Wednesday, 20 March 2019

British Low Carrier Jet2 is already planning a summer flight schedule for 2020. Among the announced addition for the next year there are three lines towards Croatia, two for Dubrovnik and one for Split – Avioradar reports.

Birmingham - Dubrovnik line will receive the third flight weekly. In addition to this year's two flights a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays, an additional third flight from May 2020 will take place on Thursday. Likewise, the Leeds / Bradford) – Dubrovnik line will receive the third flight weekly: In addition to this year's two flights a week, Thursday and Sunday, an additional third flight will take place on Tuesdays.

The Birmingham - Split line will have two flights per week, Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the summer season from May 2020. This is a boost compared to this year because the second flight, on Wednesdays, is scheduled only since August this year.

On the territory of the entire Republic of Croatia, and also in the area of the Police Administration of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, police officers of the traffic police will conduct a targeted preventive-repressive action directed towards drivers who do not use blinkers on the road from 10 am to 2 pm.

Failure to turn the direction indicator on the part of a particular participant in traffic can jeopardize or mislead other traffic participants, which can lead to more serious traffic accidents.

Carrying out these activities will continue during the next period, through day-to-day traffic monitoring as well as through targeted activities.

Strong northern wind – bura, that has been blowing since last night closed the bridge of Franjo Tudman in Dubrovnik for all the types of vehicles.

Because of the strong bura, air traffic has been affected too and some flights have been transfered to Split.

Drivers are advised to adapt to the situation on the roads, while pedestrians are asked to stay safe and be cautios if they have to go out, due to possible debris flying around.
This warning is particularly relevant to the area of the historic core where repair of roofs that have been damaged during the latest bura is still ongoing.

Samples taken on the 5th of March from five different control points around the Bay of Mali Ston have been confirmed as negative for Norovirus. A Senior Veterinary Inspector from the Metkovic Office of food safety in the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that he had checked five control points and that the virus was no longer present.

- Of the five control points where the norovirus was present, the last sampling of these locations is negative. Norovirus is no longer present, the shellfish can go to public consumption – he commented.

35 days have passed since the occurrence of norovirus in the bay of Mali Ston, which prohibits the consumption of oysters. This outbreak caused the Ston Oyster Days to be cancelled this year and has damaged the image of Ston oysters throughout the world.

After news broke last week the American tourists would need to have a visa to travel to the European Union from 2021 the EU have announced that in fact it isn’t actually a visa but a travel screen. In 2018 the European Union stated that US citizens would need to apply for an authorisation to travel to all countries in the Schengen region.

And it is easy to see why many recognised news outlets reported that US travellers would need a visa as the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) stated on their website that Americans will need to obtain "the Europe visa."

However, more clarification has been announced and now it appears that Americans wishing to travel to the EU from 2021 must apply online for an authorization. This online check, which apparently is similar to the one that America requires from many foreign visitors, will cost $8 and the whole process will be completed in minutes. The application will be crosschecked through Interpol and security systems before the applicant receives an automated reply.

The value of commodity exports in January this year amounted to HRK 8.2 billion, an increase of 4% year on year whereas imports amounted to as much as HRK 13.6%, up 5.5% on the year, the latest figures released on Friday by the State Bureau of Statistics (DZS) indicate.

The trade deficit in January amounted to HRK 5.4 billion which was HRK 396.6 million more y-o-y.

The export-import ratio fell from 61.1% to 60.2% in the first month of the year.

We regularly receive your video, photos and feedback and every one and then one really jumps out from the screen.

This stunning video was sent to us by Pablo Camacho who as he told us spent a “Couple of days in this amazing city located on south Croatia.”

The brilliant 4K video really puts us in the mood for summer.

Following the announcement by the State Meteorological Institute, which has predicted gale force northerly winds for tomorrow, the City of Dubrovnik wants to warn citizens of increased caution on movement, possibly due to roof tiles and falling trees.

Strong winds, the like which hit Dubrovnik back at the end of February, are predicted to hit tonight and blow through Tuesday. Although they will certainly be gale force they aren’t expected to reach the speeds of the February storm.

The strongest winds are expected to reach speeds of between 65 to 90 kilometres per hour, and people are warned of the possible debris that is flying with strong winds. This warning specifically refers to the area of the historic core, where the repair of the roofing damaged during the recent winds is underway, the town administration said.

A court case could keep Luke Modric from purchasing his luxury Dubrovnik villa. The Croatian football captain and Real Madrid star midfielder has his eye on the stunning Villa Bella overlooking the Old City of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea and has already visited the villa and taken a photo with his wife from the panoramic terrace.

However, according a report from Dubrovacki Vjesnik, the purchase isn't as straight forward as the football ace would like. The villa, valued 15 million Euros, is at the centre of a court case between the owners and the City of Dubrovnik. Located in the elite suburb of St. Jacob the spacious villa and gardens sits directly next to a public park and the City of Dubrovnik, according to the report, is suing the owners as in the renovation of the villa they claim that the owners took part of the park.

Although the case is still active it remains to be seen whether Modric has the patience to wait for the outcome or look for his place in the sun in another seaside location. 

villa belle dubrovnik 2019

luka modric dubrovnik villa bella

According to the official website, 64 days are left until the biggest music competition in the world - Eurovision. A total of 42 songs that will represent their countries is out and now it's the time for the betting to start!

First predictions are here and the favourite is Netherlands with Duncan Laurence performing Arcade, followed by Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy.

Surprisingly, Croatian representative Roko Blazevic with his song Dream has been placed really low on the list – he's currently 35th. We say suprisingly because just a couple of days ago, one of the most popular Eurovision based websites 'wiwibloggs' has published that Croatia has a great chance to win the competition, since 20 percent of the votes in their online poll for the favourite Eurovision song went to Roko and his Dream.

But nothing is lost since these are just first predictions. In a bit over 60 days there will be an answer to the question: Will Croatian dream of winning Eurovision come true?

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