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Located in the very heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik the LAJK Restaurant is a gem in the city’s culinary crown. This time we decided to “start our engines” with an early morning breakfast in cool to be able to eat a hearty breakfast on the cobbled streets of the historic city.

In fact, rather surprisingly, it isn’t that easy to find a good breakfast available in Dubrovnik, LAJK is one of the best that we have tried. As they have a special menu just for breakfast there is a large choice, whether you are after a traditional English-style breakfast or a more “fruity” option.

The first point that stands out is the service. We would use the three F’s – fast, friendly and fun. Within seconds we had our menus and two cups of steaming hot coffee whilst we made our choice. The breakfasts are named after members of the owner’s family and according to the owner they are “just like we prepare every morning at home.” A nice touch. Prices start from only 95 Kunas (for a mammoth and vegetarian breakfast) to just 30 Kuna for two croissants...and every else in between.

We decided on Breakfast Alan (scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, grilled vegetables, fresh salad and toast with a hot beverage for only 88 Kuna) and Breakfast Luka ( Smoked ham, cheese, hard boiled eggs, toast, fresh salad and a hot beverage for only 74 Kuna. Both were amazing.  


The coffee kept flowing, although I just had to ask if they did English tea...and yes they have some great brands, and as the historic Old City slowly woke we watched the world go by. A great choice for the most important meal of the day, food gets the thumbs up and to be able to sit surrounded by history just adds to the ambience.

This is really starting the day on the right foot! LAJK serves breakfast from 8 in the morning until midday (for the late risers) and in case of rain there is plenty of space inside.

Clients of the largest online platform for renting boats prefer Croatia to all other global destinations, claimed from Zizoo.

The company Zizoo, named after the nickname of the famous explorer and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, is the leading boat holiday platform, offering 8,000 boats across 200 destinations worldwide. Zizoo provide its services both to licensed sailors, and to those with no sailing experience, interested in renting a boat together with a captain and optional crew as an alternative or complement to hotel accommodation.

''Our mission is to make boat holidays as easy and affordable to book as a hotel stay'', says Anna Banicevic, one of the co-founders of Zizoo.

The largest Zizoo's destination market is Croatia, whilst the highest number of users of their services comes from Germany, Austria, the UK, and the US.

As its main strategic market, Zizoo plans to open a new office in Zagreb as part of the next investment round most likely at the beginning of 2018.

The company especially pays attention to further development of charters because they are the key of Zizoo's success. In addition, their goal is to additionally facilitate the business and enable further growth. Zizoo emphasizes two main things - a prolongation of the tourist season, due to favourable weather conditions, and stimulation of shorter charters at higher prices, in order to open up a huge new market of clients who want to experience vacation on board for the first time.

Zizoo is an Austrian boat rental service founded in May 2014, based in Vienna with offices in Berlin, Germany. It provides more than 11,000 boats listed by individuals and charter companies from 30 countries around the world. Users can rent catamarans, motorboats, sailboats and gullets.

The company is also the first platform which has no intermediaries and which offers charter companies an adequate technology for direct commercialization of boats on the global market in real time.

It is interesting to note that Zizoo’s shareholders include some of Europe’s and the US most reputable investors such as Axel Springer Digital Ventures, Mairdumont Ventures, AWS Founder Fund, Russmedia, and Plug and Play along with other European and US angel investors.

Avax rent-a-car published a promo video today, showing pure Croatian beauty. It takes us on a road trip through some of the most amazing parts of Croatia – Dubrovnik, Medvednica, Rastoke, Velebit, Pag, Zlatni rat and many more...

The video is 4 and half minutes long but it’s absolutely mesmerizing and it makes you wish that it was even longer.

This is a great promotion, not only for this rent-a-car company, but also for Croatia. Just one look will make you want pack your bags! The video could also inform you a bit about Croatia's transport connections and the ability to drive to some of the highest peaks by car and capture beautiful photos.

Ana Rucner welcomed in the first day of summer this morning with a spectacular concert on the Srd Mountain overlooking Dubrovnik. As the sun rose over the mountains in the distance and Dubrovnik was bathed in sunshine for the first time this summer Rucner along with friends performed a stunning concert.

