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According to the latest data in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the total number patients infected with coronavirus is now 64, which means that there are two more confirmed cases in the past 24 hours.

The Civil Protection Staff of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County stated that the two new confirmed cases are both middle-aged patients, one from Neretva and one from Konavle. There are 42 people in home isolation.

14 positive are hospitalized and 8 of them are in the Dubrovnik General Hospital, and 6 are in the secondary hospital building, ie the student dormitory.

Two people have made a full recovery. To date, a total of 522 samples have been sent for analysis. On Sunday, 20 samples were sent and all were processed.


Croatia is a beautiful place to visit on vacation. It's also a beautiful place to live - but if you live there already, you already know that! The internet is full of travel guides for people who want to visit Croatia, but most of them focus on couples traveling together for a romantic break or families with children looking for advice on entertainment options and things that they can do together. People who do their traveling alone are often left out of such guides, and so we'd like to present you with this one.

Millions of people travel alone all over the world every year. They’re often younger people, seeing as much of the world as they can before they settle down into lives, careers, and families of their own. Croatia has just as much to offer to a solo traveler as it does to any other kind of traveler - it’s all about knowing what to see, where to go, and what to do. Hopefully, by the time you’ve reached the end of this article, you’ll know more about what it can offer on that front than you did at the start!

While we’re confident that almost any major destination in the country has plenty to offer for someone who’s come to the country alone, these are our picks for the places most suited to those people - and, of course, the reasons why.


You can accuse us of bias by listing Dubrovnik first all you like, but we don’t do so without very good reasons! The incredible beauty of Dubrovnik was once a well-kept secret, but then the mass popularity of ‘Game of Thrones’ happened. Dubrovnik became the setting for the iconic ‘King’s Landing’ destination in the show, and it resulted in a whole new wave of tourism for the town.

dubrovnik croatia at night 2020

Dubrovnik at night - Photo - Shutterstock 

You don’t have to be a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan to enjoy Dubrovnik, though. This old medieval town has been recognized by UNESCO for its significance, history, and beauty. It’s a place where time appears to have stood still for centuries, with stunning architecture and dramatic cliffs and beaches. We strongly recommend taking a kayak around the coastline if you want to see the scenery at its best. It isn’t as cheap as it used to be, but rest assured that you’ll get what you’ve paid for.


The country's capital city might seem like another obvious choice, but it actually gets fewer visitors than it deserves. That's probably because most Croatian tourism is geared toward the beaches and the coastline, and so Zagreb misses out on those visitors because it's positioned a little further inland. That's a shame because it's the artistic and creative hub of the whole country. We hesitate to use the word 'hipster' because of its frequently negative connotations, but there are more than a few hipsters here. Don't let that put you off - they're lovely people.

zagreb through window 2020

Zagreb - the Croatian capital - Photo - Shutterstock 

While you're in Zagreb, if you have a little money to spend, you might want to visit one of the city's thriving casinos. Croatia is a low-key gambling haven, home to many online slots websites and brick-and-mortar casinos. It's not quite Las Vegas, but if casinos, online slots, card games or the most popular game Fluffy Favourites UK online slot interest you, you'll have plenty of opportunities to scratch that itch while you're there. You could even practice your skills on the online slots sites and then put them into practice in the real casinos. Don't fret if that isn't your thing, though - the coffee shops, bars, clubs, and live music venues offer plenty of other entertainment, and artisan craft shops are everywhere.


Split is where one of Croatia’s largest international airports is, and so many people use it as an entry point and then head elsewhere once they’re safely inside the country. That’s a mistake. Split is far more than a ‘jumping on’ point - it’s a thriving city in its own right with enough entertainment on offer to keep you there for weeks if you have the time and the budget.

coastline of split croatia 2020 7

The coastal city of Split - Photo - Shutterstock 

Those of you with an affinity for ancient history will particularly enjoy Split. It’s where you’ll find the Diocletian’s Palace, which was built by the Ancient Romans and yet is still inhabited today. You can't say that about most Ancient Roman palaces! You can check out the islands of Brac, Hvar, and Vis by boat, and the range of minimalist hostels in and around the beach is perfect for those traveling on their own and on a budget.


