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The popular ‘Walk Through Mlini’s History’ program will continue through September, Župa Dubrovacka Tourist Board has announced.

Led by local author Vedran Mezei, the program is in English and free of charge with no advance booking required. Held on Saturdays at 10am, the meeting point is at the lower entrance of the Hotel Astarea (near the Wellness centre and spa). Lasting around an hour and a half, the walk through Mlini will be held in the form of a lecture if weather conditions are bad.

"I would like to thank Župa Dubrovacka Tourist Board, especially director Anamarija Kusalo, for her support and successful cooperation for the second season in a row. I am very glad that we are continuing with the walks in September and I believe that tourists’ interest will continue to grow.

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“The program has also been a success in a large part thanks to the support of local hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and their bookers.

“So far, we have had guests from all corners of the world; the USA, Peru, Australia, Canada, Venezuela and, of course, many European countries. Despite the great heat this summer, some pregnant women, babies only a few months old, as well as people in their nineties successfully walked through the history of the Mlini.

“There were also visitors who decided to come on the tour after having read "The Third Key", as well as those who bought the novel in bookstores in the city and learned about the walks just a few days before. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all private accommodation owners who recommended ‘Walk Through Mlini’s History’ to their guests and invite all interested parties, both guests and locals, to join us on one of the tours in September."

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Mezei’s historical novel "The Third Key" is largely set in the picturesque village of Mlini and on the walk interesting things about this place are revealed to visitors through its historical sites. Participants have the opportunity to find out details about the parish church of St. Hilarion (Sv. Ilar) as well as the great earthquake of 1667 in which this religious building was completely destroyed. Under the old plane tree in Mlini, you’ll learn about production of olive oil and the numerous mills that gave the place its name.

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Through the story of the little church of St. Roch (Sv. Roko), details about the plague epidemics in the Republic of Dubrovnik are revealed, after which the walk continues along the nearby beach, which is linked to the legend of the battle between St. Hilarion and a dragon from Šipun cave in Cavtat. Upon arrival in Beterina, you can hear details about the Russian-Montenegrin siege of Dubrovnik in 1806, when the Bettera summer house was looted and burned. On the terrace of the old house, Mezei describes the country building with a special emphasis on the figure and work of Ruđer Bošković, one of the greatest Croatian scientists who lived here for some time, before revealing a story about the conjuring spirits and the tragic death of a young commoner.

In the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, 230 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded in the past week.

There are 96 people from Dubrovnik, 70 from Metković, 21 from Župa Dubrovnik, 16 from Ploče, 11 from Konavle, 3 each from Orebić and Kula Norinska, 2 each from Blato and Ston, and 1 each from Korčula, Vela Luka, Slivno, from Mljet, from Pojezerje and Janjina.

252 people recovered: 106 from Dubrovnik, 66 from Metković, 27 from Ploče, 26 from Župa Dubrovnik, 8 from Konavle, 5 from Orebić, 3 each from Ston and Pojezerje, 2 from Opuzen and 1 each from Blato, Lumbarda, from Mljet and from Slivno.

In the past week, 872 samples were processed, and since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 260,448 samples have been analysed.

Six people positive for Covid-19 are currently hospitalized in the Dubrovnik General Hospital.


In order to facilitate access to the sea for people with reduced mobility, the City of Dubrovnik has installed steps near the Dubrovnik Diving Club in Solitudo. The steps were realized at the request of citizens, and the stairs were made according to the instructions of the Kalos special hospital, and another one is planned to be installed in Zaton.

Let's remind you that for this swimming season, two new lifts for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility were purchased, one of which was installed on the beach in Donji Čelo on Kalamota, and the other in Zaton near the local Voluntary Fire Brigade. In addition, previously purchased lifts were installed at the beaches Copacabana and Solitudo (Mandrač), on Lopud, in Suđurđ on Šipan and Zaton Veliki.


