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For some reason the amount of illegal campers in Dubrovnik this year has exploded. It seems that not a day goes by without another article or photograph of tourists setting up camp in strange positions.

This latest photo was taken on the main road to the Babin Kuk peninsular, ironically around 250 metres from this latest illegal camp is a perfectly legal camp-site. This busy road surely didn’t offer much of a peaceful night’s sleep for these tourists, especially as it is also a busy bus route.

The police seem slow to react to these wild campers around the city and as one citizen commented to The Dubrovnik Times, “I am not so worried about where they sleep I am more worried where they are going to the toilet.”

“As far as the Pelješac Bridge is concerned, I think that the Government of the Republic of Croatia was quite clear, and I said it a few days ago. Not only is the construction project of the Pelješac Bridge continuing, but we have secured 357 million Euros,” commented the Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković.

He was responding to a recent interview by Bakir Izetbegović, a Bosnian political and member of tripartite Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who said the Pelješac Bridge should not go ahead before the maritime border between the two countries is defined and ensures undisturbed access to the open sea.

The Croatian Prime Minister reiterated that he was addressing the topic dialogue with all neighbouring countries, and that they discussed this point at a joint session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the BiH Council of Ministers in Sarajevo in early July.

"If anything needs to be explained, we will explain to our all neighbours. However, the technical features of the bridge are such that they provide a secure passage for all types of vessels,” said Prime Minister Plenkovic. He added that "I expect that we will soon have a direct link between the south of Croatia and the rest of Croatia with the Pelješac Bridge.”

Father Christmas has come to Dubrovnik early this year...and he looks a bit worse for wear. A reader of The Dubrovnik Times sent us this photo last night of Santa Claus in plus thirty degrees.

This character has spent all summer (and quite possibly all year) dressed in some form of Christmas gear, he is now famous in the city for his all-year-round Santa style. We dread to think how warm he is under that Christmas hat and long Santa beard.

To those who love hiking and enjoying beautiful landscapes as well as the numerous ''Lord of the Rings'' fans, the Croatian mountain of Velebit will soon introduce a new offer.

After the first sequel of the popular blockbuster ''Lord of the Rings'' conquered the world, people around the globe simply fell in love with the Hobbit lifestyle. Their round, warm and cosy houses instantly became a hit, whilst many hospitality managers seized this opportunity to enrich their accommodation offer with these facilities.

This trend has finally come to Croatia. The Velebit camp has its own Crobbiton, as owners of the camp call it. Crobbiton consists of five houses decorated in a way that every real Hobbit as well as any other creature from Middle-earth can move in right away.

As far as accommodation is concerned, the camp offers three houses for two persons and two houses for four to six persons. The price for accommodation in small houses is 30 Euros, whilst the price for larger houses is 90 Euros per night. Each of them is furnished with beds and shelves, and soon will be wired for electricity.

hobbit hotel croatia

The Crobbit houses are actually hand-made small wooden bungalows with only one room that is furnished with beds and shelves and has round doors and windows.

Construction of the houses is interesting; firstly, the big holes were excavated in which the bungalows were built, and then they were covered with soil in order to create the thermal mass effect. This means that during the summer it will be quite fresh inside, whilst in the winter, the bungalow will keep you warm.

In addition, the roofs of the houses are all covered with grass and flowers in order to preserve the green area. The houses are ideal for children, for whom it is very exciting to sleep in a different type of accommodation.

If you were wondering why the streets of Dubrovnik aren't as busy as they normally are at this time of year, it’s a public holiday in Croatia today.

The 15th of August is the Assumption of Mary a Catholic holiday in many countries in the world. In Europe today is not only a public holiday in Croatia but also in Belgium, Austria, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

The Assumption is important to many Catholic and Orthodox Christians as the Virgin Mary's heavenly birthday (the day that Mary was received into heaven).

