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Eight Chinese police officers are set to arrive in Croatia on July 15 to participate in the 2024 China-Croatia joint police patrol initiative, as announced by the Ministry of Public Security on Friday, reports China Daily

Throughout the month-long operation, Chinese and Croatian officers will team up to conduct joint patrols in several key locations, including Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Zadar, and Plitvice Lakes National Park, according to the ministry's statement.

The Chinese police contingent will collaborate with their Croatian counterparts to address the security concerns of Chinese citizens and overseas Chinese residing in Croatia, with the aim of enhancing the safety of the tourism environment.

An official from the International Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry highlighted that this joint patrol symbolizes the principles of "cooperation, innovation, rule of law, and win-win" within the law enforcement sector. Since the memorandum of understanding for the joint patrols was signed in 2017, China and Croatia have successfully completed four joint patrols, receiving widespread acclaim for their efforts.

The Archaeological Museum of the Dubrovnik Museums is one of the partners in the European project 'StecakLand - Interpreting Art of Mysterious Medieval Stećak Tombstones through Virtual Reality.' Last weekend, digitalization and 3D photogrammetric recording of selected stećaks at the sites of St. Luke in Brotnjice and St. George in Popovići were carried out as part of this project. Along with previously digitized stećaks and VR (Virtual Reality) equipment related to virtual reality and AR (Augmented Reality) applications that will be developed, the goal of the project is to bring the world of decorations and motifs on stećaks, a significant part of our and broader medieval heritage, closer to the wider public.

The project's activities involved Selma Rizvić (project coordinator) and Bojan Mijatović (virtual reality director and leader) from the association DIGI.BA, as well as Dr. Domagoj Perkić from the Archaeological Museum in Dubrovnik.

European Project StecakLand Brings Medieval Tombstones to Life with Virtual Reality 1

The project coordinator is the Association for Digitalization and Informatization of Cultural Heritage DIGI.BA (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and alongside the Dubrovnik Archaeological Museum, other partners include: the Archaeological Institute from Belgrade (Serbia), the Mak Dizdar Foundation (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the National Museum of Montenegro (Montenegro), Kamerni Teatar 55 (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and NOHO Limited (Ireland). The collaborative team consists of experts from various fields: archaeologists, visual artists, performance artists, actors, VR producers, and software developers, forming a strong interdisciplinary team in the necessary domains, including experts who bring top knowledge from various areas such as archaeology and history, social sciences, computer science, as well as digital arts and theater.

European Project StecakLand Brings Medieval Tombstones to Life with Virtual Reality 2

The project 'StecakLand - Interpreting Art of Mysterious Medieval Stećak Tombstones through Virtual Reality' began on November 1, 2023, and ends on October 31, 2025. It takes place within the Creative Europe Programme (CREA), funded by the European Commission, and develops the concept of applying information technology in cultural heritage, in this case, focusing on the most important cemeteries with stećaks and their decorations in the countries where they are now located.

Netflix has released the third season of the popular series Vikings Valhalla, which was partly filmed in Dubrovnik. And Dubrovnik Mayor, Mato Franković, shared one of the scenes from the historical series on his Facebook profile.

Let's recall, Vikings has become one of the world's most beloved TV series, and many actors from the series have become international stars. Numerous films about Vikings have been made, and interest in the history and mythology of Scandinavian peoples has grown worldwide.

In addition, Goran Višnjić has joined the cast of the Netflix series, portraying Erik the Red, the legendary Viking father of Leif Eriksson, played by Sam Corlett, and Freydis, played by Frida Gustavsson. Erik the Red lives in exile in Greenland due to crimes he committed in Iceland and Norway.

Numerous visitors and jazz lovers enjoyed July 11 and 12 on Mljet, which briefly became the stage for a jazz festival.

Top domestic and international jazz musicians performed for two days on the islet of St. Mary. On the first day, July 11, as part of the Last Minute Open Jazz Festival, which celebrates its 18th anniversary this year and was held on Mljet for the first time, the excellent Portuguese jazz musician Amalia Baraona performed.

On the second day of the festival, Maja Grgić Novaković performed, enchanting the audience with her magical voice and performances from her new album. Jazz, which has its own audience, proved to be the perfect program for all lovers of the genre visiting Mljet.

Jazz Enthusiasts Thrill to Performances on Mljet Islands St. Mary Islet

Jazz Enthusiasts Thrill to Performances on Mljet Islands St. Mary Islet 1

The total financial assets of households at the end of the first quarter of 2024 amounted to 90.3 billion euros, which is an increase of 6.2 billion euros or 7.4 percent over a one-year period, and 1.5 percent compared to the end of the previous quarter, the Croatian National Bank (HNB) announced on Friday.