Let’s be honest. Many solo travelers do their traveling to meet people, have fun, and let loose. That means they’re on the hunt for a good party, and Pag is where they’ll find one. Pag is the closest thing that Croatia has to a city that never sleeps. You might not have heard of Pag before, but you might have heard of the Hideout Festival. Pag is where it’s held every summer. Even when the venues in the middle of town close down, the revelers head out onto the beach and party all night. Think Ibiza, but with more class and less debauchery. Zag parties just as hard, but it does it with more class.

cloud reflections on pag island 2020

Reflections on the island of Pag - Photo - Pixabay 


Away from the beaches, Pag is largely undeveloped, and so it presents an excellent opportunity to stretch your legs, do some walking, and gather your thoughts alone. Because of the lack of development, the waters close to the beaches is pure and clear, and the sands are undisturbed. It's clean, it's beautiful, it's exciting - it's everything you could conceivably ever want from a holiday destination. The hostels are used to dealing with solo travelers, and as they're all in competition for customers, they offer some excellent package deals and rates.

We could go on. There are many other cities and towns in Zagreb that merit your attention and deserve your custom, but we don’t want to provide you with too many options in case it becomes too difficult to pick. We’d suggest booking for a week or two, coming into Split, spending a few days there and then heading out elsewhere - but that’s just our take on the matter. You might have an entirely different plan. Don’t sit on the fence, though - Croatia is waiting to welcome you, so come and see it!


Over the past 24 hours a further 40 people have been infected with COVID-19 coronavirus bringing the total number of patients in the country 1,222. The Health Minister, Vili Beros, commented at the beginning of the daily press conference that unfortunately the virus had claimed another victim, meaning that sixteen people have now died due to COVID-19.

The Health Minister Vili Beros presented all the new data on the coronavirus epidemic in Croatia, adding that "One more patient has died due to coronavirus, he was a middle-aged man who was not previously ill.” The Minister also stated that 36 patients are on respirators, there are 372 hospitalized patients and 130 people have made a full recovery, which is five more than yesterday.

"In this infection, we do not save ourselves but others. And this is the essence of this solidarity. Our results are good, the line is still linear, but there is no room for relaxation. If we want this threat to last as short as possible, we must adhere to measures of protection," Beros said.


In the past week in the area of Police Administration of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County there were six traffic accidents, in which one person got heavily injured, two persons got light injuries, while there were three traffic accidents with material damage.

By carrying out traffic control measures, police officers have taken 95 repressive measures against the perpetrators of traffic offenses, out of which 43 measures taken due to speeding, 23 measures due to improper overtaking, 34 measures for improper stop and parking, nine measures because of non-use of the seat belt, two measures against drivers who were driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and two measures because of using mobile phone while driving.

The fire started yesterday morning at the island of Korcula, at Smokvica County, and is still causing trouble, according to the information on the official Facebook page of the County published at 9 am.

- As of this morning, 90 firefighters with 25 vehicles have been working on the fire with the help of 2 canaders. The fire station includes members of the DIP Dubrovnik, the Dubrovnik Fire Department, Dubrovacko primorje, Cilipi, Putnikovici, Orebic, Lumbarda, Korcula, Smkovica, Blato and Vela Luka.The bad news is that the wind is getting stronger again – they wrote.

On this day Dubrovnik marks the anniversary of the devastating earthquake that happened in back in 1667. 

The largest natural disaster in Dubrovnik history happened on April 6th, around 8 in the morning. Catastrophic earthquake started with rumbling sound and was followed by a tremendous kick that rocked the city and crashed it. Huge stones rolled down the hill of Srd and destroyed everything on its way.

Powerful tsunami devastated the port. Sea withdrew couple of times and then came back – waves carried the boats and crashed them on the coast. Cracks have appeared in the land and water sources have dried up. Dust was so thick that it obscured the sky.

Strong wind fueled the fire from homes and bakeries, turning it into the fire that was not extinguished for almost 20 days. Moaning, groaning and frantically running of those who survived marked that day and made it even more catastrophic.

The earthquake has destroyed almost the entire city and buried around 3000 people, while the fire destroyed cultural gods that have been built for several centuries. With fire, one more catastrophe came and made terrible damage to the city – robbers.