For a full list of the public holidays in Croatia see this link

The champions of the 2017 Dubrovnik Wild League are Fun H20 from Mlini. In front of a packed and boisterous crowd in the harbour of the Old City of Dubrovnik the 2017 was held between Fun H20 from Mlini and Elite.

And after a tough and tight match Fun H20 won 6:5. Elite were the former holders of the title after winning the final last year against Fun H20. And the two strongest amateur water polo teams in the Dubrovnik region once again fought out the final but this year the team from Mlini came out on top.

The cup was handed to the team on the steps of the St. Blaise Church in the centre of the city and huge crowds turned out to watch.

Congratulations to Fun H20.

Fun H20 champions of Dubrovnik Wild League for 2017 2

Champions for 2017 

The British air carrier Thomas Cook Airlines has announced a new flight from London's Gatwick to Split in 2018.

The new flight in Thomas Cook Airlines summer schedule for 2018 will be operated twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays from the 14th of May to the 4th of October 2018.

The British air carrier also plans to boost this year's new flight Split-Manchester. Apart from two flights a week, on Mondays and Fridays, Thomas Cook Airlines has announced the third additional flight that will be operated on Thursdays. This flight will start operating a week earlier from the 5th of May and end a week later on the 12th of October 2018.

You don’t have to stay inside the City Walls if you want to have fun. Dubrovnik Tourist Board brings summer events for this week on the islands of Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan, as well as in Zaton. Here is the list:

Monday, 14 August,
9:30 pm Donje Čelo, on the seaside promenade

Monday, 14 August,
9:00 pm St. Nicolas Church
AIDA I MILO KRILANOVIĆ – mezzosoprano, piano

Tuesday, 15 August,
10:00 pm Šunj beach,

Wednesday, 16 August,
Grand beach, 9:00 pm

Friday, 18 August,
9:00 pm St. Nicolas Church

Thursday, 17 August,
09:30 pm on the Suđurađ seaside promenade

Sunday, 20 August,
9:00 pm Zaton Veliki

Agjamal – Croatian luxurious swimsuits line found its way to Dubrovnik. Martina Kuntic, a designer from Krizevci, decided to do photo book not only in America, but also in the most beautiful town in the world, with the title “Dubrovnik Agjamal Girl.”



The photo shoot lasted for three days in various locations: the Trsteno Arboretum, Pasjaca in Konavle, on the mountain of Srd, ACI marina and on a yacht in front of the Old City.
The model was Ana Kurtovic from Orebic and photos were taken by photographer Slavko Svagelj.

 de- Dubrovnik is a beautiful city and has amazing locations for photo shootings. We enjoyed those three days and it was wonderful. We will be happy to come again, we have a lot of inquires and are ready for new business adventures – commented the photographer.

When it comes to Agjamal, each bathing suit and dress is designed with love and carefully handmade. As a fashion designer, Martina Kuntic caters to women's tastes for elegance by creating unique glamorous evening dresses and luxury beach party swimsuits.


According to the latest information from Jadrolinija, the concept of a new ship for better connection of the outer Croatian islands with the mainland has been completed.

The largest Croatian passenger and car transport company Jadrolinija engaged the Polish company ''Remontowa Marine Design&Consulting'' to make a draft of the project documentation following a public tender. Thus, the Polish engineers designed a 120-metre long ferry with a payload of 10,000 tonnes, whilst this new investment is estimated at 50 million Euros.

The new ship with a capacity for 1,500 passengers and 220 vehicles will the most powerful ferry in the current Jadrolinija's white fleet. The ferry with four diesel engines and the top speed of 19 knots will also have two saloons for passengers and three sun lounges, as well as a children's playroom.

''The exterior appearance of the ferry is characterized by modern lines and traditional colours of Jadrolinija. The concept represents the latest achievements of technology and modern passenger comfort. The main goal is to make this ferry capable to sail in the harsh conditions on the open sea and to connect destinations where sailing would last five to six hours with several embarks and disembarks of passengers'', stated the national shipping company.

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