It is quite difficult for a person with an entrepreneurial streak to stand still. There are always some ideas, concepts and plans for all kinds of projects. Own a business with incomes above average is the dream of any person who is an entrepreneur and businessman at heart. But what to do with a limited budget? How to act from the very beginning, when there is no clear plan, understanding of the market, its principles and nuances of launching a commercial project?

You never know exactly and confidently which business idea will be profitable, interesting and true. Sometimes it is not clear even in which directions it is better to move and develop, not to mention where to get money at the start point, what mistakes should be avoided and how to do it better.

There are many step-by-step plans, universal recommendations that can be useful to any businessman when opening almost any type of business.

Firstly, I would like to say it is possible and even necessary to start from scratch. You should not be afraid of this at all. This process is complicated, but it is real even without influential connections and special specialized education. All that is needed is a desire to act, a set of ideas, absorb new important information and adapt to constantly changing trends in the market.

So, what kind of business can be opened if the budget is minimal? Undoubtedly, the main problem for beginners is the solution of emerging financial issues. However, it is not so difficult to find start-up capital, especially today. In addition, if the model and form of doing business are correctly selected, then solving such concerns will be even easier.

If you are an entrepreneur with no experience, you should not be afraid either. This small disadvantage is easily compensated if you work in a field that intersects with your own tastes and hobbies. As for renting, you can act directly from home, completely managing on your own at first.

With a minimal budget, you should choose a simple business idea that has already been tried by others. The main thing is that there is demand for the product. Even if it is a highly competitive niche, you can try to rebuild with a special positioning. In general, it is better to look towards spheres with an average level of competition.

At first, it is more reasonable to plan a limited scope, since large projects, as well as non-standard business ideas, most often require considerable cash injections. There are two main options among the formats. For example, it is a small retail outlet or an online store.

The idea of the selling themselves is selected depending on the selected format. This may be the production or selling of tangible goods, the selling of any work or services. It can be anything and whatever the soul wants. For example, products from different countries, fruit holiday baskets, smartphone accessories, jewelry, various food products and the like.

It is possible to launch a business selling the listed product categories with minimal investment. The demand for them is quite high.

It is also necessary to competently engage in PR. Nowadays, this can be done even in any social networks. For example, you can do it on Instagram. There is a convenient registration and, if desired and necessary, you can delete your account. It is very clear and accessible to the average userhow to delete Instagram account.

In fact, Instagram is a great tool that is designed to promote all kinds of projects. The logo Instagram is unobtrusive, but memorable, and the interface is convenient and can hold the attention of any user.

The leading company of multi-products, Elbit UK, connects all periods of aircrew tips for the three administrations. MFTS is an institution between the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) and Ascent - a joint effort of Babcock International and Lockheed Martin. The world's driving supplier of military aircrew training.

In 2000 arranging flying preparation under an agreement with an expert co-op was examined. Ten years ago, Grob Tutors were supplied to primary mentors. They have supported contracts for college air groups and air trainees since 1999.

The short Tucano

Peddle version 1

When Tucano and Hawk's planes were planted, the MoD wanted to view relative PFI contracts. As of February 1989, 130 Tucano two-seat, couple, completely aerobatic turboprops were available.

The Department welcomed recommendations for a rebuilt and civilianized multi-motor starting pilot preparing framework given a drawn-out PFI agreement. We are a global high innovation organization that participated in many projects worldwide in safeguarding and country security. Airborne, land, and sea framework. Also, the products are provided to protect countries, businesses, and citizens. We introduce our frameworks and items on new stages and perform complete stage modernization programs. Moreover, they offer a scope of preparing and supporting leadership.

Many of these essential exercises have various typical and related components. They include regular creations and items, projects, and client interfaces.

Three significant companies:

  • BAES, Serco, and Bombardier
  • EG&G, Lockheed Martin, Lear Siegler, and VT Group comprising the Rolls-Royce Group
  • It's Boeing and Thales and Kellogg Brown and Root.

In November, the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) granted Elbit Systems (Elbit) and Kellogg, Brown, and Root's joint endeavor. Affinity Flying Training Services (Affinity), a roughly £65m contract for the investment and activity of four different Beechcraft flight trainer airplanes.

