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Croatia, according to Bloomberg Innovation Index for 2017, is on 41st among the 50 most innovative economies in the world, dropping three places compared to last year, according to index published on Tuesday – reports Poslovni.hr.

Bloomberg's Innovation Index measures how the economy uses innovation factors including investment in research and development and concentration of high-tech companies.

South Korea remains the world's best, as a last year, thanks to the best indicators in the field of investment in research and development, value-added manufacturing and patent activities, while it’s in the top five in the world in number of high-tech companies, higher education and the number of researchers.

The top five most innovative countries in the world after South Korea are Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Finland. Sweden has improved its position compared to last year for one place, thanks to improvements in the value-added production, while Finland has moved up two places mainly due to the increase in the number of high-tech companies in the country.

The ‘’biggest loser’’ this year of Bloomberg Innovation Index is Russia, which went down by 14 places and is now at the 26th place. Pressed by the sanctions and the effects of low energy prices in recent years, last year's solid performance in the area of production and productivity this year significantly deteriorated, according to Bloomberg.

Japan recorded a significant drop on the list going from last year's fourth on this year's 7th place, followed by Croatia, which dropped for three positions, from last year's 38th to 41st.

Bloomberg started the ranking with more than 200 economies, but the states that haven’t reported data for at least six of the seven categories that are measured were eliminated, so the list included 78 countries worldwide. Ultimately Bloomberg created the index of 50 world's most innovative economies.

More good news for Croatia's industry! AD Plastik from Solin near Split continues to expand its business with the German multinational automotive manufacturing company Volkswagen.

The largest Croatian manufacturer of plastic parts for the automotive industry will produce sets of internal glass scrapers for Audi Q3 and a front fender coating for VW Tiguan.

According to a statement from AD Plastik, the company won the nominations for the production of interior glass scrapers sets for Audi Q3 which will be manufactured at the extrusion plant in Solin, and for the production of a front fender coating for VW Tiguan, which will be produced at the AD Plastik factory in Kaluga, Russia.

The production planned for 140,000 Audi vehicles a year is to start in September 2018, whilst the project is expected to last seven years.

On the other hand, the production for VW vehicles in Russia's city of Kaluga is announced for February 2018. This project is expected to last four years, whilst the planned production is for 22,000 VW vehicles annually.

It is estimated that the annual revenue from these activities at the level of the AD Plastik Group will amount to almost 750,000 Euros. Just to remind you, in November 2016 the AD Plastik company was nominated for a new deal with the Renault Group worth around 16.5 million Euros.

Air Serbia has announced that not only will it continue to operate flights to Dubrovnik it is also thinking of expanding flights to other airports in Croatia. The national airlines of Serbia will fly six times a week from Belgrade to Dubrovnik through the summer months as well as twice a day to Zagreb. And now there is the possibility that Air Serbia will also fly to Zadar and the island of Brac.

The General Manager of Brac Airport, Tonči Peović, commented, "We have been in talks with Air Serbia for a number of years. I met with the company's CEO recently. They are interested in flying to Brac. They are considering linking the flights with Zadar. Introducing services from Belgrade is a high priority for them with an ATR 72-500 aircraft".

Air Serbia already flies to Split and Pula so the additional of Brac and Zadar would mean that the airline operates to six Croatian destinations. If flights are introduced between Belgrade and the island of Brac this will be the first time ever that these two airports have had direct connections.

According to information from the latest tourism fairs held in Europe, the tourist markets in Germany and Denmark have showed great interest in Croatia for the upcoming summer season.

The CTM tourist fair which is being held from the 14th to the 22nd of January in Stuttgart and the Vakantiebeur tourism and leisure fair which was held in Utrecht from the 11th to the 15th of January bring good news for Croatia in terms of bookings for the summer season 2017.

Romeo Draghicchio, the head of the Croatian Tourism Board in Germany commented that the CTM fair in Stuttgart confirmed the upward trend among Germans in making bookings in January for their summer vacation. He explained that "the most popular Google search term in tourism in Germany in the last quarter of 2016 regarding travel in 2017 was Croatia’’.

According to the eVisitor and eCrew systems, around 2.3 million Germans visited Croatia in 2016 and realized 18.2 million overnight stays.

On the other hand, around 200,000 Dutch tourists visited Croatia last year and realized 2.7 million overnight stays, according to data from the eVisitor and eCrew systems.

