble's specialty is the flexible fact that they perform its repertoire like a chamber choir, even when it comes to complex vocal-instrumental combinations.

You can also listen to Antiphonus on Saturday, June 9th, with the chamber composition of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra under the guidance of conductor Tomislav Facini.

The end of the baroque music cycle organized by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will be held on Tuesday, June 12th, with works by Bach and Händel.

The Hana Tour Travel Show is opened in Seoul, South Korea and the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board is proud to be a part of it.

The performance at this fair was organized in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, the Lika-Senj County Tourist Board and the Sibenik-Knin County Tourist Board, with whom they are sharing a stand.

The fair is organized by the largest tour operator in South Korea - Hana Tour, and about 100 thousand visitors are expected.

In the year 2017, over 53,000 arrivals and almost 95,000 overnight stays were realized in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County by the tourists from South Korea.

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The period in which tourism crime on the Adriatic coast grows up to 70 percent begins and it will remain on that level until the end of summer. In thefts on the beach, cell phones, laptops and jewelry are the mostly stolen and in street robberies thieves are usually taking wallets, bank cards and money. One of the biggest causes of all this is negligence.

-Certainly, one of the factors leading to these thefts is the relaxation of people who are on vacation, they do not count on becoming a victim of criminal acts - said Elis Zodan, a spokesman of Zadar Police for

Thieves search for tourist groups walking through city streets. The most exposed are those who walk or stand at the end of the ranks.

Bicycle theft has also increased, and it is not advisable to leave windshields opened at your cars. Empty cottages and apartments are especially attractive to the robbers.

Police have the most problem with the thieves who come to the Adriatic during the season and work in organized groups, and in the police circles they are known as "nomadic thieves." For example, if there is more than one break-in in one night, that is an indicator of organized crime.

Police manages to solve 30 to 40 percent of such cases, which, according to the Croatian Police, which is more than the average compared to countries like Italy.

People are leaving Croatia primarily because of unorganized and poorly managed country, incompetent politicians and parties, hopelessness and irresponsiveness, according to a study by Promocija plus Agency about the motives of leaving Croatia, presented on Wednesday.

The study was commissioned by the Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) and was conducted from March 15 to May 15 this year on a sample of 661 respondents who moved to 26 countries worldwide. The survey shows facts about emigrating from the moment of Croatia's accession to the EU, on 1 July 2013, until February this year.

As the most common reasons for their departure, the respondents chose the unorganized and poorly governed state, the incompetent politicians and the political parties without a vision (8 percent of all answers), then the hopelessness, the decay of the state, society and people (7.6 percent), and employment of people from parties and nepotism (7.4 percent).

Corruption and crime in the country was chosen as a reason of 7.3 percent of respondents, Ustase and Partisans talk 6.4 percent, while low wages were the reason for leaving for 5.2 percent of them.

Primitivism, religious intolerance and nationalism affected 6.2 percent of emigrants, and the absence of changes in the country 6.1 percent.

The impact of the war defenders on society is the reason for 4.8 percent of respondents.


Looking at the profile of new emigrants, it is noticed that the majority are younger people (82 percent under 40). Two thirds of new emigrants are married or in a relationship (82% left the country with their partner). Of those who have families, 72 percent left the country with their children.

New emigrants are, on average, much more educated.There was a very high share among the new emigrants of those who had the job before leaving (73.5 percent). Among those who were employed most of them received less than 4,000 kuna (40.5 percent), but the proportion of those above the national average (33.2 percent) was also significant. An extraordinary share of emigrants is from five Slavonian counties, Sisak-Moslavina County and the City of Zagreb.

More than 44 percent have high school, 33 higher or high education, and 20.9 percent magistrate.

Nearly a third (29.6 percent) migrated to Germany, Ireland is at 20.8 percent, Belgium 11 percent, Sweden slightly more than 10 percent, and Austria 8.5 percent. As a reason for choosing the country, respondents state that they are regulated, developed, state-of-the-art legal systems.
Every tenth emigrant is thinking about returning to the country within the next ten years. One-quarter of the emigrants plan to return only during retirement, while the largest share are those who do not plan to return - 42 percent.

The perception of the Croatian future, seen from the perspective of new emigrants, is not particularly bright. Every other research participant does not believe that the situation in Croatia will be improved, while only 11.5 percent of them think it will, with 27.2 percent of those who believe that everything will remain as it has been so far.

When it comes to life in a new country, a relatively high level of satisfaction is noticed. The highest level of satisfaction was recorded in job opportunities and job change (89.4 percent) and in the field of public administration efficiency (81.3 percent). The lowest level of satisfaction was recorded in the area of accommodation / housing (67.1 percent) and of its own social life (71.3 percent).

