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Dubrovnik made it to another list of the places you just need to visit! Telegraph has recently published an article titled ‘’The 25 places in Eastern Europe you must see in your lifetime’’ with our City involved.

-With its sublime location, overlooking the calm blue waters of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most magnificent cities – writes Jane Foster, Telegraph expert, adding that the main draw is the charming car-free old town, packed with aristocratic palazzi and elegant Baroque churches, contained within sturdy medieval fortifications.

-Add to this the beaches, pristine sea, top-notch seafood, and chic five-star hotels, and your holiday is made – explains Foster.

Dubrovnik is not only Croatian representative on the list. Telegraph also recommends Plitvice Lakes, Istria and what is interesting – Museum of broken relationships in Zagreb.

Last year a 21-year old Croatian innovator presented his green invention that was recognized on a global scale almost overnight. However, his success was not a short-lived one but has been growing since then.

Ivan Mrvos from Solin near Split and his team are responsible for designing the Steora smart bench; an innovative product ideal for cities, parks, airports, marinas, business and shopping centres. Their main goal is to raise human awareness about renewable energy and environmental protection.

The smart bench includes batteries, which are powered by solar panels; they provide internet access and the possibility to charge mobile phones and laptops by USB charger. It also gathers data about air quality, humidity, city noise, displays advertising, and provides light at night. Interestingly Mrvos and his team developed their own battery system based on the model of Tesla Motors, which is famous for production of electric cars.

So far, smart benches have been introduced and placed all over Croatia, Montenegro, in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Hong Kong and in front of the European Parliament building in Strasbourg.

Last year Mrvos signed an agreement worth 5,33 million Euros with MTK Renewable Energy Investment to deliver 2,700 smart benches to Australia. Mrvos and his team also sent smart benches to USA, Qatar and Switzerland for testing.

After recent setting up the first smart bench in Dubai, bought by the local police, the same night Ivan Mrvos and his company Include received an order for five more benches for the largest city of the UAE.

''Around 11 pm in the evening, or 1 am Dubai time, we got an emergency order to deliver five new pieces as soon as possible. In 48 hours of logistics madness, we produced five benches with the required configuration, and organized delivery by DHL and Emirates. At the end, the benches have been successfully installed in Dubai'', commented Mrvos on his social media profile.

The German retail chain TEDI is entering the Croatian market by opening two stores in Zagreb at the end of this August, confirmed Ines Bakic Zubak, the manager of the Supernova Centre Zagreb.

Two TEDI stores are to be opened in two Supernova shopping centres in the Croatian capital – Supernova Buzin and Supernova Garden Mall. So far, there is no information on potential further expansion to other locations in Croatia.

However, on TEDI's official website there is information that the company plans to reach the number of 2,000 outlets and that they are in search of adequate real estate on attractive and visited locations.

Since the company was founded in Dortmund in 2004, the expansion of its trading network has been marked with an average rate of two new outlets per week. The company closed its first fiscal year with 120 newly opened stores, and by 2006, this figure rose to 400. In 2011, it exceeded the number of 1,200 stores across Europe.

Today TEDI is considered one of the most propulsive companies in non-food industry whose market position is ensured with the network of 1,500 stores with at least 5,000 products on offer at ‘’fair prices’. The company employs 11,500 people in six countries around Europe.

Besides daily household, party, DIY and electrical goods, TEDI’s range also includes stationery, toys as well as drugstore and cosmetic products. Additional highlights are seasonal offers and sales campaigns in their stores.

It is interesting to note that the company is very proud of the fact that a third of TEDI's assortments are purchased from business partners from Germany and other EU member states.

The weekend isn’t the craziest part of the week in Dubrovnik anymore. This hectic Monday brought crowds in the Old City. At moments, for example just couple minutes ago, there were over 9,000 people inside the City Walls. That was counted on the website Dubrovnik Visitors, which counts the number of people that enter the City in order to limit the number under 8,000.

Because the limit was broken, and huge number of people entered the City, the counter turned red. Currently there are two cruise ships in the Port Gruz that brought around 1,900 passengers. There are some traffic jams. A crazy Monday!


This has been a great year so far for Croatian airports with figures up over 17 percent compared to last year. A total of over nine million passengers is expected to pass Croatian airports – EX-YU Aviation News reports.

