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During the big Easter week the beautiful island of Lokrum has prepared a rich program for all the visitors. If you have a chance, this is a perfect time to enjoy this little paradise with special holiday feeling.

Here is the program:
April 13 - 10 am – 1 pm – Chocolate Easter egg hunting for the children from Skatulica kindergarten
April 14 and 15 – Special menu in two Lokrum restaurants by Jadranka Nicetic, famous for using traditional Dubrovnik recipes
April 15 – Doors Open Day with Easter Bunny who will share Easter eggs from Primorje from 10 am to noon and from 3 pm to 5 pm
April 15 and 16 – Chance to taste carob cake by the recipe made by Jadranka Nicetic
April 17 – Noon - Exhibition opening in the cloister of the monastery on Lokrum, made by Dubrovnik artists
- 3 pm – Holy Mass on Lokrum
- 4 pm – socializing at olive garden

Salvador Dali is back in Dubrovnik! An exhibition including more than 240 of the Spanish artist’s prints, sculptures, tapestries and reliefs opened last night in the St. Claire Monastery in the historic city centre.

This exhibition, entitled “Divine Worlds” has already been seen by over 200,000 people throughout the world and now Dubrovnik has a chance to experience Dali.

The exhibition was opened last night by the Spanish Honorary Consul to Dubrovnik, Jelka Tepsic and the owner of the collection David Razjancev.

dali dubrovnik 2

dali dubrovnik 3

The largest Asian carrier China Southern Airlines has commenced negotiations with Zadar Airport over launching flights from Guangzhou in China to the Croatian city of Zadar.

The General Manager of Zadar Airport, Irena Cosic, the Croatian Ambassador to China, Nebojsa Koharovic, and the Croatian-based Chinese Southeast Europe Business Association (CSEBA), held talks with both Guangzhou Airport and China Southern Airlines over the potential service.

''Our negotiations went very well and Guangzhou Airport expressed a strong interest in this service. However, China Southern Airlines required some additional technical details. The main problem of Zadar Airport is the inability of larger aircraft to land on our airport.Nevertheless, Guangzhou Airport will contact other air carriers if China Southern Airlines decides not to launch the service due to the short runway in Zadar'', explained Mario Rendulic, the head of CSEBA. 

China Southern Airlines is the world's fourth busiest airline and the largest Asian air carrier by fleet size. It operates flights to 190 destinations around the globe, but has a limited presence in Europe, only through its services to Frankfurt, London, Moscow, Paris, St Petersburg and Rome. Flights to Zadar would surely contribute to the air carrier's further expansion in Europe and bring more Chinese tourists to Croatia.

''It is important to establish direct flights, as well as to simplify and speed up the issuance of visas. Last year, 100,000 Chinese tourists visited Croatia, which is almost nothing considering the size of the Chinese travel market; however, it was an improvement of 20 percent in comparison to 2015’’, recently commented Hu Zhaoming, the Chinese ambassador to Croatia.

The third consecutive edition of the sports and recreational event Du Motion - Runners' Days Dubrovnik will be held on the 29th and 30th of April 2017. This two-day sporting event combines the growingly popular Dubrovnik Half Marathon, an exclusive race around the iconic City Walls, a 5K charity race for citizens and a children's race. Runners will also have the opportunity to visit Du Motion Expo and enjoy other various programs.

In a very short period of time Du Motion has earned the title of one of the most successful and best organized events of this kind in Croatia. This year again it will attract professional and recreational athletes from more than 40 countries.

There are many reasons why runners should come to Dubrovnik. Du Motion and its races are renowned for their interesting panoramic tracks that explore the old city and the Dubrovnik coastline with a start and finish line on the historic Stradun. However it is also well-known for its great atmosphere and runners from all over the world.  


du marathon

According to the latest survey from the Ivo Pilar Institute on gender inequality in household chores, Croatian men improved considerably since 1990s, although they still aren’t over eager to do the housework.

The survey showed that only 7 percent of Croatian men like to iron, 10 percent of them cook, 11 percent do the dishes, whilst a massive 80 percent of them don’t participate in any of the household chores.

On the other hand, when it comes to activities such as buying food or cooking, Croatian men participate in a somewhat higher percentage, but they participate less in routine and every day chores.

''In the old days men participated in these activities in a very low percentage, only when it came to barbecuing, the rest was done only by women'', explained Inga Koludrovic-Tomic, the author of the survey.

As far as men in the region are concerned, Slovenian men are a little better than Croats, almost 17 percent of them like to cook. However, Bosnian men are far worse that Croats, a miserly 5 percent of them cook.

Furthermore, Croats scored a better percentage when it comes to taking children to school (21%), taking children to a park to play (15%), whilst 10 percent of them do the homework with their children.

The Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia has celebrated their twentieth anniversary. Last weekend RIT Croatia marked twenty years of education in Croatia and former students from around the world joined in the party.

rit croatia 1

RIT Croatia started out in Dubrovnik under the name American College of Management and Technology and offered students the opportunity to obtain a US diploma which is recognised in the United States and all over the world. From the first day all course at RIT have been held in English and an emphasis was placed on practical problem solving.