All this is quite worrying and as it seems, because of it, Croatia's population has fallen under 4 million


As part of the World Oceans Day, marked on June 8th all over the world, the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Areas of Nature of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, in cooperation with the Molunat Diving Center, organizes the action of cleaning the underwater in Molunat.

Children, parents, associations, locals and their guests are invited to join the action that will be held on Friday, June 8th, starting at 9 am at Molunat and contributing to the preservation and protection of our sea. The aim of this action is to raise the awareness of the local community about the environment and to preserve the natural treasure.


09: 00-09: 10 - gathering in Molunat (district Puc to Vela dolina)
10:15 - beginning of the action of cleaning the underwater
11:00 - End of the Underwater Cleaning Action

• Participants need to dress appropriately
• Gloves and bags are organized by the Public Institution
• In case of rain the action will be delayed
• Contact number: 098 / 991-7546 (Maroje)




Activities are currently underway to arrange and refurbish public beaches of which the City of Dubrovnik takes care.

The most significant works were carried out in the area Saint Jacob, where repair of the approach area and the stairs towards the beach was completed and the pavement and platoon covered with concrete.

In Sulic there was a lot of settling rocks, as well as on the beaches in Lozica and Brsecine, on the bathing area ex-ambulance in Mokosica and at the Prijedzba in Luka Sipan.

The works are continued first on Dance and below the Divovic park, where, along with the repair of concrete platoons, the protective fence will be painted as well as the handles on the approach to the beach. There will be work on the other sites according to the defined plan of the works of the City of Dubrovnik.

One of the most famous porn websites – Pornhub – just yesterday released detailed Croatia insights. They were contacted by for an article and they decided to share the details with their visitors.

According to their dana, Croatia ranks 53rd for traffic to Pornhub, which is not a bad feat considering that it ranks 129th worldwide for population. More Croatians tend to visit Pornhub on Monday than any other day of the week, while Friday is the lowest traffic day as it is around most of the world.

-The most popular search term in Croatia is “jebanje” (the act of having sex), followed by MILF and the popular game “Fortnite“. In most countries we find that people tend to search more for their own people than any other search — for example “Greek” in Greece and “Portugal” in Portugal — but in Croatia “hrvatska” only ranks 9th in terms of search popularity – Pornhub writes.


The most viewed category of video in Croatia is “Mature” followed by “MILF” and “Lesbian”.



Compared to the rest of the world, Pornhub statisticians found that “Mature” is proportionately 100 percent more popular in Croatia than in other countries, “Czech” videos are 88 percent more popular, and the “Old/Young” Category is 75 percent more popular.




The most searched pornstars in Croatia are Celestia Vega, Alyssia Kent and Alexis Texas.




There is one really interesting fact – Croatian ladies are really keen on porn, compared to the ladies all over the world.
-Croatia has one of the highest proportions of female visitors we’ve seen at 35 percent, compared to a worldwide average of just 26 percent. Croatia also has one of the smallest proportions of 18-24 year olds visiting Pornhub at only 16 percent (compared to 29 percent worldwide). That means the 25 to 34 age group is much larger in Croatia than elsewhere at 37 percent – Pornhub writes.




Croatians use less mobile devices when visiting Pornhub at only 70% compared to the worldwide average of 76 percent. That means desktop usage remains much higher.




- The average visitor from Croatia will spend 10 minutes and 13 seconds on Pornhub, slightly longer than the worldwide average of 9 minutes 59 seconds. Some parts of Croatia get the job done a lot quicker like Lika-Senj, where visitors come and go 105 seconds faster, while in Sibenik-Knin, visitors take their time with an additional 48 seconds – Pornhub concludes.

Nothing says that summer is here like famous Croatian skier Ivica Kostelic going to the island of Mljet. He spends almost every summer vacation on this beautiful island and sometimes – he brings his friends. Now he teamed up with runners to explore Mljet even more.

- We're off! Tune in for daily reports from our team, Dali Dokic, Markus Kröll and Anže Česen conquering the rocks of Mljet! – wrote Ivica on his official social media channels beneath the photo of the team.

This is not the first time he does something like this – two years ago he invited his ski colleagues to the island of Mljet for a break in the Croatian sunshine. They posted a series of videos and made a great promotion of Croatia. Former Italian skier Cristian Deville, Canadian skier Jeffrey Frisch and American downhill ace Warner Nickerson were among the group of Ivica’s friends enjoying the delights of Mljet.

Follow his newest Mljet adventures at his social media channels. It will make you want pack your bags and visit Mljet as soon as possible!

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