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The popular actor Goran Višnjić, one of Dubrovnik's Hamlets, has arrived in Dubrovnik again on vacation. Višnjić, who played Dr. Kovac in the popular serial ER, has fond memories of Dubrovnik, and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. While rehearsing and acting in Lovrjenec in the 1990s, Goran, like most actors and other theatre crews, used to go to the cult cafe Talir during the festival.

Although he has been living and working in the United States for a long time, Višnjić is a regular visitor to the City and the festival. And he took the time whilst in the city to visit his old friend, Frano Cetinić at the art gallery that carries the same name as the cult café, Talir.

Former Croatian President, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović spent the day on Lopud yesterday and dined at the Dubrovnik restaurant.

The Croatian politician and diplomat, who held the position of President of the Republic of Croatia from 2015 to 2020, looked summery and relaxed.

Before becoming the Croatian president, she was the ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Canada and the USA. When she accepted the position of assistant secretary general of NATO, she became the highest-ranking woman in the history of that alliance, and thus one of the most prominent diplomats and women in the political world.


“Walking gets the feet moving, the blood moving, the mind moving. And movement is life,” once wrote Terri Guillemets. Very true, movement is life.

So after much deliberation and planning my wife and I are going on a walk, well an adventure. And we’ve decided to jump right in at the deep end by taking on the longest continuous path, the South West Costal path. It is a mammoth walk. A grand total of 630 miles or almost 1,100 km, so basically like walking from Dubrovnik to Zagreb, turning around and walking back to Dubrovnik.

And with so many hills that it is equivalent to climbing up Everest four times. And if you’ve got one of the step counters on your mobile we will roughly be taking 1.6 million steps!

Why, I can hear you ask. Well, my first answer would be because I can. Life is short. And facing challenges like this will be an unforgettable experience. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. And years ago when I was undecided as to whether to move to Dubrovnik from the capital of the UK a good friend said, “If you really want to do it then just do it, or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.” He was right.

south west coast

There is also a much more important reason for going. My father loved this coastline, he liked it so much that we moved from the south east of England to the south west when he retired. And he loved the coast and the coastal path. I’m guessing that he would have loved to have walked the path. So after he died I made a promise to myself that I’d walk the path in his honour.

I’m not really the most religious person but I do believe that whilst we are walking that he will somehow see the walk through my eyes. And I can’t let him down, I’ve got to finish.

Am I ready? Well, probably not. But are you ever ready? We’ve bought all the gear, so on that front we are ready. Rucksacks, tent, walking boots, dried food and jackets are all packed. Yes, tents because we’ll be doing a lot of camping. And on a physical level, probably more important, I have been doing some training, I did 10 km a day for six months, rain and sun.

But I still don’t feel that prepared. However, I do have one ace in my sleeve. You can prepare, pack your rucksack and plan your route, but the one thing that you can’t pack is determination. I have this is abundance, sheer bloody-mindedness, like a horse with blinkers only seeing one goal. Yes, I get that from my father.


How long will it take? Roughly two months of pretty much continuous walking. In fact, not many people do it in one go, most split it up into sections, we are going hard-core. So almost all of September and October we’ll be “on the road” and out of office. In fact, I’ll be a digital nomad, literally, as I’ve found room in my rucksack for a laptop.

Now, it is important to both of us that the walk has a connection between Croatia and the UK. We are linked. So we’ll be raising money for two charities, one in the UK for dementia and one in Croatia for animal welfare. Animal welfare is an obvious one given our love for animals, and in fact my dog (Toto) will be joining us (although he doesn’t know this yet) and dementia in my father’s name. And of course we’ll be spreading the word about Dubrovnik on the walk. The more publicity the more money we’ll raise for these worthy charities.

Have I ever attempted anything like this before? NO. Not even close. It’s like a learner driver sitting in a Formula 1 machine and making a few laps of a face course. There will be ups and downs, bumps along the road and hairpin bends, but we’ll reach the finish line. Of that I am sure.

Life flashes by in the blink of an eye, a fact that I was sadly reminded of with the passing away of a colleague and friend last week. He was someone who lived their dream, who pushed his boundaries and grabbed life with both hands. Above all he was kind, a gentleman who understood honour.

So, we’re in our final stages of preparation. Toto Travels is the title of the social media that we’ll be uploading almost every day, both to open this stunning part of the UK to a larger audience, as well as to help raise funds. It is without doubt the most difficult thing, both physically and mentally, I’ve ever done in my life. But with determination, and the knowledge of why we’re actually doing it, we’ll do it.