To make this even worse, the earthquake hit Dubrovnik in a critical political moment, in the time of long Candian war between Venice and Turkey. Warring parties now had a chance to gain an important advantage by taking over Dubrovnik and its port. They failed to do that thanks to the skilful and persistent Dubrovnik diplomatic actions.

You can see the video animation below, made by Dubrovnik Museums in cooperation with Novena d.o.o. for their central annual exhibition 'Stjepan Gradic-otac domovine'.

Dubrovnik-Neretva Police thanked all citizens who respect the decisions of the Civil Protection Staff of the Republic of Croatia and the recommendations of epidemiologists and doctors to stay at home.

- Despite the fact that each of us would like to spend these sunny days walking and enjoying the beauty of nature, this Saturday the streets, squares, parks, promenades throughout our County were empty. AND THANK YOU FOR THIS! – Dubrovnik-Neretva Police published.

They add that they are aware that everyone would love to spend these beautiful days in nature, hanging out with friends and family, but there will be time for that and now it is more important to listen to the instructions of the experts, because this is the only way to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Police officers went to all public places where citizens could congregate and checked that everyone respected the Decision on the strict restriction of staying on the streets and other public places for a long time, and would continue with these activities.

- Take care of yourself, your loved ones and the wider community and stay at home! – Dubrovnik Neretva Police wrote.


According to the latest information there are 1,182 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in Croatia meaning that in the past 24 hours 56 new cases have been detected.

The Croatian Minister of Health, Vili Beros, commented at the daily press conference of the Civil Protection Directorate that across the country there are 39 people on respirators, and that unfortunately, today, three people have died, one in Zadar, Dubrovnik and Osijek. On the positive side 125 patients have made a full recovery.

"Our epidemiological line is still linear. Let's keep it that way and stick to the measures," emphasized Beros. He added that 10,840 tests have been done so far, 1,014 in the past 24 hours.


There are 62 cases of coronavirus in the Dubrovnik – Neretva County and unfortunately the first patient has passed away from the virus. At the daily press conference of the County Crisis Staff, the Prefect of the Dubrovnik-Nerevta County, Nikola Dobroslavic, expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased.



“It all shows that we are still in a serious and dangerous time and that we must continue with all the measures we have taken so far. We are fighting for the health of our fellow citizens and every life. By adhering to the measures, we enable our healthcare staff to be able to provide everyone with health care,” commented Dobroslavic.

So far we have sent 502 samples from the Dubrovnik – Neretva County to Zagreb for analysis, 62 are positive and we are waiting on the results of another one. Currently 14 people are hospitalised, with 8 actually in the hospital and 6 in the Student centre where we have prepared 250 beds,” stated Josko Cebalo.

The director of the hospital, Dr. Marijo Bekic, emphasized that the Dubrovnik General Hospital is looking after a total of 14 patients with coronavirus, 7 are in good general condition in the Infectious Diseases Department, one is on an intensive care respirator and 6 in a secondary institution in the Student Home centre.

“Unfortunately, we lost the fight for the life of an 85-year-old patient who was admitted around midnight on Friday,” added Bekic. Adding that there are no new patients from the medical staff at the Dubrovnik General Hospital, and that one doctor and one nurse are positive for COVID-19 and are in good condition in isolation.

Currently 32 men and 30 women are infected with coronavirus in the Dubrovnik – Neretva County, with an average age of 52. 25 are from Dubrovnik, 24 from Konavle, 5 from Trpanj, 3 from Kula Norinska, two each from Zupa Dubrovacka and Ploce, one from Vela Luka.

Coronavirus lockdown has certainly brought out the creative side of many people, but not many have got this creative! An absolutely brilliant video was published by Philipp Klein Herrero on his YouTube channel. If you can’t hit the ski slopes you can always ski at home.



“Just before the current health situation locked us in, I was about to go Freeriding with my family. It was supposed to be the big adventure of the year, the one I had been eagerly awaiting for a year. Therefore, the lockdown had me thinking about skiing the whole time, so I started to think how I could ski without leaving my living room,” commented Herrero with the video.

Now that’s how to creatively fill your time whilst stuck at home.

Check out the video below

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