Wednesday, 28 October 2020

In the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, 32 new cases of Covid-19 infection have been recorded in the last 24 hours.

These new cases are five men and five women from Dubrovnik (eight of them have an established connection), five men and four women from the borough of Župa (seven have an established connection), two men and three women from Metković (for four established connection), one male person from Ston (established connection), one male person from Smokvica and Vela Luka, one female person from Kula Norinska, Ploče and Mljet and two persons who do not reside in our county.

Thirteen people have made a full recovery - three from Dubrovnik and Ploče, two from Metković and Mljet, and one each from Kula Norinska, Konavle and Župa dubrovačka.
13 people tested positive for coronavirus are currently hospitalized in the Dubrovnik General Hospital.

In the last 24 hours, 161 samples were processed, and since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 17,745 samples have been analyzed.

There are 629 people in self-isolation, and in the last 24 hours no violations of the self-isolation measure have been recorded.


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The Polish national airline LOT has announced its flight schedule for November this year. Compared to last year, the company will operate only to Zagreb, the line to Dubrovnik has been cancelled for this year's winter flight schedule.

This summer, LOT Polish Airlines operated on numerous routes from Warsaw and other Polish cities to destinations in Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik). Despite the corona crisis, more than 13 new lines had been introduced, reports Croatian Aviation.

LOT returned to Croatia on July 1, and this summer it operated on a larger number of routes compared to the summer flight schedule of the previous year.

In the winter flight schedule that will take effect soon, the Polish LOT will keep only one active line to Croatia. Namely, the company plans to operate on the line Warsaw - Zagreb. Four flights a week have been announced, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Although LOT also operated on the Warsaw-Dubrovnik line last winter, this will not happen this winter. Due to the impact of the global pandemic and weak demand, the company has temporarily discontinued this line and plans to operate on it from the spring of next year.

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Italy and Austria have joined the growing map of the epidemiological situation in Europe, which is prepared every week by the European Center for Control and Prevention as a recommendation for harmonizing measures among EU member states.

The map prepared by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) covers 27 countries of the European Union, Great Britain and members of the European Economic Area such as Norway and Iceland, a total of thirty countries.

"Infection rates, hospital occupancy but also mortality are rising across Europe," ECDC director Andrea Ammon warned in an interview with the BBC on Thursday, calling for the launch of mass testing and contact monitoring.

The map, decided by the EU in early October, should allow for better harmonization of recommendations.

Updated every Thursday, the map has two main criteria for classifying countries: the rate of new cases per 100,000 population over the past 14 days and the rate of positive tests, depending on whether they are either higher or lower than 4 percent.

In the new version from Thursday, only one country is mostly green, and that is Norway, but without the Oslo region which is in the orange zone.

Finland and Greece, mostly green last week, are now mostly in orange, with Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Cyprus and the three Baltic states retaining the same status.

All other countries, including France, Spain, Poland, Romania and Portugal, are in the red zone. Italy and Austria, which have been in orange so far, have moved to the red zone.

Austria recorded a record 2,435 new infections in 24 hours on Thursday.


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According to the results of the annual research of the German car club ADAC, Germany and Croatia are the absolute winners of the season, reported the director of the Representation of the Croatian National Tourist Board in Germany, Romeo Draghicchio. Namely, the research analysed almost 350 thousand inquiries of ADAC members, received from May to September 2020. The inquiries referred to routes to favourite holiday destinations, and Croatia took an excellent third place according to the survey results.

"Croatian tourism has shown great innovation and adaptability this year. The results of the research of the German car club ADAC confirm that Croatia was a desirable car destination for German tourists. I am pleased that we reacted very quickly and introduced many practical solutions for our guests, for example through the ENTER CROATIA website tourists were able to enter the country faster and safer, and the sector was continuously adapting to all epidemiological measures and recommendations. The German market has shown particular interest in Istria and Dalmatia, which indicates that the regional approach advocated by the Croatian Government has given good results and enabled an increased number of tourist arrivals to destinations that had a favourable epidemiological situation. It is especially important that the German Government recognized the benefits of such an approach and regularly made changes to the list of safe regions in Croatia. German tourists are certainly welcome guests in the off-season, "said Minister Nikolina Brnjac.

In the ranking of countries by number of inquiries, as usual, Germany is leading with 33 percent of inquiries, an increase of 3.4 percentage points compared to 2019. Italy is second with about 15 percent of inquiries, which is a decrease compared to last year of four percentage points. Croatia took third place and recorded a growth of almost five percentage points. Austria is in fourth place, and destinations such as France and Turkey are also recording declining demand.

"This year's analysis in the midst of the Covid-19 has determined a change in the habits of German motorists in choosing destinations for summer vacations. Thus, the greatest growth in demand was achieved by Germany, but also by Croatia ", concluded Draghicchio.


