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The first drama premiere at the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Michelangelo by Sebastijan Horvat and Milan Matthis Marković, based on Miroslav Krleža's play Michelangelo Buonarroti, directed by Sebastijan Horvat and co-produced by the Festival and the Croatian National Theatre Ivan von Zajc of Rijeka, will be premiered tonight in the Benedictine monastery ruins on the Island of Lokrum. Michelangelo will have five performances at the 69th Festival, from 27 to 31 July. Boat transfer to the Island of Lokrum is included in the ticket price. Boats depart from the Old City Port at 20:30 and 20:45. Play is subtitled in English. 

Michelangelo Buonarroti is a play from Miroslav Krleža's cycle Legends, written in 1918. Inspired by Expressionist poetics, imbued with strong images and meanings, it leads us to the sphere of lucid dreaming. Thematically, in this play Krleža focuses on temptations and the tragedy of Michelangelo Buonarroti who, guided by grand ideas and torn by his quests, remains forlorn and opposed to the world around him. The genius painter tries to achieve unlimited power of artistic creation, but Krleža faces him with money, with miserable wage for his great art. Michelangelo examines the eternal, but always current matter of the relation between art and money, power and politics, which nowadays is more important than ever since it questions that declarative slogan about artistic freedom, without which art becomes nothing but clerical kitsch, thus losing its power of critique and its determination.


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Slovene theatre director Sebastijan Horvat graduated directing from the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, where he is currently engaged as a theatre directing professor. He is a co-founder of the independent theatre association E.P.I Centre, which has become a major performing and production centre dealing with theatrical research projects. His numerous accolades include the Award for Best Young Director at the Salzburg Festival in 2005. As a director, he has collaborated with almost all theatres in Slovenia, while in Croatia he directed the play Croatian God Mars at the Gavella Theatre in 2014 and the play On the Grave of Stupid Europe, based on Miroslav Krleža's work Croatian Rhapsody, at the CNT Rijeka in 2015. The staging of Michelangelo at the Festival and in Rijeka is the third time he is directing in Croatia and each time he was inspired by Krleža.

Dramaturge and playwright Milan Marković Matthis, the author of the adaptation of Michelangelo, wrote the following lines about working on the play: “We started working on the production of Michelangelo with the question Miroslav Krleža makes his main character ask himself: Who do I work for? During the entire drama, Krleža artfully builds in his magnificent style the portrait of the Renaissance genius, only to ruin it by exposing it to materialist criticism. But his stance is not cynical. He does not question Michelangelo’s genius, he just opposes it to his inability to become aware of his own cynical position of the servant of the class he despises.” Miroslav Krleža, one of the greatest Croatian writers, is the author of the most significant Croatian literary texts of the twentieth century and originator of many cultural initiatives based on raising the critical awareness of Croatian society, which made his opus one of the central points of reference in the process development of modern Croatia. While working in the period of severe societal divisions over the basic problems of society, he managed, without avoiding conflicts, to impose his basic, aesthetic position as unquestionable to both his supporters and opponents, which makes integrality of his work and thought one of the important premises of the national cultural standard.

Besides Sebastijan Horvat and Milan Marković Matthis, the team of authors consists of set and video designer Igor Vasiljev, costume designer Belinda Radulović, composer Karmina Šilec, stage movement assistant Ivana Kalc, lighting designer Aleksandar Čavlek and sound designer Saša Predovan. The cast consists of the members of the Croatian Drama of the CNT Rijeka Olivera Baljak, Jelena Lopatić, Tanja Smoje, Marija Tadić, Aleksandar Cvjetković, Edi Ćelić, Dean Krivačić, Jasmin Mekić, Nikola Nedić and the member of the Italian Drama of the CNT Rijeka Giuseppe Nicodemo, with Rakan Rushaidat (Zagreb Youth Theatre) in the leading role of Michelangelo in the first act and Jerko Marčić(Kerempuh Theatre Zagreb) in the leading role of the Director in the second act. The Chorus of Fanatics consists of Dubrovnik choir singers Lovro Barišić, Magdalena Kačić Barišić, Jelena Beželj, Mario Bogdanović, Mislav Ćimić, Barbara Horvat, Antun Končić, Barbara Ogresta, Lukrecija Prcela, Dea Qivlaku, Ljubo Radić, Tanja Šimunović, Ivana Tasovac, Antonio Težak, Slobodan Varezić and Petar Vlašić, led by Maja Marušić.

Croatia’s financial obligation to NATO this year will amount to around 4.2 million Euros, or 31million Kuna. The MP Ivan Vilibor Sinic had questioned how much Croatia would have to fork out in 2018 to be a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the response from the government came at 31 million Kuna.