Wish us luck, we’re off in a few weeks, let the adventure begin! 

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The World Cup in Qatar is getting ever closer, and the coach of the Croatian national team, Zlatko Dalić, spent a few days in Vela Luka on the island of Korčula.

He firstly attended the concert dedicated to the memory of the singer Oliver Dragojević, and then took some time out to relax and prepare for the upcoming World Cup.

Dalić was happy to chat with locals and talk football as well as pose for photos.

Currently, almost one million and 100 thousand tourists are staying in Croatia, of which about 942,000 are foreign.

Most of the tourists are from Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and the Netherlands.

A big jump in the number of tourists has been seen in parts of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, since the opening of the new Pelješac Bridge. The number of tourists on the island of Korčula has also increased drastically as it is now considerably easier to reach the island by car.

“The number of guests has increased significantly on the entire island. The fact that the journey has been shortened and made easier has resulted in more tourists coming, there is a lot of pressure on the ferries from Orebić to Korcula, new lines have been introduced and larger ferries have been brought in,” said Miljana Borojević, the director of the Korčula Tourist Board.


Secondary schools London

Schools in London are characterized by experienced teachers, modern infrastructure, in-depth studying of necessary disciplines. Studying in secondary schools in London has never been cheap, however, the investments in education will pay off quickly by opening opportunities in building international career. 

Below the advantages of studying in secondary schools in London are provided:

  • Prestige

  • High level of teaching

  • High quality studying of English

  • Intensive student life

  • A wide choice of educational institutions and programs

  • Combination of modern technologies and British traditions

  • The prospect of studying at a British or international university

  • Further career in any country of the world.

Secondary education in London – main specifics of studying

The British education system has been developing for several centuries and is now subject to high quality standards. After graduation from primary school, the students at the age of 11 years transfer in secondary  school. Every year the students take exams for general academic performance - Standard Assessment Tasks, or SATs: tests are developed and controlled by government agencies and are generally the same for everyone.

When a student finishes secondary school in London, he passes the General Certificate of Secondary Education (or GCSE) exams, receiving a certificate of incomplete secondary education – today in Britain this is the main, most common school document on education. The aim of GCSE is to check the level of knowledge and preparation for each of the main subjects (also it is possible to pass GCSE for choosing electives). The test divided in theory, practice and course work. There are two types of this test:

  • GCSE (External examination) - adopted everywhere in the UK

  • IGCSE (International GCSE) - complies with international standards, is more unified.

At the age of 14-16 years old the students begin planned, intensive preparation for GCSE certificate exams, which is recognized as the official document of secondary education in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Usually 8-10 subjects from the school course are taken – exams are waiting for students at the end of the 11th year of study.

The highest score with honours is considered A *, the lowest score is U (the student did not qualify). Scores from D to G belong to the 1st level of qualification, and scores A *-C – to the second: it is the latter that are considered more prepared students and have higher chances of entering a good college or university (the most ranked educational institutions even sometimes do not accept a C grade, only A *-B).

In TOP secondary schools in London the following disciplines are offered for examination on the GCSE level:

  • English

  • English literature

  • Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology 

Custom mobile app development: how to choose a mobile app development company

Technology has become a part of our daily lives, the same goes for mobile applications. Mobile app development is rapidly evolving and has an increasing demand in the market. Every company tries to introduce unique and creative applications to increase its success.

One particularly interesting industry is the enterprise development of mobile applications. Businesses are increasingly using them for convenience and saving time and money. Building a mobile application specifically for an enterprise's requirements is known as enterprise mobile app development. Users of such an app are often the organization's employees, and its goal is to streamline corporate processes. 

But with all these pros come the difficulties, mainly associated with the stage of development. Like any corporate system, enterprise apps work with corporate databases and undergo frequent data transfers. They must be created with strong security and scalability in mind because of this. Additionally, enterprise mobile apps need to be consistent across all platforms and devices even more so than consumer apps do because any mistake might end up costing the business a lot of money.

Custom mobile app development

What is custom mobile application development? It's the process of creating programs tailored to your business. Such an application is created specifically for the needs of a certain group of people. Although most applications are unique to a certain degree, they frequently make use of pre-built features from other makers. But sometimes, original and inventive solutions are required. Improved security, greater scale, ease of use, and emphasis on benefits are just some of the pros of custom software development for businesses.

