Friday, 10 July 2020

The superyacht, 77-meter-long luxurios "Tango", owned by one of the most powerful Russian billionaires, Viktor Vekselberg, has once again arrived in the Dubrovnik.

The yacht was spotted in the Port of Gruz by Dubrovacki vjesnik and it truly attracts attention, more with its grace than its size, since there are many larger yachts than Tango. But only a few luxury boats have a large open cinema and a deck pool that, when closed, easily turns into a helicopter landing platform. Inside the yacht there is a spa, sauna, gym, large dining room and living room with piano. There are also several auxiliary boats, tenders and speedboats, as well as jet-ski boats for the entertainment of owners and guests.

The yacht was built in the famous Dutch shipyard "Royal Van Lent", and has cabins for only 14 selected passengers and of course, for the owner, who has bought a villa in Stikovica, and truly became a frequent guest of Dubrovnik. Vekselberg is also the owner of the famous hotel "Belvedere", for which the date of renovation is still unknown.

The thirteenth International Festival of Opera Arias "Tino Pattiera" continues on Friday, July 3rd with a concert of the most beautiful opera arias and overtures by great composers, which will be held in front of the Cathedral. The concert starts at 9 pm.

The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by its chief conductor Marc Tardue, while two renowned opera divas will perform as soloists. These are one of the leading Croatian-Slovenian sopranos today, with performances throughout Europe, Japan and South America - Martina Zadro and our celebrated mezzo-soprano, national champion of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, Dubravka Separovic Musovic. The program includes a selection of the most beautiful opera arias by world and Croatian composers, such as Mozart, Rossini, Verdi, Bizet, Handel, Offenbach, Gotovac, I. Pl. Zajc and others.

Thus, the audience will have the opportunity to hear overtures and arias from the famous operas "The Marrriage of Figaro, "Barber of Seville", "La Traviata", "Carmen", "Merry Widow", but there will also be a solo song "Homeland and Love", then Gotovac's "Ode to the Earth" and many others.

Tickets for the concert of opera arias and overtures are available in the office of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra on weekdays from 9 am to 2 pm, in Luza, the Perla Adriatica agency at Ploce, the Dubravka gift shop and online via the system. Also, tickets can be purchased one hour before the start of the concert at the location.

Skywalk - a unique visitor attraction in Croatia, was opened in the Biokovo Nature Park yesterday, on the first day of July. It is a horseshoe-shaped lookout, with a glass base for walking, which at the most convex point in the length of 12 meters covers the cliffs of Ravna Vlaska.

The lookout is located at an altitude of 1228 meters above sea level, on the 13th kilometer of the Biokovo road, next to the info center. As part of Skywalk's landscaped environment, a geological pillar has been set up, a three-dimensional view of the cross-sections of the rocks that formed the Biokovo area from its inception to the present day with a geological table of time and a description of the age and type of rocks.

The value of the Skywalk is about 10 million kuna, and it is one of the activities within the project "New Adrion - Promoting sustainable use of natural heritage of the Nature Park Biokovo", which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Competitiveness and cohesion 2014-2020.

The total value of this project is approximately 35 million kuna, of which grants from the European Structural and Investment Funds amount to about 27 million kuna. The rest is financed by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency and own funds of users and partners - Makarska Development Agency (MARA) and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS). The project, which started implementation in November 2016, consists of 12 project elements, and the completion of all planned activities is expected in January 2021.

The opening ceremony of the Skywalk was attended, among other guests, by and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Andrej Plenkovic, Minister of Regional Development and European Union Funds Marko Pavic and Minister of Health Vili Beros.

During the ceremonial opening of the lookout, the director of the Public Institution "Biokovo Nature Park" Slavo Jaksa pointed out: -Skywalk is a unique attraction that significantly raised the attractiveness of the visitor and tourist offer in the Biokovo Nature Park, given the fact that this presents a unique attraction at this area. Just as Biokovo has always guarded Makarska and its Riviera, the Public Institution "Biokovo Nature Park" will continue to guard Biokovo and bring its secrets and beauties closer to the public.

The Minister of Regional Development and European Union Funds, Marko Pavic, singled out Skywalk Biokovo as one of the symbols of investing European funds in Croatia.

In his speech, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Andrej Plenkovic emphasized that a big step forward has been made in the Biokovo Nature Park, a step forward in the park's visitor offer, as well as the offer of the entire Makarska coast and Zabiokovlje.

This modern, great and architecturally fascinating project is a new attraction that provides a unique opportunity and an incredible experience of walking in the sky - said Prime Minister Plenkovic.

During June 2020, there were 34,931 arrivals and 177,233 overnight stays in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been 102,272 arrivals, or 13 percent compared to the same period in 2019. In the first six months of 2020, 414,650 overnight stays were realized, which is 15 percent compared to the overnight stays in the first half of 2019.

130 thousand overnight stays were realized in hotels (nine percent compared to 2019), 171 thousand overnight stays in households (19 percent compared to 2019). 74 thousand overnight stays were realized in non-commercial accommodation (69 percent compared to 2019).

