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With a new hotel and resort comes a new footpath as representatives of the investor and designer of the new Hotel Belvedere met with the Mayor of Dubrovnik this week. They presented a proposal for a new public promenade next to the Adriatic Sea that would be located on the hotel’s land but would be open for everyone to use.

The construction of the new public walkway will be funded by the hotel owner and the estimated value of the investment amounts to 350,000 Euros. The planned walkway would open a new part of the coastline to citizens as until now this seaside has been impossible to reach on foot.

When presenting the new plan, it was emphasized that the public walkway will have minimal impact on the existing coastal configuration and rock morphology and will, wherever possible, follow the natural lie of the land.

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Although the microchipping of dogs in Croatia has been in force since 2004 less than half of the registered dogs in the country actually have a microchip. This situation will soon change with the new Animal Protection Act which makes microchipping a legal obligation. All local governments are required, before the 30th of June 2018, to obtain and implement the microchip readers.

The Animal Friends Association informed all cities and municipalities about this news and urged them to provide funds for microchip control in the budget for next year and to produce a timely plan for its implementation. The legal obligation to label dogs with microchips has been in place since 2004 but now dog owners could face a 6,000 Kuna fine for failing to comply.

The law stipulates that the enforcement of the compulsory microchipping of dogs is to be carried out by communal officers, and the Animal Friends Association has proposed to local communities the recruitment of new communal officers who will, together with the existing ones, control and visit all households in their area.

The microchip contains a unique identification number that reveals the information about the pet owner (address, phone number, etc.) as well as basic animal information and information on castration, vaccination, etc. If dog owner loses their pet then a vet or shelter can identify the dog with the microchip and return it.


There is a new woman in my life. An unbelievably cute lady, or should I say young lady, that has completely stolen my heart. She sleeps on my pillow, goes wherever I go, sits on my lap, we simply adore one another. And before you start getting the wrong idea my wife knows about her and is absolutely fine with me having a younger woman, although it does bother her a little as I give this new love of my life much more attention than my wife. For those of you who haven’t yet worked out what I am talking about this new female is in fact a feline – a cat!

Yes, the Thomas Zoo has increased once again with the latest edition to the tribe a young kitten. She must be the cutest cat I have ever seen; she looks like she has just been doing a photo shoot for the new Whiskas cat food. We found her, or she found us, at the end of the summer. As the English would say she is the “runt of the litter.” But after a few months she became terribly sick, the once bouncy kitten limped along. “We have to take her to the vets,” I said to my wife. Now we are so often at the vets that we don’t bother making appointments anymore. If out vet had a loyalty card, like a Konzum card, we would have racked up so many points that we could buy dog food for the next century. “Oh, this one doesn’t look so good,” came the answer from the vet, not really the first reaction any pet owner wants to hear. “She has cat plague and a really bad case,” she added. This little kitten was draped over my hand like an old rag, lifeless and seemingly half dead. “We can try her on some antibiotics and infusions but I don’t give her much chance of survival – I would say around 20 percent,” she concluded. “20 percent is at least something,” ever the optimist I added.

It was a long journey. Infusions and infusions, drugs, tablets…this poor cat swallowed more drugs than a rock star. But slowly but surely she came back from the dead. Her mother had obviously rejected her, as had her the other kittens in the litter.

During this time of healing and medication we both became bonded. Everywhere I went she followed. I would drive her to the vets tucked down my jumper and during the bumpy ride she would fall asleep purring.

And this comes in a week when some idiot left nine boxes full of puppies and kittens in front of the Culture Home in Čilipi! An extremely ironic place to dump animals, whoever did this has no culture whatsoever. As Mark Twain once wrote ““The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.” And so our young kitten survived. Well not only survived but she has blossomed. She is a complete princess. She sleeps right next to my pillow, enjoys fluffy blankets and wants to be cuddled all day long. This has meant a temporary pause to our bedtime activities, if you understand what I mean.

Firstly, she sleeps between our pillows and secondly she demands all the attention. When we did try to, well get intimate, I felt her playing with my toe, which in the height of passion was a bucket of cold water on the fire. So for the time being we are living like monks and nuns. Note to self – I never want to be a monk! She is also clumsy. And being a cat she is curious, as they say curiosity killed the cat. There isn’t a hole, a cupboard or a corner of our house that she hasn’t discovered. Now one of the after effects of this terrible illness was that she has terrible balance. Her back legs look like they have been connected the wrong way round. It doesn’t hurt her but means that when she runs she looks like she’s doing an impression of Elvis Presley and her leaping skills are inaccurate. All this means that she never leaves the house. Probably because she feels insecure. She basically couldn’t escape from any predators. Not that there any tigers or lions roaming the plains of Zupa.

And while we are on the subject of Zupa when is someone going to open a vet surgery in Zupa? So I am writing this column with her sitting on my lap, she is my new laptop. A kitten is in the animal world what a rosebud is in the garden. She is purring blissfully unaware that she is the reason my fingers are bashing the keyboard. And her name, well what else could I name her but twenty.


During the action of enhanced surveillance of the driving speed in Dubrovnik that lasted from 6 am yesterday to 6 am today, 144 drivers were fined by police officers of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

The action was held on a total of 83 locations, where 351 vehicles were controlled and it included the maximum available number of traffic police officers who used all the available speed control devices. The highest speed ''award'' goes to driver that drove 104 km/h, measured on the state road D-8 in Bacina, Ploce.

Citizens were included in this action since they got the chance to suggest locations where the greater presence of the police and speed control is needed. All the suggestions were considered and will be used in the future actions too.

