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Little girl that has shown that Croatians have a huge heart, Mila Roncevic, is on the medical treatment in United States for a couple of months now, where she is fighting leukemia. Her father, Marin Roncevic, shared some news on his Facebook profile. He wrote that today was a good day and he felt an urge to share that with numerous followers that want to know how Mila is.

-Mila feels good, some medical results are not so great, which is expected due to treatments that she goes through, but we are all together, in the room, she’s not in the hospital, she goes out and takes walks, plays and bothers Pipa – which makes it all much more cheerful and louder. Sometimes it’s so loud that we are scared that we’ll be kicked out of our apartment – hopefully not – Marin Roncevic wrote, adding that they are waiting for transplantation, which should happen soon – on July 15th.

He asked everybody to keep them in the prayers, just like all the other sick kids, and to send some love. That is something that everybody can do!


The biggest football club in the region has organized a training camp for Dubrovnik children, and who knows they might uncover the Messi of the future. The children gathered for the first training on Monday evening at the Lapad stadium and their pride and joy at seeing, and indeed wearing the shirt of Hajduk Split was evident.


And not only did the children get the chance to train but also learn about the long and rich history of Hajduk. In total eight trainers, including goalkeeper coaches, were at the camp, with four from Split and four local trainers.  

The Split Club in co-operation with GOŠK Dubrovnik Football Club 1919 organized the “Football Camp” for a boy’s born between 2005 and 2012 and the special camp lasted for three days. In total 85 boys turned up to attend the Hajduk Split football camp.

Croatia is moving ever closer to the inevitable adoption of the Euro as the official currency and the ditching of the Kuna with news from the Prime Minister’s Office that next week a letter of intent to join the Eurozone will be sent to Brussels.

Speaking to Croatia Radio today Andrej Plenkovic stated that “We are taking the first step to become what is called European Exchange Rate Mechanism II. I think we did very good consultations with both the Central Bank and the Commission, specifying several reform areas on which we will be working over the next year.”

Plenkovic, who is keen to push through adopting the Euro, has held several high level meetings with EU leaders recently including the European Bank President Mario Draghi and has now stated that the letter of intent would be sent to the EU by the middle of next week.

Jon Bon Jovi, the world famous rock star, is enjoying his vacation in Croatia on the mega yacht Rarity with his family! They've been spotted in Cavtat just a couple of days ago and yesterday his son, 17 year old Jacob Bongiovi, shared photos from Korcula on his official Instagram profile.

Even though his father enjoys spending vacations far from the public eye and doesn't publish that kind of photos on his Instagram profile, teenager couldn't resist posting couple of photos at his profile followed by almost 25 thousand people and tagging his father as a photographer. The photos show Jacob, or Jake posing at the luxurious yacht worth 260 dollars a week and have collected around eight thousand likes.


Photos: Instagram

Since Jon Bon Jovi was more than friendly in Cavtat, giving autographs and posing with his fans, we are sure that fans on Korcula with get couple of selfies too! Who knows where the Bongiovi family is heading next… We'll just wait and see!

"Cavtat Music Evenings 2019" continues tonight at 9 pm at Cavtat Culture Centre with the concert of the Zagreb Chamber Ensemble "Max Bruch Trio".

The trio consists of violinist Hiwote Tadesse, clarinetist Rude Mimica and pianist Domagoj Guscic. They will present themselves to Cavtat's audience with pieces from the works of famous composers such as Bruch, Skender, Papandopulo and Mozart.

The entrance for all the visitors is free. The show will continue on Wednesday, July 3rd with the concert of the chamber quartet led by the great soprano Nikolina Pinko.

If you thought it was already boiling hot in Dubrovnik brace yourselves, it’s going to get even warmer. Dubrovnik has been basking in temperatures in the high twenties with endless blue skies for weeks but the temperatures are going to get turned up a few notches as a “mild heat waved” is on the verge of rolling over the region.

The Croatian Hydrometeorological Institute (DHZM) still has stated that tomorrow there is an increased but still moderate danger of a heat wave.

In fact, the weather forecast for all of the rest of this week shows temperatures in the low to mid-thirties with high levels of humidity.

And the website Accuweather has also followed suit by releasing a statement showing yellow warnings for a heat wave with temperatures expected to exceed 32 degrees.

Friday looks like being the hottest day of the week with highs in excess of 33 degrees predicted.

And it isn’t going to get cooler any time soon as the long-range weather forecast shows rising temperatures and blue skies well into July. Dubrovnik will probably not see rain for the foreseeable future.

Experts are warning people to avoid the midday sun and to drink plenty of fluids.

The Renaissance Garden project, based on the contemporary interpretation of cultural heritage, will be performed as a multimedia concert with the guidance through the villa. This authoring project is concived and performed by The Rest is Music organization in cooperation with Dubrovačka baština d.o.o. and supported by Caboga Stiftung Foundation and City of Dubrovnik.

