Tuesday, 25 September 2018

According to the latest data from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (DZS), in the first eight months of 2017, nine Croatian airports recorded 6.8 million passengers or 17.9 percent more over the same period last year.

The data also show that only this year’s August recorded more than 1.68 million passengers or 18.5 percent more than in the same month last year.

The increase in the number of passengers in all airports is also associated with an increase in the number of aircraft operations that totalled 83,200 or 8.3 percent more than in the first eight months last year.

Only in this August, there were 18,300 operations or 8.6 percent more than the same month last year.

As far as freight transport in Croatian airports is concerned, in the first eight months of this year it increased by 4.9 percent to around 5,600 tonnes, with an increase reaching 63.4 percent or 1,028 tonnes in August.

Out of the total 1.68 million passengers in all nine Croatian airports in August this year, Split Airport was the busiest airport with 590,800 passengers with an increase of 22.3 percent in comparison to August 2016.

Dubrovnik Airport tailed Split with 438,200 passengers in August or 16.8 percent more over the same month last year.
Split and Dubrovnik airports were followed by Zagreb Airport Franjo Tudjman with 346,800 passengers and 13.4 percent growth, and Pula Airport which recorded 137,700 passengers in August or 23.1 percent more than the same month last year.

The Dubrovnik Foreign Circle (DFC) raised 62,800 kuna for charity at its 8th annual Second Hand Sale, held at the Lazareti complex in early October. All funds raised will be donated to three local non-profit organizations which support local residents with health concerns: the Dubrovnik Neretva County Association of the Blind, Life is Sweet (UdrugaSlatkiŽivot), which supports families with children who have type one diabetes, and Together for Health (Udruga Zajedno do Zdravlja) which assists families from the Dubrovnik area who need to travel to Zagreb for extended therapy or surgery.

-Many thanks to everyone who participated in this event, whether as donors, shoppers or volunteers - said club president Christiane Mandukich and added that over the past eight years that they have organized this sale, interest has grown dramatically.

-We even added an extra day this year to accommodate all the shoppers and the great quality merchandise that was donated. It’s wonderful to see that the local community has embraced the idea of this sale, and that it has even become something of a tradition that people look forward to each October. We are very proud that through this event, we are able to raise money to support important local charities, and also provide local families an opportunity to purchase needed items, such as clothing and household goods, at very reasonable prices. Residents who donate their used items also feel good knowing that that their items are being used and appreciated by someone else in the community – explained Mandukich.

Over the last eight years, the Dubrovnik Foreign Circle has raised and donated more than 335 thousand kuna to various local charities in Dubrovnik and the surrounding area.

For those who might still not be familiar with the club, the members of Dubrovnik Foreign Circle, are mostly foreign residents who make Dubrovnik their permanent home year round, and who have been part of the life of the city for many years. More information about the club’s activities can be found on the website, www.dubrovnikforeigncircle.com.

Dubrovnik Foreign Circle has just one more thing to tell you all: See you at next year’s second hand sale!

A fair of healthy cuisine opened today in front of the Old City of Dubrovnik on Pile. This Health Food Fair is part of the upcoming Good Food Festival Dubrovnik 2017, which will be held between the 19th and the 22nd of October and organised by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

health food fair dubrovnik

Guests to the city and citizens have the chance to purchase homemade produce in this health food festival. If you have never tried “prikle” a traditional dough ball similar to a doughnut now is your chance. Or why not try some excellent smoked ham (pršut), liqueurs and stock up on jams and marmalades for the winter period.

This fair is also a great opportunity to pick up an authentic Dubrovnik souvenir as a memento of your time in the city.

health food dubrovnik

prikle dubrovnik

Try some Prikle at the fair - Photos Tonci Plazibat 

(All of the following place names are real and not made up.)