"The said funds for NATO have been secured in the 2018 state budget, grouped within international membership fees earmarked for the Defence Ministry (24.7 million Kuna or €3.3 million) and the Foreign Ministry (6.4 million Kuna or €866,000)," commented the government.

The government commented that the total amount is determined on a par with the economic strength of an individual country, which is usually determined as a share of its gross domestic product or gross national income, and is re-calculated each year.

By far the largest contributor to NATO is the US, funding around 70 percent of NATO spending, this adds up to roughly £501billion

The two Real Madrid members of the Croatian silver winning team, Luka Modric and Mateo Kovacic, enjoyed an active break on the beautiful island of Mljet today.

The pair uploaded photos onto Instagram of them cycling across the island. This could mean that after a short break in the Mljet National Park the two football heroes might continue their holiday in Dubrovnik.


With highs reaching a balmy 32 degrees in Dubrovnik today and the cobbled streets of the ancient city centre even warmer it was a good day to be an ice-cream salesperson today. Tourists were sightseeing, locals sipping coffee and pigeons huddled in the shade.

Even though temperatures have been soaring recently the Adriatic Sea is still unusually cool for this time of the year. Normally in July and August the sea temperature reaches a bath-like 26 degrees, but today it is the warmest for two weeks at only 20 degrees.

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Croatian captain and midfield general, Luka Modic, certainly had a World Cup in Russia to remember. After helping to guide Croatia to silver medal position and picking up the FIFA Golden Ball for the best individual player he has now received another award.

His brilliant long-range strike against Argentina in the group stages, a match that Croatia won 3 – 0, has been awarded by FIFA as the third best goal of the tournament.

The winner of the best goal of the 2018 World Cup was Benjamin Pavard, again with a goal against Argentina, when the French defender rattled home a stunning winner. This goal received three million votes on the FIFA website.

The second best goal award was presented to Juan Quintero of Colombia for his cheeky free-kick against Japan.

Cigarettes and alcohol could well jump in price by 50 percent if a new government proposal is accepted. A new Health bill has been proposed and it includes a 50 percent increase in cigarette and strong alcohol products. The Ministry of Health has put forward the plan that the money raised from this extra tax on cigarettes would be paid directly to the Ministry budget to be spent on general health issues.

Cigarette prices in Croatia are some of the cheapest in Europe, which has certainly not helped to decrease the number of smokers in the country. In fact, Croatia is the only country in the European Union where the number of smokers is on the rise. Whilst a packet of 20 Marlboro cigarettes in Ireland, the most expensive country in the EU for cigarettes, will set you back 85.7 Kuna the same packet in Croatia is only 26 Kuna on average. Meaning that even with a 50 percent price increase a packet of Marlboro will still be considerably cheaper than most of Europe at 39 Kuna.

The Croatian Employers Association (HUP) strongly oppose the government's announcements of taxes which would raise cigarette and alcohol prices by about 50 percent, saying this could result in losses for tobacco and alcohol producers and the state budget as well as layoffs.

Introducing preventative taxes through amendments to the Compulsory Health Insurance Act is unacceptable, as it will jeopardise jobs in the tobacco and alcohol industries and encourage black market sales, said HUP director general Davor Majetic in a press release.

A Cessna light aircraft crashed whilst attempting to land at Dubrovnik airport this afternoon. The airport had to be closed for all traffic whilst the accident was dealt with. All three people on the plane survived the crash although they all suffered severe injuries.

"We have already known the basic information about what happened and after a full investigation we will know all the details,” the Airline Investigator Danko Petrin.


Three people were severely injured and required urgent medical transfer to the Dubrovnik General Hospital. At the Cessna attempted to land at the airport there was thunderstorm however petrin refused to speculate as to the causes of the accident.

The fire-brigade, rescue service and emergency aid from the Dubrovnik airport were all called to the scene.

The three people in the aircraft are out of danger, confirmed the Director of the General Hospital of Dubrovnik, Dr. Marijo Bekić, adding that the two will be released after treatment, while one man will be hospitalized due to an open fracture of the thigh.


According to the specialized cruise website Cruise Critic, Dubrovnik was declared the best cruise destination in the Eastern Mediterranean category for the second year in a row. The significance of the Cruisers' Choice Destination Awards is even greater when you know that the destinations were chosen by the users of this popular website and cruise travel enthusiasts, which describe Dubrovnik with many positive comments, saying it is a desirable cruising destination of an exceptionally rich cultural and historical heritage. Behind Dubrovnik, in the mentioned category, there were Kotor, Venice, Santorini and Rhodes.

