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The sweetest party of the year, the Cake Party, will be held for the tenth time this year on Saturday, December 9th. This event is organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and it offers, as you could guess, a lot of cakes! The sweet delights are donated by the media houses, as well as the restaurants, hotels, etc.

This is one of the favourite events of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival, since everyone is invited to buy a piece (or two) of cake, all for good cause! Every year the Tourist Board picks an association and donates all the collected money.

The party will take place in front of Saint Blasius Church at 10 am. Don't be late because the cakes disappear fast!
Last year this event was a great success since over 830 pieces of cake were sold and 13 thousand Kunas was collected.

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‘’A meeting of 16 Eastern and Central European countries (CEEC) with China was very important to Croatia for positioning in relations with this world superpower which, in recent years, has shown an interest in investing in this part of Europe’’, commented Andrej Plenković, the Croatian Prime Minister at the China-CEEC forum held in Budapest a few days ago.

Plenković also added that key spheres of Croatia’s interest are infrastructure, ports and especially tourism, which recorded a significant increase in the number of arrivals of Chinese tourists this year.

‘’Next year, probably in the spring, Dubrovnik will host a meeting of tourism ministers in the form 16+1 and China in order to confirm the interest of Chinese investors in Croatian tourism and position ourselves’’, explained the Prime Minister. He also added that the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) will open its office in Shanghai this week, which is another signal for ‘improving the overall trade exchange’’ which has significantly increased over the past years.

According to information, China has agreed to invest an amount of 30 million Euros in the popular Croatian thermal spa Krapinske Toplice, whilst the Chinese company Camel will invest the same amount in Rimac Automobili, the Croatian manufacturer of high-performance electric cars.

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Beluga caviar is one of the most famous, most luxurious and most expensive types of caviar in the world, with a price of stunning 80,000 Kunas per kilogram or more than 10,000 Euros per kilo.

The fact that this popular delicacy has its fans in Croatia was confirmed seven years ago when, despite its ever-astronomic price, beluga caviar was sold out in a delicacy shop in Zagreb at a price of 2,442 Kunas per 30-gram jar full of this luxurious delicacy.

However, good news for Croatian beluga caviar fans is on the horizon. The Ribnjačarstvo Poljana farm fish in the Požega-Slavonia County has been farming fish in ecologically intact environment for years. Recently they came up with an idea to farm the beluga sturgeon ‘Huso huso’ and produce beluga caviar of the highest quality.

With a 115-year long tradition of freshwater fish farming, this Croatian company has both, the knowledge and the courage to engage in such a project. The whole idea was sparked by an interesting lecture about the sturgeon farming and the production of caviar at the International Conference on Aquaculture held in Vukovar two years ago.

The Queen of Water or the Gentle Giant, as people call it endearingly, the beluga sturgeon or ‘Huso huso’ can reach up to seven metres in length and around one tonne and a half in weight in its best years. However, it is less known that this living fossil, protected by the CITES convention as a critically endangered species, once lived in Croatia in the waters of Danube, Sava and Drava Rivers, thus its farming, as it is conceived by Ribnjačarstvo Poljana, would surely save this valued fish from extinction.

Advent in Zagreb brings a special surprise for all the dog owners and their pets. Store Hov-Hov Zagreb will open its restaurant, the first dog restaurant in Zagreb!

This offer brings irresistible and healthy muffins, brownies, pretzels, cakes and many other dishes, all adapted for dogs.

Treat your dog with a special dog cake with fresh game meat, vegetables, glazed with coconut or buy some special Christmas canned food. The offer also brings Advent Calendars for dogs, clothes and fashion accessories from Croatian brand ‘Dawg Swag’, toys made from recycled materials and specially prepared Christmas packages, which will delight your puppies on the Christmas morning.

This is one more reason to visit well-known Advent in Zagreb, especially if you want to bring your pet with you (and we know you do)!

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One of the most dangerous blackspots on the main coastal road from Dubrovnik to the airport will soon have a safer passage for pedestrians. In the village of Mlini, in the borough of Zupa, a section of road with bus stops on either side is the main route for pedestrians to get to the beach.

Over the last few years this region has been becoming more and more popular with foreign guests and the number of private apartments has grown. This has meant this small section of road has hundreds of tourists, often with young children, taking their lives in their hands trying to run across this busy road.