The biggest contribution to the growth of financial assets in the first quarter of 2024 was the increase in investments in debt securities, mostly bonds and treasury bills of the Ministry of Finance, with a noticeable decline in deposits, which, despite this reorganization of household portfolios, remain the most significant item of household financial assets, according to the HNB's statement on financial accounts statistics for the first quarter of this year.

On the other hand, household financial liabilities increased to 25.3 billion euros, which is an increase of 2.7 percent compared to December 2023. Over the course of a year, these liabilities increased by 2.5 billion euros or 10.9 percent.

“These developments resulted in an increase in the financial net worth of the household sector to 65.1 billion euros, which is one percent more than at the end of December 2023, or 6.1 percent or 3.8 billion euros more compared to the end of the same quarter of the previous year,” the central bank reported.

Thus, the net worth of the household sector continued its gradual growth that began in the second quarter of 2022, shortly after the end of the accelerated growth period that lasted from the second quarter of 2020 to the fourth quarter of 2021, the HNB added.

They also reported that at the end of the first quarter of this year, the financial assets of the Croatian economy amounted to 443 billion euros, which is a decrease of 0.5 billion euros in that quarter and an increase of 33.6 billion euros over the course of a year.

At the same time, the financial liabilities of the Croatian economy amounted to 461 billion euros, having increased by 1.1 billion in the quarter and by 33.3 billion euros over the course of a year.

Well-known Dubrovnik journalist, Vedran Benić, shared an incredible experience on social media that he had today as a consequence of the heat wave in Dubrovnik:

"By coincidence, today around noon, I walked from the bus to the bakery and then from the bus across Boninovo past the cemetery to home. Altogether, it was about 10 minutes, but enough for the upper rubber layer on the soles of my sandals to melt! (Made in Italy). I survived! The sandals did not! Never again will I make the same mistake until the red warning subsides!" said Benić, who will surely remember the episode with the 'melted' sandals for a long time.

"I usually don't go out in such heat, but today I went out for something and when I came back, I couldn't believe what I saw. If this wasn't a warning not to walk around in over 30 degrees, I don't know what is!" said Benić.


At the request of the concessionaire of Dubrovnik's Copacabana beach, it was determined that the lift for persons with disabilities was so damaged that it could not be repaired, so the City of Dubrovnik's contractual partner, INKO CENTAR from Zadar, installed a completely new lift.

Every year, at the beginning of the swimming season, the City of Dubrovnik installs lifts for persons with disabilities on Dubrovnik's beaches, bearing all the costs of procurement, servicing, maintenance, and possible repairs.

The City of Dubrovnik repeats its call to citizens and guests to use the lifts for persons with disabilities with particular care exclusively for their intended purpose and to report any cases of vandalism to the Dubrovnik Police Department.

Novi lifter na Copacabani 2 2

On July 12, 2024 at 11:00AM at the Museum of the Homeland War in Dubrovnik, artist Kat Coric officially unveiled her painting titled “Moja Domovina 1991” (My Homeland 1991). The painting was a gift from the artist to the museum to pay tribute to the Veterans of the Homeland War.

“We would like to once again express our gratitude to our donor, the artist Kat Coric, for her painting "My Homeland 1991," created during the early days of the Homeland War amidst wartime destruction, and which she gifted to her father, Captain Ivan Ćorić (1938 - 2015) in 1991. The painting is an oil on canvas, reflecting the deepest thoughts of Ms. Coric during one of the most challenging periods of her life, and it was part of a series titled "The Effects of the War on the Artist." The series was exhibited in Zagreb, Požega, and Dubrovnik in 1996.

Through this donation by Ms Coric, the painting returns to Dubrovnik and becomes part of the collection of the Museum of the Homeland War Dubrovnik, where it finds its place in the museum's collection and remains as a testament to the enduring memory of the Homeland War and the creation of the sovereign and independent Republic of Croatia,” added Ms. Varina Turk, the director of the Homeland War Museum in Dubrovnik.

image 123650291


From the middle of the week to the weekend, there are a little more than 23 thousand guests in Dubrovnik, roughly the same as at this time last year.

According to the data from the eVisitor system for the registration and deregistration of tourists, the most numerous are from the United Kingdom, USA, France, Australia, Ireland, Norway, Germany, and Spain.


Shaquille O’Neal one of the most iconic basketball players of all time, is returning to Dubrovnik. On Tuesday, July 23rd, he will perform for the third time at Dubrovnik's club Revelin.

In addition to being a four-time NBA champion, Shaq is also a successful musician, actor, host, and DJ under the name DJ Diesel. His performances are known for their energy, diverse music genres, and great atmosphere.

Last year, Shaq visited Dubrovnik together with his son Myles O’Neal, a talented musician who also performed at Revelin. And Myles will once again be coming this year and performing a set in the Dubrovnik nightclub.

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