The first of the four concerts planned for this summer will be held on Thursday, June 27, at 21:00 in the summer residence of Bunić-Kaboga. The special bus line for the concert starts at 20:30 from Pile with a stop on Vukovar Street, and return is scheduled at 22:45 from the summer residence.

Tickets and more info you can find on the link:

Renaissance Garden project derives from the mythical and every performance of this project is an artistic intervention of reviving the space where once a rich cultural and social life was held, thus making the summer villas even today a gathering place for the local population and their visitors from abroad.

The author of the concept is Ivana Jelača, pianist and creative leader of the RIM organization, who will perform with the soprano Marija Lešaja and the flutist Ines Ivanjek in the chamber ensemble. Marojica Bijelić, a longtime associate of the RIM organization will make a short tour through the villa as the host of the event. The author of documentary and visual materials is Iva Dedo, photos are by Katarina Karakaš Spiroski, and the costumes of the fairies were especially designed by Duška Nešić Dražić.

Preformances in the Summer Villa Bunic-Kaboga: June 27th /July 8th /July 24th /September 2nd at 9 pm. Ticket price is 120,00 kn, including organized transport to the villa and back for the audience. The bus leaves at 20:30 from the Pile gate station, with stop in the Vukovarska street bus station. Transportation from the villa is scheduled at 22:45.

Jon Bon Jovi arrived in Dubrovnik yesterday for a cruise on the Dubrovnik Adriatic on the mega yacht Rarity, and at a staggering $260,000 a week he is sure to have a family holiday to remember.

The world famous rock star is no stranger to Dubrovnik, in fact he first visited the region back in 2011, when he was obviously fascinated by the Adriatic and the beauties that Dubrovnik has on offer. He likes it so much that this time he has brought his whole family for a luxury cruise on-board the yacht rarity, which at 55 metres in length leaves plenty of room for the family to spread out.

bon jovi croatia dubrovnik

Bon Jovi (57) arrived in Cavtat yesterday afternoon where he boarded Rarity together with his wife Dorothea Hurley (56) and youngest son Romeo Jon. And a cruise along the Croatian coastline will certainly be a great break for the family.

Although he held a concert in Croatia a few years ago, the famous rocker has not come to Croatia to work this time but to enjoy a break, and has no announced concerts in this area in the upcoming future. He looked relaxed as he arrived in Cavtat and seemed more than happy to sign autographs with fans as well as pose for photos.

Jon Bon Jovi and his wife have been married for almost 30 years, in fact the couple met at high school.

jon bon jovi dubrovnik yacht

Bon Jovi likes to spend holidays in places far away from the public eye and is often kept reserved from the media and doesn’t publish vacation photos on his social media accounts. But when you are Jon Bon Jovi you don’t really need to clamber for likes on Instagram. In fact, his Instagram account simply has the words Singer || Songwriter || Last guy to use social media.

bon jovi croatia 2019

After boarding the mega yacht in Cavtat the rock family spent the night at anchor in front of the Old City of Dubrovnik overlooking the island of Lokrum, a rather nice morning view whilst sipping coffee. Then the family took to the Adriatic for some swimming and fun with Bon Jovi joining in the fun and games. And as the Adriatic is currently around 26 degrees they didn’t feel the cold at all.

Croatia is today, the 25th of June, celebrating Statehood Day, the 28th anniversary since declaring independence from Yugoslavia back in 1991.

On this occasion, President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will hold a formal reception in her office, and the Archbishop of Zagreb, Cardinal Josip Bozanic, will celebrate the Holy Mass for the Homeland in St Mark's Church.

Statehood Day commemorates June 25, 1991 when the Croatian Parliament adopted a historic resolution initiating the process of disassociation from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, based on the results of a referendum held on May 19, 1991.

Until 2001, Statehood Day was observed on May 30, to commemorate the inauguration of the first multi-party Croatian Parliament in 1990. Today May 30 is observed as Croatian Parliament Day.

However, Prime Minster Andrej Plenkovic said recently that the date might be changed yet again, back to May 30, explaining that May 30 was a more popular date among the people in Croatia.

The Declaration of Independence was announced by the first President of Croatia, Franjo Tudjman, in an address broadcast by radio and television on June 25, 1991.

Croatia joined NATO on April 1, 2009 and the European Union on July 1, 2013.

The Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, received a visit today from Mrs. Ljubica Kežić, a volunteer representative who for years has cared for abandoned cats in the entire city area.

At the initiative of Mrs Ljubica Kežić, a project for the castration of street cats was set up, which started in July 2018, and through this program until April 2019, a total of 446 street cats were castrated, of which 306 were females and 140 males, and in total this project cost 152,000 Kunas which was funded by the City of Dubrovnik.


Given that the funds secured for the program in 2019 were spent, Mayor Franković has decided to provide an additional 100,000 Kuna for the rebalance of the budget, so that the project can continue to be successfully implemented.

The sterilization of cats is primarily done to control and regulate the cat population, particularly when it comes to cats that are not treated and live outside.

At the meeting they also talked about a project for the future asylum, which besides the dog accommodation also has space for abandoned cats.

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