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With so much white noise on social media it is sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. But these illustrations immediately jumped out the page at us. Davor Bakora is the creative mind behind these wonderful Dubrovnik illustrations and we caught up with him to find his inspirations.

Educated at the The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design Communication Design he has devoted his life to his passion. He is collaborates with art directors, designers, entrepreneurs and editors at magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, publishing houses, companies and institutions worldwide and was honoured by American Illustration, Communication Arts, 3x3 and Creative Quarterly.

Your Dubrovnik illustrations have lit up social media and have brought lots of attention. How do you choose which images to create?
I’d rather say the images choose me. “Espressionism” is one of my most personal series where I just put ink on my sketchbook pages. The concept is to find a place where I can draw something for an hour or two, let loose, dive into sketchbook flow mode and finally don’t think at all about what I do.

davor bakara dubrovnik

How inspiring is Dubrovnik for an artist?
Very inspiring. There is so much art, architecture, history, in the air, everywhere. I feel every time I’m in Dubrovnik. Mediterranean atmosphere, coffee, the Adriatic Sea, blue and green and a lot of Dalmatian stones around, beyond and above you.

What feedback have you received from your work and how are the images of Dubrovnik received?
Well, some like and some awarded some of my works. Regarding the Dubrovnik drawings, I guess they are popular because they look different the way they are drawn, just black and white, especially compared to the usual views and the common colours in Dubrovnik postcards, photos or paintings. There’s more to come and I hope to offer “Espressionism” prints soon.

dubrovnik illustration davor

How did you enter the world of illustration?
I always wanted to visualise ideas, to create something new by the evening that didn’t exist in the morning. I liked magazines with great illustrations like the New Yorker even before I was studying and I definitely wanted to work with these editors and art directors who particularly appreciate the art of commercial illustration. So I studied Communication Design at the Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts and specialised in the illustration class of Prof. Heinz Edelmann. I knew the work of mainly French, Belgian and a few American comic book artists before and discovered the work of great contemporary illustrators during my studies by publications like American Illustration and Communication Arts. Inspiration and motivation by my fellow students was also crucial.

coffee and illustraion dubrovnik

What advice would you give for up and coming illustrators?
It’s all about mutual respect and collaboration. Give your best on all projects. Or learn to say “No” if someone asks but rejects a reasonable fee. If your goal is to become a perfectionist, rather try to square a circle. You have to “draw wrong,” to exercise in order to develop your skills, style etc. Don’t give up. Stay open-minded. Learn and improve every day. Ask for advice but decide on your own. Don’t judge everything but work on anything.

illustraions of dubrovnik churches 22

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The World Bank inched up its prediction for Croatia's GDP growth this year, warning that economies of Croatia, Bulgaria, and Romania are held back by lower exports and labour shortages.

Croatia's GDP is now expected to grow by 2.8 percent this in 2019, the World Bank said on Tuesday, slightly up from their most recent report in June when they put the projection at 2.7 percent.

The predicted growth projection for 2020 remained at 2.8 percent, and in 2021 Croatia's GDP growth is projected to slow down to 2.6 percent.

"Softening exports and labour shortages held back growth in Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania, while fiscal support and strong consumption enabled Poland to grow a faster 5 percent," the World Bank said.

As for the outlook of the global economy, the World Bank said that the growth would be somewhat stifled by slower international trade and manufacturing activity around the world, as well as elevated trade tensions.

Therefore it reduced global growth projections for 2019 and 2020 by 0.1 percentage points. The growth projection is now 2.9 percent for 2019 and 2.8 percent for 2020 and 2021.

"At the beginning of 2018 the global economy was firing on all cylinders, but it lost speed during the year, and the ride could get even bumpier in the year ahead," said World Bank's CEO Kristalina Georgieva.

