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The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system of any residential and commercial building can influence the comfort and health of its occupants. Having an HVAC system at home ensures that the household inhales air that’s free from contaminants. This system also allows you to control your home’s indoor temperature to better suit your local climate.

An HVAC system can be a godsend, especially if you live in a city where the climate is always changing. Colorado Springs, for example, experiences cool, dry-winters, and warm climates in a year. The unpredictability of the daily weather can affect a person’s productivity and health, which is why an HVAC system is always a smart investment.

To ensure that your HVAC system can provide all of these benefits, look for the number one HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs or in your city. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Use Your Resources

Several contractors usually provide the same service in a specific location. If you’re living in a big or growing city, expect that you’ll have several options to choose from.

When finding the best HVAC contractors, narrow down your search by using your resources. Do some online research and ask your friends and family if they know any HVAC contractors in the area. Colleagues from work and neighbors can provide recommendations as well.

There are several contractors who specialize in HVAC Colorado Springs maintenance and repairs, and by using your resources, you can have an idea of how a specific HVAC contractor provides services.

2. Check If The Contractor Is Licensed

You can only utilize your HVAC system if it’s installed by licensed contractors. The contractor should have the necessary training, experience, and tools to effectively work with an HVAC system. Without these elements, parts of the HVAC system can be damaged, which can lead to more costs and a lot of stress.

Instead of paying for an amenity that can boost the comfort of your household, you’ll end up paying for contractors who will do the complete opposite.

Before hiring an HVAC contractor, always ask about their license. Established HVAC contractors, such as SoCo Heating and Cooling, will be happy to comply with your request. Some of these contractors will also post their license numbers on their websites, so make sure to check if this is available.

An HVAC certification license means that the contractor is properly trained and qualified to perform any tasks that involve the HVAC system—from the installation to repairs and maintenance.

3. Ask For A Written Estimate

The cost of the HVAC contractor’s services is an important deciding factor. Regardless if you’re having one installed in your residential or commercial property, you would want to work with contractors who are reasonably-priced but still provide high-quality products and services.

You can asses this information by asking for a written estimate from the HVAC contractor. This document should clearly indicate the cost and timeline of different HVAC projects. Possible costs incurred by a customer and how these are calculated should also be included in the written estimate.

Although convenient, you should never settle for an HVAC contractor that provides an estimate over the phone. While some cities consider oral contracts as legal and binding documents, it’ll be challenging to support any claims if a case against the contractor is taken to court.

Always require the HVAC contractor to send you a written estimate of their costs and services. If the HVAC contractor doesn’t provide you with any, look for other options.


4. Don’t Settle For The Cheapest Contractor

As mentioned, the cost of the contractor’s services is an important factor to consider. In fact, you’re probably motivated to scout for several contractors in your area because you’re planning to hire one that offers the cheapest services. Besides, everyone loves to score discounts and bargains, right?

When it comes to HVAC system installation, cheaper isn’t always better. Licensed HVAC contractors poured their time and effort to master their skills, so don’t expect that their services will be cheap.

Choosing to hire the cheapest contractor will usually result in more expenses and added stress in the long run. Cheap HVAC contractors are often unlicensed, or are using substandard tools in their projects.

The prices of these contractors might be the cheapest in your area, but because their products and services will require frequent repairs, you’ll end up spending more. In worse cases, cheap HVAC contractors can even cause damage to your property.

Choose Carefully

Aside from the benefits, you’ll be spending a lot of money for the purchase and installation of an HVAC system. A brand new HVAC system will cost between $2,000 to $5,000. Repairs can cost at least $5,000 and can go up to $10,000.

Only work with legitimate and experienced HVAC contractors, so you’ll end up paying for an HVAC system that provides value to your money. HVAC contractors that offer high-quality products and services can ensure the functionality and longevity of your investment.

The IMD World Talent Ranking scores countries across three factors of investment and development, readiness and appeal. In overall list, Croatia is placed on 53rd place, which is an improvement compared to the last year when it was 54th out of 63 countries.

Croatia is best positioned in terms of investment and development factor (36th place). Benefits include government spending on education per pupil (percentage of GDP per capita in secondary education) and the ratio of pupils and professors in primary and secondary schools. A drawback is the under-investment of companies in employee training.

The worst rank is in the appeal factor. Croatia is ranked 61st when it comes to retaining talented people and attracting foreign talent. The advantage is the cost of living index, and the disadvantage is attracting and retaining talent and brain drain.

Slightly better placement is in the readiness factor. Croatia is 60th in terms of the country's willingness to meet the market demands for skilled labor. Strengths are graduates of the natural sciences, and disadvantages are in the area of accessibility of persons with financial skills and international experience of senior management.

Cultivating, attracting and retaining a skilled workforce is crucial to strengthen competitiveness and achieve long-term prosperity, particularly in the current dynamic landscape where artificial intelligence, robotics and other new technologies constantly redefine the challenges that governments, businesses and society in general will have to face in the future.

In 2019, the top of the table is still led by European small and mid-size economies. These countries all share high levels of investments in education and a superior quality of life. Switzerland in the first and Denmark in the second position firmly lead the ranking for the seventh year in a row, followed by Sweden, Austria and Luxembourg. Sweden joins the top three, advancing five positions with respect to last year, thanks to improvements in such as total public expenditure on education and the prioritization of talent attraction and retention in the private sector. With the exception of Estonia and Lithuania, Eastern European economies place in the lower half of the ranking.

The exhibition "Feathers, apples and a grain of salt - Christmas jewelry from the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb" will open at the Rupe granary on Thursday, November 21st at 6 pm.

