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While the football championship Euro2016 is the main event on French streets, on June 18th promo project 'The coast of Europe' started in Paris. In the last two days, in the organization of Dubrovnik Tourist Board,  Dubrovnik was presented. Klapa Kase was in charge for musical part of the presentation, while Sandra Milovcevic and Doris Milidragovic, employees of the tourist board dressed in traditional costumes from Konavle are giving the candies and promo materials from Dubrovnik.
First day of Dubrovnik presentation, Croatian pavilion was visited by representatives of the city of Paris Sanchez Ruivo and Jean Francois Martins, as well as representatives of the Croatian Ministry of foreign affairs.






Croatia has won Group D at the Euro 2016 after defeating the actual European Champions Spain in a thrilling match in Bordeaux last night. Cheered on by thousands of fans in the “Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux” Croatia came from behind to shock Spain to win 2 – 1 and top Group D with seven points. Alvaro Morata scored for the holders after just seven minutes and it looked like being a tough night for the Croatians, however a goal from Nikola Kalinic just before halftime eased their nerves. Man of the match Ivan Perisic sealed the famous win with a counter attacking goal in the 87 minute.

The whole of Croatia was awash with colour and music last night as the country celebrated topping the group and progressing into the final stages.

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Whether the American fashion designer Marc Jacobs is a fan of the EURO 2016 or not, remains to be seen but according to some items of his latest collection it seems that he has been inspired by Croatia’s famous red and white checkerboard design.

The Croatian national football team is world famous for its jersey in red and white cubes apart from the great football masters on the football field like Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic, etc. Mercer Slip On Sneakers designed by Marc Jacobs look as if they have been specially made for the Croatian football fans but it could well just be a coincidence. However, coincidence or not the slip on shoe would look quite nice on Croatian fans at the European Football Championship in France whilst supporting their national football team.

On Tuesday the 21st of June Croatia plays its last match in the group against Spain and once again the Croatian footballers will have the opportunity to make their trademark even more famous. Who knows, maybe Marc Jacobs really is a fan of the Croatian national football team and as he was on Time magazine’s “2010 Time 100” list of the 100 most influential people in the world maybe he will make the Croatian team even more famous throughout the world with the red and white checkerboard design on his Mercer slip on sneaker.

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Viber has a new set of stickers named 'Summer Vipster', the cat that is a sort of mascot of Vip on this application. In this pack of stickers Vipster is all over Croatia and they are amazing if you want to send your family greetings from Croatia in a special way. The cat is taking selfies, sailing, diving, drinking famous Croatian vines and visiting towns like Pula and Zagreb and of course, our favorite: Dubrovnik. It's funny becuse Vipster in Dubrovnik is located on the throne, like in the Game of Thrones, with saying: ''I rule''.

Tonight you can experience an unforgettable beginning of the summer at the concert named 'Sentimento' in front of the Dubrovnik Cathedral at 9 pm.

The summer starts with the greatest arias, classics, evergreens and movie themes performed in the magical atmosphere of Dubrovnik by the most beautiful Dubrovnik voice, tenor Stijepo Gled Markos with special guest artist Nenad Bach, accompanied by Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra and Olja’zz Band under conductor Tomislav Fačini.

The concert programme will be enriched by special guest appearances of Nota Bene and French singer Anna K. Eaves.

Famous Croatian cellist Ana Rucner has again organised her Welcome to Summer concert at 5 am on 21st of June on the Srd mountain, keeping the tradition for five years in a row now.  This year she was joined by the British piano player Oliver Poole and together they made a morning to remember with attractive program and passionate melodies of Dvořak, Bach, Saint-Sains, Rahmanjinov and others. Oliver included the audience in the concert and many people have enjoyed the classical notes conncected with the summer coming. Ana and Oliver have also, in this way, marked World Music Day.

Special guests of the concert were Ana's friends from Sarajevo, Deen and Dalal with who she represented Bosnia and Herzegovinia on Eurosivison with the song ''Love is''. They called the audience to spread to love and make the world the better place.

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Ana Rucner and Oliver Poole


Ana s publikom


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Even though the summer season has already commenced, the Dubrovnik region is still looking for seasonal workers. There are lots of job openings with relatively good pay but there is also an entire list of reasons why seasonal workers avoid Dubrovnik as a desirable city to work in.

According to recently published survey by the MojPosao website that was carried out with 300 people only 14 per cent of them would like to find a job in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County what is twice as less than those who would rather find a job in the Split-Dalmatia County.

''There are many seasonal job openings and the Croatian Employment Bureau (HZZ) receives dozens of job application demands from employers daily'', said from HZZ.

Waiters and chefs are the most wanted seasonal professions in the Dubrovnik region; the demand for chefs is even greater than in last previous seasons. According to data from May there were 44 job openings for waiters and 40 job openings for chefs, which is more than last year. There was also a significant demand for housekeepers and kitchen support staff in May.

The accommodation issue is definitely one of the main problems for seasonal workers. Many flats in Dubrovnik have been converted into tourist apartments thus there aren't enough flats on the open market for domestic subtenants let alone seasonal workers. However, in the rare case that seasonal workers find accommodation, the next obstacle is the extremely high price of renting it. A solution for this issue is crucial for almost 42 per cent of examinees who consider provided accommodation the most important thing in their search for seasonal jobs.

This problem is probably bigger than in other Croatian cities. High accommodation costs make most seasonal jobs unprofitable and it seems that employers are not yet ready to offer better terms.