Winter is certainly biting in Dubrovnik this week. Artic northerly winds and plummeting temperatures have even brought sprinklings of snow to some parts south of Dubrovnik. Snow ploughs were in action this morning in the Konavle region and the hills above Zupa have traces of snow from overnight.

The temperature today is around 4 degrees but with a blasting northerly wind the real feel is well below minus. Over the next few days the icy weather will continue with highs to reach around 8 degrees tomorrow and on Friday.

The Croatian Meteorological Service has issued the following warning for tomorrow “Locally new snow cover, especially in the hinterland. snowfall > 5 cm STAY ALERT for widespread snowfall and/or ice on roads and pavements. Localised interruptions in outdoor activities are possible. Be careful when walking, biking or driving on slippery surfaces.”

Croatia could soon have another domestic airline, Smile Air. According to reports on Poslovni dnevnik the owner of Avio Nova, Nino Borić, is working on setting up a new airline in Croatia. Borić, who has more than 30 years of experience in the aviation industry, registered the name Smile Air back in the summer of 2017.

Speaking to Poslovni dnevnik Boric stated that he works with the philosophy of Sir Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Atlantic, who, as he says, knows that a good attitude towards employees also means satisfied passengers.

Borić is the owner of Avio Nova, headquartered in Florida, and for years he has been in high positions in the operations of various airlines. The other co-owner of Smile Air is Bernard Lukač, a 30-year-old pilot and former instructor in Croatia Airlines, and for the last eight years an inspector at the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA).

The third member of the team is Krunoslav Dumlija, a pilot with 15 years of experience and a former CCAA inspector. Asked about the amount of capital needed to start this business, Borić said he would start with two aircraft in operational lease, and it would need between $3 and 5 million.

County Center 112 Dubrovnik reported that winter equipment for motor vehicles in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County is obligatory and traffic is forbidden for trailer trucks and semi-trailer trucks on the roads:

A1 between Prgomet and Karamatici
A10 between Ploce and Carapine
DC8 Gradac-Ceveljusa-Opuzen-GP Klek
DC9 GP Metkovic-Opuzen-DC8
DC62 Big Prolog-Metkovic
DC425 Karamatici (A1) - Cevljusa
ŽC5203 Dobroselo-Brotnja-Otric
county roads in Metkovic area

Snow fell on the Peljesac area and part of Konavle. The Dubrovnik Roads informed that all the roads are cleaned and good for traffic.

Back in 2016 Spanish journalists Vincente Azpitarte and Jose Manuel Puertas published a book Luka Modric: El hijo de la guerra (Luka Modric: The Son Of War), which brings a story about Croatian footballer’s childhood and his way to Real Madrid, one of the most powerful clubs in the world. This biography will soon be translated in Japanese – writes.

As the article states, Azpitarte recently visited Japan to finalize the book and was surprised with the cover photo, showing Modric’s profile, while he’s moving his hair from his face. When Azpitarte asked why did they decide to put that photo on the cover, he got an interesting answer.

-In Japan, Modric is considered one of the most attractive footballers in the world. He is a sex symbol and our women think he is more handsome and more beautiful than Cristiano Ronaldo - Japanese publishers explained, writes.

As they say, the secret is in his long hair, facial physiognomy and pointy nose, but ultimately in his life story, growing up in awe, persistent work and a difficult path that he has passed.

According to the State Hydrometeorological Institute for the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, until 10th of January, a high risk of a cold wave is projected.

Here are couple of recommendations on protecting the health during these low temperatures:

- Avoid going out early in the morning or late in the night;

- Wear layers and don’t go out without a hat, scarf and gloves;

- Do not stay out for the long time;

- Drink enough amount of hot drinks (tea, soup, up to two cups of coffee a day, limit the intake of alcohol);

- Monitor the temperature in the room where you are staying (thermometer / thermostat - preferably 18 to 24° C).