This is the sixth year in a row that Rucner has held this “Welcome to Summer,” concert and as ever the music began at 5.00am. The interest was high with the atmospheric amphitheatre on Srd already completely full by 4.30 as locals and tourists enjoyed an early morning to remember.


“Welcome to Dubrovnik and welcome to summer,” commented Rucner as she opened up her concert. And through the concert she also showed her vocal talents, singing with a young opera singer, it was an action packed event.

This year along with the concert had a gypsy feel and Ana was joined on stage by a group of four female singers from Zagreb, a backing band, a band of brass instruments, an opera singer and even her brother who played violin. It was a morning full of music. The concert was attended by the new Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, along with dignitaries from the City of Dubrovnik.

On the first day of summer, which coincides with World Music day, this was a fitting start to the summer season.



The road from Dubrovnik to the airport is far from adequate, commented the Croatian Minister of Tourism, Gari Capelli, after a working meeting with the director of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board, Vladimir Bakic, and his staff yesterday.

Minister Capelli arrived yesterday in Dubrovnik to participate in the 10th ISABS, a scientific conference in the field of biomedicine and he took the opportunity to visit the Tourist Office of the County and discuss various matters.

He expressed his great satisfaction at the tourist season so far and talked about the challenges facing the tourist industry in Croatia and Dubrovnik in particular. The promotional activities for 2018 were also on the table and the minister expressed his pleasure that a new conceptual solution for the Croatian Tourist Boards stands at trade fairs would be created. He also brought up the fact that the main road that leads from Dubrovnik Airport to the city is inadequate and needs upgrading.

A project of a long mountain trail through the Dinarsko gorje or Dinarides is being presented at the European Parliament in Brussels from the 19th to 20th of June.

The Via Dinarica trail is also a program for sustainable tourism development and local economic growth. It is being implemented in all countries encompassed by Dinarides. Due to its most developed tourist infrastructure and mountainous terrain, Croatia has a leading role in the project.

Thanks to the outstanding achievements in the development of active tourism, the sustainable development of mountain areas and the regional connection of people in the area of Dinarides, earlier this year Via Dinarica was nominated for ‘’The European Citizen’s Prize (ECP)’’ awarded by the European Parliament.

The Via Dinarica trail is a mega-hiking and walking trail which links natural and cultural sights of the Dinarides, thus this way it is recognized and acknowledged as a great development opportunity and potential for Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, and especially for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Via Dinarica is a route intended for mountaineers, cyclists, horseback riders and other holiday-makers visiting Dinarides as tourists, but at the same time, it is a platform for the development and improvement of living and working conditions for people living in the Dinarides area.

Apart from hiking activities, one of the main goals of the project is to promote local economy in order to make local food, accommodation and various services closer to tourists.

It is interesting to note that in November 2016 the prestigious National Geographic Traveler included the Via Dinarica trail among the world's Best Trips for 2017.

Michael Weatherly recently visited Dubrovnik as part of the New Europe Market congress, the largest gathering of TV and media professionals in the region, which this was held in the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace from the 12th to the 15th of June. Weatherly is probably best known as the character Anthony DiNozzo from the popular television series NCIS, however he is also the star of the latest CBS smash hit Bull. Weatherly’s wife, Bojana Janković, has roots from the region and together with their two young children they certainly made the most of their time in the city. We caught up with Weatherly (we couldn’t stop calling him DiNozzo), to find out what his impressions were of Dubrovnik and his advice to budding actors looking to get their first break. To say he was relaxed would be an understatement, he ever performed an impromptu striptease for our cameraman.

nem weatherly

We have already been spotted in an ice-cream shop in Dubrovnik, is this your first time here and what are your impressions?
Yes, it is my first time in Dubrovnik. My wife however has been here before when she was a younger girl, but she hasn’t been for many years. We were both in Montenegro a couple of year ago and travelled around the region but this is my first time here. I have been dying to come here because I have a good friend who is an actress from Croatia and she has always been persuading me to come. I have to say she is right – it is incredibly beautiful. The Old City is kept so clean, I have never seen stone so polished in my life.

What was your first impression as you walked into the Old City for the first time?
It is a remarkable city. It was great seeing it for the first time with my children. My son said “it’s a castle” and then my daughter added “no, it’s a town but the castle must be nearby.” Then they were off searching for the castle.

