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Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik organizes professional guidance through the current exhibition ‘Vanishing point’ on Saturday, March 10th, at 10 am with guaranteed refreshment.

After the great reactions to the new program, MOMA Dubrovnik decided to continue with this project in the next couple of months. This is the last chance to see the exhibition 'Vanishing point' since it is opened until Sunday, March 11th. 

‘Saturday coffee at the MOMA Dubrovnik’ is a novelty with which this museum wants to reach to the locals and their guests, by giving them a different experience of a cultural institution. This kind of interaction with visitors is planned once a month.

On Saturday, March 10th, curator of the exhibition Jelena Tamindzija will take all visitors on the journey through the current exhibition by one of the world's most famous photographers, Ahmet Ertuğ.

The importance of this exhibition is also expressed by the fact that it was listed among the 5 most significant and most anticipated world exhibitions in the 2018 edition of Turkish Airlines magazine, along with exhibitions placed in London, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Tokyo.

For the exhibition in Dubrovnik, the Turkish photographer introduced 20 large format images (225 x 180 cm) of interior shot in Italy and Dubrovnik.

After expert guidance, all visitors will be able to refresh themselves with coffee and juices and enjoy the amazing view from the terrace of MOMA Dubrovnik.

After yesterday's very successful presentation of the Croatian tourist offer during the first day of the ITB travel fair in Berlin, numerous promotional activities and important meetings with key international partners were held today during the second day of the largest world tourism fair.

The Croatian delegation was led by the Minister of Tourism, Gari Cappelli, and with the Director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, and they met Sebastian Münzenmaier, the President of the German Bundestag Tourism Board, who visited the Croatian booth and praised the new design and concept of the Croatian Tourism Association and added that Croatia is a very popular and sought after destination among German tourists.

During the first two days of the fair, numerous meetings were held with key partners including Jet2com, TUI, Federal Tourism Association (BTW), Expedia, Olimar, Germania, Eurowings, Condor, Thomas Cook Germany and others.

Staničić pointed out that all of the key partners had concluded last year with excellent results, which is why they announced the extension of the 2018 program. "Croatia is a very sought-after destination in the German market, and in line with the plans presented by the largest partners in the German market, we expect to keep positive trends in 2018,” said the Director of the national tourist board.

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Adding that airlines have a key role and announced that new flights from major airlines would be introduced as well as the increase of the rotation of existing flights. New flights to Zadar, Rijeka, Pula, Split and Dubrovnik have been announced by a number of airline companies such as easyJet, Eurowings, Ryanair, Lufthansa, Condor and many more. Minister Cappeli emphasized that tourism is the driver of the economic system because of the opportunities it creates for new investments and softening diplomatic ties. "Such events are a great opportunity for meeting different stakeholders in tourism, from tour operators and airlines to representatives of political institutions for tourism, as well as for holding meetings with interested foreign investors,” commented the Minister.

Jet2com's representatives stressed that they have more than 40 flights a week to Croatia, and that they have achieved excellent results and increased traffic over the past year to destinations such as Dubrovnik (+ 26%) and Split (+ 36%).

Condor's representatives presented new lines from Frankfurt to Zadar and Rijeka, and from Dusseldorf to Split, which will also connect with Hannover. Eurowings in the summer of 2018 will boost operations from Germany to Dubrovnik, from Düsseldorf, Hannover, Berlin, Cologne (Bonn), Munich and Stuttgart. There is easyJet's new line connecting Zadar and Berlin, and although they already have a line from Berlin's Schönefeld airport to Pula, they are introducing a new line linking Pula to another airport - Tegel.

Lufthansa announced a new line in Zadar - Frankfurt in 2018, as well as an increase in operations to Pula, while Ryanair has announced earlier three new lines from Frankfurt to Pula, Rijeka and Zadar and the Zadar - Bremen line.

The European Statistical office (Eurostat) has released data according to which women in the European Union on the average are less paid than men.

The data shows that in 2016 women in the EU were on the average 16,2 percent less paid than their male colleagues i.e. on the average they earned 84 Eurocents for every Euro per hour men were paid.