Web and mobile app development company

There are many web and mobile app development companies on the market. Their number is growing rapidly, and therefore the competition is also growing. So let's consider what these companies do and how much it will cost the customer.

How to: mobile app development

Even while many companies now recognize the value of mobile apps, not everyone has the skills to build one. Companies that excel in this industry usually follow a few key steps:

  1. strategy

  2. analysis and planning

  3. design. 

  4. development of a mobile application

  5. testing 

  6. deployment support and advertising

Of course, there will be more points in the process, but these stages are the main ones.

Cost of mobile app development

The price issue is key to many. So, according to thedroidsonroids, on average, the prices are as follows:

  •  A basic mobile app for 1 platform costs $25,000 – $50,000

  •  A medium-complexity app for 1 platform costs around $50,000 – $100,000

  •  A complex app for 1 platform costs more than $100,000

Of course, prices can vary, so you need to consider what exactly is necessary for you.

Tips on how to choose a mobile app development company

  1. Read customer reviews. This is really important, because it is the opinion of customers that is an indicator of the quality of service.

  2. Company experience. The quality of work is typically influenced by the organization's experience, therefore this can also be a crucial consideration when picking a company.

  3. Reliable QA and testing techniques. Companies should always make sure that the final product is free of bugs and technical errors before it reaches the customer.

  4. Safety of app idea. Make sure the developer uses strong idea protection and respects confidentiality.

  5. Adhering to design standards. Pay attention to companies that have good interface designers, because this is one of the keys to success.

Finally, here are a few top mobile app development companies (according to clutch)

1.    Algoworks

2.    Hyperlink InfoSystem

3.    Mercury Development

4.    The NineHertz

5.    Sidebench

6.    Blue Label Labs

7.    Netguru

8.    Naked

9.    MobiDev

10.  S-PRO

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There are currently more than 82,000 Italian tourists in Croatia, making them the third most numerous foreign guests, right after Germans and Slovenians, and the largest influx of Italian guests is expected this weekend, the Head Office of the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) announced on Friday.

Ahead of the “Ferragosto” holiday, there is currently great interest in Croatia in Italy, and Italians singled out Croatia, Greece, Spain and France as the most desirable foreign destinations, the director of the HTZ representative office in Italy, Viviana Vukelić, points out in a press release.

According to her, the HTZ representative office in Milan has been recording increased interest in all Croatian destinations since June.

"Bus, ferry and air lines to our country have been strengthened, especially now in the month of August, when most Italians go on vacation. We are also noticing significant interest in organized trips for young people to Croatia, especially in Novalja, and the demand for trips in this period will be most pronounced as part of last-minute arrangements", Vukelic pointed out, adding that Italians, considering the war events in Ukraine, inflation and numerous price increases in Italy, but also the fact that they themselves have the sea, they still come to Croatia.

At the same time, HTZ presents data from the eVisitor system, according to which 136,000 arrivals and 634,000 overnight stays have been achieved in Croatia in the current part of August from the Italian market, which, compared to last year, is a growth of 73 percent in arrivals and 68 percent in overnight stays.


Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 50,000 Russian citizens have resided in Croatia, and even now, according to calculations, more than 7,000 of them reside in Croatia, writes Večernji list on Friday.

The number of Russian citizens is slightly lower compared to the same period last year, but arrivals have not only not stopped. In the shadow of the war in Ukraine, there remained a large number of Russian tourists who, more or less, continue their normal life, with numerous trips, both tourist and private.

This large number of Russians in Croatia shows something else - despite the fact that officially Moscow has declared Croatia an enemy state, "ordinary" Russians do not care and are coming. Obviously, the fact that there are no flights from Russia to any destination in the EU only bothers them a little, so they come by plane or via Serbia or Turkey. It could also be said that since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, more Russians have come to Croatia than Ukrainian refugees, of whom there are around 20,000.

It should be emphasized that Russians - except for those who are on the black list and under EU sanctions - can normally travel throughout the Union, for tourism or for some other reason, and use their property that they have in Croatia as well. They need a valid visa issued by all EU countries, including the Croatian consulate in Russia, which was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

As Croatia, albeit in smaller numbers, remains a destination visited by Russians, so are other tourist destinations in other EU countries. As it turns out, the issue of Russian visas and tourist visits will be the topic of a meeting of foreign ministers at the end of this month in the Czech Republic, the country that is currently presiding over the EU Council, writes Večernji list journalist Sandra Veljković.


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