The president of the Air Transport Association at the Croatian Chamber of Economy Tonci Peovic commented for EX-YU Aviation News why he thinks the growth is happening, saying that the significant rise has been influenced by GDP growth in countries that visitors are coming from, as well as other numerous factors such as safety.

First half of the year was a bomb for Croatian airports, as they made record breaking numbers with 3.444.310 passengers, according to the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency. That is an increase of 17.7 percent compared to the same period last year.

Some of the airports estimated how many passengers will pass their airports by the end of the year, but it’s expected that those numbers will be surpassed – Zagreb Airport expects to have three million passengers, Split 2.7 million, Dubrovnik two million, Pula 600 thousand, Zadar 580 thousand and Brac 30 thousand passengers. We’ll see what the next couple of months will bring.

Since seventh season of Game of Thrones is currently on fire, many websites rediscover Dubrovnik as King’s Landing. Vogue recently published a travel guide to our City, especially meant for the lovers of the serial.

- Despite its dragons, direwolves, and white walkers, the Game of Thrones world isn’t quite as make-believe as it may seem. In fact, its capital, King’s Landing, is almost entirely filmed in the very real—and very beautiful—city of Dubrovnik, Croatia – it’s explained in the article that brings tips for all the GOT lovers in order to skip ‘’overpriced and crowded guided tours’’.

Places that they recommend are: City Walls, Trsteno Arboretum, Fort Lovrjenac, The Jesuit Stairs and the island of Lokrum. These were ocations where the serial was filmed and in the original article you can see all the details about the scenes.

This is not the first and certainly not the last time that one of the most famous magazines in the world feature Dubrovnik as King’s Landing. Being a part of the world famous series – Game of Thrones – gave Pearl of Adriatic a priceless promotion. Many tourists visit Dubrovnik just because they are huge fans of the series.

Every week The Dubrovnik Times goes to new levels for your pleasure. This time it’s all about culinary pleasure. We have scoured the menus of Dubrovnik to bring you our favourites. And not only did we just research the menus we have gone that extra step and tasted the food in advance for you...its hard work but someone has to do it. This week I visited a new and stunning restaurant – Villa Rose.

villa rose kolocep

Location, location, location  

It is never easy to describe sheer beauty in words. However hard you try it always seems insufficient. Over the years I have been lucky to eat in the best restaurants in Dubrovnik, they all have a certain quality and of course a very high level of cuisine. However one that has always avoided me is the Villa Rose on the picturesque island of Kolocep. Maybe it was the very fact it is located away from the maddening crowds could be the reason why it has been off my radar. I changed that fact last week. Wow!

villa rose main course

Food, glorious food 

If you can imagine the most perfect location then Villa Rose beats that. - Built in 1930 by a rich merchant from Dubrovnik and dedicated as a symbol of love to his wife. This unique haven of peace and serenity is certainly one of the most romantic places on the Adriatic Coast – states the restaurant, they aren’t wrong. In such an idyllic location you could pretty much serve hamburgers and French fries and it would be the best meal you have ever experienced. For that is the key word – experience.

 villa rose selfie

Villa Rose is an eating experience. But when you combine these drop dead gorgeous views with a spectacular menu then you have all the keys for sheer eating brilliance. “Our menu pays attention to the traditions of the region and also combines a modern flair,” explained the manager. He wasn’t wrong. All of the ingredients are locally sourced from small family grocers meaning its fresh all the way. Even the bread is homemade every day. One thing that I would certainly recommend is the tasting menu.

 octopus salad villa rose

Creative cuisine on the island of Kolocep 

Either 5-course or the full on 7-course these are menus specially designed by the head chef and really show off his profession to the maximum. Describing the cuisine would be just as hard as the location. Recent additions to the restaurant include a lounge area where guests can enjoy “just a cup of coffee and a slice of cake” with views over the bay of Kolocep.

Needless to say it’s lovingly prepared with a creative touch. - With the most beautiful terrace in the Dubrovnik area, the restaurant makes an ideal location for all occasions – for a group lunch, a romantic wedding venue, or a perfect spot for your business meeting or teambuilding. And what a destination for a wedding, the restaurant even has its own “chapel like” area where weddings can be held. This is romance with a capital R!

villa rose view

There are worse views in the world 


Address - Donje Čelo Kolocep

Phone 098 443 382

Website -

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">



The disappearing Dubrovnik pigeons have returned home. At the beginning of August the pigeons seemed to have disappeared. Every day at exactly midday the pigeons of the city are fed in the Gundelic Square, it is a tradition that has been going on for centuries and is funded by the City of Dubrovnik.