Among EU member countries, in 2016, the gender difference in pay ranged from more than 5 percent in Romania and Italy, 22 percent in the Czech Republic and Germany to more than 25 percent in Estonia, showed the Eurostat data released on marking the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March 2018.

According to Eurostat data from 2014, in Croatia the gender difference in pay was 8,7 percent. Thus, the country was listed among EU countries with the gender gap in pay of less than 10 percent such as Romania (5,2%), Italy (5,3%), Luxembourg (5,5%), Belgium (6,1%), Poland (7,2%) and Slovenia (7,8%).

On the other hand, the group of EU member countries with big gender difference in pay was headed by Estonia (25,3%), the Czech Republic (21,8%), Germany (21,5%), Great Britain (21%), Austria (20,1%).

At EU level, the gender gap in pay from 2011 to 2016 was slightly reduced by 0,6 percentage points, the report said.
In comparison to 2011, the gender difference in pay was reduced in most of EU member countries such as Romania (4,4 percentage points) and Hungary (4 percentage points) followed by Spain and Austria (3,4 percentage points), Belgium (3,3 percentage points) and the Netherlands (3 percentage points).

On the other hand, this difference increased in ten EU member countries, most in Portugal (4,6 percentage points) and Slovenia (4,5 percentage points).

When it comes to Croatia, the gender gap in pay increased by 3 percentage points, from 5,7 percent in 2010 to 8,7 percent in 2014, showed the data from Eurostat.

The Dubrovnik Times has teamed up with the specialised Dubrovnik real estate agency Krešić Properties to bring you a selection of interesting properties in and the around the Dubrovnik region. Over the next few months we will feature a property every two-weeks, from stone cottages, seaside villas, apartments and luxury retreats. Whether you are after that Adriatic home of your dreams or looking to move into renting property this is the feature for you.

A traditional old stone house that has been lovingly renovated in the picturesque seaside destination of Cavtat. With spectacular views over the Adriatic Sea and the terracotta roofs of historic Cavtat this is an ideal opportunity to discover your place in the sun. The house was extensively renovated 10 years ago and could be an ideal holiday home or as a long-term base.

cavtat property 1

Close enough to Dubrovnik to be handy and yet far enough way to be tranquil during the summer months Cavtat is one of the most glorious coastal towns in the Dubrovnik region.

This charming stone home is spread out over 150 metre squared and contains three spacious bedrooms. Over two floors this fully air-conditioned house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large open-plan kitchen with a roomy living and dining area. The interior design is warm and welcoming and includes many aspects and touches of Mediterranean life and culture.

cavtat property 3

And life “al fresco” is simple with a large outside terrace as well as a dedicated barbecue area on another terrace. The stone house also includes a garage and parking spaces.

cavtat property 4

It location is the key. With many restaurants and café bars within walking distance, as is the sea, the panoramic views over the turquoise Adriatic and its vicinity to the vibrant ancient city of Dubrovnik all provide for a home with style.

The series continues in two weeks’ time with another stunning Dubrovnik property.

Interested in more info on this property contact Krešić Properties

Key features
Location - Cavtat
Price - € 370,000.00
Living area - 150 m2
Number of bedrooms - 3

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According to the latest statistics of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA), when it comes to German economy Croatian citizens are probably the most cost-effective foreign workers in this most powerful European country.

Slightly more than 160,000 Croatian citizens are registered with the German Federal Employment Agency (BA). Data shows that over the past four years there was a huge immigrant wave from Croatia to Germany and that around 80,000 Croatian workers were registered in 2014.

The unemployment rate among Croatian nationals in Germany is 5,6 percent, which is at the same level as the German unemployment rate (5,6%), however, much lower in comparison to immigrants from other countries (14%).

Considering the total number of Croatian nationals in Germany, around 59 percent of them are employed in comparison to 61 percent of employed Germans. In this category, Croats are far above the average employment rate of foreign nationals in Germany (41%).

