Wednesday, 28 October 2020

The European Union has made a historic step to fight the pollution of our seas by banning a number of plastic products. Single-use plastic products, such as straws, cotton buds and plastic spoons will be banned from 2021. In total ten plastic items will be banned from the members of the European Union.

After the vote was carried by 571-53 on Wednesday, the Member of the European Parliament (MEP) who proposed the bill, Frederique Ries, tweeted that it was "a victory for our oceans, for the environment and for future generations."

Before the bill can become law it must be ratified by the member states.

Along with the ban on plastic products the bill also obliges EU members to recycle 90 percent of plastic bottles by 2025.

The World Economic Forum estimates that there are about 150 million tons of plastic in the world's seas. A study published in Science in 2015 suggested that between five and 13 million tons more are flowing into them every year.

Bradley Cooper in the new movie A Star is Born is breaking box office records and winning accolades from audiences.

Starring alongside Lady Gaga the Hollywood heartthrob plays a musician who falls in love with a younger singer played by Lady Gaga.

And Bradley Cooper isn’t a stranger to Croatia. Back in 2001 the then baby-faced Cooper visited the Dalmatian coastline to film for the “Treks in a Wild World” show. He kayaked in the Adriatic Sea, went sailing in a national park and tried his hand at spear fishing. However, he refused to go naked in Croatia as he was supposed to interview a nudist on one of the nudist beaches in Croatia and decided to turn down the opportunity.


Cooper turning down the chance to get naked in Croatia - Screenshot 

Speaking in 2011 Cooper said with a smile that “I remember thinking what if one day by chance I actually become a working actor and this tape of me is out hanging out with a naked dude and chatting for twenty minutes.” In fact, this adventure show was Copper’s first break onto the screen.

The episode was entitled “Sailing the Croatian Coast” and you can check out Cooper’s nautical adventure in the video below.

Young Croatian tennis player Borna Coric is making Croatia proud at the tennis court but also on the social media. This 21-year-old raising star didn't let fame get to his head, even though he's really successful, and now has proven it on Twitter.

- Is there any chance to get a tickets for @ErsteBankOpen friday/saturday?Me and my friend are crazy about tennis but cant afford it..would be soo grateful – one of the tennis fans wrote on Twitter, tagging Borna Coric and a few other tennis players.

Borna responded quickly.

- I will leave you 2 tickets for friday.. just tell me to whose name. they will wait for you on the will call, don't forget your ID – Coric wrote and absolutely delighted his fans.

What a great gesture!

The state owned ferry company, Jadrolinija, has launched a new catamaran that will enhance the fleet for the coming seasons.

The new fast ferry, named Jelena, was launched in Rijeka this week and will be used in the future to connect islands in the central Dalmatian region with the mainland. At a cost of 11.5 million Euros the new catamaran was constructed in the Damen shipyard.

With a top speed of an impressive 40 knots and able to carry 402 passengers the catamaran has two lounge areas and a café bar on board and is the 51st ship in the Jadrolinija fleet.

After numerous days full of sunshine, it seems that it's now time for autumn rain. Thursday and Friday should still be sunny and pleasant, however the weekend brings a change – according to the weather report of the Croatian famous meteorologist Zoran Vakula.

A lot of rain is expected on the Adriatic, with frequent heavy rainfall followed by thunder, especially from Saturday to Monday. There’s even a chance of record amounts of rain for October. In addition to rain, strong and stormy south winds are expected too.

However, that doesn't mean that it will be colder, quite the contrary. Above-average heat in the next few days will further increase in most of Croatia, making this October even more closer to the hottest in the history of measurement.

"Last year investments totalled about €1.8 billion, and this year the amount will climb to €2 billion, which means that this year Croatia will have the highest investments yet in a single year. This way, we are set to achieve economic growth," commented the Prime Minister, Andrej Plenkovic, yesterday.

He also praised the country’s tourism industry, which makes up around 20 percent of the country’s GDP and described it as “one of the key branches for Croatia’s economic development.”

"This year, Croatia will have a record breaking and the most successful tourist season so far. We expect that by the end of the year there will have been about 19.5 million tourist arrivals, 106 million bed nights, which will translate to revenues of more than €12 billion,” added the Prime Minister.

During the public bidding procedure for the purchase of 355,520 shares in the state owned hotel resort chain Maestral Hotel three offers were submitted by J & T IB CAPITAL MARKETS from Prague, ECO INVESTMENT also from Prague and PND Strategija Ltd. From Zagreb.

The company J & T IB CAPITAL MARKETS offered a price of 145.9 million Kuna, ECO INVESTMENT offered a price of 141 million Kuna, while the highest price was offered by the company PND Strategija Ltd in the amount of 153.5 million Kuna. The owner of the company PND Strategy is Danko Ćorić, one of the richest Croats who this year sold the controlling stake in the sports betting company Super Sport.

Back in August the government issued a public invitation to collect binding bids for the purchase of 68.94 percent of the parent company of Dubrovnik Hotel Maestral at the initial price of HRK 126.8 million.

The hotel chain, Hotels Maestral, is the last major hotel resort in Croatia in the majority state ownership, and for the fifth consecutive year they have operated with a net profit. This hotel chain has been offered for sale numerous times but as yet is still waiting privatisation. Hotels Maestral consists of five hotels in the Bay of Lapad in prime position and although the hotels have been recording a profit they are all in need of investment.

As work continues on the new border crossing from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina at Brgat in Župa the construction company have announced that tomorrow, the 25th of October, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm the road will be closed.

The works tomorrow will involve mining of the rock face to open more space for the border construction so during this time the road, D-223, will be closed for all traffic and drivers are advised to find alternative routes.

The Croatian populist party Zivi Zid (Human Shield) has confirmed that they have met with the Italy political party Five Star Movement but deny meeting American political strategist Steve Bannon. The media had speculated that leaders of the opposition party had met with the right-wing media mogul Bannon possibly to discuss the upcoming European Parliament elections in May next year. However, this claim has now been denied by the party leaders.

They did confirm that they made contacts with the Italy's populist Five Star Movement, which Zivi Zid described as an anti-establishment and "anti-imperialist" party, and announced intentions to cooperate with them.

Earlier this year, Zivi Zid leader Ivan Vilibor Sincic said that his party was preparing for the European Parliament election due in May 2019.

"I am glad to see movements and parties emerging across Europe that question the present structure of the EU and its survival. We have been invited to visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg in early October by one of the deputy speakers of the European Parliament, Mr Fabio Massimo Castaldo, an Italian MP from the Five Star Movement, a party that is ideologically very close to us. We will talk about Europe's future," Sincic said in September.

Croatia now has an official “First Dog” after the President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, adopted Kika from an animal shelter.

During a visit to the animal shelter in Virovitica the President fell in love with Kika, a labrador and terrier mix, and immediately made the decision to adopt the dog as the official dog of the President’s Office. And today Kika arrived in her new home complete with a purpose built kennel.


The six-month-old Kika has had a full veterinary check-up and has become the First Croatian Dog.

As confirmed by the head of state, she will pay for food, vet controls and everything that is needed for Kika from her own pocket.


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