What are the pitfalls of being famous, is it annoying not being able to go anywhere incognito?
To my amazement and great, great appreciation DiNozzo is a character that has resonated with viewers. We had made many seasons of NCIS before it actually became popular internationally. So I had the pleasure of totally anonymity for a very long time and it wasn’t until I was in my late thirties that I had the sensation of being famous. It freaks my wife out a bit more than me. I think I had a long time to think about the status of being famous. On a practical level it takes longer to get through airports. Thank god for the fans of the show because without them we wouldn’t be where we are now. It never bothers me or frustrates me. I feel terrible for people who become famous when they are in their teens, it must be much harder for them to cope. I had a full, proper life before I became famous, so I guess it was easier for me to cope with stardom.

micheal weatherly strip tease


You aren’t worried about the prying eyes of the paparazzi if you caught in a compromising situation?
Well, I am very boring. That would be exciting...I would love to find myself in a compromising situation.

Are there any roles that you would love to do?
When I was a young actor, I was 21 and had a manager in New York who I has just signed with, she sent me to the local cinema to watch as many films as possible. After that she asked what roles resonated with you. I came back and said I didn’t really find any, I didn’t see myself in any of the movies. We spent a couple of weeks really digging into that and that’s when she realised that I was much more comfortable watching Steve Martin movies, Cary Grant movies and David Letterman and that I was somewhere between a comedian, a talk show host and an actor from the 1940’s. Which didn’t really do me much good in the 1990’s. When I look at it now I am sort of the same way. There is so much horror and strangeness in the world that I kind of enjoy taking the load off a little bit. I am just trying to be me, if other people see me as castable in something that’s great. I tend to feel like an underdog in many ways, which is to say that I feel like I am still realising a lot of things. I would really like to play a character that we have been trying to develop, who is a journalist. They say in twenty-two episode television that journalists can’t be the hero, as they aren’t the story they are simply reacting to the actual story. But I think in the new world we live in, were journalists are more important than ever, they become part of the story.

What advice do you have to up and coming actors to get their big break?
Yes, I have two pieces of advice. Firstly be yourself, don’t try to be what other people think you should be. And I think this important in all roles of life. Don’t force yourself to be different; don’t convince people that you are this other version of yourself. You are you, and you are authentic and interesting in your own way and whatever you choose to do it was always be more successful in you are you. And then the second thing is to prepare. If you have to be on set at 7am and you have to leave your house at 6am don’t wake up at a quarter to six. Get up at 5am, make a pot of coffee, have a nice long shower and a peaceful time to yourself, get relaxed before the working day.

weatherly and mark thomas

Photos - Zeljko Tutnjevic 

Not only do you have a great view from the public buses around the Dubrovnik region but you also (now and again) get some free entertainment. These bus buskers performed an improvised concert on the 1A bus from Mokosica to Dubrovnik.

An improvised performance that had good acoustics inside the tightly packed bus as a mixture of tourists and locals made their way into town. The video was taken by a local and published on her Facebook site. Well it certainly brought a smile to our faces.

Check out the video

It is going to be hot, hot, hot this weekend in Dubrovnik with a mini heat wave predicted. Starting tomorrow temperatures will start to rise to the low thirties, which is rather fitting seeing that the 21st of June is the first day of summer, and then on Friday the heat wave begins in full force.

The County Public Health institute has announced that in the Dubrovnik region the extreme temperatures will start on Friday and last all weekend. Saturday and Sunday even have the chance of a few thunderstorms as the weather goes into overdrive.

All over the weekend the mercury will not drop below thirty degrees Celsius and experts are advising that people avoid the midday sun and drink plenty of fluids. The summer 2017 is beginning in Dubrovnik and it is going to be a warm one.

Coral Beach Club opened its doors last night to a new summer season. This relatively new Dubrovnik beach and club is situated on the peninsula of Babin Kuk near to the Valamar hotels. Even though it is a new beach on the scene it has already attracted many guests.

Last night the Coral Beach Club presented their program for this summer season which includes a party program “Deep into the Sunset” which will play host to popular DJ’s, musicians and performers. Guests to the Coral Beach, which undoubtedly has some of the best sunsets in Dubrovnik, can enjoy jazz and soul music as the sun sets over another Dubrovnik day.

coral beach club

coral dubrovnik

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