And then one early August day they didn’t arrive, their corn feed was left uneaten. But this weekend they returned to eat their food and perch on the ancient buildings. Where they have been and what they have been doing will remain a mystery.

dubrovnik pigeons come home

The long, hot Dubrovnik summer could well get even warmer again. After a slightly cooler week on the way with temperatures to reach a maximum of 29 degrees the weekend could once again see a heat wave, the sixth this summer, to hit the Dubrovnik region.

Weather forecasters predict that this week will be cooler than of late with scattered clouds and falling humidity. All week will see temperatures in the high twenties, which is almost ten degrees cooler than the start of August.

However according to data from the Croatian Metrological Service the upcoming weekend could be roasting again with temperatures back in the mid thirties. In fact the long-range weather forecast shows warm and stable weather until the end of September. 2017 will certainly be a summer to remember in Dubrovnik, with the highest ever July temperature recorded and no rain since the middle of July.

Cutting the number of cruise ships and passengers that visit Dubrovnik is quite clearly one of the new Dubrovnik Mayor's major priorities. This year almost 750,000 cruise ship passengers will disembark in the city on 538 ships and the Mayor, Mato Frankovic, thinks that number is way too high.

Speaking to the British newspaper The Telegraph he commented that he would half the cap of passengers allowed in the historic Old City from 8,000 to 4,000. “I am not here to make people happy but to make the quality of life better,” he said. “Some of the cruise lines will disagree with what I’m saying but my main goal is to ensure quality for tourists and I cannot do it by keeping the situation as it is.”

The control on the number and the flow of cruise ships is a problem that has troubled Dubrovnik authorities for years. With the Old City acting as a magnet the vast majority of passengers gravitate towards this UNESCO World Heritage Site. And it was this very organisation that gave the recommendation that no more than 8,000 guests should be in the city at one time. The former Mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic, acted on this recommendation by installing surveillance camera on all the entrances into the historic core to act as people counters with the plan that when the magic number was reached the flow of passengers would be slowed down.

cruise ship double

Could these sights be a thing of the past?


In reality this wouldn’t mean barriers stopping people entering the city but the coaches that transport the passengers would be asked to wait in the Port of Dubrovnik with their guests until the number eased off. Now the new Mayor wants to halve this number to 4,000. “We will lose money in the next two years - a million Euros maybe by cutting the number of tourists - but in the future we will gain much more. We deserve to be a top quality destination,” he commented.

But what about the other side of the coin? How does the cruise ship industry feel about this potential move by the Mayor of Dubrovnik?

The Dubrovnik Times contacted The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the world's largest cruise industry trade association, to get their side of the story. “Dubrovnik is a unique destination, and the cruise industry is deeply committed to protecting its cultural heritage and safeguarding its sustainability. The city is a treasure, and ensuring its preservation is crucial for all who live and work there, and indeed all of us who love it,” commented a senior spokesperson for CLIA Europe. MSC, Costa Cruise, Aida, Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, Disney, Thomson and Royal Caribbean Cruises are among the members of this organisation. In fact The Dubrovnik Times contacted many of these cruise lines for a response and all of them urged us to contact CLIA Europe. Almost every cruise company that operates ships to Dubrovnik is represented by CLIA Europe.

And the news that the Mayor planned to halve the number of guests to the city wasn’t greeted with enthusiasm, “The presence of cruise ships in Dubrovnik substantially benefits the economy not only of the city, but of communities all around the Adriatic. The cruise industry believes that the decision to drastically limit the total number of tourists allowed in the Old Town at one time to 4000 without consultation is disappointing. CLIA hopes that the comments made by the Mayor of Dubrovnik will not be put into action without discussing their impact with the cruise lines and the tourism sector.”

It would appear that CLIA Europe hadn’t been contacted by either the Mayor or the Port of Dubrovnik. “Dubrovnik is a Pearl of the Adriatic and the cruise ships that visit are committed to maintain that, but we believe there should be consultation and agreement among vested stakeholders to ensure the best sustainable outcomes,” concluded the cruise ship association.

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