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According to the latest information, one of the best Croatian tourist companies has signed a lucrative agreement with the world’s number one in the tourism business.

The Croatian tourist company Valamar Riviera from Porec signed an agreement with the tour operator TUI UK on providing hospitality services estimated at an annual value of 80.3 million Kunas (around 10.6 million Euros) for 2018.

The business cooperation with the leading tour operator on the European emissive market, ensured part of Valamar’s hotel capacity, in the high season of 2018 as well as in the pre-season and off-season period next year.

Valamar Riviera is the leading tourist company in Croatia and can accommodate around 55,000 guests per day at its 30 hotels and resorts as well as at 15 camping resorts along the Adriatic coast – in Istria, on the islands of Krk and Rab, and in Dubrovnik.

The company accounts for 12 percent of the total categorized accommodation in Croatia and is among the top five employers in Croatia.

Dutch low-cost airline Transavia announced its new line Dubrovnik - Rotterdam / Hague in its summer flight schedule for 2018 – writes Avioradar.

The line will start flying from April 5th next year with 3 flights per week, off-season on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, while in the heart of the season, during July and August, it will fly on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Flights are planned until the end of the summer schedule, October 28th.

At the same time in the summer of 2018, Transavia will boost its weekly line Pula - Rotterdam / Hague, which started this year. There are four flights per week every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from April 28th to October 9th 2018.

The third Croatian Transavia line Split - Rotterdam / Hague will fly every day, same as this year.

Imagine your Dubrovnik tour starting at sunset, with your guide waiting for you with lantern in a long, black hooded dress. Marija Milovac became a Dubrovnik attraction when she started her Haunted Dubrovnik tours. Mysterious stories, secrets, legends - Dubrovnik history is full of them and they are just waiting to be discovered. You just need to be brave – some of them might scare you!

How did you get the idea for Haunted Dubrovnik?

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I’ve been a tourist guide for 5 years now and for the last three years I’ve been thinking about it more intensely – how it can be done, as well as many other things. I’ve been reading a lot - books, blogs... And finally decided to do it!

Were you scared about making something completely new?

Sure, I was really afraid. I knew that this was a big risk, but I told myself that I just have to try it and see what happens. I am a ‘’normal’’ tourist guide, I do regular and Game of Thrones tours too, so in the worst case scenario I would continue doing that – which is not that bad either.

So you like being a tourist guide?
I love it! I just love this city and I have really found myself in this job. I can work with any type of guests and I enjoy doing what I do.

Did the amount of interest for your new tour surprise you?

Yes. You always hope for the best, but it still was a great surprise. Now it’s starting to be ‘’a real thing’’. People are booking tours, I have many inquires, so it’s really great.

What do you offer to tourists?

A mix of stories! Ghosts, legends of our city, some darker stories, such as executions in the time of Dubrovnik Republic, Lokrum legends, folklore stories... Mostly mysterious themes and topics.


What types of guests are interested in your tours?

It’s hard to tell. There are people from various age groups and styles of life. Once I even had children on my tour! Honestly, I was a bit worried about them coping with some topics. But their parents told me that I can talk about anything. That tour went surprisingly well, since children can sometimes be more demanding, as they easily get bored and roll their eyes, which makes me nervous to begin with. But they were really interested and enjoyed it! That made me realise that the tour is really good.

You have a special costume for the tour? How did you think of that?

I wanted it to match the tour. I wear a long black hooded dress and have a lantern to light the way for my guests. It creates a mystical atmosphere.

Do people around react since you must be an unusual sight?

Well, yes. Since I start my tour at Boninovo, a place famous for people committing suicide by jumping to the sea, I had one funny situation. I was waiting for my guests couple of nights in a row and one local gentleman saw me there every day. One night he stopped and asked me if I was fine, he was really worried.
Sometimes people look at me like I’m some sort of weirdo, but now they heard for my tours so they usually congratulate me and tell me that they love the idea.

How did your colleagues react?

They mostly said that this is a great idea. Some of them went on my tour and loved it and told me that they will recommend it to their friends and guests.

Did you have some interesting guests?