At that point, the accessories won the 18-year. And roughly £500m contract conveyed three unique sorts of airplanes and more than 20,000 flying hours. Elbit and KBR each hold a half offer in Affinity and similarly backing and advantage from the deal.

Elbit Systems UK (ESUK) CEO Martin Fausset says: "We had the full scope of involvement important to make a fruitful joint effort. KBR had the experience of huge, messy private money drives with the MOD. We understood running a flight school as we've done that in various nations."

High-level preparation systems

The Elbit UK has now been chosen to convey the British Army's Provisional Combined Arms Virtual Simulation (Deployable) ICAVS(D). It is a pilot project for the Collective Training Transformation Program and will supplant the ongoing Unit-Based Virtual Trainer framework by 1 April 2022.

It assigns more inside and out, more rich preparation to be led at a unit level." The Elbit UK will begin carrying out the stage in different spots from the second quarter of the following year. The ICAVS(D) will assign the British Army to complete more specific and fantastic preparation.

The new framework's information base will utilize the UK MOD's Defense Virtual Simulation (DVS) 2 arrangement. A high-level form of tactical preparation programming created by a worldwide reproduction master Bohemia Interactive Simulations.

The ICAVS(D) shows a lot of improved processing hardware, unlike identical military reenactments. The framework will run from versatile, little box-sized PCs instead of workstations. This display includes an unusual PC that gives better designs, memory, and capacity limit. Moving the equipment to PC lets, ESUK plans a more excellent yet convenient showcase.

European Union foreign ministers intend to support the suspension of the EU's Visa Facilitation Agreement with Russia to limit the number of visas issued to Russians, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

EU foreign ministers plan to make this decision at a two-day meeting in Prague starting on Tuesday, the Financial Times reports citing three sources who participated in the talks. "It is inappropriate for Russian tourists to walk in our cities, along our marinas. We have to send a signal to the Russian population that this war is unacceptable, it is unacceptable," said a senior EU official.

The plan to suspend the 2007 agreement calls for the end of preferential treatment for Russians when applying for all EU visas. "We are in an exceptional situation and this requires exceptional steps. We want to go further than the suspension of visa facilities," said a high-ranking European official.

Finland, Poland and the Baltic states bordering Russia have said they are prepared to stop Russians from entering their territory on tourist visas, citing national security exceptions to the Schengen agreement. "I really hope that a common European solution will be found on how to significantly limit the flow of Russian tourists to Europe," said Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis.

Revenues from tourism in Croatia will surpass the 10.5 billion euros of foreign exchange revenue from 2019, but according to other parameters, this year's season remains below that record year.

From the beginning of the year until last weekend, a little less than 14.2 million tourists had visited Croatia and 80.6 million overnight stays had been achieved.

August, traditionally the busiest month of the year for tourists in Croatia, has seen 3.7 million tourists and 26 million overnight stays. The peak of the season was the first weekend of August and ever since that weekend the number of tourists arriving has been falling slowly.

However, the tourist authorities are more than satisfied with the season. Official estimates were relatively conservative at the beginning of the year, and they have been surpassed by a long way.

The Traffic Safety Association conducted research in the area of the city of Dubrovnik on the topic of seat belt use, helmet use, and mobile phone use while driving. The research was conducted on a sample of 420 drivers, 310 drivers of personal vehicles and 110 drivers of mopeds/motorcycles.

On that occasion, it was determined that out of 310 drivers of personal vehicles, 230 of them use a seat belt while driving, which is 74 percent of the total number, while 80 or 26 percent of them do not use a seat belt while driving. It was also determined that out of 310 drivers, 60 of them use a mobile phone while driving, which is 19 percent of the total number, while 250 of them do not use a mobile phone while driving, or 81 percent.

Likewise, in a sample of 110 moped/motorcycle drivers, it was determined that 98 of them use a protective helmet, which is 89 percent of the total number recorded, while 12 drivers do not use a protective helmet, or 11 percent.

The survey was conducted in mid-August on the most frequented roads in the city of Dubrovnik.