The Municipality of Zupa have announced that a subway will now be built under main road in Mlini and that this should be finished by 2019. The Municipality has apparently reacted to a public demand as well as pressure from the Traffic Safety Association. The association reacted that they are “extremely satisfied with the cooperation with the municipality.”

After making all the necessary documentation the subway is expected to be constructed in 2019.

subway in zupa

New subway in Mlini 



Once again Game of Thrones and Star Wars have brought international recognition and publicity to Dubrovnik. One of the largest TV networks in the Philippines, GMA Network, is currently filming a show about Dubrovnik’s role as the location for these two mega productions.

GMA Network was founded in 1950 as a radio station and moved into television in 1961. The TV network is extremely popular in the Philippines and the combination of Dubrovnik and Game of Thrones and Star Wars should mean that more tourists from the region will visit in the future.

The show had wanted to film Star Wars cosplay characters in Dubrovnik, such as Darth Vader and Storm troopers, to add to the overall image. The locations of these two popular productions will feature as well as the landmarks of the city.

A rather unusual winter guest landed in Dubrovnik yesterday, and it wasn’t through Dubrovnik Airport. A egret (a stork like bird) was spotted in the suburb of Lapad and immediately found its photo on Facebook.

The snow-white coloured bird is not a stranger to northern and eastern Croatia but seeing one in the far south is relatively rare. Maybe the strong northerly winds that have been buffeting the region blew this bird of course, we wish it well for the rest of the its journey.

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Direct flights from Dubrovnik to the picturesque capital of Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, will be open up an interesting new excursion destination for tourists and locals in the city. The Slovenian national air carrier Adria Airways will operate regular flights from Slovenia to Croatia in its summer schedule – from Ljubljana to Brac and Dubrovnik – writes Avioradar.

The new line Ljubljana-Brac will fly twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from April 28th to the 27th of October. The second line, Ljubljana to Dubrovnik, will operate twice a week too, on Wednesdays and Fridays, from April 27th to October 26th next year.

The last Adria line that flew from Ljubljana to Brac was back in the 1990's. And when it comes to Dubrovnik, Adria will make a return after 14 years! The last time the regular line existed was back in 2004.

Croatia’s entry into the European Union as a full member in 2013 has certainly brought with it summits and valleys. Without a doubt one of the most concerning factors has been the exodus of Croatian workers abroad. It is estimated that over the past few years over 200,000 people have left Croatia. And the most qualified professionals in the country are the most sought after by head-hunters from the EU.

Around 1,300 Croatian doctors have all the documentation they require to work in another EU country and until now 520 doctors have actually left. The most attractive destinations for Croatian doctors are Ireland, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Around 200 Croatian doctors are currently working in the UK. Exact figures show that there are 99 specialists, 8 GP’s, 75 without specialist experience and 7 with completed specialist experience.

However, after the Brexit referendum Great Britain is slowly becoming a much less attractive destination for foreign doctors. According to information from the British Medical Association half of the foreign doctors currently working in the UK are thinking of leaving after Brexit comes into force. One of the main reasons for leaving is the fear that salaries will fall as the pound drops in value to the Euro.

Dr. Ante Marušić spent three years working in Chester before returning to Zagreb to continue his career this year. “After the European referendum it seems to me that foreign workers are more nervous about their status in the future,” commented to the Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List. Adding that the reason he left the UK was not connected to Brexit but that after three years he had gained enough experience.

The number of Croatian doctors in the UK is relatively small when compared to other countries. Latest data shows that there are 261,820 doctors in the UK of which 177,376 are British. Of this foreign contingent only 23,000 are from European Union countries, with the most from Poland (2,226), Hungary (1,525) and the Czech Republic (1,335). The fear of Brexit and its consequences has left Croatian doctors looking to Ireland and Sweden as possible destinations.

Over the past ten years in Croatia the number of public libraries has risen whilst the number of books actually lent in the country has fallen.

Reading seems to be going out of fashion in Croatia, in 2007 there were 1.396,148 people registered as members of libraries, whilst in 2016 this number had fallen to 1.309,484. But by far the most alarming information from the Croatian Statistical Centre is the number of books actually borrowed. In 2007 an impressive 20.2 million books were lent out by Croatian public libraries.

However, in 2016 this number had almost halved to 11.4 million. Are all Croatians reading on electronic devices such as Kindles? And even thought the number of lent books halved the number of public libraries increased, from 1,685 in 2007 to 1,768 in 2016.

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