Yes, of course. I usually ask them some questions and discover things about them. One night I was taking one couple from Scotland on the tour, they wanted it to be private. I was telling them about masons in Dubrovnik and after few stops he admitted that he’s a member of masonry lodge in Scotland. Since I am telling a story about one mason from Dubrovnik that told all the secrets from the lodge, he said that the punishment would be ripping his heart from his chest. A bit scary! But I love to hear some new, interesting stories, so I have fun on my tours too.


Where do you find your stories?

Mostly from Dubrovnik authors, like Tereza Buconic Govic, Marko Margaritoni and other less famous authors. But let’s keep it a secret!

Which locations do you visit during your tour?

The first part of the tour is at Boninovo, over the graveyard, in front of Palace Skocibuha, old hospital, park Gradac, Pile and I end the tour in front of the Klarisa monastery.

Your tour is practically for everybody?

Yes and it’s much more bearable than for example the City Walls, where they need to climb a lot of steps. It’s important that people are curious and want to discover new, unusual things.

Do you have some future plans?

Of course, I have one great colleague and friend, with whom I have some excellent plans for next year. We are planning to start a new tour, also not typical for Dubrovnik and we hope that it will be successful. We’ll see what happens!

Today was not a great day to go sightseeing in Dubrovnik.

Torrential rains and storms dumped massive amounts of rain on the region and the historic old City of Dubrovnik flooded.

It took just one hour of constant and considerable rain to bring the city to a complete standstill.

But a photo tells a thousand words so check out our photo gallery by Zeljko Tutnjevic

pp 1

pp 2

pp 4

pp 3

pp 5

pp 8

pp 6

pp 7


The Dubrovnik Tourist Board has created a gastronomic treat for all lovers of good food that will take place from October 19th to 22nd and will feature many interesting culinary events.

The rich four-day program of the fourth edition of the Good Food Festival will offer diverse and delicious foods and some of the best wines in the region. The program offers a variety of events for those who enjoy fine wines and beers, such as tasting the region's award-winning wines at Dubrovnik wine bars, presentation of wines from the island of Krk and tasting beer in Dubrovnik’s first brewery.

Culinary workshops will be organised for healthy food lovers, that in addition to traditional dishes, will present new healthy culinary trends, and the Healthy Food and Homemade Goods fair will take place at Pile during the entire festival week.

Special festival events for all foodies are “Dinner with a Famous Chef – Priska Thuring,” featuring a musical performance by Zorica Kondža, which will be held at Kantenari restaurant at the Sunset Beach in Lapad and “Dinner with Ivan Pažanin at the Porat restaurant.”

The program of this year's Good Food Festival is filled with a variety of interesting programs, including workshops on preparation of Dubrovnik delicacies held by the Deša Association, a presentation of the visiting Slavonian cuisine from the Vukovar region, special menus in Dubrovnik restaurants and the gastro tour ˝Sights & Bites˝.

The highlight of the last day of the Good Food Festival is the famous “Dubrovačka trpeza” or Dubrovnik Table, which features a long table along the entire main street of Stradun, where many Dubrovnik hotels, restaurants, pastry makers and caterers will present their skills and creations.

The fourth Good Food Festival will end with a humanitarian gala dinner at Hotel Rixos Libertas that will feature a lottery and entertainment program for all guests.

And the winner of the 100 metres Dubrovnik street swimming race goes to Zbynek Pela from the Czech Republic!

In Dubrovnik we are used to a few rainy days as the autumn arrives but the weather this afternoon was more than a little rainy.

Torrential rains, with over 70 litres per metres squared falling in under an hour, brought floods throughout the whole city. Waterfalls ran down steps, umbrellas were left strewn in waste bins and traffic was brought to a standstill.

swim 11

However one Czech tourist was determined to make the most of the situation and instead of taking a dip in the Adriatic he stripped down to his boxer shorts in the centre of the historic core of the city and went for a street freestyle swim.

With an impromptu audience of soaked tourists and locals hiding under any cover they could find Zbynek Pela took a quick dip in the flood waters then went for a splashing run around Orlando’s Statue all accompanied by applause from the waiting audience.