Considering that the use of mobile phones while driving and not using a seat belt are one of the 4 killers in traffic, we can be very satisfied with this data in the area of our city - the Association commented on their Facebook page.


So far this year there have been 14.4 million tourist arrivals and 82.6 million overnight stays in Croatia, which is a growth of 42 percent in arrivals and 28 percent in overnight stays compared to last year.

Compared to the record 2019, the above data represent 90 percent of the results in arrivals and 96 percent of the results in tourist overnight stays.

The most overnight stays have been achieved so far in Istria, the Split-Dalmatia county, Kvarner, Zadar and the Dubrovnik-Neretva county.

Looking at the destinations, the most tourist overnight stays were realized in Rovinj, Dubrovnik, Poreč, Medulin, Umag and Split. The most overnight stays so far have been made by guests from the markets of Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Poland.


“People in small towns, much more than in cities, share a destiny,” said the Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Russo. I would add a joint destiny.

There are clearly advantages of living and working in a small town. And one of those was highlighted (twice) to me last week. Whilst some people enjoying the anonymity of living in a larger metropole, and indeed I myself experienced that in one of the most sprawling cities in the world after living in London, others prefer the social interaction that smaller towns bring.

“It seems that everyone knows you,” said my mother as we walked through the old city together. Every corner was met with a new “adio” and every café bar a waiter who shook my hand. That’s the small town vibe. It is pretty impossible to live “off the grid” in Dubrovnik. Even if you don’t want to mix and be a part of the community, I guarantee you that the community will know about you.

This has never bothered me. On the contrary, I have embraced it. In fact, this community spirit has been eroded in many other countries and in many other larger spirits.

So last week I have an early morning meeting in the old city. I took up my position in Gradska and watched the city wake up. “Hello teacher, do you remember me?” said a voice. In front me was a tall, bearded man wearing a very broad smile. I looked blankly at him trying to search through my brain cells for recognition. He introduced himself. “A long time ago you taught me English,” he added.

Yes, my first steps in employment in Dubrovnik were teaching English. And during that time I had seen and taught hundreds and hundreds of adults and children. It is not unusual that I bump into a former student and that we exchange a few words. But, I hadn’t really taught for a good 15 years.

“I am sure you were shorter then,” I smiled. “I was, and I was only ten years-old,” he added. He certainly wasn’t ten years-old anymore.

“I finished university in Boston and then started working in London where I now live,” he explained his life story. We tried to work out when I actually taught him and it seemed to be around 20 years ago. I literally hadn’t seen this boy, sorry man, for 20 years. And yet here he was in front of me chatting away.

“I still remember those games in English that we all used to play,” he smiled.

Now, clearly I am not going to take any credit for the fact that me completed his education in the US or the fact that he was now living and working in my former town. But just to know that I maybe had a small influence on this was very satisfying.

He laughed and chatted and then his friend arrived and we waved goodbye. I spent the rest of the day thinking about that chance encounter. And how, if we both lived in a bigger city, it would never have happened.

Just the day after I was due to interview a director of a hotel. The name of the director didn’t ring any bells, but then I really have a terrible memory for names. I walked into the reception and was greeted by what seemed a familiar face. “Do you remember me?” said the director. “You used to teach my English when I was a child,” he smiled. Déjà vu!

“Ah, yes I though your face looked familiar,” I replied. Again it turned out that 20 years ago he sued to be my pupil. And again he clearly remembered the games and the lessons. So in just two days I had met one former pupil who was now a hotel director and one who was living in London and was working in microbiology. Now, you could say it is a small town. But it would probably be more accurate to say small city.

This joint history that follows us through our lives here is unavoidable. And to be honest I love it. On the other hand, these two experiences made me feel slightly old. Both of these former pupils were now adults and in responsible positions, I had first met them when they were still in primary school.

With today’s more nomadic lifestyle, especially in other countries, this joint destiny is impossible. And that’s a shame. I was really touched by both my encounters.

Who knows what tomorrow brings and which old students are waiting.

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