Due to the high interest from students from all over the world a second campus in Zagreb was opened. The president and dean of RIT Croatia, Don Hudspeth, commented that around 30 percent of the students in Dubrovnik and Zagreb at the moment are international students.

rit croatia 3

rit croatia 4

rit croatia 5

The Croatian Adriatic is full of centuries-old stories that evidence the fate of numerous sailors and aviators who lost their lives in the depths.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the shores of the Adriatic every year to dive and discover such interesting stories, as well as pristine sea flora and fauna, enriched by almost 3,000 shipwrecks and aircraft that have been resting peacefully on the seabed for centuries.

Therefore, it is no wonder that diving tourism along with research and a peek into the depths of the Adriatic Sea has become a tourist hit, especially thanks to the fact that this closed sea once was the waterway from ancient Greece to Italy, as well as the scene of many naval battles.

''The tourist offer of our underwater treasure is not exploited enough; these are exhibits of the underwater museum whose best promoters are diving centres. Each of the exhibits has its own story, history, circumstances, and people are very interested in these things'', said Danijel Frka, an underwater researcher and writer.

It is interesting to note that the most numerous tourists who visit Croatia for its attractive diving locations are Germans, followed by the Poles, Hungarians, Italians and the Czechs.

''The Adriatic is a very attractive closed sea with history full of stories, tragedy and events divers like to explore. Wrecks attract people who like such historical stories, and this type of diving is a real hit everywhere around the world. For example, diving tourism is the leading industry in Malta. On the other hand, Croatia has all preconditions to make this type of tourist offer its greatest asset in the tourist promotion'', explained Zoran Ergovic, an experienced diving instructor.

Here is the list of the TOP 10 diving locations in Croatia:

1. ''Francesca da Rimini'' (shipwreck) near the island of Kaprije

2. ''Mirano'' (shipwreck) near Primosten

3. ''Vassilios T'' (shipwreck) near Komiza on the island of Vis

4. ''Teti'' (shipwreck) near Komiza on Vis

5. ''Brioni'' (shipwreck) near the island of Vis

6. ''B-17'' (airplane wreckage) near Vis

7. ''Ursus'' (shipwreck) near Vis

8. ''S-57'' (boat wreck) near the peninsula of Peljesac

9. An ancient merchant ship (shipwreck) near the island of Lastovo

10. An ancient ship with amphoras (shipwreck) near Cavtat.

Finding a parking space in Dubrovnik in the winter is tricky, but finding one in the summer months is nigh on impossible. This Italian driver on Sunday proved that you don't even need to find a space to park your car, just park right in front of the entrance and leave your keys on the dashboard.

dumb parking 3

There is just so much wrong with this driver's parking that we don't quite know where to start. Firstly she, yes it was an Italian tourist, parked right in the middle of the road blocking the whole car park. Secondly she parked right across a zebra crossing making it difficult for pedestrians to cross the road. Thirdly she parked right up against the steps making it impossible for prams to pass. And lastly she didn't even attempt to pay for her wild parking, although she did get a fine.

And yes she even left the keys on the dashboard. The car was open and by leaving the keys on the dashboard we think she expected some valet parking to move it to an empty spot.

According to a witness the car was parked from 10 in the morning to around 1 in the afternoon. In other words she was sipping her cappuccino on the Stradun whilst causing havoc.

dumb parking 2

Lokrum is truly a paradise island! With many beautiful views, it’s not so rare to see breathtaking photos made there, but the recent one from the Instagram profile eltonpaine really caught our eye. It shows a couple enjoying their holiday doing acroyoga, with a caption ‘’Acro play on holiday in beautiful Croatia’’. As you probably concluded from its name, acroyoga s a physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics.

Sea, stone and interesting acrobatics – that really sounds like a great holiday. It just shows that there are numerous ways to enjoy this beautiful island. If you are not so flexible, no worries, it’s as much enjoyable if you just walk around!


According to a report from the European Statistical office in 2016 Croatia was among the EU countries with the most expressive decline in house prices on a quarterly basis, whilst in general the EU recorded a fast growth in property prices.

House prices in Croatia, measured by the index of house prices, declined in the fourth quarter of 2016 by 0.6 percent in comparison to the previous three months when they rose by 1 percent.

The report also showed that apart from Croatia, the biggest decline in house prices was recorded in Denmark (1.5%) and Belgium (0.4%).

On the other hand, the biggest increase in house prices in the fourth quarter of 2016 compared to the previous three months, was recorded in Malta (6%), the Czech Republic (4.7%), and Cyprus (3.1%), said the report.

On the level of the European Union and the Eurozone, house prices rose in the last three months in 2016 by 0.8 percent. This was an indicator of an accelerated growth in comparison to the previous three months when the EU recorded an increase of 1.4 percent, whilst the Eurozone recorded an increase of 1.3 percent.

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