Well done to Zeljko Tutnjevic for braving the rains and capturing this hilarious moment.

swim 12

swim 14

swim 15

czech tourist rain dubrovnik

A warm hug at the end of his Dubrovnik swim - Photos zeljko Tutnjevic 

Torrential rains poured down on Dubrovnik this afternoon causing horrendous floods all over the city. An almost tidal wave of flood water rushed down many of the city’s streets as the drains and storm drains struggled to cope with an immense amount of water. “It felt like half a metre of water was rushing down the road towards me,” commented a reader of The Dubrovnik Times.

rain again

Photo - Zeljko Tutnjevic 

Many of the roads in the city were almost impassable and drivers were spotted abandoning their vehicles as flood levels increased. Tourists in the Old City of Dubrovnik were left running for cover rather than enjoying the landmarks as the Stradun flooded.

The Dubrovnik Fire Brigade were called out to more than ten interventions and they commented that “The sheer amount of traffic and the blocked roads are making it difficult to get on the scene of some of these interventions.”

rain again 2

Photo - Zeljko Tutnjevic 

swim in rain

And yes some people tried swimming in the rain - Reader's Photo 

rain again 4

Floods everywhere in Dubrovnik 

This funny note left on the doors of one bar in Korcula soon went viral.

-We are closed because we are drunk!! (and tomorrow also). See you on Sunday! – was written on the note that made many people laugh.

The photo was posted on the famous Facebook page ‘Dnevna doza prosjecnog Dalmatinca’ (Daily dose of average Dalmatian) that has almost 200 thousand likes and got over five thousand reactions.

-At least they are literate and honest... And drunk! – was just one of the comments.

We just wonder if the bar was really opened on Sunday or the hangover was too heavy to handle. Either way, it’s a great and original way to make people laugh.

The Dubrovnik Times has teamed up with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra to bring you two free tickets for the opening of the Autumn Music Festival. This festival opens this Friday with a stunning concert of Gypsy Jazz in the atmospheric Rector’s Palace.

More info on the concert here – CONCERT INFO

To win this pair of tickets all you have to do is follow the instructions on our Facebook page – TAKE ME TO FACEBOOK

The competition ends on Thursday the 28th of September and the pair of tickets will be waiting on the door in your name....come on...get liking!


Dubrovnik is soon to become the latest addition on the list of the Europe's music festival hotspots with the Dubrovnik Music Wave Festival.

From the 13th to the 14th of October the stunning island of Lokrum will transform into a host and the big stage for the launch of the Dubrovnik Music Wave Festival - the very first music festival in Croatia featuring different genres of music; pop, rock, jazz, blues, electronic, alternative, world music, electro pop, indie, house and many more all under the same roof.

“Music is a powerful means of connecting people. It bridges linguistic and cultural divides, and is a vehicle for identity and expression like no other. Collectively, the music ecosystem generates rich social, cultural and economic benefits. Music festivals propel great vibes to influence the audience creating vibrant content,” commented the organisers of the festival Adding that the Dubrovnik Wave Festival will create an environment of happiness, a perfect experience for the city.

Over the two day festival period, well known and internationally recognised music artists from the US, UK and Western Europe, such as Kim Cameron&SideFX, Warp Brothers, Mila Falls, Tanya Fenmore, Judy Cehmm, Game Chasers, Lilly Palmer, Gemma Louise Doyle and many others, will be entertaining an international and Croatian festival followers and the local Dubrovnik audience.

In addition, the Dubrovnik Music Wave Festival will feature some of the young, emerging independent artists from different parts of the world showcasing their talents, as one of the objectives for this festival is to be used as a platform for the talent searching and helping young talented artist get established on the international music scene.

Croatia is very much emerging as one of the latest destinations on the international music festival scene with untapped potential.

The offering in this area has been limited so far to some predominantly electronic music festivals hence there is a gap and need for the festival featuring different genres of music opening it up to and attracting wider spectrum of the international and the local audience. Hence Dubrovnik Music Wave Festival has no age restrictions and is open to families with the children.

Dubrovnik Music Wave Festival is organised by GLAM Media UK, international music artist management, marketing, PR and promotions company with the focus on the music industry, with their consulting partners and in cooperation with the Rezervat Lokrum, supported by and in collaboration with the local partners, City of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Tourist Office, Croatia Airlines, Gulliver Travel, Valamar Hotel Group, Rixos Libertas Hotel and Hotel More.

For more information on the Dubrovnik Wave Festival visit their website and book your place at this latest music festival in the city.

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