When it comes to the social services provided by the country to which all citizens are entitled to, Croats use them for 5,6 percent, which is less than Germans (6,9%). Only Hungarians use social benefits less than Croatians (4,3%), whilst around 64 percent of refugees use social services provided by the German state.

National park Plitvice is always wonderful but low temperatures have turned it into real winter wonderland. Everybody that got a chance to visit the park during the cold days had to take a photo and publish their memory on social media, so Instagram was full of mesmerizing photos of frozen waterfalls. 

This was a perfect opportunity for photographers to take some breathtaking photographs and one of them, Goran Safarek, decided to make a video. Words can’t describe how beautiful it is, so take a look and enjoy it.

The Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board performs at the most important world tourism fair – ITB in Berlin, held from March 7th to 11th. 

They are located at the stand of Croatian Tourist Board, which presents its new appearance at this fair. New look of the Croatian stand is easy, open and functional and includes designer furniture of Croatian production. 

The last two days of the fair are open to the public, while others are held for the business audience. Approximately 7,500 exhibitors are expected from nearly 200 countries around the world on 160 thousand square feet, and there should be more than 120 thousand business visitors.

ITB Berlin tourist fair is really important when it comes to business meetings and it’s a really great source of information about tourism trends.



A few days ago, the last delivery of the steel gates to save Venice from high waters set off from a Croatian shipyard.

Almost four years ago, in a strong international competition of many shipbuilders and manufacturers of steel structures, the Croatian shipyard Brodosplit was selected to participate in one of the largest construction projects in Italy's history.

The project ''Mose'' (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico) worth more than 7 billion Euros is a project of protecting Venice from flooding. The Italian city usually floods fifty times a year, mostly in autumn and winter months, whilst every fifth year the entire city slightly sinks under the sea surface.

The Italian architectural and construction consortium Venezia Nuova selected the Croatian shipyard for construction of 63 steel gates in order to protect Venice from big problems caused by high tides.

‘’The Mose System – Constructing with nature, saving Venezia’’ project envisaged the gates to be installed at the Lido Tre Porti, Malamocco, Chioggia and Lido San Nicolo inlets situated between the sea and the Venice Lagoon. Thus, the main aim is to close all four canals just before the tide comes from the open sea. The project predicted the installation of 78 gates with a life span of around 100 years.

The steel gates are constructed as special reservoirs filled with air, i.e. water. When filled with water the gates rest at the sea bottom, but when the tide approaches, they are filled with air and lifted towards the sea surface in order to close the entrances to the Venice Lagoon. When the danger passes, the air is pumped out of the gates, which are then filled with water again and placed on the seabed.

Therefore, Brodosplit has delivered 63 gates of dimensions 27-30 x 20 metres, 4-5 metres in height and approx. 300 tonnes in weight. This deal is worth more than 75 million Euros and includes 20,000 tonnes of built-in steel with other corrosion protection, final equipment and transport works.

‘’Brodosplit workers are extremely proud of this project because it is achieved in the strong international competition of many shipbuilders and manufacturers of steel structures. Brodosplit will remain permanently on the list of companies that participated in one of the largest construction projects in history of Italy and contributed to saving Venice from major problems caused by high tides’’, said from Brodosplit.

It might seem like a slightly harsh language, not as melodic as Italian or as soft as English, but it would seem that is also sexy. The website Dating Beyond Borders has produced a rather fun video entitled Sexiest Slavic Language and from the reactions it would appear that Croatian is surprisingly attractive.

The website gathered native speakers from Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic and Tony from Croatia bowled over the two ladies.

As he spoke Croatian the first lady answered “Wow, my god I’m getting Goosebumps,” and the second was just as impressed reacting with “I love you from the bottom of my heart.”

Check out this fun video

The high south winds that battered Dubrovnik yesterday caused a rather unfortunate accident in the parking of the Dubrovnik General Hospital yesterday.

A huge pine tree crashed down on two parked cars in the hospital grounds and inside one of the vehicles was a female passenger. The Dubrovnik Fire Brigade were called and three emergency vehicles arrived on the scene. The firemen managed to rescue the lady from her car and fortunately she didn’t suffer any injuries.

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