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The tenth anniversary of the Global Greening initiative will be celebrated in Dubrovnik on Sunday, March 17th at 6:30 pm and on that occasion the Sponza Place will go green! This event is organized by the City of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Dubrovnik Tourist Board in cooperation with the Embassy of Ireland.

Annual celebration of St. Patrick, National Day of Ireland, organized by Tourism Ireland will include a record number of places around the world and in Croatia, more precisely 400 places in 53 countries. The tenth annual initiative in Croatia will include record five cities and nine places this Sunday.

The Irish Embassy has again co-operated with the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, the City of Rijeka - the European Capital of Culture 2020 and the Irish City of Galway on this year's initiative. In addition to Dubrovnik, Rijeka and Zagreb, Zadar and Split take part in the initiative. Split will green the fountain on the famous promenade, in Zadar the most famous city monument, the church of St. Donat will be colored, Zagreb will illuminate the four locations of Fontana, Croatian Museum of Contemporary Art, Klovicevi dvori and Mestrovic's pavilion, and Rijeka Trsatska gradina and the "Molo Longo" crane.

With its record-breaking number of participants, Croatia has again shown that the link between Ireland and Croatia is growing stronger each year. Known world sights included in the Tourism Ireland initiative for the celebration of St. Patrick are the London Eye and many others.

Traffic police carried out a targeted preventive-repressive action directed towards drivers who do not use blinkers on the road yesterday. Even though it was announced, 36 persons got their tickets because they didn't use their blinkers, while the total of traffic offenses was 63.

Failure to turn the direction indicator on the part of a particular participant in traffic can jeopardize or mislead other traffic participants, which can lead to more serious traffic accidents.

Carrying out these activities will continue during the next period, through day-to-day traffic monitoring as well as through targeted activities.

Croatian National Tourist Board is presenting Croatia's tourist offer at the 26th MITT fair, which is being held in Moscow until March 14th. This is the largest tourist fair in the Russian Federation, which is among the top 5 tourist fairs in the world. Around 2000 companies and representatives of two hundred international tourist destinations are attending this year's fair, and it is expected that the fair will be visited by about 30,000 visitors. Within the Croatian stand, there are five co-exhibitors including Zagreb Tourist Board, Atlantis Travel, Istarski dvori 2, Lošinj Hotels & Villas and Croatia Yachting.

Among the numerous world delegations present at the MITT fair, there is also the Croatian government led by the State Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism,Tonci Glavina and the Director of the Croatian Tourist Board Representative Office in Russia Rajko Ruzicka, who met with the most important partners on the Russian market on that occasion.

-Russia is a significant emission market for Croatia, which, among other things, it’s confirmed by the daily consumption of Russian tourists, which is by 50 percent higher than the average. It is important to continue good tourism cooperation and to strengthen our recognizability in this market. I am extremely pleased that the biggest Russian tour operators have recognized our ongoing work on quality improvement, and they have created additional offers for Croatia - Glavina said.

Director Ruzicka emphasized that on the basis of the first information and the meetings it can be concluded that there is a great interest for Croatia, which is why the continuation of positive trends and the growth of tourist traffic is expected. 
-Positive growth in arrivals, which should be higher than 20 percent according to the announcements, except from Russia, is also expected from the Ukrainian market. This is the result of numerous promotional activities that we carry out during the year, with the greatest attention given to the presentation of health and nautical tourism, which are among the Russians most recognizable segments of our tourist offer - said Ruzicka.

This was also confirmed by representatives of TUI led by Mahmut Kansu, director of development of foreign markets. TUI announces a 20 percent increase of Russian guests, and are very pleased with the cooperation with Croatian hoteliers and the available capacities this year. The Croatian delegation also met with representatives of the tour operator PAKS, whose director and co-owner Vitaljy Cizikov announced a growth of 15 percent, and stressed that a significant part of their offer relates to the Croatian destinations.

-Russian tourists in Croatia spend most of their nights in Istria, Split-Dalmatia County and Kvarner. Our goal is not only the growth of tourist traffic, but also the positioning of the Croatian continental offer on this large and potent market - said Croatian Tourist Board Director Kristjan Stanicic, adding that during the last year there was more than 135 arrivals and over 932 thousand overnight stays by the Russian tourists.

A Libertas public bus caused a moment of mayhem at a busy Dubrovnik crossroads yesterday afternoon at around 5.00pm as, for some unknown reason, the bus pulled a U-turn.