- Looking at realized overnight stays all year round, Dubrovnik is the most popular Croatian tourist destination, which last year only realized more than 4 million tourist overnight stays. In this year, this is the most sought after destination too, with over 2 million overnight stays realized. This acknowledgment confirms the exceptional international popularity of Dubrovnik, which greatly contributes to the overall recognition of Croatia as a tourist destination in international contexts - said the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, adding that he expresses sincere congratulations to all Dubrovnik tourist workers who contributed to the reputation of Dubrovnik.


A specialized "Cruise Critic" website is a key place for sharing information and knowledge on cruises. This is the most popular world cruising website launched by 1995 by The Independent Traveler, a subsidiary of TripAdvisor. The website is intended for fans of this type of tourism and it contains over 350,000 cruise reviews and hosts the world's largest online cruise community where travelers share information and share their cruise travel experiences and opinions.

- After Dubrovnik was declared the best congress destination, the title of the best cruise destination in the Eastern Mediterranean is yet another confirmation of the diversity of quality that Dubrovnik and Croatia offer. I believe that this recognition will further open the doors of Dubrovnik, and thus our entire country, to visitors from all over the world who will come back in private arrangements and remain in town longer. This is also a reward for all Dubrovnik tourism workers who year after year set Dubrovnik as an inevitable destination and I congratulate them all - said Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli

Dubrovnik has become one of the most desirable cruising destinations in Europe offering a very diverse tourist offer recognized by UNESCO, a beautiful and preserved landscape and a quality eno-gastronomic offer. The status of Dubrovnik as a desirable cruise destination is further confirmed by hosting the fourth Festival of Tourism and Strategy that will held in November, and the main topic will be the cruising tourism, the challenges and the opportunities that the popular cruise destinations meet.

- Dubrovnik, as a globally recognizable Croatian tourist brand, succeeds year after year to be the best in several different segments of wider regional competition, from cruising and nautical to congressional and incentive offers. Special attention is given to the joint activities of numerous participants in the tourism offer, as well as to the appropriate city and other services, and the recognition of Dubrovnik as the best cruise destination is a recognition of everyone who responsibly and diligently makes the tourism image of the city - said Director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Dubrovnik Romana Vlasic, adding that because of the unique experience in the city that inspires, many visitors from cruise ships are happy to return.

It’s good to add that 9.8 million arrivals and 47 million overnight stays have been realized in Croatia during the first part of year which compared to the same period last year represents a growth of 6 percent in arrivals and overnight stays, while more than 650 thousand arrivals (+ 7 percent ) and 2.2 million overnight stays (+ 5 percent) were realized in Dubrovnik.

Dance performance Macbeth will be presented as a part of Dubrovnik Summer Festival on Thursday, July 26th, at 9.30 pm on the Revelin Fort Terrace. It's made after William Shakespeare's play, produced by Bitef Theatre and Tivat Culture Center. This production of Dance performance Macbeth follows the already established Bitef Dance Company policy which adheres to the intention of presenting new streams of dance theatre development to its audience, through choreographed staging of great literary works. The works staged so far are Shakespeare’s Othello, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Moliere’s Don Juan, Aristophanes’ Birds…

The choreographer of Macbeth is young Miloš Isailović, who has created many memorable dance roles with Bitef Dance Company, and has won “Dimitrije Parlić” award for his first choreography, Dunjaluk, produced by Bitef Theatre. Music for the play is made by Draško Adžić, dramaturgy by Jelena Kajgo, stage design by Jasmina Holbus, costume design by Slavna Martinović while Jasmina Holbus and Luka Mihovilović are responsible for light design. The great dancers of Bitef Dance Company are Ana Ignjatović Zagorac, Uroš Petronijević, Miona Petrović, Nikola Živković, Tamara Pjević, Jelena Bulatović and Andrea Dobrić.

The Bitef Dance Company was founded in 2009 as the first company of contemporary dance in Serbia linked to one cultural institution, which allowed audiences to watch a quality dance theater throughout the theater season. In this new production, based on the classic drama concept, Macbeth is just the starting point for the development of an author's vision of the contemporary world, in the context of the atmosphere that is dominated by this famous Shakespearean work - the dark world of conspiracy, crime, psychological deviations, patriotism and passion will certainly attract the Festival audience.

After the change of the Public Space Use Plan, with which the work of ten info-counters at Pile was abolished, the problem of illegal bookers appeared in this area. There were numerous interventions and reports of the police officers, however that didn't stop illegal bookers to sell their trips on Pile. That's why the City of Dubrovnik started an action, trying to explain the tourists that these are illegal activities.

As part of the project "Respect the City", they printed posters and placed them at several points around the city. In this way, guests are warned not to buy excursions from illegal bookers and not to sponsor people who work in contravention of the law.

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