Currently, 11,082 tourists are vacationing in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, of which 9,994 are foreign guests and 1,088 are domestic, which is 21.5 percent compared to the same day last year.

In May 2020, the Dubrovnik-Neretva County is in second place in terms of the jump in the number of unemployed people, an incredible 82 percent more when compared with May last year, reports Dubrovacki Vjesnik.

As the fear of virus began to weaken due to the improving epidemiological situation in the country, so the fear of recession began to grow. The service sector has been hit hardest, and as Dubrovnik depends on tourism, the crisis affecting the sector will obviously spill over to everyone else, from the wine industry to the retail business. The biggest burden is being borne by the private sector, and the smallest by the public sector. This can be seen in the reduction of salaries, in the private sector this has been up to 40 percent, whilst in the public sector it’s mostly been around 10 percent.

Looking at the different professions throughout the country the largest number of unemployed worked in the provision of accommodation, food preparation and serving, followed by the processing industry, trade, etc.

At the end of May, 6,838 people were registered as unemployed at the Croatian Employment Service - Dubrovnik Regional Office, which is an increase of 82 percent compared to May 2019, when 3,757 persons were unemployed.

The latest data from the CES regional office show that more than 4,500 employers applied for financial support from the Dubrovnik area in April to preserve jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and compensation was paid to a total of 16,000 employees.

There are 32,429 pensioners in the county who live on an average pension of 2,548 Kuna per month. The average pension of 2,326 pensioners of Croatian veterans and members of their families is on average of 5,569 Kuna per month.


At the end of last week, after several hours of talks between the representatives of the member states, the European Union made a list of 15 countries outside the Union whose citizens will be able to travel freely to the Union.

The head of the Office for Neighbouring Countries in the Border Administration, Tomislav Kufner, commented for HRT that these are only non-binding recommendations, and that each EU member state will make a decision at the national level.

"Yesterday, the Civil Protection Headquarters made a decision that EU citizens are allowed to enter Croatia without proving the purpose of entry, while countries outside the European Union, the so-called third countries at border crossings, must prove the purpose of entry," Kufner said.

When it comes to citizens from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kufner said that when they enter the Republic of Croatia, they must prove the reasons for their arrival.

He added that the measure of self-isolation had been abolished, and that no country was covered by self-isolation, reports N1.

In order to reduce congestion and waiting time at the border, tourists can fill out a form on the internet that is designed to help when crossing the border -

Kufner pointed out that this morning the magic number of one million announcements via this online system was broken, and that Slovenians, Germans and Austrians participated the most. He added that the form is valid for 90 days.


Ecclestone sisters, Tamara and Petra, have been enjoying their vacation in Croatia for weeks now with their families. First they were spotted in Dubrovnik, one of the favorite cities of their parents Slavica and Bernie Ecclestone, and then continued sailing along the coast with their luxurious yacht Petara.

However, it seems that Petra and her family had to leave for the US, which left Tamara heartbroken.

-Puffy eyes from crying so much. So hard to say good bye it’s always hard but this time especially so with the uncertainty of not knowing when we will see each other next and when we can get to LA. So quiet with out you and the kids Fifi is so sad it breaks my heart I keep telling her how lucky she is to have you and her cousins and to have spent this precious time together. We love you so much and cannot wait to be able to be together again I really hope soon. Missing my best friend – Tamara wrote under the photo showing her, Petra and Tamara's daughter Sophia, called Fifi at her official Instagram profile

Tamara will probably continue enjoying the beauty of the Adriatic coast with her husband Jay Rutland and their daughter. Both of them have been sharing photos full of happiness from the various locations they've visited on their official Instagram profiles, while Petra has kept her profile private. 

Dubrovnik and Split airports are having more airline announcements for July this year. Croatian Aviation wrote the flight schedule of three airlines, Iberia, Windrose and Finnair.

Spain's Iberia will return to Dubrovnik Airport with a regular flight from Madrid. The company will launch the Madrid-Dubrovnik route from Friday, July 3rd, with three weeks of flight, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A319 / 320/321 aircrafts have been announced on the route.

In last year's summer flight schedule, the line operated daily, and for September this year, even A330 aircraft were announced on the route, with which this company operates on intercontinental routes.

Iberia lines to Zagreb, Split and Zadar are not on sale for July.

Ukrainian airline Windrose Airlines has announced the resumption of regular traffic on the route Kiev - Split. The line will start operating on Sunday, July 5th, with one flight per week, every Sunday. As of July 23rd, the second flight of the week is on sale, on Thursdays. As Croatian Aviation writes, this company will soon operate to Pula, while the line to Zagreb has been postponed for the winter flight schedule.

Finnair announced the introduction of direct flights from Helsinki to Dubrovnik and Split.

The Helsinki - Dubrovnik line is on sale from July 27th, and flights are announced once a week, on Saturdays. From August 3rd, the line will operate twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, until the end of the summer flight schedule, which is on October 25th.

The Helsinki - Split line is on sale from the same date as the line to Dubrovnik, and from the beginning of August there will also be two weekly flights , every Wednesday and Saturday.