The exhibition presents the Christmas jewelry of the Ethnographic Museum's holdings from the late 19th and 20th century and the idea is to present its types, different ways of making and decorating it. The absence of such practices in particular periods and regions of Croatia is also taken into account. The visitors will see ornaments made with different materials and techniques, divided into two large groups, one jewelry made at home for personal use and one serially made for sale.

Like all other traditions and customs, ways of celebrating Christmas are constantly changing, so with time Christmas jewelry changes too. This change is conditioned by the diversity of available materials and techniques, while the style, place and method of production reflect the spirit and taste of the time in which they were created, as well as the socio-economic circumstances.

Was the greenery just a decoration or did it also have a certain apotropic function that disappeared over time? The exhibition also focuses on the Christmas greenery and especially the Christmas tree with different meanings that have been attached to it throughout history. The exhibition will raise the question of the age of the traditions as we know them today.

In the past week in the area of Police Administration of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County there were 10 traffic accidents, in which two persons got heavily injured, four persons got light injuries, while there were four traffic accidents with material damage.

By carrying out traffic control measures, police officers have taken 691 repressive measures against the perpetrators of traffic offenses, out of which 457 measures taken due to speeding, 23 measures due to improper overtaking, 34 measures for improper stop and parking, 51 measures because of non-use of the seat belt, 11 measures against drivers who were driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and 14 measures because of using mobile phone while driving. Don't forget to put your day lights on, because last week 20 persons got fined for not keeping them on.

What a difference a day makes! From grey skies, crashing seas, floods and torrential rain to bright sunshine and blue skies. The weather decidedly took a turn for the better today as the week in Dubrovnik opened with brilliant sunshine and clear, blue skies.

The forecasters were certainly on the money as the gale force southerly winds abated and the sun broke through the grey clouds. The historic Old City of Dubrovnik was bathed in sunshine and indeed the forecast for the rest of the week shows more clear skies and warmer weather.

a day makes 2

a day makes 1

a day makes 3

a day makes 4

a day makes 5

The festive period is on the doorstep and Dubrovnik is getting into the spirit with the Christmas decorations. The lights have already been hung across the Stradun and around the heart of the Old City and today it was the turn of the Christmas trees.

The first Christmas tree was installed at the beginning of the Stradun and there are more to come including the largest one near the St. Blaise Church. With only 37 days left till the big day it looks like being a colourful event in Dubrovnik as ever, although the chances of a white Christmas are very slim indeed. But we’ll settle for a dry one instead.


Almost a quarter of a century after the Homeland War ended in Croatia experts believe that there is still 87,700 acres of land that needs to be cleared of possible land mines. That is roughly the size of 66,000 football fields that still may contain land mines. And now with some financial assistance from the European Union the Croatia government is planning to clear 4,200 acres of forest land in the Velebit Nature Park and the Paklenica National Park.

35.8 million Euros has been earmarked for the clearing of mines in these forest areas and the EU will pay for 85 percent of the total.

The clearing of mines left over from the 1991-95 war is expected to be completed by June 2023, by which time nearly 1,700 hectares (4,200 acres) of forests located in the Velebit Nature Park and the Paklenica National Park would be cleared.

"Currently there are 355 square kilometres of mine-infested areas in Croatia. That is a frightening number considering the fact that there are more than 30,000 mines and other unexploded devices in those areas. This government aims to clear Croatia of mines. That is why I am pleased with the signing of this agreement, which is in large part co-funded with EU money," stated the Environment and Energy Minister, Tomislav Coric, said in a press release.

The world’s most popular budget airline, Ryanair, will open up another flight connection to Croatia for 2020. The airline have announced that they will introduce new flights between Gdansk in Poland and Zadar as part of their 2020 summer flight schedule.

The timetable shows that Ryanair will fly three times a week, on Saturdays, Thursdays and Tuesdays, starting from the 31st of March and operating until the 24th of October. Ryanair already operates seven routes in and out of Zadar Airport and this latest offering from Poland is sure to be as popular as the rest.

The Red Cross in Dubrovnik will soon have a special vessel which will be the starting block of an offshore rescue service in the city. The City of Dubrovnik have agreed to earmark the necessary funds in the 2020 to purchase a specialized search and rescue sea vessel.

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, met with the head of the Dubrovnik branch of the Red Cross and they discussed the advantages of purchasing a “Rescue Runner” for Dubrovnik. It was agreed that the City of Dubrovnik would financially support the project and would also back the establishment of a future service and training courses.

rescue runner croatia

The "Rescue Runner" scooter is 3.6 metres in length and has a capacity for 375 kilograms and can reach speeds of up to 38 m/ph. It was designed for search and rescue missions and for working in the most challenging sea conditions, and would cover the entire area of the Dubrovnik area - from the island of Lokrum to the Elaphite islands.

The procurement of the "Rescue Runner" scooter is crucial for the pilot project of setting up an offshore rescue service, the first in Croatia to be developed by the Red Cross.

Whilst the Adriatic Sea through the summer months is generally calm and inviting it has a completely different look in the winter, as one Scandinavian swimmer discovered today. The recent stormy weather has seen crashing seas all along the Croatian coastline as a gale force southerly wind combined with high tides caused floods. However, in spite of these extreme weather conditions one tourist decided to go for a swim in Dubrovnik today, as it turned out a longer swim than he had planned on.

dubrovnik swimming in old port in 2019

A middle-aged man, who is believed to be from Scandinavia, jumped in the sea to go for a quick dip on the Porporela breakwater. The Adriatic however had a different plan for the swimmer and due to the high waves he was unable to get out of the sea where had dived in and was forced to swim all the way into the Old City harbour where he was able to get out. The harbour is normally a buzz of boats and ferries but thankfully it was empty today. He was spotted by local fishermen and dragged out of the sea.

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