The Tourist Board of Dubrovnik-Neretva County participated in the FITUR fair in Madrid as a co-exhibitor at the stand of the Croatian Tourist Board. This important trade and travel fair is held from the 18th to 21st of January in the exhibition hall Fiera de Madrid.

The first day of the fair was intended exclusively for professionals in the tourism industry, while the other two days the fair was open to professionals and the general public. This was the tourist board’s third consecutive appearance at the show. The Dubrovnik-Neretva County has seen a steady increase in arrivals and overnight stays of tourists from Spain, and according to information from the tourist board a large number of visitors came to their stand during the fair.

dubrovnik spain

Croatia has one more thing to brag about! In the competition of 205 countries in the world, it's been placed among the five countries whose accommodation facilities have the best scores by the guests on the website Booking.com – reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

The "Guest Review 2016" award is based on more than 110 million user ratings on more than 355 thousand tourist facilities in 205 countries. Countries that are in the top are Italy, the United Kingdom, Austria, Greece and Croatia, which received the highest ratings of 12,219 passengers.

Two accommodation facilities that got the highest grades are placed in Dubrovnik-Neretva County – Villa Ratac, Slano and Apartment Dee Dee Dubrovnik.

The rest are: Apartments Villa Lilla - Baska Voda, Premium Class Apartments- Zagreb, Casa39 Apartments- Rovinj, Apartments Oliva- Brist, Holiday Home Medimurski Ceker - Sveti Martin na Muri, Venus Apartment- Stobrec, Apartment Delisan – Split and Kampanel - Turanj.

By the research of Booking.com the top 10 requests passengers have when they do the reservation are a comfortable bed (80 percent), magnificent view (60 percent), free Wi-Fi (52 percent), spacious bathroom (39 percent), soft pillows (35 percent) service delivery in the room (28 percent), waterfall shower (25 percent), welcome drink (21 percent), large enough closet and hangers for coats (17 percent) and lighting (13 percent).

Mediterranean Fair of Healthy Food, Medicinal Herbs and Green Entrepreneurship is coming to Dubrovnik for the 14th time. It will be held in the hotel Tirena on Babin kuk from 16th to 19th of March. 

All these years Mediterranean Fair is gathering exhibitors, experts, sponsors and enthusiasts to make joint efforts in order to present much of the ecological and traditional products which Croatia is full of.

This specialized manifestation has become the most important fair in the Republic of Croatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva County in the area of ecological and traditional agriculture as well as other green business.

This year's fair is aimed at expansion with new products, (hybrid, electric cars, eco-furniture and clothing from natural materials), the event ‘’Days of honey in Dubrovnik-Neretva County’’, raising the quality of exhibitors as well as improving the quality of organic and traditionally grown products. Of course, this year the Mediterranean Fair will continue with the promotion of local quality products, along with series of educational lectures, roundtables, presentations and much more.

Mediteranski NOVI najavni plakat 2017 300 kb 1

The Croatian company Hangar 18 has presented the first smart phone in the world with a new Media Tek Helio x27 processor with a rear double camera and seven shooting modes.

The smart phone Noa H10 represents the latest achievement of the smart phone development and is part of the Element series of devices. This smart phone series is particularly interesting because the devices were created in order to provide a design and functions of the ''premium'' segment to end users at favourable prices.

As the first such device in the world, the Noa H10 will strengthen the company's position and its brand Noa on the markets on which it is already available (Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic and Slovakia) and enable the further entry of the company into new markets.

The latest smart phone from the Hangar 18 company is the top model of Noa smart phones and has the fastest Helio x27 processor with ten cores designed by Media Tek. The device has a 4 GB of RAM and a 32 GB of internal memory manufactured by Samsung. The 5,5 inches 1080 p Full HD display was designed by Sharp and was made in 2,5 D technology. The most distinguishing feature of the smart phone is its rear dual Samsung camera 2x13 MP that enables ''refocusing'' and post-processing, with a quadruple (Double Dual Flash) LED flash. The camera provides seven shooting modes.

This is actually the first device with a dual camera on the chipset that Media Tek has developed since March 2016.

Dubrovnik is the summer months is a well known holiday destination. Tourists come from all over the world to marvel at the magnificent UNESCO Old City, swim in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea or just relax on the beaches. But what about Dubrovnik through the winter months? It seems that the city is still off the radar of people looking to have a weekend away, however Dubrovnik has a unique winter face.