Last summer, Finnair flew to Split as many as 6 times a week, while Helsinki was connected to Dubrovnik every day, and on Fridays it even had two daily flights – Croatian Aviation writes.

The secret to strong and happy relationships is not dating and roses (although they haven’t hurt anyone yet) but the ability to give up conservative wisdom and follow your instincts. Couples who rely on relationships that have been tested by time and examples on the side rarely come to something of their own. Their relationship is gradually reduced to frustration rather than an optimal solution for the two of them. Relations should be dynamic, organic and reflect what is happening between the partners at the moment. We have selected some tips for you that will help you break the rules and strengthen your relationship with your lover.

1 Unconditional love does not exist

The purest love is love without conditions, right? At least that's what they told us in childhood. But in real life, unconditional love rarely happens. This is a beautiful fairy tale that creates very low standards of relationships that you can meet women online, date, have children, and live happily ever after not doing anything extra. A partner should not think that any of their behavior, no matter how bad it is, will be forgiven and understood. Of course, there are difficult times in a relationship that needs to be experienced and endured, but if the partners take each other for granted, they simply stop respecting each other's comfort zone and the limits of tolerance. Limitations must be set in love, as it is they that help to see warning signs: financial irresponsibility, emotional abuse, sexual ignorance or inaction. All this can harm your relationship, and eventually, they will decay completely.

2 The more you give – the more you receive

Everyone knows that in a relationship, everyone must carry their own load. But relationships are far from always being 50 to 50. Someone's initiative can change the relationship as a whole. Despite the fact that the limits are already set, it is sometimes useful not to demand more but to give more. If your relationship is strong enough, then your desire to give your partner more will certainly be met with reciprocity, although not immediately. 70% is not sacrificing, but your desire to show how you value and love your partner, even if sometimes they do not do what you would like.

3 Selfishness in bed

Sexually satisfied couples know what they need for pleasure, first of all, for their own. Only after they get what they need can they take care of the pleasure of their partner. If you both do everything to make yourself happy, then it will be easier for you to give pleasure to each other. Do not expect your partner to do what you dream about, or that pleasure will come by itself - make the beautiful happen here and now.

4 Do not pause

A pause is an alternative to parting, which was popular in the school years when you and your partner had neither life experience, nor responsibility, nor desire to solve problems. This is normal. But in a serious relationship, pauses are just an attempt to delay decision making. It may seem to you that while you are in this break, everything is gradually getting better, you are letting go of negative emotions, and, having returned to the relationship, you can feel that everything really got better. But this does not mean that everything has changed. Spending the night outside the house, with parents, just to cool down is one thing, but to start living your own life, not knowing how your partner lives now, is an indicator that your relationship is breaking apart, and you won't save them if you don't change anything.

5 They are the one and only

This is a myth or a fantasy on the topic of whether you have chosen that partner, or if they do not suit you — this is a waste of time. Everyone around says that if you are with the right person, then only happiness and joy are waiting for you, and stress is the first indicator that something is wrong. But in reality, this belief only harms the relationship. If you want your partner to change, change yourself.

Be a model of how you want to see a person next to you. You don’t like that your partner is always late, doesn’t wash the dishes, or is selfish - see if you are doing the same. Of course, if you already live according to your demands and convince yourself of this belief before demanding something from your partner but still encounter problems, then you should re-read tip No. 1 again. For the rest, invest in relationships and make them the way you want them to be.

To be happy, you actually need to work on your flaws as a partner, invest time and creativity into your relationship and devote time to a partner. Yes, this can be time and energy-consuming. But if you wait for your partner to do the same, don't you think that this is somewhat easier for them? No, they do put effort too.


This week, Ryanair is launching flights from London and Dublin to Croatia. The most popular low-cost airline in the world will launch lines from Ireland and Great Britain to four Croatian airports this week, reports Croatian Aviation.

Flights to Zadar have already started from Stuttgart and Vienna, while the other 8 lines from Zadar will start operating this week.

And from Wednesday, July 1, Ryanair will operate again on the route Dublin - Dubrovnik - Dublin, flights are announced until the end of October and will take place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. Before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Irish airline had planned 4 weeks of flights on this line.

From Thursday, July 2, the company will establish traffic on the line London - Pula - London (Stansted Airport). Flights on this route are also announced until the end of October, twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. In previous summer seasons, Ryanair operated on this line up to 5 times a week.

From Saturday, July 4, the Dublin - Split - Dublin line will be introduced, which should operate until October 24, i.e. the end of the summer flight schedule. Although Ryanair flew significantly more weekly flights on this route last year, due to the crisis and reduced demand, two flights a week are currently announced, every Tuesday and Saturday.

In the second week of July, from Monday, July 6, Ryanair will operate again on the line London - Rijeka - London (Stansted Airport). Throughout July, only one flight per week is announced, every Monday, while an increase to two flights is expected from the beginning of August (additional flight on Fridays). This line will operate slightly shorter than the others, until the end of September.

Ryanair previously cancelled the line from London to Osijek, so it will operate to four Croatian airports this summer. The line from London to Zadar has also been cancelled in this year's summer flight schedule.


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