Last year almost 1 million tourists visited the city walls in Dubrovnik and the associated revenue was 82 million Kunas. In comparison with 2014 around 90,000 tickets more were sold last year and the number of visits will probably skyrocket to 1.1 million in 2016. The City of Dubrovnik gets only half of that profit after VAT deduction. However, it is a positive change because till 2009 the City of Dubrovnik didn't get any profit, reported Jutarnji List.

Since 1969 the city walls have been managed by a small non-profit organization called the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiques (DPDS). It was founded back in 1952 to sensitize broader public on the importance of preservation of Dubrovnik’s cultural and historical heritage.

The entire profit or the large part of it the DPDS invests into restoration and maintenance of the city walls and all the other heritage sites in the Dubrovnik region. However, this non-profit organization turns a profit of almost 100 million Kunas annually on the city walls and is completely independent in decision-making on how to spends all that money. On the other hand, the Plitvice lakes National Park with the UNESCO world heritage status visited 1.2 million tourist last year. The city walls in Dubrovnik have the same UNESCO status but whilst the national park is state owned the city walls of Dubrovnik are city owned but managed by DPDS. According to the data of the Croatian Institute of Public Finance in the terms of gross earnings this organization has bigger budget annually then some mid size cities in Croatia.

With the arrival of the new mayor of Dubrovnik Andro Vlahusic the City and DPDS concluded a new contract in 2009 and it was agreed that the gross earnings from the tickets, after VAT deduction, was to be divided in half between them. At the end of 2014 Vlahusic suggested that the entrance fee should be raised from 100 to 120 Kunas, which was refused by DPDS.

‘’We have done our best in order to prolong the introduction of the new price; however the price of 150 Kunas will be introduced in 2017. There are two reasons for that; the tourist crowds on the city walls have become unbearable, so with the new price we will try to slightly reduce or stop this rapid growth. On the other hand, the prices of all the European sites have already soared, the Parthenon in Athens, the Roman Forum and the Louvre are still more expensive than the Dubrovnik city walls. We suggest that the City of Dubrovnik manages the city walls and that DPDS gets 20 or 30 percent of the profit as much as they spend now. We would like to make this plan together and determine the obligations. The City Council will discuss it and the Ministry of Culture will then decide whether to approve it or not. Otherwise, there are considerable doubts about DPDS’s spending and investing the money, it seems that it is not in accordance with the regulations’’, says Andro Vlahusic, the mayor of Dubrovnik. It should be noted that the previous government had made a decision for the city walls to be returned to the City which was confirmed by the Croatian Parliament but the decision was later refused by the Constitutional Court.

The concert ''Dance rhapsody'' was held in the full atrium of the Rector's Palace on Friday. This is a third year of the concert, which is a product of Dubrovnik symphony orchestra in cooperation with Croatian-Russian society ''Art without borders'' and ballet department of the Art school of Luka Sorkocevic. This interesting night brought ballet performances accompanied by various ensembles of musicians, as well as virtuoso instrumental performances.

Students of the ballet school performed accompanied with musicians Elvira Gailoullina (violin), Helena Tomaskovic (piano), Damir Butigan (trumpet), Karmen Pervitic (percussion), Dive Franetovic Kuselj (flute) and Adrian Ivcevic (cello).
Program included, among others, the work of K.S. Hacuturjan, P.I. Cajkovski, A.F. Goedick, H. Soderberg, V.A. Gavrilin, B. Papandopulo, G. Faure and A. Vivaldi.


















Melody Tan is Chinese-Singaporean, living in Singapore with dreams of moving to London.  She has been a blogger at Missing avenue since she was 14 and kept her passion for writing from 2007 til now. She loves traveling and fashion and photos from her latest trip, Dubrovnik, have drawn much intention on Instagram. Every photo taken in Dubrovnik and posted on her Instagram profile Meowiie, where she describes herself as 'part cat', has been in top posts! So, naturally, she has drawn our attention and we wanted to meet her better.

Why did you decide to start your blog?

Started 8 years ago just for the fun of it and never expected to still be loving it.

How did your blog improve you?

It's made me want to do things with a purpose. To want to document my life and share it with my readers. And also helped me to understand what I really want.

How do people react on your writing?

I guess it's not too much of a big reaction. Sometimes I get comments on the things I write and it's usually good.


Where did you travel and what is your dream destination?

I've travelled around Asia, Europe and the US. My favorite was Morocco. And my dream destination is India.

Why Meowiie? Part time cat?

My friends say I look like a cat. So I thought meowiie would be funny since my friends call me meow anyway.

How did you decide to come to Dubrovnik?

My friend wanted to shoot her engagement photos and has told me so much about how beautiful Dubrovnik is. So I went. No regrets! It's stunning.

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How did you like it, what is your favorite thing?

I like how relaxed it is. How easy it is to get around the old town and see familiar faces after spending a few days there. And how rustic the old town feels while being positioned just in front of the Adriatic Sea. I loved being able to sit on the rocks/cliffs with a glass of wine in hand and watch the sunset.

Did you see the cats on the streets?

Yes! Many. I meowed at every one of them.


How did you pick your clothing combinations for Dubrovnik?

It was warm and sunny for the most part. I like relaxing, comfortable clothes that have a laid back feel to it.

What are your future plans?
Travel more!

Melody Tan: I loved being able to sit on the rocks with a glass of wine and watch the sunset

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