A reader of The Dubrovnik Times sent us this photo as the bus manoeuvred across the busy junction. Of course due to the length of the bus it couldn’t make the U-turn in one go so it was more of a three-point turn.

“I was driving back home and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The number 9 bus performing a complete U-turn in front of me. A professional driver with multiple passengers performing such an illegal and dangerous manoeuvre. How is this possible and how can the driver justify putting the passengers and other roads users at risk?” commented the eyewitness to this unusual manoeuvre. We can only presume that the driver had lost his way or it was his first day on the job. 

The demographic crisis facing Croatia is one of the largest and most complex problems the country faces. Hundreds of thousands have already left the country to look for a brighter future in other European Union members and has meant that Croatia’s actual population is certain to dip below 4 million.

By far the most affected region of Croatia is Slavonia, the area of Croatia with the lowest GDP per capita, and no research has shown that the financial strength, or weakness, of counties has a direct correlation to the migration.

In 2017 the county with the largest level of migration was the Vukovar-Srijem County, which is 18th in Croatia in terms of GDP per capita, whilst the second most affected county in 2017 was the Brod-Posavina County (next to last on the GDP per capita list) and the Požega-Slavonia County, which is 19th on the GDP list.

Whereas the county with the lowest rate of migration, the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, has the fourth highest GDP in Croatia

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued a decision to halt all operations of the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft in Europe. The Boeing 737 Max 8 was previously grounded by some twenty airlines and the Chinese Civil Aviation issued a ban on 100 airplanes, which is a quarter of a global fleet.

In Europe, the British, the Germans, the French and the Irish all banned the aircraft but Croatian authorities decided not to join the growing number of countries banning the aircraft, even though at least one of these Boeing planes flies in Croatian airspace every day.

However, the decision has now been taken out of Croatian hands as the European Union has taken the decision for them. The EASA has issued a directive, which came into force on Tuesday at 7.00pm (CET) to suspend all Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft in Europe. In addition, EASA issued a Safety Directive, which came into force at the same time, suspending all commercial flights operated by third-country operators in, within or outside the EU's above-mentioned models.

An investigation into the tragic accident of the Ethiopian authorities with the support of the National Traffic Safety Committee, as the aircraft was designed and built in the United States, is underway. EASA has offered its assistance in supporting the accident investigation.

The US still refuses to ban the aircarft with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) stating that their review showed "no systemic performance issues."

The Spanish low farrier Vueling withdrew from the sale of the only line connecting Florence to an airport in Croatia – Avioradar reports. It is the Florence - Split line, which was in traffic once a week, on Fridays from June 1st to September 21st, 2018, and was planned the same for this year. Now it is no longer in the offer.

The line began with traffic in 2016 with three flights per week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. The year after, it was reduced to two flights a week, Fridays and Sundays, leaving last year with only one flight per week. This means that Vueling will arrive in Split this year only from Barcelona and Rome.


Burh Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, glowed in the Croatian colours last night. The Croatian flag lit up the Dubai night sky in honour of the Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandic, who arrived in the largest city in the United Arab Emirates for meetings.

The Mayor of Zagreb met with the Mayor of Dubai, Dawood Abdul Rahman Al Hajiri, and Mohamed Alabbar, the owner of Eagle Hills, who is in charge of realizing the construction project in Croatia’s capital entitled Zagreb Manhattan. The Croatian delegation travelled to Dubai following an invitation from Al Hajirija.

The Zagreb Mayor published these photos of the world’s largest building in Croatian colours.

There were 156,378 jobless people in Croatia at the end of February, according to figures by the Croatian Employment Service (HZZ), or by 1.5 percent fewer than in January and 18 percent fewer on the year.

HZZ figures show that at the end of February there were 2,456 fewer jobless people registered on the month or 34,382 fewer year-on-year.

This is the first time in four months that the number of people seeking work fell on the month, which can be attributed to the usual seasonal trends on the Croatian labour market.

Daily data indicates that there are currently 152,826 jobseekers and 24,021 advertised vacancies.

In February, 35,795 or 22.9 percent of those out of work were on the dole. The number of beneficiaries of allowances dropped by 10.5 percent on the year or by 4,186 people.

The Nikon photo of the month for March features Dubrovnik and the iconic Dubrovnik city walls.

The photographer of this fantastic and atmospheric Dubrovnik photo was Ružica Dodig, a nun from the city who works as a nursery teacher in the student home “Paola Di Rosa.”

In an interview for the Croatian Catholic Network she commented that “My first steps in photography are related to Nikon's equipment, so I'm honoured that Nikon has chosen my photo for the monthly photo.”


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