Granted the city can be rather chilly through the winter months, especially when the cold north wind blows down over the mountains, but you aren’t expecting to get a tan in January, are you? The cobbled streets of the historic Old City lay silent through winter, none of those cruise ships passengers to spoil the views, and you can quite easily find yourself alone with your thoughts to keep you company.

So here are our top five reasons to visit Dubrovnik through the winter

1 – Crowds, just to be precise – lack of crowds. During the warmer months it is quite normal to see five or more cruise ships unload their countless passengers in the city. You simply can’t get to see the ancient facades and museums without bumping into Mr. And Mrs. Jones from Florida who “are just here for the day.” The winter is a different story. And as soon as you enter through the gates into the walled city you will see why. The Stradun, the main street that runs as straight as an arrow through the heart of the city, is almost deserted, apart from the occasional cat. If you want time for yourself, time to reflect and “my time” then Dubrovnik in the winter has is by the bucket load. Many of the museums are open so you can browse to your heart’s content.

dubrovnik winter

2 – Get the local experience. By chance, or maybe by design, many of Dubrovnik’s main festivals are outside of the summer season. By far the biggest day in Dubrovnik’s calendar is the Day of St. Blaise – the patron saint of Dubrovnik – on the 3rd of February. This is a special time to see Dubrovnik, as the city is filled with colours and sounds, the festivities go on for almost a week, but the 3rd is a magnificent explosion of joy. The Dubrovnik Winter Festival, although only a new kid on the block, has rapidly stamped its mark on the city. From the middle of November till early January the festival brings a real Christmas feel to the city. New Year is also a party filler, although the music needs a little more of an international feel, and goes on well into the early hours of the 1st of January. The fireworks display is also a thing of beauty, bring in the New Year with a bang – literally. For lovers of seafood the Oyster Festival at the beginning of March is a must see, or rather a must taste! The bay of Ston is well-known throughout Europe as producing some of the yummiest oysters, natures aphrodisiac!

st blaise festival dubrovnik


3 – The price is right, well it is cheaper. There is no doubt that Dubrovnik is a cheaper destination in the colder months. From the parking, which drops by half, to accommodation and even restaurant menus – forget the “summer surcharge” and enjoy a value for money break in the winter. And whilst you will pay a guide to show you the sights in the summer, in the winter the Dubrovnik Tourist Board offers this service for free, now that is a nice bonus. Our tip is to get a Dubrovnik City Card, this card allows you to travel on buses, visit museums and the iconic city walls, and is available at a discount to purchase online – click here

4 – Ride the cable car alone. Ok, you might not be alone but you at least you won’t be crowded into a stuffy car like sardines. Weather permitting, and it normally permits, the Dubrovnik Cable Car is open all year round. And having more room to yourself means that you will be able to get some fantastic panoramic views on the way up and down. At the top the Panorama Restaurant, yes not a very creative name, is open all year round and as the name suggest has great views. Drink a coffee and have the view for free!

cable car dubrovnik winter


5 – It isn’t all about the beaches. Dubrovnik is much more than a sun, sand and sea destination, it always has been. If you are after cheap beer, all-night parties and a full English breakfast hen you have come to the wrong place. This is a gem for culture vultures. And although you might need a warm jacket the culture doesn’t end when the last cruise ship sails over the horizon. Check out a concert from the excellent Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, marvel at one of the many museums, walk the city walls, watch ballet, the list goes on. And in the winter you won’t have much of a problem finding a spare seat, in fact you will probably be welcomed with open arms.

dso winter

Dubrovnik is a city for all seasons, and each season offers its own magic, even winter!



The three largest airports in Croatia, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, all recorded a record in 2016. The country’s main airports all had their best ever years, in terms of passengers numbers, ever. In total these three airports received over 7 million passengers, a huge increase of 13 percent on 2015.

Dubrovnik Airport saw an impressive growth in passenger numbers in 2016 and with the new terminal, Terminal C, ready to open this early summer this year should be even better. In 2016 Dubrovnik Airport handled 1.9 million passengers, falling short of the 2 million barrier by only around 6,000 passengers. This year should see Dubrovnik Airport easily break the 2 million passenger mark. In 2016 Dubrovnik Airport had an increase of almost 18 percent in passenger numbers.

Speaking to the specialised website, EX-YU Aviation News, the deputy director of Dubrovnik Airport, Frano Luetic, said “Figures were aided by a stronger winter season thanks to the airport's efforts to attract airlines during the off-season.” He added that more work must be done in the off-season, although the addition of Turkish Airlines helped the overall winter figures.




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