The Dubrovnik-Neretva Police continues with preventive-repressive activities aimed at reducing the number of traffic accidents. Next will be held during the Saturday night, when the control of intoxicated drivers will be increased.

Croats prefer walking to sitting in front of a TV or PC, whilst activities on social media they consider a complement to direct communication.

According to a survey carried out by MediaNet, Croats prefer sports and recreation in their leisure time as well as traditional ways of communicating with their friends.

Most of respondents (15,6%) prefer sports in their leisure time such as football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, running, hiking, yoga, pilates and dance. On the other hand, 11 percent of respondents declared that they like to read in leisure time, 8,6 percent of them prefer walking and being in nature, whilst 7,3 percent of respondents declared that they prefer sitting in front of a TV and watching sports, films, TV series and live broadcast of parliamentary sessions. The same percentage of respondents (7,3%) prefers gardening, activities and work related to a house etc.

Furthermore, the results of the MediaNet survey show that 38 percent of respondents communicate with their friends once a day or every other day personally or directly, whilst 33 percent of them communicate once or twice a week with their friends over the phone or meet them.

Around 45 percent of respondents communicate by phone every day, 23 percent do it once or twice a week, whilst 21 percent of respondents use the phone several times a day. However, communication through social networks does not seem to be a preferred way of communicating with close friends.

Apart from personal and phone contact, Facebook is the most commonly used form of communication for 21 percent of respondents. Around 30 percent of them use Twitter, whilst 14 percent of respondents prefer Viber while communicating with close friends.

Dubrovnik had even more of a 16th century this morning as a wooden galleon in full sails dropped anchor next to the historic city walls.

It was certainly an impressive sight and we can only presume that the galleon was being used as part of a filming or photo campaign. With this impressive ship at anchor next to the city and with no cruise ships or other modern boats in the vicinity Dubrovnik once again had a medieval feel.

galleon dubrovnik adriatic

dubrovnik old ship

The famous American blogger Ashley Colburn is an absolute fan of Croatia and a great promoter of the country she fell in love with.

After travelling around the globe and visiting 57 world countries, Colburn realized that there is no place like Croatia anywhere in the world. She likes to call Croatia ‘’her special home’’ which can be visited throughout the entire year.

Colburn already filmed two travel series on Croatia. She produced her first travel show ”WOW Croatia!” which was awarded Croatia’s Golden Pen award (Best U.S. media) and won an Emmy in 2010. Later, in September through December 2011, Ashley Colburn Production was in Croatia filming “Wonders of Croatia”, a 7 part travel series that covered the main tourist regions of the country.

click bait ashley


Recently, Colburn started as a columnist for a local newspaper thus for her first column she decided to write about the Croatian region where Croatian tourism starts – the Vukovar-Srijem County in eastern Slavonia.

The popular blogger is enchanted with nature and culture in this Slavonian county. She started her trip in the 8,000-year old city of Vinkovci, the oldest settlement in Europe where she visited the City Museum. Colburn also recommended travelling by boat on the Bosut River, a visit to Slavonian villages, a ride on a waterbus in Vukovar, a visit to the Vučedol Museum and the Eltz Palace as well as a visit to the town of Ilok, which is famous for its vineyards and wine cellars.


Located on the most frequented entrance into the Old City of Dubrovnik hundreds of thousands of people walk passed this iconic tree every day. A systematic inspection of the Plane tree on the Pile Gate in front of the Old City has been going on for the past few days.

The tree surgeons have given the Dubrovnik Plane tree the thumbs up and commented that it is in a god state of health. Some of the old and dead branches were cut away to remove the risk of them falling on passers-by. The health check was carried out by a private company from Zagreb along with assistance from the Forestry University from Zagreb.

tree surgeons dubrovnik

- This oriental plane tree has a beautifully developed crown. We have been working on reducing the load on the tree and to prevent possible breaks in the future. During the tomography and resistance tests it was found that tree has a healthy trunk that is not compromised by cavities inside – commented a representative of the tree surgeon company.

And the wood that was cut away will not be wasted, the plan is to make souvenirs from the branches that were cut off during the restoration process of this 200-year-old tree.

tree abseil dubrovnik

It might still be November but Dubrovnik is well and truly getting into the Christmas spirit.

The Dubrovnik Winter Festival opens on the 2nd of December and the decorations and festive lights are being installed around the city. The historic centre will have more than one Christmas tree this year and various lights across the Stradun.

Check out our photo gallery of the decorations in Dubrovnik so far…it is going to be a merry Christmas.

xmas decorations 2017 dbk

xmas 2017 fixing decorations

xmas tress 2017 on pile entrance

xmas tree catherdral

stradun 2017 xmas lights

traditional croatian christmas decorations

pile entrance 2017 christmas decorations

xmas comes to dubrovnik

xmas dubrovnik cat


rectors palace decorations


The Japanese air carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA) has introduced the Croatian capital of Zagreb as its new code-share destination.

In its current winter schedule from the 29th of October 2017 to the 24th of March 2018, ANA extended its code-share cooperation with the German national air carrier Lufthansa. Both airlines are members of one of the world’s largest airline associations - Star Alliance.

Through the extended code-share cooperation, the Japanese air carrier introduced Zagreb as its new destination, from Tokyo and Osaka with a transfer in Frankfurt and Munich on Lufthansa flights to Zagreb.

It is interesting to note that this summer the Japanese airline ANA operated charter flights from Japan to Dubrovnik for the second year in a row.

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