I travel a lot and it never ceases to amuse me when I see a town with a weird name. A lot of my foreign friends think that Dubrovnik is a rather strange name but of course to the locals it’s all very straight forward. With the surrounding hills originally being filled with oak forests (Dubrava) it's a bit of a no brainer that the place would reflect this in its name.

Then there's the unfortunate occurrence of a word having a completely different and often humorous meaning in English. Take for example the town of Rude in northern Croatia. Now on the surface it seems perfectly reasonable to name a town after ore given the economic importance of the mineral but of course it all gets a bit silly in translation.

While we are talking about that region, let’s not forget Snos and Hum. And as for those living in the Slovenian border town of Dvorce they all think their place name is about mansions while us English speakers wonder how unfortunate it would feel to live in a place which reminded you of the inevitable outcome of getting married.

The less said about the town of Fuka, just west of Zagreb, the better!

Then there's Dedin west of Rijeka, a place we definitely wouldn't want to be seen in. But it's not all bad because the Istrian town of Paradiz or places like Beter, Buzin and Lucko all in the Zagreb region would be great places to live in.

Of course Croatia doesn't have a mortgage on strange place names. Look at my county of birth, Australia. On the southern island of Tasmania there is a place called Dismal Swamp just near a town called Nowhere Else. And try saying the name of a district in my home town, Woolloomooloo (the native word for young kangaroo). Of course you can be completely wrong about a place like Foul Bay in South Australia which is in fact a beautiful 16 km beach. Where else but Australia could you have a place called Pisspot Creek. And again, the least we say about Mount Buggery or Intercourse Island the better.

Although a Welsh town beats any weird Australian one -



Now when we take a broader view and look around the world there are definitely some places you might feel uncomfortable living in. Let's start with Accident in Maryland USA or what about Moron in Mongolia. Then there are places that some of us truly belong like Satans Kingdom in Vermont USA, Hell in Norway or Sexy in Peru or even better, Sexmoan in the Philippines.

I don't want you to think I have a problem but how about Dildo in Newfoundland or the simply unbelievable F.....g in Austria (you will need to google it if you don’t believe it really is the F word). As is the case in Croatia sometimes the English meaning gives a town an unfortunate image like Anus and Bitche in France, Gofuku in Japan, Dickshit in India and Weener in Germany.

One doesn't have to go all around the world to have a little fun with place names. Recently I said to my Scottish friends (a race notoriously tight fisted with money) that I would pay all expenses for a trip to Mosko for lunch with a side trip to Meca on the way home. They were all very confused when I arrived to pick them up in the car and insisted that they didn't need any baggage. We were of course going to two charming little towns just across the border into Bosnia.

The Wizard of Oz

The Croatian President is to meet with one of the most powerful people of the world this week.

According to the latest information, the Russian President Vladimir Putin will welcome Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic at ‘’Bočarov ručej’’ on the Black Sea on the 18th of October.

Putin often spends time in his strictly guarded luxurious residence where he rests, maintains his fit condition and receives foreign public officials.

‘’Apart from meeting with the President Putin, the Croatian President will also meet with the Russian Prime Minister, which is quite unusual. That only confirms the high level of interest of Russia in renewing relationship with Croatia’’, commented Bozo Kovacevic, the former Croatian Ambassador to Russia.

sochi mansion putin

Putin's $1 billion residence in Sochi 

On this occasion, the strongest economic delegation so far will accompany the Croatian President Grabar-Kitarovic in order to negotiate an entry to third markets. The Russian side has also showed an interest in cooperation in the field of food industry, manufacturing, metalworking industry, and tourism, according to the words of Zeljko Kramaric, the vice president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK). It is still unclear whether the issue of Russian tourists requiring a travel visa to enter Croatia will be on the table. After the visa was introduced, in line with EU regulations, on Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine the number of tourists has consequently fallen drastically.

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will also discuss the LNG terminal on the island of Krk, even though it is not of Russian concern, and a problem of the refinery in Bosanski Brod, which has been causing environmental air pollution dangerous for human health in the area.