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A rather unusual aircraft has been buzzing in the skies over Dubrovnik this morning seemingly with a spaghetti flight plan. The plane, an Italian Piaggio P.180 Avanti, took-off from Dubrovnik Airport this morning at 10:00am and not only is the plane an eye-catching design but being a twin turboprop also has a distinctive sound.

The small front wing makes it look like a hammerhead shark. Presumably the aircraft is on some kind of survey mission as the flight plan shows. With various swoops over the Adriatic Sea in front of Dubrovnik.

The same plane was also spotted over Cavtat and Dubrovnik around six months ago, and then is was being used to calibrate the airport lights and navigation devices of the Dubrovnik Airport. And as this exercise is usually carried out twice a year we can only presume that the Avanti is again calibrating the same devices and lights.


In the last 24 hours, 1,563 new cases of Covid-19 infection were recorded, and the number of active cases in Croatia today is a total of 7,380. This is the worst 24-hour period for new Covid-19 cases in Croatia.

There are currently 661 people in hospital across the country and 46 people on a ventilator. Unfortunately, over the last 24 hours 13 people have passed away in Croatia due to Covid-19.

Since February 25, 2020, when the first case of infection was recorded in Croatia, a total of 29,850 people have been infected with the new coronavirus, of which 406 have died, a total of 2,264 people have recovered, of which 629 in the last 24 hours.

There are currently 25,620 people in self-isolation.

To date, a total of 418,821 people have been tested, of which 6,874 in the last 24 hours.


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The City of Dubrovnik is continuing this school year with the implementation of the "School Fruit Scheme" program in all seven city schools. Namely, children from 1st to 8th grade in primary schools in the city area will receive fruit meals once a week. This was made possible through a program implemented at the level of the European Union and for which the City of Dubrovnik also applied.

The Agency for Payments in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development responded positively to the submitted request of the City of Dubrovnik and approved the requested funds. The total amount of entitlement to support for the school year 2020/2021 amounts to 144,355 Kuna without VAT, and refers to 3,599 students. The distribution of fruit begins next week, after signing contracts with selected suppliers.


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In the last 24 hours, 41 new cases of Covid-19 infection were recorded in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

This is a new record for the number of new Covid-19 cases in the county, the worst day until now was the 17th of October when 38 cases were detected. And compared to the first wave of the virus, the worst day for new cases then was the 10th of April when 16 cases were recorded. There are currently 168 active cases of Covid-19 across the county and the country has also passed the 1,000 mark for Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began.

These new cases are seven males and nine females from Dubrovnik (13 of them have an established connection), four males and 11 females from Metković (eight have an established connection), one male and two females from Ploče (established connection), one male and two females from Vela Luka (all established connection), one male and one female from Ston (established connection), one female from Orebić (established connection) and one male from Slivno (connection established).

Fifteen people have made a full recovery over the past 24 hours - seven from Dubrovnik, four from Metković and one each from Kula Norinska, Ploče, Korčula and Vela Luka.

11 people tested positive for coronavirus are currently hospitalized in the Dubrovnik General Hospital. In the last 24 hours, 206 samples were processed, and since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 17,584 samples have been analysed.

There are 544 people in self-isolation, and in the last 24 hours no violation of the self-isolation measure has been recorded.


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The director of the Zagreb Institute of Public Health, Zvonimir Šostar, confirmed for N1 this morning that there are a record 705 new cases of infection in Zagreb today.

“This is by far the largest number of confirmed coronavirus infections in one day, as well as the number of tested samples,” said Sostar, adding that more than 1,900 samples were tested at the Institute.

The Zagreb Civil Protection Headquarters will report in more detail on the epidemiological situation in Zagreb at a regular press conference.

There were 337 infected people in Zagreb yesterday.

Sostar announced yesterday that a new location for testing for coronavirus in Zagreb will be opened in the eastern parking lot of the Zagreb Fair, as agreed at a meeting at the Ministry of Health on Wednesday. Sostar says testing at the new location could begin by the end of the week.


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Britain has announced that it will introduce new rules from January that will ban people from the European Union with a criminal record, which means that they will be treated in the same way as people from the rest of the world.

The powers will take effect on January 1 2021, when Britain's EU membership ends and it no longer has to comply with EU rules on free movement.

"For too long, EU rules have forced us to let dangerous foreign criminals onto our streets who abuse our values and threaten our way of life," Interior Minister Priti Patel said.

"The UK will be safer thanks to tighter and fairer border controls where foreign criminals, regardless of nationality, will be subjected to the same criminal rule."

The amendments, which will be passed before parliament on Thursday, will ban people sentenced to at least a year in prison from entering Britain. Those with shorter sentences could be barred from entering depending on their cases, and entry into Britain may in certain circumstances be denied even to persons not sentenced to prison.

Immigration control was one of the key factors that the British voted to leave the EU in 2016.


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