Concert for the children ‘’The Carnival of the Animals’’, organized by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and supported by the Caboga Stiftung Foundation, will take place on Sunday, January 20th, at 11 am in the Marin Drzic theater. Tickets at a price of 30 kuna are avaliable online on the website

From the first performance this summer at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, as part of the program of public development program – the City Keys, this performance receives the great interest of the festival audience of all generations, which could be seen at the concerts in the Bunic Kaboga summer villa in September and November, confirming the universal popularity of this zoological fantasy of French composer Camille Saint-Saëns, which easily finds its way to the hearts of children (and adults) all over the world.

Composer of this work, Camille Saint-Saëns, was born almost 200 years ago in Paris and is one of the artists known as the "miracle of the child". As an adult and respected composer, while spending time with his friends on vacation in Austria, he decided to play around in a zoological fantasy entitled The Carnival of Animals. Through various portions of this descriptive piece of full humor and satire, he commented on other composer's compositions, his own works, and his music critics (in a line dedicated to long-eared animals). Each of the 14 items of Animal Carnivals is devoted to one animal or group of animals, and almost all parts hide quotes or music reviews of other famous musical works.

Along with the Dubrovnik musicians performing this popular Saint-Saëns work, there will be a story teller: actress Srdana Simunovic. A great joy for the children and adults!

In 2018 a total of 60,041 new cars were sold in Croatia, up by 18.3 percent from 2017 and totalling almost 165 new cars every day, market research company Promocija Plus said on Monday, based on Interior Ministry data.

In 2017 Croatians had bought 50,769 new cars. In December 2018 alone, 2,412 new cars found owners, up by 12.4 percent year-on-year.

The best selling brand in 2018 was Volkswagen, with 8,932 cars sold and a 14.9 percent market share. Renault came in second with 5,805 cars sold and a 9.7 percent market share, while Czech-based Skoda was third, with 5,293 vehicles and a 8.8 percent share. These were followed by Opel in fourth place (5,212 new cars and a 8.7 percent share) and Suzuki in fifth (3,794 cars sold, or a 6.3 percent market share).

As for German high-end brands, in 2018 Croatians bought 1,804 Audis, 1,487 BMWs, 1,216 Mercedes-Benzes and 85 Porsches. Three Maseratis, one Ferrari, one Lotus, and one Rolls Royce vehicles were also sold.

In terms of car model, the most popular were compacts. The best selling model was Skoda Octavia (2,981 sold), followed by Renault Clio (2,599 units sold) and Volkswagen Golf (2,193 sold). Volkswagen's Polo came in fourth (2,162 sold) and Suzuki Vitara was fifth (1,720 sold).

In terms of fuelling technology, petrol cars had a 54.9 percent market share in 2018, followed by diesel-powered vehicles with 42.7 percent. Hybrids accounted for 1.4 percent of the market, gas-powered vehicles 0.8 percent, while merely 145 purely electric vehicles were sold in 2018, putting them at a 0.2 percent market share.

The growth in car sales is mainly attributed to tax code changes introduced in January that year, which made all vehicles sold at a retail price up to 150,000 kuna (€20,000) including VAT exempt from additional tax on vehicles. Cars in this price range account for about two thirds of all new car sales in 2018.

Russian airline S7 Airline, a member of the global airline association OneWorld, announced its 2019 summer flight schedule, which will boost flights to both of the destinations in Croatia which S7 Airlines has in its network – Avioradar reports.

On the line Dubrovnik - Moscow ("Domodedovo" airport) instead of a smaller Airbus A319 aircraft, a larger Boeing 737-800 plane will fly, coming from the from the Globus (GH / GLP) daughter fleet. There will be flights twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays in the same period as last year.

On the line Pula - Moscow (airport "Domodedovo") there will be an additional rotation on Saturdays. So instead of last year's five flights a week, this year there will be as much as 6 flights per week. There are no flights on Tuesdays and Sundays. Last year’s new line Pula - Sankt Petersburg remains unchanged, and it will fly once a week, on Sundays.

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