The Croatian President will also be travelling to Moscow to a large economic forum that will gather representatives of more than 100 Croatian and 245 Russian companies.

After Hungarians presented Grabar-Kitarovic with an honorary doctorate last month, the Russians will do the same during her visit to the country.

The Spanish low-cost airline Volotea introduced another line from Croatia on its summer flight schedule for 2018 that will connect Dubrovnik and Bari – reports Avioradar.

This is already the third announced Volotea line from Croatia, after Split-Palermo and Dubrovnik, Split – Bergamo.

The new line Dubrovnik - Bari will operate once a week, every Wednesday, and starts operating on June 27th, 2018. This is historically the first regular line connecting this short line across the Adriatic Sea between these two cities. The flight time is one hour and tickets are already for sale on the Volotea website with prices for a return ticket around 140 Euros. 

A cute couple from Belgium love to travel around the globe; however, they also enjoy nudity thus they promote naturism wherever they go…literally!

Nick and Lins, in their early thirties, have been travelling around the world naked and posting photos on their Instagram account @nakedwanderings. As a result, the couple has attracted thousands of fans and become an online sensation.
The Belgian couple discovered nudity several years ago when they visited a naked sauna. Since then, they are naked. They say that is ‘’liberating’’ to wear no clothes and that it creates a ‘’relaxed atmosphere’’.

‘’Our main objective is to take naturism out of the shadows and to make nudity less sexualised and more accepted – and to show people that it’s actually a fun thing to do and that a human body is nothing to be ashamed of’’, explained the couple.
Nick and Lins enjoy many warm weather activities such as swimming without clothes in the sea, sunbathing, cartwheeling on the beach as well as hanging out among other non-clothed people.

naked wanderings croatia


So far, the couple have visited a whole array of world destinations including Malta, Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia in Europe.

While in Croatia this summer, they wrote nothing but praise about the country on their Instagram profile. The couple emphasized Istria as a region with plenty of content for nudists. ‘’It is practically a nudist province with textile here and there’’, wrote Nick and Lins, adding that Croats are very open towards nudity and that excellent holiday spots are always close.

‘’When it comes to topless, Croatia is very open to breasts. One of the most open countries in the world’’, concluded the Belgians.

Members of the Dubrovnik Diving Club cleaned the seabed off the island of Lopud today in a special eco action. Divers from the Diving Club Dubrovnik, employees of Cistoca d.o.o. and volunteers all participated.

Every year, as part of its regular ecological activities, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, together with the City of Dubrovnik and the Department of Communal Services and Local Self-Government, encourages and supports Diving Club Dubrovnik in their sea-cleaning operations.

Underwater cleaning operations are necessary and useful not only in the tourist season, but also after the summer, to make the Dubrovnik seabed and sea water as clean as it can be.

cleanign se lopud harbour

The German airline, Condor, has announced an increase in flights to Croatia for the summer season 2018. Condor will operate from Frankfurt to Rijeka and Zadar and from Dusseldorf and Hannover to Split.

Condor is Germany's third largest commercial airline based on fleet size and passengers flown. It is headquartered at Gateway Gardens near Frankfurt Airport with an important branch office at Berlin Schönefeld Airport. It is a subsidiary of the British Thomas Cook Group, but still partners with its former parent Lufthansa through the use of the Lufthansa Group's Miles & More program, its business lounges at Frankfurt Airport and as interline partners.

On the Rijeka and Zadar routes Condor will find itself in direct competition with the largest budget airline in the world,Ryanair.

The popular Croatian cellist Ana Rucner has been filming for a Chinese show “Day Up Day” for Hunan Television in Dubrovnik.

The Chinese TV talk show is a hit with over 300 million viewers. Rucner performed with the Lindo dance ensemble on the Dubrovnik City Walls and shared her experience on social media. After filming in Dubrovnik the crew moved onto Zagreb to continue the show.

ana rucner in town




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